Well, we did it again! Part 2

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Please forgive my poor writing skills, I am a product of the American educational system. 🙂

I arrived at Fred’s place a little early, it was impossible to contain my excitement. I rang Fred’s doorbell and his voice invited me in over his new “Ring” like doorbell. I opened the door and walked to his den. Fred was sitting nude on the couch with gay porn playing on the TV, slowing stroking his magnificent cock. Always wanting to keep our Top happy, I sank to my knees in front of him and took his cock into my mouth.

I slowly ran my tongue around his head, then used the tip of my tongue to pry open his piss hole. I teased his slit for maybe twenty seconds until I felt Fred’s hand grab my hair and he slowly push my head down on his cock. I swallowed as much of his cock as I could before I gagged. Then he pulled my head back up and down for his enjoyment. This went on for a few minutes until the doorbell rang and Fred grabbed his phone and invited Tim in. When Tim came into the den and saw me on my knees with a mouthful of Fred’s cock, he smirked and said, “Not today bitch, I’m the play toy.” With that, we all laughed and headed for the bedroom.

Tim and I shucked our clothes while Fred arranged the bed with pillows and grabbed a bottle of lube out of a nightstand. I asked Tim if he would deep throat me? He said, “sure buddy, let me get in position.” I couldn’t believe my luck! So, I stood before Tim as he lay on the bed with his head hanging off the side. I lined my dick up with his sweet mouth and fed him my cock’s head. Tim reached his arms out and grabbed my butt. He slowly pulled me into his mouth. When I was about ¾ the way in he stopped and repositioned his head to give me a straight shot into his throat. Then he resumed pulling my ass to him. It was so wonderfully weird to watch the lump form in his throat as he pulled me all the way in. Granted I didn’t go anywhere near as deep as Fred did last weekend but still it was fucking awesome! After a second or two Tim slowly pushed me back out of his throat. Tim repeated the process of pulling me in then pushing me out a couple more times then removed his hands from my ass. Trusting me to keep the pace he had set.

Meanwhile, Fred started to get bored. So, he climbed on the bed next to Tim’s waist. Fred used his hands to spread Tim’s legs further apart. Then he opened the bottle of lube and greased up his fingers and Tim’s cock. Using his left hand, began stroking Tim’s cock, while with his right hand he began teasing Tim’s ass hole with one finger. Slowly working that finger around Tim’s tight pink ring. Then he penetrated Tim’s ass. Slowing sinking that finger all the way in. He worked that finger in and out a few times then he added the second finger. bursa eskort At the addition of the second finger Tim reached his arms back up and pushed me out of his mouth. He groaned, like he was in heaven and said “More!” Fred, who did have his palm facing down as he finger fucked Tim, pulled his fingers out and turned his hand, palm up. So he could stroke Tim’s prostate. He told Tim he wasn’t going to add another finger because he wanted him nice and tight, for today. What the heck did he mean by that, I wondered? Tim just moaned and pulled me back into his warm talented mouth. Fred finger fucked Tim’s ass for a few minutes then pulled his fingers out of Tim’s ass. Fred got between his legs and lined his cock up for a good ol’ ass fucking.

Fred started slow, but I guess having watched Tim deep throat me, he began picking up speed quickly. Tim, for his part used his hands on my ass to keep my cock just in his mouth. Fred was still stroking Tim’s dick while pounding his ass and it didn’t take very long before Tim shot a load straight up into the air that landed on his chest and throat. What a sight, Tim’s chest covered in is own spunk.

I knew I was getting close, so I pulled out of Tim’s mouth to give myself a chance to regain control. I scooped up some of Tim’s spunk and feed it to him. His lips clamped on my fingers as he sucked them clean. I feed him all his cum on his chest and throat, Tim’s one sexual slut, I love it! I watched Fred and Tim going at it and I reflected on what I had just experienced. I had my very first deep throat and spit roasting of a bottom. There was this other deliciously weird thing I had experienced. When I was fully in Tim’s throat, I could feel his eye lashes tickle my balls every time he blinked. That was totally unexpected and mind blowing at the same time. This session is starting out pretty damn good.

Fred was really starting to get into it, he pulled Tim off the edge of the bed and shoved a pillow under his ass. Fred then slid his arms under Tim’s knees and pushed Tim’s legs up so his knees were next to his ears. Ah, to be young and flexible! Then Fred pounded the fuck out of Tim! It almost seemed brutal, but from the encouragement Tim was giving Fred, I’m pretty sure he was enjoying it. After what seemed like an hour, probably 10 minutes, Fred let out a grunt and bred Tim.

I suddenly had a flash back to last weekend when Tim enjoyed sloppy seconds in me so, I saw this as an opportunity to pay back the favor. Once Fred got up to wash and grab a beer, I laid on the bed and had Tim mount me cowgirl. I’m old, so I might as well have the young-in do the work! Work my cock he did, I had my hands on his waist so I could control the speed of the bursa merkez escort fucking but he did all the bouncing around. I felt my balls begin to draw up, so I knew I’d soon be adding a load into Tim’s well fucked ass. But it was not to be, Fred came out of the bathroom, with a fresh hard-on and wanted some more of Tim’s ass. Fred pulled Tim off me and lined him up with his ass resting on a pillow on the edge of the bed. Fred had Tim’s legs sticking straight up and he held them pinned to his chest, then he lined up his cock and drove it home in Tim’s ass.

I headed for the bathroom to do a quick wash up. When I returned just seeing Tim’s glorious mushroom headed cock sticking straight up was a too much for me, so I climbed on the bed and crawled on top of Tim. I grabbed his cock and popped the mushroom head into my mouth, I could still taste the spunk still leaking from his tubes. Then I sucked on it like it was a lolly pop. Making a popping sound every time I pulled my lips off it. Tim had the presents of mind to begin sucking on my pre-cum leaking cock. Yesss! This lasted a couple minutes until Fred was ready to switch us up again.

This time Fred had Tim stand leaning against a wall, and Fred took him from behind. It was animalistic to watch, Fred’s forward thrusts would almost lift Tim off his feet. Whoa! Stop the action! Tim needs and anchor and I’m volunteering! So, I pulled Fred off Tim and Tim away from the wall. I leaned against the wall, Tim quickly realizes how this new position is going to work. With a wicked smile he proclaimed “We’re gonna make a sandwich and I’m the lunch meat!” Tim spread my ass cheeks and rimmed my ass hole a couple times, then grabbed the lube and greased my ass and his own dick. With nary a hesitation, he slipped his mushroom head into my ass. Oh, the ecstasy of the painful fire that spread through my ass but pleasure is to come! The moment Tim was in place, Fred lined up to fuck the shit out of both of us!

It was pretty intense; Fred would plow into Tim and Tim would push into me. We managed this for a few minutes until Fred, panting hard and covered in sweat, told Tim it was time for him to fuck us. Tim was still pressed fully inside me, Fred backed a couple inches of his cock from Tim’s ass. Fred reached his arms out and grabbed my hips to lock us all together. Tim began rocking back and forth between us. On the back stroke his ass would gobble up Fred’s dick and on the forward stroke his cock would drive me against the wall. Heaven all the way around! But it couldn’t last, Tim was being overstimulated. He whispered in my ear he was cumming, it was too much for Tim and he unloaded in my ass. I don’t know if Tim clinched his ass bursa sınırsız escort when he came or what, but Fred let out a roar and came for the second time just a few strokes later. Fucking fantastic!

Fred stagger back and collapsed on the bed. Tim’s now flaccid cock slipped out of my ass with an audible pop, thanks to that beautiful mushroom head. There we stood, our legs quivering and cum running down our legs. Tim’s legs were shaking so bad I had to help him lay onto the bed on his stomach. Mind you by this time, I’ve been edged 3 times, my cock is dripping pre-cum and hard as a rock. Tim’s well used ass just looked to damn good to pass on. Besides, I owed him a “sloppy seconds favor” from last weekend. Course by now it’s actually sloppy thirds!

I climbed on Tim, straddling his legs like he did me last week. I rubbed the tip of my cock on some of the cum and lube that had leaked out of his ass. I eased my cock deep into his ass. It felt amazing, all that warmed up lube and cum made it better than any pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I rode his ass for at least 5 minutes. I remembered once, long ago, I had a top who knew exactly how to position his cock to massage my prostate, figured I’d give Tim the same treatment. I inched my body up a little higher on Tim to allow my cock to go straight down, stimulating Tim’s prostate with each stroke. I was in heaven, Tim began slightly rocking side to side, Tim said he thought his ass was cumming. That news triggered my own “oh crap” moment, I said, “shit I’m not going to last much longer!” Then I heard Tim say, “flip me over, I want to watch your face when you breed me”.

How could I refuse? Does he feel the power transfer too? I had to find out. I backed off him and he grabbed a pillow for his ass and flipped over, I was back between his legs in no time. I went straight into the missionary position, supporting my upper body with my arms, face just inches from Tim’s face. I got in maybe two or three more strokes, then blew my considerable load into Tim. When my vision returned, he was smiling up at me, he felt it, he knows. Yes! Then he totally surprised me, he reached up and pulled my face to his and he kissed me with more passion than I have felt in decades. What could I do? I returned his kiss with as much passion as I could muster. I felt his ass clinch around my softening cock just before it slid out. Then I felt his cock jerk a couple of times under me, followed by a warm sticky feeling spreading between us. Tim had a sissygasm! Can I keep him? If, I haven’t said it before, fucking awesome!!!

This old dog has learned a lot of new tricks lately, hope my education continues. I don’t know if we will be able to keep this threesome going but I’m going to ride it, and nurture it as long as it lasts. I have never had better, more satisfying sex in my life, and I’ve been around for a lot of years. It really does take the right chemistry and three willing fuckers to make for an excellent session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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