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I couldn’t keep my feet still…they kept tapping and shuffling against the ground, kicking and scuffing. I looked down at my toes, painted bright pink, encased in gladiator style sandals. My legs were pale even though I spent hours in the sun reading, all underneath my silver skirt, shimmery material that swayed nicely when I walked. A tight black shirt, and new matching panties underneath..they were light pink, with see through lace strips down the side, as well as lace on top and bottom. The bra matched, black lace covering light pink, soft enough to show my rock hard nipples through them, and through my shirt. My man was coming home.

After a year of waiting and dreaming and hoping and praying, he was coming home. Today. His flight was landing. He was HERE. He started to step through the doors in his camo and boots and I shot up, flying into his arms. I wrapped my arms, then my legs around him as I kissed his lips long and hard. He tasted soft but salty, and dry like..well, like he’d been on a plane for a long time. I could feel him smiling against my lips, holding my waist to his body tight. Burying his face in my hair, I kissed his neck soft and his ears lightly nipping them.

“I’ve missed you, god I’ve missed you, you just…god, you’re beautiful. So fucking beautiful, I love you I love you. I love you.” he murmured into my hair. I slowly climbed off of him, and held out my hand for him. Still looking at me with a huge smile, he reached out with his huge hands and grasped mine. All through the car ride, he showered me with little touches and kisses, not wanting to ever stop touching. As soon as we got into the house, before the door was shut, he pressed his body hard against mine and me against the wall kissing me urgently, desperately. Nipping my neck, he made me arch my back and moan, running my hands over his head. The short strands tickled my palms – making me giggle mid kiss.

“dork,” he growled into my neck. Picking me up, he carried me to the bed while my arms wrapped around his neck, beaming up at him. “I love you…so much. I’ve missed you so much. You’re home, now, though!”

Laying me down, he knelt at my feet and started to remove my sandals, massaging my feet. Moving his hands up my calves, he softly kneaded the muscles, I let loose a small moan it felt so good. I sat back up, and pushed him down onto his back, and started to unlace and pull off his combat boots. Off his socks, sweetly kneading his callused feet, reaching up to undo his belt, I laid down next to him, and kissed him. He skimmed his hands up my waist to softly tease my tits, hard nips even more visible. I gasped, it felt so good.

His ducked his head down and placed his mouth to them through my shirt, and I moaned out loud. Anadolu Yakası Escort Skipping his pants, I undid his shirt and pulled it off of him, laying kisses over his collarbone and running my fingers over and down and around your chest and back. As I took one of his nipples in my mouth, scraped it gently with my teeth, and heard his breath catch. I kissed lower down his belly to his pant line. With my hands, I quickly undid them, and I was about to pull them down he pulled me up. Kissing me so deep, his tongue sweeping into my mouth, I bit it softly and he moaned into my mouth. His hands ran over my skin under my shirt, pulling it off before crashing his mouth onto mine again.

His hands fumbling behind my back, he pulled my bra off me, exposing my hard nipples, aching for his lips. As he rolled one of my nipples between his fingers, I let go of a high pitched moan and frantically tried to undo his belt. I sighed as it let go, and he lifted his hips for me to pull them down. I could feel the heat from his hard cock against my thigh, delicious against the outside of my sopping pussy. He dropped my nipples, and attacking my chest with kisses and small bites, teased them with his mouth. Reaching down, he tore the buttons off my jeans, yanking them down as I kicked them off. Tracing my pussy lips through the cloth of my panties, he gave me shivers and goosebumps in waves of desire.

I shifted up, moving away from his hands, and leaned down, kissing slowly down his stomach. I laved my tongue over his skin, dipped into his belly button, and smiled as he chuckled at me. Still slowly moving down, I felt the ridged head of his cock bump my cheek, near my ear. nuzzling my nose into his bush, I so very lightly traced the tip of my tongue up the top of his shaft. It was so hot, so warm, and so hard for me. I felt and heard him gasp as I made contact, and I took a second for a breath.

then, not using my hands, I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock, and sucked hard while I slowly pulled him into my mouth. I could hear his breathing go ragged, labored as I gave him pleasure. Still moving down on his amazing cock, I took more and more of him into my mouth, until my nose was pressed against his bush again. feeling his cockhead in my throat, throbbing, I swallowed around it and he drew in a sharp breath. Then I lifted my head, so just his head was in my mouth and I swirled my tongue across and around the shining red mushroom and tongued his slit. Watching him throughout all of this, his head rolling back in bliss and pleasure, his eyes closed, I got even more wet. I could literally feel my juices dripping down my thighs…

shutting my eyes now, I quickly bobbed up and down, taking Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan him almost all the way in and then almost all the way out between my lips, and felt him wrap his fingers in my hair. involuntarily, his hips started thrusting up a little after a few minutes, and I redoubled my efforts. Sucking him hard and taking him into my warm mouth over and over and over again, he finally groaned and let go of ropes of his cum into my throat, groaning and moaning my name as he did.

I reached for a glass of water by the bed, and washed it all down so I could kiss him and he wouldn’t have to worry about his own taste in my mouth. I laid my body against his and kissed him softly, tenderly, and to my surprise he licked my bottom lip to gain entrance. I let my lips separate and he swept his tongue in, winding around mine and wrestling with it. I moaned as his hands continued to caress my body, sliding down my side to grip my ass and the other teasing my tits again. Rolling on top of me, he moved his lips to my chest again, but didn’t stop there. He kissed down my soft stomach, making my shiver at the feeling of his warm mouth on me. He licked and softly bit down and over my sensitive thighs, tasting my juices dripping there.

suddenly, he places his mouth over my pussy and thrust his tongue inside. I let out a short scream, surprised and felt pleasure shooting to my core as he continued to lick and suck on my sensitive pussy lips. Sliding his tongue between them, licking from my hole to my clit, and then softly flicking back and forty over that intense bundle of nerves, he had me on the brink of an amazing orgasm instantly. I slid my hands over his shaved head, moaning his name over and over again, begging for more. He released me, to my dismay, but quickly rolled me on top of him and spread my legs to either side of his hips.

Reaching down, he placed his once-again hard cock at my entrance, and looked into my eyes as he penetrated me. Slowly plunging into my dripping wet, achy pussy made my eyes roll back into my head, and I moaned with delight and pleasure. once all the way inside me, he rolled on top of me again, and pulled me towards the end of the bed.

standing at the end, he proceeded to speed up faster and faster until he was hammering my pussy so hard I could feel his balls slap my asshole with every thrust, making me shiver and moan and gasp and get even more turned on. I wrapped my legs around his waist and matched his thrusts, my cunt meeting his every stroke with pleasure and more moaning. I was getting so close, he was hitting my clit and my g spot on every stroke and I was almost cumming.

“Babe! Oh god, BABE! I’m about to…about to…GOD i’m gonna Escort Anadolu Yakası CUM, PLEASE LET ME CUM, please baby, cum in me, cum with me, I want, I need your cum in my fucking pussy, pound me harder, fuck me, please baby, OH MY GOD,” I screamed, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him down to me, to thrust my tongue into his mouth as I squirted onto his cock, my pussy juices and scent filling the air.

He smiled into my kiss, and kissed me deeper, taking slow leisurely strokes now in and out of my cum filled, dripping pussy. I noticed he hadn’t cum, and traced my fingers up and down his back, “What would you like baby? Let me take your cum,”. In reply, he stood back up, and lifted my legs to his shoulders. The whole evening, my fucking pussy had been dripping juices down onto my asshole so it was warm and wet and loose. feeling his cockhead press at my tiny puckered rosebud, I smiled.

I loved getting my ass fucked by his amazing cock, it felt so good pulling in and out of me. “Come on baby. Stretch my asshole, take my fucking ass, let me be the dirty little whore you want. Let me be a slut for you, fuuuck me please!” Closing his eyes and moaning, he pushed into my tight hot tunnel. Moving in and out, I sighed and gasped at the feeling of being filled and emptied so completely. Reaching down, I started to rub my fingers across my clit, arching my back in response to his renewed thrusts towards his own orgasm. without warning, Another huge orgasm washed over me, making me moan and scream and clutch at him.

A bigger smile graced his handsome face, as he took those lips and placed kisses up and down my legs. Finally he was pummeling in and out of my ass, moaning and whispering how hot and tight I was, how fucking good i fucking felt. He was ramming and out of my ass, i could hear the squelching sound that came with his dick pushing hard in and out of me, fucking my ass so completely, I don’t know if i’ll be able to move in the morning. It was so fucking good. His long hard dick penetrated and filled me, then emptied even quicker, but before I felt the loss, there his huge solid dick was again.

Suddenly stiffening, I felt his huge cock expand even more and throb inside me and he rammed it so fucking hard in one last time, and felt splashes of cum bathing my inner walls. slumping on top of me, we kissed passionately until he softened and pulled out of my ass. surprising me, he then knelt down and started to lick my soft, tired, stretched out pussy and then lowered down to eat the cum from my ass.

I gasped, and began frigging my clit again, because it felt so good. His tongue delving into my ass for his own cream, his moaning vibrating my lips, and felt several small orgasms wash over me…when he was done, he came up to me and pulled me close to his chest. “I love you. I’m so glad to be home. I don’t ever want to leave again.”

“I love you too, baby…God, I”m so glad you’re home. I love you so much.”

And with that they fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms and smiling for the first time in months. ?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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