Welcome Home Pt. 02

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This story takes up right where part one left off. As usual my stories have woman with bigger than average chest sizes, so if this is not your thing. You have been warned. To have an idea of what kind of body any of the female characters in any of my stories look like please see my bio. Thank you.

Jordan Finds out the truth

“Jordie?” her mom said from behind the door.

“Not now mom.” Jordan said, she was still mad. How could he just tell people? She kept thinking.

“He is still downstairs.” her mom said. Jordan threw the pillow in her hand to the floor. She opened the door and rushed downstairs, pushing past her mom on the way.

“What!” she screamed at him. She did not care that he was almost a foot taller than her. Or that he was the sheriff.

“Can we just talk?” he said looking down at her with those puppy eyes.

“No!” she said still infuriated. “You think I am your property?”

“No of course not. Just after…” he said but he looked over. Her father was now behind them heading for the house.

“After what? We had sex?” We fucked. What?” she said still screaming. Rick tried to calm her down by trying to hug her.

“What part of No! Don’t you get?” she asked this time her voice was lowered. “I have feelings for you Rick, I really do. But if there is going to be an us, you have to stop with this sick crush you have on me.” she said her voice was low now.

“Deal. I mean I will try.” Rick shrugged.

“And no more telling people anything. I don’t like people knowing things about me.” she said looking up at him.

“I can do that.” Rick smiled. She shook her head.

“Dating. We are not together.” she gave in. She did have feelings for him, and coming back had brought all those feelings back. How could she not. This was the boy that followed her home from school everyday, the boy who helped her pick out flowers for her grandmother’s funeral, he was there when they buried the puppies, that her father had found.

“For now.” he said as he hugged her. She let him this time. “I got to head back to work, but I will be back later.” he said as he climbed into the truck. She walked back to her father who was sitting on the porch.

“Say it.” she said. She looked back at him. He shook his head.

“Nothing to say.” he replied.

“He has nothing to say now.” her mother said. Joining him on the swinging bench. “Later he will.” she added. “But it is your life Jordie. I like him.” she said smiling. Her father looked out to the stables.

“What about Cole?” he asked. “Wasn’t he your best friend?” he said looking at her.

“Cole is better off. He has lost weight and he is less stressed. So where is the harm?” her mother shrugged. Jordan smiled that was her mother always seeing the good in the bad. Her father smiled and shook his head. They kissed.

“I am going to my room.” Jordan said.

“Oh there was a packet that came for you.” her mother said. As she went inside. Jordan followed her. Looking at the package she could tell it was from Andrew, Jamie’s little brother.

“Thanks. I have been waiting for this.” Jordan said. She opened it to see the confirmation number. All of her stuff had been delivered to the storage facility. There was also a personalized note.

Hey Jordie:

Nymphet moved out. So I am staying here for the rest of the month. There were checks from your old job so I sent them. Hope all is well.


P.S. I think Jamie is over her head. Can you call her?

Jordan crumpled up the paper in a tight ball and threw it into the trash. Jamie was always getting into trouble. Always running off with any guy that gave her any attention.

“I have to do a few things. Can I borrow the truck?” Jordie asked. Her mother nodded. Jordan waved bye to her father as she climbed into the truck.

She drove a few miles out of town and into the next town. There was a bigger hub of stores here. She was amazed at how she had remembered everything. There were a few things different but other wise it was the same layout.

“Hello.” the storage clerk said, as Jordan entered. Jordan took the sunglasses off her eyes. She told him the confirmation number and he gave her the keys. She paid no attention to him staring at her chest. She was used to it. She walked outside and made her way to her storage pod. She opened it and saw her bed, a computer table, with no computer and a chair. There were a few other boxes but other than that everything was there. She opened one of the boxes and found her other cell phone. She did not know why she left it in the box but now she was glad to have it. She listened and deleted all of the messages and she sat on one of the chairs. Then she called.

“Hello Stranger!” Jamie said.

“What you doing tramp?” Jordan said smiling.

“I am in Nevada!” Jamie screamed happily. “That guy. I was with. Told me I could live with him!” she exclaimed.

“Your brother is worried about you.” Jordan said not one gaziantep escort for taking the long way round.

“Whatever. He needs to get laid, then he can stop worrying about me.” she said. Jordan sighed.

“He has good reason to. When was the last time you made a good decision?” Jordan asked. There was silence.

“Bye Jordan. Don’t call me again.” the phone went silent. Jordan shook her head. Some people did not want to be saved. She sent a text to Andrew.

“Hi. Just talked to Nymphet, lost cause. Sorry.” she slipped the phone into her pocket, then closed and locked up. She was hungry so she went over to one of the many small restaurants. As she began to eat, her phone buzzed.

“Thank you for trying. I have a feeling. I will not see her again. Alive anyway.” Andrew sent a text back. Jordan read it over and over. Deep down she felt the same.

“She was a good person once. Just remember her that way. If you ever need ANYTHING. You have a new sister.” she said tears welling up, in her eyes.

“Thank you.” Andrew replied. She looked at her phone. She wanted to call Jamie again. Maybe say anything, to get her to go back home. But she knew Jamie, once she was hooked, there was nothing anyone could do. She shook her head. “Bye Jamie.” she said as she deleted the contact. She took a deep breath and looked out the window. This was her home now. There was nothing to go back to.

“Is that Jordan, Jordan Matthews?” a voice screamed. Jordan turned back around and saw a lady looking at her.

“Leanne!” Jordan said. The brunette lady standing in front of her used to be one of her good friends. “Who is this?” Jordan said to the small girl next to her.

“Jamie, say hello to mom’s friend.” Leanne said as she sat down opposite Jordan. Jordan looked at the girl with shock.

“Jamie?” she asked.

“Yeah, she is four. And another one on the way.” Leanne said tapping her stomach.

“Wow go you.” Jordan said. Still looking at the small girl.

“Any for you?” Leanne said.

“Nope. Baby maker is broken for good.” Jordan said.

“Damn. Sorry forgot.” Leanne said. A childhood accident riding a horse. Took the possibility of Jordan having children away.

“Nothing to be sorry about.” Jordan shrugged.

“Well Rick will be a happy man.” Leanne said. This brought Jordan back from kid world. “After all most men would love a woman with a broken baby maker.” she laughed. Jordan smiled.

“How did you hear about Rick and I?” she asked. But she knew a small town held no secrets. She was surprised that it wasn’t on a bill board already. But before she could answer. Leanne’s phone rang.

“Ok I will be right there.” Leanne said. “Sorry have to go left a new girl behind the counter.” Leanne said as she began to walk away.

Jordan got back in her truck. She made a beeline back to town. When she got back she walked to the bakery.

“Hey Jordie.” the lady behind the counter said.

“Talk now.” Jordie said. Motioning for the back room. The lady looked worried and walked to the back.

“What is it Jordie?” the lady asked.

“No more.” Jordan demanded.

“Huh?” the lady said lost.

“Cindy. Do not tell anyone else. Please.” Jordan pleaded trying to be nice.

“About you and Rick?” Cindy said. Her bright blue eyes finally figuring it out. “But it’s such a good thing. You should of seen him last night. He was so happy. He looked like a little puppy.” Cindy said with a huge smile. “Any woman should be proud to have a man say her name like the way he did last night.” Cindy said. “He kept going on and on about how you too used to be. And how things around here were finally coming around for him.” Cindy blurted. “It was a sight to see.” This changed Jordan’s mood.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah. He kept going on and on, about how long he had been waiting and how it was the best thing in the world.” Cindy said holding Jordan’s hands.

“I don’t know what to say.” Jordan said. “I mean I knew but…” she said not knowing he felt that deep about her.

“If it was me, I would be screaming that I had a guy like that.” Cindy said nodding her head. Jordan felt bad, but then she smiled.

“Thank you for telling me. But keep it between us. Until I get things sorted.” Jordan said. Cindy nodded her head. Cindy smiled as Jordan left. Jordan half walked, half ran across the small square. She opened the door to the sheriff’s office.

“Where is Rick?” she asked. The two men sat there and shrugged. She shook her head. She grabbed the radio and hit the call button.

“Rick where are you?” she asked into it.

“Jordan?” Rick’s voice said.

“Yes. Where are you?” she asked.

“Jordan you’re not supposed…” Rick began to say.

“Do not make me come find you Rick!” she shouted.

“Out by the abandoned warehouse.” he answered. She dropped the radio.

“Thanks guys. Keep doing whatever you do.” she said as she walked out. She raced out to the abandoned warehouse. As she pulled in she could see his work truck. She skidded the truck to a stop and looked around for him.

“Jordan?” he asked as she raced over to him. She leaped into the air. He caught her as her legs wrapped around him. “Ok I like this so far.” he said as she kissed him deeply. “What did I do to deserve this?” he asked as she jumped down.

“Nothing.” she said as she unbuckled his belt.

“Jordan! People can see us.” he said as she reached her hand inside his boxers. She pulled out his dick.

“No one is around for miles.” she said as she began to suck him.

“Goddamn girl.” Rick said as he began to stumble. All the blood rushed to his dick. She took his dick in her hand and walked him over to his truck.

“You might want to lean against it.” she said again as she knelt to the floor. She took him in her mouth and began to vigorously suck him deep. He leaned back against the front of his truck. He looked down at her head as it bobbed back and forth, faster and faster. She loved the feeling of a dick in her mouth, the way it throbbed and pulsed. She looked up at him. But the best thing was the look on a man’s face, while she had him, right where she wanted him.

“Damn it Jordie.” he said as he leaned his head back.

“Not yet.” she said as she let his dick go. She took off her shirt. Exposing her dark blue bra. She took his dick and shoved it under the bra and between her tits. “Bet you never been tit fucked like this.” she said with a huge smile on her face. He looked down at her, she knew he was looking for the top of his dick to pierce the top of her boobs. But it wouldn’t happen. Her boobs were too big. She slid them up and down totally enveloping all of his dick inside her cleavage. Her hands mashed them together as she squeezed them tighter.

“Fuck it Jordie.” he said ruining her fun. He Stood her up then grabbed her shorts and pulled them down to her boots. She stood there in her thong. He grabbed her waist and pushed her against his truck. He slowly grabbed her waist and slid his dick inside her. Fuck she loved when he did this. She loved how he took charge and put her the way he wanted. He started fucking her hard. He grabbed her waist hard between his big hands. He pulled her back and forth on his dick.

“That’s it Rick. Fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck me hard. Use me.” she said as she bucked backwards onto his dick. She was fully bent over with one hand on the grill of the truck and the other massaging one of her breasts. Rick was going as fast as he could. But as Jordan was finally getting into it. He pulled his dick out and shot his cum all over her back.

“I wish more workdays were like this.” he said leaning against his truck. His pants and boxers still at his ankles. Jordan pulled her thong back in place and pulled up her shorts. She was mad again. She had barely gotten started and he was done. But she had just given him a blow job and a great tit fuck.

“Let’s go back to your place.” she said. The sun was just setting. He could not nod fast enough. She went back to her truck. She followed him all the way to his house. Rick had moved out of the town and into the back woods, he had always said he would buy land out here and put a house on it. When they finally reached it, she saw that it was a ranch style house at the end of a dirt road. She could not help but laugh as she thought what if her friends could see her now. He opened the door for her, but as soon as she got in, he lifted her up and carried her in his arms. They made their way into the bedroom, where he threw her onto the bed. It was a mess, truck magazines all over the bed. It smelt like dirty socks.

“If I knew you were coming…” he began to say. But she did not care. She just wanted to be fucked and hard. She was not going to suck him or anything. She pulled her shorts down and her blue thong. He stripped off his clothes and climbed on top of her. She shook her head and she rolled him over. She climbed on top. This time she was going to be in control. She took off her shirt and bra. He stared up at her huge tits.

“They are so fucking big!” he said as he began to maul at them again. She shook her head as she felt his dick grow harder. She positioned it at the entrance of her pussy and then slid down onto it. Damn did it feel good, she thought. She closed her eyes as she began to rock back and forth on it. He began to suck and nibble on her nipples. She moaned as she began to go faster back and forth, back and forth. She was easily taking all of him in. She loved the feel of his dick, the slight curve to it. She put her hands on his chest and pushed upwards, now on the very tips of her toes. She began to bounce up and down.

“Fuck Jordie.” he said lying back. Taking his hands off her chest.

“No. Play with them.” she said grabbing his hands and putting them on her chest. She began to bounce harder.

“Fuck. I’m cumming.” he said. Her eyes shot open as she looked down at him. She could feel his body tensing, his dick pulsing. She quickly got off as he came again. She looked at the time. They had barely been in the room for four minutes. She remembered she remembered seeing the time when she landed on the bed. He was laid out, looking up at the ceiling. “Your the best Jordie.” he said before his eyes closed. She looked down at him from her sitting position. She was infuriated. He had cum twice now. She poked him. Then pushed him but he did not stir. She gathered up her things and walked to the front door. She slammed it shut as she walked out, she didn’t care if she was naked. There was no one around to see her. She threw her clothes into her truck and sped off. She barely remembered the way out here, but now it was dark and she was lost. She kept looking for familiar signs to guide her back. When she saw someone on a bike coming down the road. She quickly put her clothes back on throwing the bra behind the seat. She waited till the bike got closer before flashing her lights at it.

“Jordan. What are you doing out here?” Cole said.

“Lost. I had followed Rick out here. But he fell asleep and I forgot I promised Dad I would help him in the morning.” she said. Cole nodded but she knew he could tell what had really happened. She had no bra on and she reeked of cum.

“Tell you what. Let me ride with you and I will take you back.” Cole said. She was in no position to argue. She nodded and watch him throw his bike in the back of the truck. She rolled down the windows to air out the smell. Her back still felt sticky from all of Rick’s cum. She should of showered before storming out. Cole climbed into the front. He smiled as he pointed in a direction.

“Thank you. I usually bike this every other night. But I got a flat.” he said.

“No problem. Thank you. Or I would have been circling for hours.” she said smiling as he pointed onto another road.

“About time you and Rick got hitched.” he said.

“No! It’s not like that. We are just dating, to see how it goes.” she said. And after tonight she did not see it going anywhere.

“Ah. I see.” Cole said looking out the window.

“Same look my father gave me.” she said shaking her head.

“Your father is a good judge of character. Hell I used to have him come in and look at line ups. Seven for Seven, he did. Nailed each person dead on.” Cole said slapping the dash board. “Like a human lie detector.” Cole said smiling. “That man should have been a judge.” he said waving his finger at her.

“He does not like Rick.” She said.

“Well. He has good reason. He is dating and sleeping with his daughter.” Cole said with a devious smile.

“No because of what he did to you.” She replied.

“Ah.” Cole said scratching his chin. “Water under the bridge.”

“So it’s true?” she asked.

“That he screwed me?” Cole said with a small hint of anger. “Absolutely.” she looked over at him. As he said that. “He wanted my job from the moment he got back from New York. All he could talk about was making you proud of him. And there was no better way than to become sheriff.” Cole said shaking his head.

“But he came to New York two years ago. Wasn’t he sheriff already?” she asked. As she made another turn. Now she knew where she was.

“Ha!” Cole laughed. “How many times you think he came to New York?” he asked. She looked at him and shrugged.

“Twice?” she said.

“Try eight. Eight times.” Cole said. “Bled the money he got from his parent’s will dry.” Cole said. “And those boys that killed the people at the hardware store. They were Hispanic, not black. But colored is colored out here. No one questioned it. And the one’s I let go. Your father did not know this but they were minors.” Cole said. Jordan looked at him again. Cole was never a person to get upset. She remembered a time when Leanne and her took his cop car for a ride and crashed it into a tree. He did not get upset. But now he was angry, no furious.

“Did you tell the county?” she asked.

“Ha! They wanted someone to blame for the murders. So who else?” Cole said. “So I was the one.” Cole said as he pointed to a road. “I can walk from here. Isabelle is home and I don’t want to go inside mad. She will call the doc for sure.” he smiled. She parked the truck on the side of the road. He climbed and got his bike out the back. He came back to the window. “Don’t you dare, take my word over what you have. You find out the truth yourself. You’re like your father. A good judge of character. Use it.” he said as he walked away.

Jordan was more mad,then when she had left, Rick’s house. She drove home and walked inside. Everyone was fast asleep. She wanted the truth now more than ever. Not because he was lousy in bed. But if he had come up to New York more than once, that was creepy. She laid there thinking about what she should do.

“JORDAN! It’s 11, you going to sleep all day.” her mum screamed up at her. Jordan woke up with a jolt. Had she really slept half the day away.

“I’m up.” Jordan said down the stairs as she made her way to the bathroom. She missed having a bathroom in her room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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