Weekend with 2 dogs – Part 2

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It’s been 2 weeks since my fuck week with Blackie and Brownie. As I sit on my recliner I have a perfect view of my back yard through my sliding glass door. I see Blackie walking around and always catch myself looking for his dick when his profile is in view. Lately though what has caught my eye is Brownie. He has a couple of cement blocks stacked together against the fence that separates him from where Blackie is kept. Brownie always seems to stand in profile view facing the alley way which gives me a clear view of his dick as he stands there majestically. He almost looks like the Lion King when he was standing on the
mountain top. Every now and then it also looks like he is looking right at me. Damn it is making me horny as hell for more dog cock. I just look at Brownie and imagine he is ready to mount me and fuck the shit out of me. Then Blackie walks by showing off his dick and I am anxious for Brownie to finish so Blackie can immediately take his turn. Oh I can’t take this.

I rushed up to my room and took out my 4 dildoes. I took off my shorts and underwear and smeared vaseline inside and around my asshole. I then set up the slimmer of the dildoes to ease myself back onto because it had been a few weeks since I had gotten fucked and I feared my asshole had gotten somewhat tight. As I eased back onto this 12 inch dildo I imagined it was Brownie penetrating me. Oh yes Brownie – penetrate me. I want it. I eased back and after getting a few inches in I slid the dildo back out. Then I eased back and took another couple of inches. Again I slid it out. I pictured Brownie getting a better grip and thrusting forward as he got 6 inches of cock in me and started humping at a speed only dogs seemed to achieve. I could not match that pace by impaling myself on my dildo. But I fantasized that it was Brownie thrusting at a blinding speed. Yes – fuck me boy. Come in me, Make me your bitch. I started a rhythmic fuck on the dildo getting about 8 inches of the dildo inside me. I hadn’t even touched myself yet and I already had precum on the tip of my dick. I kept fucking myself slowly and then would lunge back and get as much of the slim 12 inches inside me that I could. I felt myself ready to shoot and impaled myself deep imagining Brownie gripping gaziantep evi olan escort me tighter and getting ready to shoot his load into me. When I came it was fantastic – Oh God – yessssssssssssss!! Good boy Brownie. I slowly dislodged the dildo from my ass.

But I wasn’t finished because I knew if this was real Blackie would be waiting his turn. So I quickly set up a wider dildo – the one that squirts. I filled it with hand lotion. Ok Blackie – your turn. I impaled myself slowly on this 10 inch dildo that was about 1 1/’2 inches wide. I had to take it easier because of the width. Easy Blackie – I know you are anxious. I eased back onto the dildo and got the head in which is the widest part of the dildo. After pushing a couple of inches in I eased it back out. A little more now Blackie. I pushed back again and got about 4 inches in. Damn this is wide. Easy boy. I pictured Blackie getting impatient as my ass was being stretched wide. He gripped me tight and pushed 6 inches of cock in me. Ouch that smarts. I got into a fucking rhythm and with each stroke I pushed back a little harder to let more of Blackie’s dick in me. Fuck me boy – go to town. Yea that’s it. Come in me – Make me come. I was fucking..in-out-in-out. I could feel myself getting ready to come. I pictured Blackie gripping me tight and with a big thrust got his knot into me. A few seconds later I squeezed the bulb to release the liquid inside my ass to simulate Blackie filling me with a huge load. I came when I felt the liquid squirt inside me. Oh God what a feeling.

I needed to find a way to get Brownie and Blackie to fuck me again. The next time I saw the neighbor out back I quickly went outside pretending to be doing something in the yard. Blackie quickly came to the fence. I noticed he had the tip of his cock showing and thought: “Oh shit I hope she doesn’t notice that” The neighbor noticed Blackie had gone to the fence then saw me and said Hi. I said Hi back then mentioned “don’t be afraid to ask for my help if you guys want to go out or something. I can feed your dogs again if need be”. She then told me that they were actually thinking of going away next weekend but didn’t want to impose on me and were gaziantep fetiş escort afraid to ask. I told them it won’t be a problem. She then called her husband out and we all agreed I would feed the dogs

I went back into the house and saw Blackie was still against the fence and looking at me though my sliding glass door. I quickly got a hard-on, went upstairs and fucked myself again. I then bid my time through the week looking out at Brownie and Blackie everytime they were visible and fantasized about the fucking I would soon be getting from them.

When the weekend arrived the neighbors came by Friday night to give me the house and gate keys and said they would return Monday. That would give me only a couple of days with the dogs but it would quell my itch I have in my ass. I kept under control and resisted the urge to go over as soon as the neighbors left. But came Saturday morning I was over there by 8:00am horny as hell and walking around with a hard-on. Both Brownie and Blackie saw me as I walked through the alleyway and came to the fence barking but wagging their tails. That was a good sign that they remembered their treat from last time. I cleamed up their bowls and filled them with fresh water and food. Then I went back where they keep

Brownie and told him to come into the garage. He came in right away wagging his tail and I noticed the tip of his cock was already out. My dick was throbbing. I wanted to waste no more time and quickly undress and got on my hands and knees in the garage. Brownie needed no coaxing this time and quickly walked behind me and sniffed y asshole and gave it a few licks. My cock throbbed. As he kept licking me I started shaking my ass around and Brownie seemed to ge the hint and climbed up on me placing his paws around me. He started to hump and I moved my ass around until I felt he had found his mark when he thrust into me. He started to grip me tighter and piston in and out of me. I came just from the sheer excitement of the penetration. Brownie kept pounding me and I was scooting back meeting his thrusts. I felt him tighten his grip on me and suddenly lunge harder. I felt the knot slide in me. Brownie kept piston fucking me as his gaziantep bayan escort knot grew bigger inside me so he could lock me and shoot his sperm into me. I
anxiously awaited it Brownie was prancing about as he fucked me and then suddenly stopped pounding me as his dick started to squirt deep inside me. I came again when I felt his load fill me up. After about 10 minutes Brownie pulled out of me as a bunch of cum leaked out of my asshole. I got up and walked to the back where Blackie was. His cock tip was showing also. I picked a corner where I knew no one could see us if they walked through the alley and got on my hands and knees.

Blackie walked around behind me and quickly got up on my back gripping me as he began to hump. Again I moved around until he was able to find the mark and thrust into me. He was gripping me for better position as I thrust back onto his cock wanting every inch of it inside me. Blackie was humping like it was the first fuck of his life. I met every thrust. When I felt Blackie tighten his grip I quickly placed my hand in front of his knot so that he couldn’t lock with me yet. I wanted Blackie to shoot some precum and fuck me a few times before locking with me. So Blackie pulled out of me and shot some precum which I felt around my ass and legs. Then he quickly began licking my ass and then jumped back on me. Again he was piston fucking me and when he tightened his grip I placed my hand in front of his cock to stop him from getting his knot in me. He humped a while longer and then pulled out and shot some more precum on my ass and legs. Blackie licked me again for a while then mounted me for the 3rd time.

I’ll let him knot with me this time. Blackie was pounding away and I could feel his knot against my asshole. I knew it would hurt since he is bigger than
Brownie but I wanted it. I held my breath as I felt him grip me tighter and lunge. He got the knot in me and kept fucking away while the knot was growing bigger. I was meeting his thrusts now knowing that he would soon be emptying the real juice I wanted. He gripped me tight, gave a yelp when I met his thrust, then emptied his sperm into me. I kept fucking back on his dick making him yelp more. I also came as I felt the juice fill my insides. It took about 15 minutes for Blackie to pull out of me.

I got up, dressed and went back home. I knew I would be back about 2 more times to get fucked by Brownie and Blackie. Next time I’ll keep Brownie from knotting with me until he has fucked me 2-3 times. This was going to be a great weekend and my itch would be relieved!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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