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I sit in the chair waiting for you to come home from work. The room is warm, lit by the glow from the log fire, I sit half asleep, wearing the white lace undies you like so much, under a red silk gown.

I am eager for you to return… then I hear your key in the door. I stir, smiling to myself. You enter the room looking tired after a hard day at work. You smile at me as I hold my arms out to you. You walk over and kneel between my open legs, I wrap my arms around your neck, and kiss you tenderly and deeply.

Your hands run along the outside of my thighs, your thumbs teasing the soft warm skin of my inner thighs, lingering and kneading when they reach my groin. I stand up and take your hand.

I lead you to the bathroom, where I have prepared a deep hot scented bath, the room lit only by church candles. I slowly unbutton your shirt, smiling up at you teasingly, my hands gently rubbing your cheat, my thumbs teasing your nipples. I undo your belt, unzip your fly and help you step out of your trousers, then I remove your boxers, lifting them over your stiffening penis.

I help you into the bath, I lay you back, and pour warm water over your head, I shampoo your hair, massaging away the cares of the day. I take the soap and lather my hands, I wash your sweet face kissing your eyelids, then your neck, your chest, your arms. My hands linger as they wash your stomach, butterfly strokes that cause you to tip your head almanbahis back and sigh with contentment, you feel so relaxed now. I wash your groin, gently soaping your hardness, then you legs your feet… every inch of you.

I take your hand and help you out of the bath, and enclose you in a soft warm towel. You put your arms around me, hold me tight as you look into my eyes, then kiss my face as you run your hands through my hair.

I lead you to the bedroom now, the huge bed beckons, the warm scented oils await at the bed side. I lay you down, and sit astride you. I pour the oil in my hands and massage you, down to your feet and tantilisingly up again, teasing you. You strain upwards… I know what you want but I want you to feel the pleasure for much longer. I turn you over. massage you from neck to feet, kneading your buttocks my thumbs parting your cheeks.

You roll over suddenly, you can take no more. You grab me fiercely, pull me on top of you and kiss me hard. You pull me up along your body until my breasts are within reach of your mouth, the nipples hard and swollen longing for your mouth… you pull my bra aside until you find what you seek, and suck them hard until I am gasping with pleasure, your other hand kneading my buttocks until I am squirming.

You pull me up further, until I am kneeling astride your chest, my hands on the wall I can hardly wait for what I know is next… your expert almanbahis adres tongue bringing me to heights of relentless pleasure. I am so wet, my juices coat your tongue as you lick my clitoris clockwise then anti-clockwise, bringing me to the brink of my first explosive orgasm. Suddenly your tongue darts right inside me, while your upper lip encloses my clit, you grab my arse and pull me down hard onto your face. I buck and writhe… I can’t stop now as wave over wave of pleasure engulfs me. I scream with pleasure… the feeling is so intense I almost cry.

As I come down from these dizzy heights I turn around, to see your hard hot swollen cock ready for me. I take your hard shaft in my hand, I kneel between your parted legs, as I begin to stroke you pre-cum is already glistening on your swollen head. I begin to gently massage your tight balls, then bend down and lick your head, softly, teasing, round and round, my tongue playing in your sensitive hole. Your hand on my head now, you push my mouth down and lift your hips so I can take you deep in my throat, up and down, licking and sucking you. I know you are close as you moan with pleasure, you try to withdraw, but I want to taste you in my mouth, so I lick and suck harder and deeper, pumping you with my hand until at last with a strangled cry you come… I feel your hot sweet cum spurt deep in to my throat.

You turn me onto my face and kneel between almanbahis giriş my parted legs, with one finger you trace a line down my spine until you reach my warm opening, you wet your finger with my juices and massage my clit, my arse thrusting back at you as you again begin to excite me. I groan as the pleasure once again begins to fill me, you reach round and grab the front of my thighs, lifting me onto my knees. Your cock is stiffening again as you rub your self along my crack teasing my hot wet pussy.

With a sudden thrust you enter me, causing me to cry out. You move harder inside me grabbing my hips and moving me backwards and forwards, one hand reaches round to pinch my nipple hard, I am moaning, working my self into a frenzy. Then you turn me over, grab my ankles and throw them over your shoulders. As you enter me once more I lift my hips and wrap my legs around your neck, you move forward… in so deep now, my belly filled with that rock hard cock. You move against me. I grab your arse, pulling you in deeper and deeper… I can’t stand anymore… ‘Fuck me, fuck me’ I cry, the pleasure is almost unbearable, I am panting, whimpering… suddenly you gasp, throw your head back, and with a cry pump faster and faster… you suddenly explode in me… the feel of your hot cum spurting deep inside me triggers my own orgasm. As my hot pussy contracts rhythmically against your cock we cry out together, my contractions squeezing every last drop from you

You collapse on top of me, kiss me, hold me, as our breathing slows. You turn onto your back and pull me close , my head on your chest, stroking my hair, as together we succumb to the sweet deep sleep of satisfied lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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