Welcome to the Resort Ch. 09

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Blonde and blonde met in the deepest of kisses, fevered kisses with oceans of lust behind them. At length the two girls parted, each gazing into the other’s blue eyes.

“Wow!” Breathed Monica.

“Wow!” Breathed Lisa.

Their lips met again as their bodies ground together, breast against breast. Monica was sitting on the edge of her double bed, Lisa sitting on her lap, straddling her hips. Fingernails dug into sleekly muscled backs as the twin sisters kept kissing. Through their window they could hear the sound of rhythmic beats as the couples of the Resort spent time dancing before partnering up in whatever configurations pleased them. The twins had tried dancing themselves, but only a few minutes of grinding together had sent them running to the bedroom, hand in hand as they sought a place to indulge their lust for each other. They broke lip contact again, moaning softly.

“So many years.” Monica knew what Lisa meant.

“We wasted so much time on boys that we could have spent together.” Monica stroked her sister’s hair. “Hell, we even shared a bedroom for a long time, even a bed, and we never went beyond experimental kissing.” She caressed Lisa’s breasts. “We could have been French kissing. We could have been sucking nipples. We could have been licking pussy. We could have been playing with dildos… we could have been impaling our tight asses on massive dildos…” Her sister’s look of lust matched her own. “But no.” Lisa arched back, offering her breasts to her sister. Monica took her left nipple between her teeth, biting down until her sister groaned in mingled pain and pleasure.

“Do you really want to?” Lisa asked.

“Want to?”

“Impale our asses on massive dildos?” Monica flexed her anus contemplatively. They had removed their amber gemmed, medium sized, steel butt plugs when they had come into the room and she was still adjusting to the emptiness.

“Well maybe not “massive” massive, but certainly big enough to handle John. You saw how much fun Isabella, Josie and Anna had when he was fucking them there… especially Anna and she was a virgin when John started. I loved helping prepare her… I loved fucking your ass. I wish you’d had the chance to fuck mine.”

“No time like the present.” Lisa’s smile was devilish.

“What’s your plan sister mine?” Lisa ran a finger lightly up and down her sister’s sternum.

“Firstly we’re going to go through that drawer of sex toys and pick out two Feel Doe dildos.” Monica nodded.

“Yes, yes.”

“Then we’re going to slide the small end up inside our juicy little pussies,” she smiled again, “at least I know mine is juicing all over the place, and I think yours is too.” Monica flushed a little. “I’ll take that as a yes… we’ll look like two guys with our big hard cocks sticking out.” Monica murmured at the thought.

“Two hot sexy women with big cocks thrusting out from their groins.” She smirked. “I’ll put you on all fours and then make love to your gorgeous ass with my tongue and my fingers…” she shivered as the feelings of lust flowed through her. “Then I’ll grease up my big hard cock, and feed it slowly into your tight little asshole until every inch is buried inside you. Then I’ll reach around and stroke your big cock as I fuck you hard and fast in your tight little ass.” Monica’s moan suggested that she approved of Lisa’s plan.

“Let’s do it.”

Disentangling themselves the girls went through the toy drawer that every room at the Resort was supplied with. Vibrators, dildos, gags, cuffs, plugs and tails flowed through their excited hands. For those into more extreme measures there was a wardrobe where ropes, straps and canes hung, ready for use. Lisa giggled as she pressed a ball gag into her sister’s mouth. “Hmm,” she considered for a moment, then pulled it out again. “Nah, I want to hear you scream when I’m pounding your ass.” There were a couple of the heavy toys moulded from the oversized cock of their host that had been dubbed “John Does” but neither girl felt ready for them. Monica pulled out two of the black Feeldoe Stouts. Stroking the thick shafts she looked at her sister with twinkling eyes.

“One for you and one for me.” Lisa took one from her, rotating it in her hands.

“Now that will be an ass-full.” Lying back on their bed she spread her legs wide, working the swollen “pony” end into her smoothly waxed cunt. As wet as she was it took no real effort. Monica giggled at the sight of her twin with a thick black cock thrusting up from her groin. Lisa beckoned. “Hey you fat assed cunt, come and sit your ass down on my big black cock.” Monica’s giggles turned into a gale of laughter, one which was quickly echoed by her sister. “I’m sure John could say it and sound convincing.”

Monica wiped her eyes, “yes, he sure could.” She placed a foot on the bed, and slipped her own Feeldoe into place. “Whoa.” She stroked the cock experimentally, feeling the stimulation it provided as it moved.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” Lisa was also stroking and for a moment the two girls watched each other bursa escort masturbate like men, then Monica licked her lips. Wordlessly she bent forward, taking her sister’s cock in her mouth. Placing a hand against the base allowed her to grind the toy against her sister’s clitoris while she performed a blowjob on the toy. Lisa bit her lip.

“Damn sis, you’re a natural born cocksucker aren’t you?” She placed her hands behind her sister’s head, forcing her lower until Monica gagged and pulled away. “Going to have to work on that sis, I’m sure John likes forcing his cock down a girl’s throat.” Wiping the drool from her lips Monica nodded.

“Yes. Did you see Sophie swallow it? Damn, I wouldn’t have believed it. He’s so damn thick.”

“Do you reckon he makes her suck it after fucking her ass?” Monica looked shocked.

“Eww. No way he’d make her do that. That’s nasty.”

“I reckon he does. Let’s ask her when we see them next.”

“You’re nasty sis, nasty.” Lisa grinned.

“Sure I’m nasty Monnie, I’ve got a big cock and I’m going to stick my nasty fat cock up your slutty little ass. Now get on the bed.”

Monica landed on her hands and knees, then dropped her head on her folded arms. Lisa’s palm connected with her buttocks and the girl gasped, not just at the sudden pain but in the way the pain seemed to send sparks through her pussy. Lisa slapped her a couple of times, her taut cheeks shaking under the blows.

“Oh fuck Lissie, don’t make me beg.” Monica’s lust was almost overwhelming. Lisa slid a finger between her sister’s spread buttocks, pressing against her tight puckered anus. Monica relaxed, pushing back, and Lisa’s finger slid effortlessly into her. She reached back, grabbing her Feeldoe cock and jerking it. “God yes, fuck me.” Lisa’s finger slid in and out with little effort, so she slipped a second into her sister’s ass. Monica’s face was turned towards her, watching as best she could.

“Some lube sis, please.” Lisa reached over with her free hand, squeezing the cool gel over the fingers impaling Monica, letting her thrusting fingers carry the lubricant inside her.

“Such a nasty little ass, taking two fingers like that. You like that don’t you sis? You like having your tight little ass stretched around my fingers.” Monica whimpered in lust. “Remember Mom earlier, remember her fucking three guys. That’s the kind of slut you are sis, a three hole slut for me and any guy or girl I choose.”

The mental image of their mother being group fucked took Monica over the edge. She clawed the sheets, biting her lip to keep from screaming as her muscles spasmed around Lisa’s fingers.

As Monica relaxed once more, Lisa replaced her fingers with the well greased head of the thick Feeldoe. Pressing the swollen head against the still tight ring of muscle she muttered, “I’m taking you fast and hard slut.” True to her word she sank half her length into her sister’s ass before Monica could react. Greased as it was it went in easily, but Monica still howled as the sudden invasion sent shockwaves through her body.

“God sis, that hurts.” Monica protested when she could speak again.

“Don’t be a baby.” Despite her words Lisa held herself still, letting her sister becoming familiar with the thick toy. Monica slipped fingers under her own Feeldoe, fingering her clit directly as she fought the urge to push out the anal invader. Her muscles slowly adjusted to the new stretch forced onto them, and as they did the pain abated, replaced with a strange pleasure from the double penetration. “Imagine John shoving his baseball bat in your ass. Are you going to complain when he does that?” Monica shook her head as best she could. “Of course you aren’t. You’re going to take his cock in your tight fucking ass and you’re going to like it.” Grasping her sister’s hips Lisa continued her x-rated commentary as she slid her cock in and out of her twin’s ass. The view she had of the thick black rubber moving through her sister’s ring, along with the stimulation the Feeldoe was designed to provide, meant Lisa was very close to her climax. A few sudden thrusts and she arrived, body tensing as pulses of pleasure shot through her.

Lisa leant forward, cupping her sister’s breasts, cock still deep in Monica’s ass. Monica’s hips fell to the bed, lying under her twin, savouring the closeness they experienced. She twisted until her lips could meet those of the other girl, her sister, her reflection, her twin.

“I didn’t get mine that time you selfish bitch,” she murmured, her fingers still stroking her clit. “But I will when I’m the one doing the ass-fucking.” Lisa giggled in response. It was going to be a long night for them both.

Anna had inherited the petite build of her Japanese mother and Samuel was both tall and strong. She felt like a child in his dark skinned arms as he lifted her onto his bed. Her fingers stroked lightly over his muscled chest in the same way his much larger fingers caressed her small breasts. He bowed his head and kissed her, a kiss that started bursa escort bayan with their lips closed and ended with their tongues wrestling.

Her small hand wrapped around his long thick shaft. Big as he undoubtedly was, he felt more comfortable to her than the only other cock she’d handled. She smiled, she’d made herself a promise and now she’d keep it.

Pressing his chest caused him to roll onto his back and she eagerly took position kneeling astride his legs, his rigid cock thrusting up towards her. She lowered her head, feeling the first swell of his swollen head touch her lips, parting them as she slipped lower. She concentrated on keeping her teeth away from his sensitive flesh while still enveloping him in the moist depths of her mouth. Samuel moaned his appreciation. For all her limited experience she seemed to be doing it right. Anna bobbed her head, her tongue pressing against the glans, licking just under the head where she’d read it was the most sensitive. Samuel’s gasp told her that she was not mistaken.

“If you keep that up I’ll be coming sooner rather than later,” Samuel warned her. Anna released his cock for a second to flash him a smile.

“I’m counting on it.” She returned to orally serving his cock.

Samuel stroked her hair as she did so, admiring the contrast between his dark and her pale skin as Anna sucked his cock. While Anna did not possess the experience of his mother, or other women who had been in her position, her enthusiasm for the blowjob was as stimulating as the act itself. He did not try to prolong the activity by delaying his orgasm in the ways his mother had taught him, instead answering Anna’s desires with his own.

With Anna’s small hand sliding up and down his shaft in synch with her enveloping lips the stimulation was quite enough to bring him to his peak. He groaned his warning to her, and was delighted when she pressed down, taking his cock deeper into her mouth.

Anna swallowed greedily as Samuel came in her mouth. The taste of his cum she might, in a more rational moment, have described as neither pleasant nor unpleasant, just odd, but in this moment, burning with lust as she was, she considered it to be the nectar of the gods. Even swallowing as rapidly as she could some still ran back down his shaft, over her hands, and when he was spent she licked at the creamy trail over her knuckles like a kitten chasing milk.

Anna looked up at Samuel, wiping cum from the corner of her mouth then licking her fingers clean. “I hope you have more of that for me.” Samuel’s shortness of breath kept him from laughing out loud, but he did manage a brief chuckle.

“You’d better believe it. I want to eat you though, so sit your ass up here.” He patted his chest and giggling a little Anna slid up his body until she was straddling his head. Her bald pussy was dripping, and Samuel parted the lips with his fingers before swirling his tongue through her folds. He took his time, alternating kissing and licking her inner thighs with the attention he paid to her leaking core and swollen clitoris. Her butt plug ground against his jaw occasionally, but he made no effort to avoid it. It was a reminder that no part of her was off limits, that she had taken the Resort’s thickest cock in her tightest hole, and that before the night was through he too would part her cheeks and penetrate her anally.

Anna groaned softly as her orgasm took her, her fingers grasping his skull. She trembled, looking down into his dark eyes. “Thank you,” she whispered. She could just make out his smile.

Samuel lifted her from him. He was hard again, and he wanted more. Anna’s fingers encircled him as they kissed again, Anna tasting herself on his lips. He laid her back, half resting on the pillow, and pressed her knees back to her chest. Carefully he placed his hard shaft against her nether lips and began to press in. Anna grunted as she opened for him, but he was slow and tender, taking her no faster than she could accept. He too groaned as he sheathed every inch in her tight pussy. Leaning down he kissed her as he began to thrust. Slowly at first, but as her body relaxed further he began to move faster. Each stroke went from just the head inside to the full shaft being buried, and then he would twist his hips, grinding his pelvis against hers. Anna dug her nails into his back as he fucked her, the physical sensation of being filled combining with the scent, the taste, the sensation of the strong young man between her legs. Her second orgasm came quicker than the first, followed shortly by a third. She was fucking back, pushing up as he pushed down, impaling herself on his thick shaft. A fourth orgasm, and she slumped back, breathing heavily. She raised a hand to stroke his cheek.

“Keep that up and I might never let you go.” She suddenly caught herself, this was a place for swingers, not for making commitments. Was he shocked by her sudden proposition? Samuel was unfazed though, grinning at her sudden confusion.

“Well our parents are görükle escort trying to set us up. That wouldn’t be the worst possible outcome.” Anna had a sudden thought.

“You’ve fucked my mother.” It was a statement, not a question. Samuel hesitated, then nodded. Anna bit her lip.

“If we were, you know, together, would you stop?” She hastened on. “I know it sounds stupid and selfish, but part of me doesn’t want to share you… or at least I could share you with a stranger… at least I think I could… but my own mother? I don’t know if I can do that.”

Samuel looked sober for a minute. He was obviously thinking, thinking made more difficult by the fact his cock was still buried deep inside her. Eventually he offered a compromise. “If we are together I can agree not to fuck her unless you’re in complete agreement with it.” He shrugged. “That’s the principle the Resort is founded on anyway. Consent from all parties is needed in order to enjoy the fun.”

Anna nodded. His offer made sense, and she didn’t have any grounds to make further demands of him. They’d only known each other for a few hours. Even talk of some sort of relationship was pushing the boundaries. She smiled up at him. “Alright. That seems fair enough.” She tightened her inner muscles around his cock. “You know something, you’ve fucked my mouth, you’ve fucked my pussy… no… cunt… you’ve fucked my cunt… my wet, horny, cock loving, cunt.”

“Yes?” Samuel had an idea where this was going. Anna smirked.

“Do you want to stick your big… black… cock… up my tight little asshole?”

Samuel feigned reluctance. “Well… I don’t know… I guess… I suppose I could manage it… if you wanted me to…”

Anna sighed. “Well I suppose I could ask John to do it. Maybe William, maybe your father?” Her smile was wicked. Samuel relented.

“I guess I’ve been forced into it.”

Anna wriggled out from under him and placed herself on hands and knees. Looking back she blew him a kiss. It was the work of a moment for him to ease the butt plug out of her ass, the thick steel bulb leaving her open for him. He brushed a finger lightly around her closing hole and she pushed back, taking him inside her as the muscle contracted. He eased in and out, and the girl’s whimpers of pleasure redoubled. A deep sigh left her lips as his fingers sought her clitoris, the dual stimulation divine. Her almond brown eyes half closed she whispered, “please, fuck me now.”

Samuel rose up behind her, pressing his thick cockhead against her anus. “Push back,” as he held himself strong and steadfast. Anna groaned as she impaled herself on his shaft, pushing back until she felt she could take no more.

“How far?” She croaked.

“You’re about half way,” was Samuel’s response. “Can you…” Anna shook her head.

“I want you all, but you’re going to have to make it go in.” She pressed her head into her hands, concentrating on relaxing as she felt Samuel’s hands grasp her hips. She bit her lip, eyes closed, as he began to pull back and thrust forward simultaneously. It was easier than she expected, his sheathing of the last inches in her body. Perhaps it had not been a physical limit but psychological. A moan left her lips, John was thicker but he hadn’t gone as deep. Samuel was… “please, fuck me now.”

Samuel took a pace slower than his fucking of her pussy, his hand between her legs, stroking her clit lightly. Primed by her earlier orgasms Anna was not far from cumming, and her legs began to shake as the young man rode her steadily. She clawed the sheets, guttural moans erupting from each thrust. Her back arched, she came.

She slumped forward, noticing that Samuel was no longer thrusting, feeling him beginning to soften inside her. He must have cum when she did, she realized. Pulling free she twisted around to take him in her arms, grateful in turn for his thick arms encircling her tightly. Wordlessly she clung to him, kissing him.

When she could think again a shy smile came to her lips. “I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.” His answering laughter was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard.


John Prester walked between two beautiful naked women. His right arm was around his copper haired curvaceous wife Sophia, the other about the slightly shorter brunette Josephine, the teen who could be his daughter. Although not easily perturbed, John was thinking about that potential relationship. Despite what he had told his wife earlier, keeping that knowledge from the teen did trouble him. Sophia, sensitive to his moods, knew he was troubled, and could make an accurate guess as to why.

She reached behind John to slap the girl’s bare rump. “Josie, could you give John and me a moment to talk? Just head up to our room, we’ll be there shortly.” The younger woman flashed her a grin and then headed upstairs, pausing for a moment.

“Don’t be too long,” she called back over her shoulder, “I know what you want and I have it right here.” She bent forward, grasping her buttocks and parting them to expose her pussy and asshole. Josie now followed Sophia in eschewing the wearing of a butt plug, one of a handful of women at the Resort to do so. Like Sophia too, she had decided her ass was only for John’s use, although her mouth and pussy would be more widely available.

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