Welcum to the Neighborhood Ch. 04

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All characters are above the age of 18 unless otherwise specified.

This series is inspired by the request from reader Penny and is based partially on true events.


“How does this one look?” I asked, giving a twirl to show off my whole body.

“Gorgeous. Just as sexy as the last three,” Marina answered. She was lying on her stomach on the bed, admiring my nearly-naked body. She was completely naked herself, but her propped-up arms concealed her breasts, so my view was restricted to the round shape of her pert butt.

Marina had originally planned to stay for a week. Then that day happened. The one that had completely changed our relationship.

She had extended her visit for two more weeks. I don’t think she really wanted to ever go back home, but obviously she had a family to deal with. I doubt she wanted to drop her life for me. Although I’m sure her husband didn’t mind having more time to himself anyway.

And I certainly didn’t mind having more time with Marina. Nor did any of the other neighborhood wives.

I had introduced Marina at a brunch meeting just the day after we first made love. Marina was timid at first. She had opened up a hidden part of herself to me, and understandably was shy about sharing that with four other complete strangers.

But predictably, her reluctance melted away as soon as she became turned on. Nadine’s expert tongue had drained Marina of her inhibitions (and pussy juice), and my little sister finally was indoctrinated into the world of pleasure I had been experiencing over the past few weeks.

She was a really fast learner too. I had a few weeks’ head start, but Marina was already better than me at eating pussy, and she had developed a special bond with Holly. Teacher’s pet, I suppose. She did have plenty of practice to get good though….

My husband didn’t know about what was going on between Marina and I. We kept our secret exclusively between when he left for work and when he got home. At nights, we were just normal sisters, other than the occasional stolen kiss or quick grope when he was in a different room. Of course, basically every hour during the day, Marina and I had our hands on each other.

We were like teenagers. We fucked whenever we could, I guess to make up for lost time. By day two, we had christened every room in the house. We had stopped wearing clothes entirely at home, just out of convenience. I had gotten to test out my new strap-on (to great success) and the new double-ended dildo had already gotten a year’s worth of use in one week.

And yet, Marina’s pussy never tasted any less sweet to me. The thrill of making her cum never decayed. I could have stayed between her legs for an eternity, and we were certainly trying our best to test that.

For now though, I was a little nervous. Holly had invited us over to a backyard barbecue she was throwing. Everybody else in our little group would be there. Including the husbands. Considering the travel schedule of Holly and Tonya’s husbands, it was rare that everyone was in the same place.

Whenever they were, Holly took advantage of it. It would be my first time meeting all the girl’s husbands, and it would also be my husband’s first time being introduced into the double life I had been leading.

I was almost certain he would be okay. I hadn’t fucked another man, so it wasn’t like I was cheating. And what man wouldn’t love watching his wife go down on another hot woman? But I still couldn’t be sure. Especially when he eventually saw me and Marina.

I took a deep breath, my stomach drawing in. The sexy red one-piece bathing suit clung to my skin, showing off my ample breasts and buxom figure. The back was practically nonexistent, and the tight fabric had a dipping v-line, showing off much of my cleavage. The bottom was essentially a thong, disappearing between my cheeks and leaving nothing of my butt to the imagination. And if you looked really close, a few hairs from my big unkempt bush could be seen on either side of the small strip covering my pussy.

I was pretty sure this was the one I would wear. It was comfortable, and Marina’s eyes had lit up when she first saw it. That’s the reaction I was going for. At 50, I didn’t get the chance to show off my body as much anymore, but I loved taking the opportunity to.

I flopped down onto the bed next to Marina. She rolled over to face me, exposing her bare body. God, those puffy nipples and gorgeous boobs would never become a stale sight. I reached out and cupped one, a perfect handful.

Marina’s suit was laid out next to her on the bed. She had only bought one at the store. It was a purple two-piece bikini. It did wonders for her boobs, making them nearly spill out of the top. I didn’t doubt for a second that every husband’s eyes would be glued to her chest, including my own partner.

“Nervous?” Marina asked, reading my expression. It was so great having a fuckbuddy who actually understood me well too.

“Yeah,” I answered. “Just about meeting everyone. And how Mark will react.”

Marina stroked my Lefkoşa Escort outer thigh with a hand. “You know everything will work out okay.”

“I hope so,” I sighed.

Marina pushed me onto my back and straddled me in one motion. Her black hair hung down, tickling my exposed skin. She leaned down and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, dissolving all my stress and tension.

She slowly pulled back. “How about I make you feel better?” she asked. One hand had already snuck between my legs and was gently rubbing my clit through the fabric of the swimsuit. “You’ll forget all about this.”

I smiled and pulled her down into another kiss. “You’re so naughty!” I giggled.

“Says you,” Marina responded. She tugged aside the top of the suit, freeing my big DD boobs. She slowly moved back on the bed, her head descending towards my sweet honeypot.


Marina rang the doorbell to Holly’s house. She and I were wearing only thin, basically see-through beach dresses over our skimpy bikinis, enjoying the throwback to our college bodies and attitudes. My husband stood next to us, holding the corn-on-the-cob we had agreed to supply. He was in a loose t-shirt and swim trunks, dressing more his age. But Marina and I looked more fun.

The door swung open and Holly answered.

“Hi! Come on in!” she said in that patently chipper and welcoming voice. The only hint of her dominating personality was the short pixie cut of her blonde hair.

Holly had on a loose dress shirt, unbuttoned halfway. Her conservative black bikini top was partially visible, as was the bottom, peeking out from beneath the shirt. Of course she would choose black. She still looked sexy as hell though, especially with those gorgeous legs on display.

I had to stop myself from eye-fucking her right there. Hopefully, I’d be doing the real thing later.

“Thanks,” my husband said. “I don’t believe we’ve ever met. I’m Mark,” he said, stepping into the house, followed by Marina and I.

“I’m Holly,” she introduced herself. “I have heard quite a lot about you from Penny!”

“All good, I hope,” he chuckled.

“Of course!” Holly responded. “Why don’t you guys follow me out back? We’re just still waiting on Lisa and Darren.”

Holly escorted us to the back yard. My eyes were glued to her swaying behind, and I could see Marina admiring the view as well. God, I wished my butt was still that firm.

It didn’t escape my notice that my husband’s gaze had strayed down as well. Obviously I couldn’t blame him, and I wasn’t upset. In fact, it actually turned me on a little. I hoped it wouldn’t be too long before I could see him fucking another woman.

We reached Holly’s big backyard. As with all the other houses in the subdivision, she had a pool, but Holly had done an excellent job decorating the rest of her yard as well. A big grill was filling the air with smoke and exuding the smell of delicious meat. There was a long picnic table, presumably where we would be eating.

I saw a few men standing by the grill. One was Nadine’s husband, Jon. His dark skin radiated in the sun, and his tall frame made him stand above the other guys. I couldn’t help but immediately think about his cock. I had heard it was huge and to die-for, but I hadn’t actually seen it. God, did I want that to change.

The second man I didn’t recognize, so he had to have been Holly’s husband. The last one was noticeably older; he must have been Tonya’s husband. He had mostly-grey hair, but otherwise he still looked handsome as hell! He clearly worked out a lot, and showed very few wrinkles. The grey hair just made him look wiser. I had definitely imagined him as a wrinkly old rich dude, so I was quite surprised!

His spouse was in the pool with Lisa, and she was looking every bit as attractive and glamorous as she always did. Tonya was in a pink bikini, although I struggled to call it that. The bottom was a tiny g-string, and the top had two thin triangles trying (and failing) to contain her big boobs. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun, and she had designer sunglasses on, completing the California beach-girl look that most women 15 years younger would have struggled to pull off as well as her.

Nadine was dressed more conservatively, in a considerably less revealing orange swimsuit, much like Marina’s. She had a drink in hand, chatting away with Tonya. Her mocha-colored skin looked gorgeous in the afternoon sun, shimmering with the wetness from the pool.

Holly disrupted my day-dreaming. “Would you like to take that to the grill?” she asked my husband. “We don’t want to wait too long to eat.”

“Sure,” he answered.

The three of us followed behind Holly again. She reached the grill and ran her hand down the arm of her husband. He turned to her, “Hey sweetie.”

“Hey. The corn’s here.”

“Great. I’ll get that started then,” he said, reaching to take the platter from my husband.

“I don’t think you guys have met my husband Ross,” Holly said.

“I don’t think we have been given the pleasure,” I answered. Kıbrıs Escort “I’m Penny,” I introduced, reaching my hand out.

“Wonderful to finally meet you. I’ve heard quite a lot about you,” he said. He gently took my hand and brought it up to his mouth for a small kiss. I blushed and giggled at his chivalry, although my husband didn’t look quite as pleased.

“So you must be Marina then,” he said, turning to my little sis. Holly must have told him everything about us.

“Yes, so nice to meet you,” she said. Ross repeated his introduction to Marina, kissing the back of her hand.

“Don’t mind him,” Holly said, seeming to read my husband’s reaction. “He thinks he’s a gentleman.”

“I like to think chivalry isn’t totally dead,” he countered. “So I take it you’re the husband?”

“Nope, just the corn-carrier,” my husband joked. “I’m Mark.”

The two men shook hands.

“Would you like me to grab something to drink for you?” Holly asked. “We’ve still got a little while before everything will be ready.”

“I’m fine with any kind of beer,” my husband answered.

“I’ve got you covered,” Ross responded. He reached into a cooler next to the grill and brandished a bottle.

“Why don’t I introduce you two to everyone else and then I’ll make you drinks in the kitchen?” Holly asked. “We’ll leave the boys to themselves.”

“Sounds lovely,” Marina answered.

Holly took us to the other two guys and introduced us to Richard, Tonya’s husband, and Jon. They both made mention of hearing about us from their wives. It seemed like I was the only one who hadn’t let my husband into my secret life yet. That would change by the end of today though.

Marina and I said hi to Tonya and Nadine before heading inside to the kitchen. Holly whipped us up some martinis quickly before pausing to talk.

“So you both know what’s going to happen, yes?” she asked.

We nodded our heads at the same time.

“And does your husband know?” she continued.

“I haven’t told him exactly. But I know that he’s okay with it, so it’ll be fine.”

Holly raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

“Yep. He’ll be fine.”

“Alright,” she said. “So the plan is to start the festivities once we’re done eating. What we normally do is draw names out of a hat to pair up. Then it’s free rein. I think what will work is making sure Marina and Mark are chosen first, just to make sure that he’ll go along. Does that sound good?”

“Yep. I’m fine with that,” Marina answered.

“Well I’m glad to hear you’re fine with sucking off my husband,” I joked.

“I mean, I will be the one doing all the work,” Marina replied. “You just have to watch.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a great plan,” I said to Holly.

“Good. Then enjoy yourselves. It’ll be a great day.” She handed us our drinks and we headed back out.

Lisa and her husband Darren had gotten there. Lisa had joined Tonya and Nadine while the guys all grouped together by the grill. Lisa was in a cute red bandeau swim top and matching sarong. She sat on the edge of the pool, just dipping her feet in.

“Ready to get a little wet?” I asked Marina.

“Of course,” she responded, already pulling her dress over her head. I did the same and we both slipped into the pool. I noticed my husband’s eyes traveling over my body, eyeing the sexy suit. That’s exactly what I had hoped for.

“Goddamn, you two are looking fine,” Nadine said as we waded over to them. Holly had talked with her husband briefly before sitting next to Lisa on the side of the pool.

“I’d say the same for you,” I complimented back.

“How does the water feel, Marina?” Lisa asked.

“Pretty good,” she responded. She was using the hand not holding her drink to shield her eyes from the sun.

“Yeah?” Tonya picked up. “Not cold?”

I suddenly realized what they were talking about. Marina’s puffy nipples were pressing against the bikini and were pretty visible. Marina looked down and figured it out too.

“Well, maybe it’s a little chilly,” she laughed. “I love your suit,” she continued, sidling right up next to Tonya.

The six of us stayed together and chatted for a while. Both Marina and I were a little nervous, but everyone else reassured us that the day would be amazing.

Before we had fully lost track of time, Ross came up to us.

“Hey honey,” he said, rubbing Holly’s shoulders. “We’re all ready.” His eyes briefly strayed over all the rest of us, admiring the scantily-clad women all looking at him.

“Great! Let’s eat then!”

We all got out of the pool, and Marina and I put our dresses back on. The water made both of us actually a little chilly, although the thin frock didn’t really help.

Finally, the meal seemed to be winding down. Everyone was done eating, and the drinks were flowing freely. We were all waiting for Holly to begin the game and really start the fun of the evening.

Lisa seemed to read my expression. She gave me a wink and leaned in across the table. “Don’t worry. It’s starting soon,” she whispered.

I Girne Escort smiled back at her. “Thanks.”

Holly and Marina were still chatting away by the end of the table, and that seemed to be holding us up. Of course it was my sister being the problem child.

After a minute or two, their conversation tapered to an end, and Holly squeezed Marina’s hand. She stood up and cleared her throat. Everyone’s eyes were squarely on her.

“Alright everyone, thank you so much for coming out here tonight. These nights are always so much fun and this hasn’t been an exception so far. Plus, we’ve all gotten to meet Penny, her lovely sister Marina, and Mark. Hopefully we haven’t completely terrified you guys yet, because obviously we’d love to keep having you. It’s great to have the whole neighborhood as friends.”

Holly paused and bent down. She picked up a baseball hat from next to her seat.

“And now comes what we’ve all been waiting for.”

My husband turned to look at me. “Do you know what she’s doing?” he whispered.

“Just watch,” I replied.

Holly closed her eyes and fished around inside the hat. She picked out a piece of paper and opened her eyes.

“Alright. The first name is Mark!”

Everyone else applauded lightly, but my husband looked dumbfounded.

“Okay, what do I have to do?” he asked.

Holly laughed. “Nothing really. You just have to sit down in this chair.” She pulled out the chair she had been sitting in at the head of the table.

“Okay,” my husband tepidly answered. He got up and sat down in the chair. Everyone was looking at him, knowing what was about to come next.

Holly closed her eyes again and dramatically fished around inside the hat. She produced a second slip of paper.

“And the second name is… none other than Marina!”

Marina stood up too.

“So Mark,” Holly began. “This is something of a tradition that we do at each one of these gatherings. It’s only fitting you would be picked at your first one.”

She turned and gave a sly wink to me so my husband couldn’t see.

“Now you don’t have to do anything. Just sit back and relax.”

“Um, alright,” my husband said.

Marina took a deep breath and walked towards my husband. They smiled at each other nervously as Marina stood right in front of him. She took another deep breath before dropping to her knees.

The first emotion that crossed my husband’s face was confusion. Then surprise. He looked up at me, but before he had the chance to do anything, Marina reached out and yanked his swim trunks down.

My husband was shocked as everyone at the table stared at him and his cock. He tried to get up, but Holly’s hands pushed down on his shoulders. He looked at me.

“Just relax sweetie. This’ll be great,” I said.

He still looked bewildered, but my words seemed to reassure him a little bit. I don’t think any man would object to a blowjob, especially with his wife’s permission. I knew he had always found Marina sexy (for good reason), so I’m sure that helped too.

“And you’re totally okay with this?” he confirmed.

I smiled back my silent response.

Mark chuckled nervously and looked down at Marina. She brushed her hair out of her face and reached out to his cock, wrapping her fingers around the base of the shaft.

“Fuck,” my husband moaned lightly. Marina’s hand slowly stroked along the length of his cock, drawing my husband to life. I could see his cock hardening against her tight grip.

I had a perfect line of sight on his cock as Marina jerked her hand up and down his shaft, moving faster and faster. His dick was quickly fully erect. My husband’s eyes were focused squarely on Marinas boobs.

Marina shifted up a little bit and leaned over Mark’s lap. He tensed up as her head hover over the tip of his cock. Marina opened her mouth, moved her head down, and took the head of my husband’s cock in her mouth.

“Shiiit,” he groaned. Marina’s hand continued stroking the base of his cock. Her mouth moved back and forth over his helmet. Mark leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, just the same as he always did when I blew him.

Marina pulled her mouth back and extended her tongue out. She licked at his head, slithering her tongue over the top of his cock. She let a trail of saliva fall from her mouth onto his rod and quickly rubbed it in, shining up the shaft.

Marina ducked her head again and sucked on his cock. She would bob up and down, slowly inching further down his length each time. Then she would pull back and only suck on the head, before licking and kissing over his shaft.

She wasn’t doing anything I hadn’t seen before, but I was still impressed by Marina’s vigor and technique, especially considering how little practice she was getting.

The whole table stared at my husband and little sister, transfixed by their lewd act. Everybody was silent, with only the sounds of my husband’s soft groans and Marina’s loud sucking penetrating the late afternoon air.

I was getting incredibly wet watching the performance. I knew first-hand how amazing Marina’s tongue was and couldn’t imagine what level of heaven Mark was in. But it was especially hot watching not just any woman, but my sister, on her knees for him. The only thing better would be seeing them both fucking. I prayed that I wouldn’t have to wait long for that.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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