Wet Jersey Sweater: Real Life

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Hey—I am not a saint, but if a woman had sex with me, I would keep my mouth shut for many reasons: from pragmatic and selfish such as not to tarnish my reputation and not to spread rumors about myself, or because if I talk I would possibly get divorced, or because if I talk she would not continue to have sex with me; to religious reasons such that a person should be ashamed of sin, since without shame there can be no contrition, and without contrition there can be no forgiveness of sins.

In certain religions and cultures (e.g., Islam) man have no excuse for cheating on their wife, since they are allowed up to four wives (I cannot see how a man can do well and take care of just the sexual needs of four women and cheat on them with another woman or women at the same time unless he ‘dopes—up.’).

These stories, however, deserve their existence to my stoicism.

1) It was a day as any other. I used a back door code and walked into a corridor, near immediately I made right into a hall, and finally another right into Traffic and Violations’ Office. I went into the little Coffee Club room or closet, and poured some coffee. I saw Nuno – his face was purple red. He mumbled pointing at Sgt John Fitzgerald office’s door “Sgt and JoAnne” and made an older sign with both hands for having intercourse. The door was slightly ajar. I knew that this horny 22 year old meter man will not let the opportunity pass by; however, myself, I was 28 going on 29, and had had some pussy in my life; therefore, it was not as tempting to me as it was to him. I left, not with a hard one, tough.

Next day, I saw an old departmental Ho and JoAnne standing on the little porch—like elevation by the back door smoking and talking. JoAnne was telling her that it was first time in many years that she felt something so wounderfully hard violate her mouth as Nuno’s penis. Old Departmental Ho told her that she could try her own son, and that in New Jersey no one prosecutes adult incest; however, she added, that it is probably too late, since JoAnne’s oldest son was in his 20’s, and the Old Departmental Ho said that you have to teach your kids to be wanton cimcif gaziantep escort when there are young.

Here, I do beg to disagree. One time while at Sovereign Bank, I saw a teller crying (a good looking Hispanic woman about 30 years old) because she got into a sex business contract because she could not payoff her debt to the bank (soon after, she and her husband did divorce, and another teller, I saw her pictures as a real Ghetto Beauty or some title like that on the one of the pages linked trough the PersianKitty.com -– her boobs are rather big, but she is rather fat–did offer to help him with impotence due to his wife’s whoring) ; she was angry that she got sandwiched by two men of the local elite, but she said no “no,” and was sandwiched too quickly, and too tightly to even be able to struggle against them plus the law enforcement does not take stories of exotic dancers as seriously as of ordinary women (most especially that the law enforcement agent may be either working for the some one close to the offenders or be the offender). She was wailing that she was violated. The female manager told her that every woman is a slut, you just need to bring it out in her, and that she will not let her out of contract; therefore, she should learn how to be a happy whore; plus she told her that she can do nothing about it, since the her, the manager’s, husband is a cop.

[She was wrong. As it happens the local business owners did pay three city cops and one Union County cop to kill an asshole cop. They killed him, all right; but the business owner who provided them with false alibi got into “cop trouble” – the place was closed for nearly a year, and died from a mysterious hear attack soon after the place got reopened. If you can pay, you can get anything done in NJ.]

She did become a happy whore. Before I got rid off my accounts with the Sovereign, I saw her a couple times; she looked happy and self-satisfied with that look of whore pride: I am a whore, but I am better than you because I have money.

Why rumors start?

People talk thinking that cimcif gaziantep escort bayan others do not listen.

At the Library just before I did join the Army, I did overhear this conversation, and so had to the others.

It was between a woman who looked like an ugly chick because she was not taking care of herself, and a rather young Asian or Asian–American woman (both employed there). The ‘Ugly’ was all purple and jealous, and the ‘Younger’ was complaining about her second job. She was mad that when men selected her for exotic massages, they called her little Asian, and that her anus was hurting, since most of them chose anal intercourse. Her Jewish-American husband also working at the Library, after his won wife started making the rumors about herself, did threaten to divorce her, but his threats seemed to be insincere.

The ethnic Poles are not far behind other immigrants and natives of the USA. One time, I did overhear a conversation between a Polish dark—haired, 30 to 40 year old woman, living in the same condominium as I used to live. She was telling her teenage son that go go dancers do scarifies themselves to make money and that men do never appreciate it. She, as an example of sacrifice, pointed to the situation when the patron’s finger or fingers, after the hand releases 5—dollar bill into panties, instead of finding the fallopian tube did violate the pee-hole. This made me to pay better attention to her out of a sick interest (Satan does not sleep).

She at least used to work at the Donkin’ Donuts near the apartments (about half-a-mile away) by the international bakery building. 18 or so year old son of the owner, her co-worker, did promise her 0.25 dollar raise, if she had intercourse with him (These situations are part of the reason why in the US Army, it is near impossible to get promoted to an NCO or to 1st Lt, if you are promiscuous; partly to prevent such situations like this from occurring: qui pro quo). I know what happened, since I came from behind the store (and the door was opened) as well as bought coffee in the front escort gaziantep cimcif of the store. Since his bud was in the pisser, Son had to come from the rear and serve my coffee. Once his bud came out from the bathroom, he send him to take a turn, since she would not notice change, since he told her to remain facing the wall or no raise. He told the bud that she is wet because “kiedy glowa siwieje to dupa szaleje.” I was stoic, but kept it in my memory.

Lastly, yesterday, I saw another white or white Hispanic Library employee, a young lady working as a stripper who was spreading rumors about herself through a man in some uniform.

Hey – you may ask, why am I being so honest?

First, my last direct order was o get out from NJ.

Second, since Rutgers—Newark based (involuntary/fraud/forgery) research began in 1994, a classified ‘counter-measure’ research began in 1999, and the Elizabeth, Union County, NJ, research began with an illegal head start in 2001, was legal in the beginning of 2002, and was continued through a misinterpretation of the local legalized–fraud–and–forgery–next–of–kind law, my life has been miserable, and will not get better for a long long time even if all and every the research stops. I have nothing to lose but misery. Therefore, I do not care if anyone send hit man after me, or they trump up charges, or frame me and put in super max – to me it is all the same:

Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski

All the stories are true.


I will laugh if they take me to court for smearing their good names: what’s a joke. I have only debts. 8 years ago I had 8K of my own money (I returned 3K with a personal check) in the bank; now I have 40 K of mine, my wife’s daughter’s medical (since her Bipolar Disorder got worse due to research run on me, and she has been virtually sterilized eating the same food as me for 2 to 3 years—her odds of ever having kids are 3%; she is 22), and my wife’s. My debt largely comes from all the food thrown away, and from all the gas burned and bus fairs paid to fight the researchers who will do it either way whether you feel harassed or hounded, your resistance will not help you, they know that they are gods, and they use religion and the God (Yahweh, Allah, Lord, Jesus etc) just as a little boy to help them with a choir of an excuse and pacification of the victim.

Once more, I could not care less about what they do about what I have written.

Robert son of Stanislaw son of Jozef, born 28 DEC 1973, Kolakowsk_i out of Eugenia Kolakowsk_a

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