Wet Paint Ch. 01

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I stroked the brush lightly on the canvas. The color still wasn’t perfect, but I had been working on it for two hours now, and was getting irritated. I wrinkled my nose and set down the brush. I’ve always loved painting, but lately it has seemed more like a chore then a hobby. I have nothing to paint. No inspiration, no muse. I left my small studio and stepped into my bedroom. It was a hot July day; the summer has been hotter then need be. I pulled off my damp t-shirt and jeans to slip my slim naked body into a cooler yellow sundress. The dress dipped low on my creamy breasts, showing off my freckled skin. Today I was going out in the park to look for her. I wrapped my fiery red hair into a bun and grabbed my canvas bag.

The sun was hot. But it felt warm on my skin, and made me slightly drowsy. I had been in the park for two hours. I wasn’t going to give up though; I needed this painting for next months rent. I looked over by the lake. There were geese swimming near the edge. “Better than nothing…” I said under my breath. I set up my canvas and paints and started to recreate the scene in front of me. I carefully painted every detail of the scene. The soft blades of grass…………………. The cool rippling water………………………. The hot white sun. I leaned over to gather my things. The painting wasn’t finished but once again looking mediocre. I walk down to the hill towards my small apartment. I decided to finish it tomorrow.

That night I lay on my bed to go to sleep. The sheets were hot against my skin. I lay there thinking about the day. I have been so focused on painting lately that everything else has been affected. It had been at least a year since I had sex. I wrapped my sheet around my body and put my favorite porn in. I lay down on my bed and ran my fingertips lightly down my chest, grazing my Side Escort breasts lightly. On the television was a curvy brunette pushed her fingers into her slick pussy. She moaned with pleasure as her orgasm built up at a rapid rate. I slid my hands between my legs and rub my hot clit. I was slick with perspiration and sweet juices.

The woman was now crying out as her orgasm came nearer, and was pounding her pussy with three of her slim fingers. Her pussy was stretched to the max. I rubbed my swollen clit quickly and moaned aloud. My legs clamped down on my wet fingers and I lifted my hips and bucked upward as I rubbed my hot pussy. The busty brunette screamed and moaned as she bucked her hips, a brutal orgasm ripping through her body.

I felt the sweet buildup coming on and I held my breath and rubbed my clit even faster and I came hard onto my wet hand. I let out a lusty groan as my juices leaked down my sprawled legs and onto my bed. I licked my fingers and tasted my pussy juices. As I laid back to finally fall asleep, I thought about tomorrows park visit.

The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed. I slipped on my silk robe and padded down the stairs. After gulping down an English muffin for breakfast, I got into a pair of old jeans and a white tee. I grabbed my canvas bag and set off to the park again to finish old business. I set up in front of the lake again. The painting looked worse then it did the day before. I frowned at the scene ahead of me. I finished the painting and started to put my paints away.

It was nearing noon and it was getting to hot to stay in the sun. I bent over and picked up the red paint and turned to grab the canvas bag. Suddenly, as I turned, I felt the wind knock out of me. I lost my balance as the red paint slopped out of the cup on to my would-be Manavgat Escort masterpiece. I fell on the ground; the red cup of paint fell smartly on my head. It coated my face in the thick liquid. “Shit!” I wiped the paint out of my eyes and blinked the sting away. I looked up and saw a set of remarkable breast swaying in front of my face, framed in an orange tank top. “Nice…” I thought.

“Are you alright?” The busty woman extended her hand to help me up. She hand smooth creamy skin with luscious coral lips and long curly black hair that lit up in the sunlight. She was simply striking.

“You…” I whispered.

“Yeah, I know I am sooo sorry… I was just jogging and I didn’t see you. Please don’t be angry.” She said in a thick English accent. She lifted me up and brushed me off without prevail. “Oh my god! And I ruined your… err… painting! I’m so sorry.” She picked up my canvas bag which was now smudged with dirt.

“No I’m fine.” I said as I snatched the bag back.

“Please let me make it up to you…” She looked me up and down. “Let me buy you some coffee.” I looked at her. She was 5’7 with a curvy figure, with the kind of hips you want to knead in your hands and nibble at. Her long black hair bounced as cocked her head to the side. Her breasts were large, perky, and natural. Her smooth thighs wrapped in jeans cutoffs framed her slim waist. I wanted to recreate her. She was like an urban goddess. What the hell? It couldn’t hurt.

“Maybe you can make it up to me…” I said with a small smile.

Her name was Emma. She was twenty three, and in San Francisco for the summer. When I asked her to be in my painting, surprisingly, she said yes. And god was she beautiful. It took all of my willpower not to jump her bones, and used to consider myself straight. Alanya Escort I had her change in the room and choose a pose. I left her some clothing to choose and went to go get a drink of water. “Are you done yet?” I shouted after a couple of minutes.

“Yes!” she shouted back. I laid my glass down on the table and walked to my bedroom. Immediately on entering the room I blushed.

She lay in front of me on the same bed I lay on last night touching myself the night before. She was naked displaying her beautiful body to me, with a silk black sheet laying softly on the curve of the waist. I walked into the room slowly and sat down in front of her. I squirmed in my chair behind the easel. Her creamy body was making my pussy pulsate slightly. I squeezed my legs together and cleared my throat.. I began painting. I was imagining what was under that sheet…

“How is it coming?” she said with a smile after a half hour of pain.

“Mmmm, very good.” I said quietly. I licked my lips while I stroked the brush against the canvas, recreating the beauty before me.

“Let me see.” She stood up slowly and her beautiful body was revealed to me. Her shoulders were slight but strong, and set a soft frame around her gorgeous perky breasts. Her waist flared out to her hips almost enough to make me moan, and her thighs did nothing to hide the shaved pussy that made my own throb.

Get a hold of yourself, I said to myself. She leaned over my shoulder and look at the painting. I could feel her hair brush against my skin. You never liked females before, why start now? I thought. She turned to face me and I could feel her breath on my cheek. “I love it, you have so much talent. I figured it was a waste to spend it on geese.” She whispered in my ear. She leaned over and I could feel her breast graze my arm lightly. “Are you sure there’s nothing else I can do for you?” I closed my eyes and she nibbled my neck and I moaned aloud. I took her nipple in my mouth and brought her naked body onto my lap.

I touched her wet clit slightly and said “I think we can figure something out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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