What a Strange Trip It’s Been

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My thoughts were slowly losing their cotton candy consistency from the couple of hits of acid that I had taken earlier in the night. It had been one of those nights defined by the statement, “Well I have nothing better to do for the next 72 hours.” So me and some friends walled ourselves off in a little fortress of insanity for a night of unreality.

But somewhere on this journey I had become misplaced, left carelessly discarded under a great dark tree that was filled with twinkling fireflies. A miniature universe that would have been a mere curiosity… but for myself, with a brain full of acid, it was an absorbing phenomenon to be gaped at in reverential awe. And beneath that magical other universe within a tree’s boughs, I was left. Lost in my own crazed dreams, misplaced by my fellow mad sojourners.

But then found by another. My journey was not to be that of my friends, I was to take a much stranger and interesting path this night. As I sat under my tree with its beautiful fireflies I noticed the presence of three female shaped shadows walking down the small road I sat beside. I tried my best to ignore them, the last thing I really wanted right now was the distracting questions and judgments of sane people injecting themselves into my mad tea party of one. But this wish was shattered when I heard the words, “Mike, is that you?”

One of these shadowy women knew my name and was approaching closer to me. She knelt beside me and I was enveloped in the scent of her; the warm, dark presence of her captured my over active senses. I pointed up to the shimmering constellations of fireflies in the tree…it took a few attempts before they all looked to see why I was here… though in that revelation I apparently also showed something else, “Mike are you tripping?” Oh crap, who ever it was knew I was tripping, this couldn’t be good. “Don’t worry its me Dinah.” Dinah, I remember meeting a woman with that name the week before. It was at one of my painfully nerdy pursuits, in this case the shared illusion of running around acting like a vampire with a group of people in a shared hallucination of modern gothic fantasy. I remember she was short, perhaps just coming up to the bottom of my chin, and she had a very cute face with a constant smirk that made you think that she was eternally amused by a joke that only she heard. And she was very aggressive with her flirtations, having left me with the need to relieve a great deal of pressure after sitting and talking with her alone for about thirty minutes. The fact that she had a gorgeous body…

“Mike… Hey Mike…” the shadowy women had been discussing among themselves about my fate and the one who claimed to be Dinah was asking me a question. My lack of answer was causing quite a bit of giggling. Slower this time she said, “Mike, do you want to come skinny dipping with us?”

“Uhm… ok.”

As we were walking through the warm summer night air it was explained to me that the ladies did not have transportation to the river to go skinny dipping, and by luck they found me. And I had a car. As they talked about subjects I could not follow I searched for my keys in my pockets since my acid melted memory of the night up till now was playing hide and seek with them. I managed to find the pocket where they had sequestered themselves before we made it to my car, a white Dodge Daytona, which by some magical act of providence was only a quarter of a mile away and visible from where they had found me.

The girls took my keys, because there was no conceivable way I could control that machine… I was still seeing trailing lines behind the street lights as we were walking and thought the road was breathing. We piled into my car, the girls pushing me to the small back seat where I was squished together with Dinah.

In the light of the car’s ceiling lamp I got my first looks at the two ladies I would soon be seeing a lot more of. There was a raven haired, athletic beauty named Ashley who was wearing jeans and a baby doll t-shirt that accentuated her nicely proportioned breasts. Jennifer, who was driving, was a blond skinny girl with a plain face in baggy clothes. She eyed me suspiciously as she got in the car, she had not had much to say about the trip. Jennifer’s face betrayed the apprehensive look of one who was pressured into agreeing to something that they don’t like.

The Summer night flowed over me through open windows as we raced deep into the darkness. In the blackness Dinah’s body was pressed to my side and her warmness throbbed through to my skin. The smell of her hair blended with the that of the honey suckle wafting in, intoxicating me further as I became lost in it and the almanbahis adres blackness surrounding me. The wind was interrupted as we turned off the asphalt on to a small gravel drive that made a pleasant crunching as we rolled through the night to our final destination, the river.

Dinah had to shake me from my daze when we had arrived at the water. I was quickly out of the car and just as quickly out of my clothes. I have little modesty to start with, and the little voice that would have told me that it may not be a good idea to get naked in front of a bunch of strangers was now sitting in a corner trying to figure out the taste of the color blue. If it had been able to talk it might have caused me to balk at thought of the predictable effect that the cold mountain river water had upon my dick and balls.

The shock of the cold water was bracing and caused a cascade of bell ringing echoes to rush through my body as I dunked the rest of my flesh into the cold shallow flow. As the water surrounded my head I heard the girls giggling on the shore as they themselves undressed, and I was surrounded by the muffled cold silence of the river. I felt hands grabbing me through the cold silence and was pulled up into the air to find my self facing a most marvelous pair of pale breasts lit by the full moon. The nipples and aureole were slightly puckered and stiff, the light of the moon made the pale orbs seem to glow with a supernatural inner light. Dinah was exclaiming something about fearing I was going to drown, or puppy thoughts, or something else less important than gazing at her breasts. I was finally drawn away from the breasts before me as a naked Jennifer and Ashley had began splashing Dinah and I. Splashing and dunking and groping and grabbing and wrestling ensued as the girls tackled me in an explosion of water, froth, and laughter.

After an unknown period of time we reluctantly left the water because Ashley needed to return home. I clumsily collected my clothes, which were quickly becoming soaked from the water coming off my body. I found that I lacked a towel, unlike the ladies who had thought ahead about going skinny dipping, so I shook my body to and fro like a dog and crawled into the back seat of my car still naked. Dinah joined me in the back seat again, having also forgone donning her clothes. Ashley and Jennifer got in the front commenting something about this only being a temporary situation and we would want to get dressed before we stopped.

I didn’t care though because my skin was still tingling from the acid and Dinah’s naked body was lounging between my legs resting her head on my chest just as we had been on the ride up here. Her hand was idly playing with the hair on my chest as I marveled in the smoothness of the skin on her back and side. Even through the haze of the LSD my dick was still recognizing that there was naked female flesh pressed against it and it was responding in a predictable manner. Dinah noticed the change in my arousal and moved her hand down to it to stroke as she shifted herself upwards to meld her lips with mine. My hands continued to explore and discover increasingly interesting places till Jennifer looked in the rear view mirror and complained loudly at Dinah’s lustfulness, causing Dinah to ripple with naked laughter.

We made one stop to drop off Ashley, and some words were exchanged in a conversation that I was having problems concentrating on because my brain was still having problems focusing on anything. “Mike would it be OK?” Dinah was asking me about something.

“Sure” was my answer, though I knew not to what.

“Do you have a guest room?” Jennifer was asking me something now, a strange question about the architecture of my apartment.

“Uhm… no”

“Do you have a big bed?” Dinah was asking again, and grinning.

“Uhm… I guess, its a full size I think.” And my focus switched to watching the street lights stream by as we drove to my apartment.

When we got to my apartment I leaped out of the car, still naked, and scurried up to my apartment door. Dinah was following me, also naked. But the door failed to open, because I had no keys. The jingle-jingle of the needed keys were behind us hanging from the finger of the laughing Jennifer. She took mercy on the naked people and unlocked the door.

I burst into my apartment, naked to find that my roommate was there with some of his friends. I waved at him as I streaked past, with Dinah close behind waving as well. We got to the security of my dark bedroom, I heard Jennifer saying something to the shocked gathering in the living room… probably some apologies.

I dove into the almanbahis giriş covers of my bed, followed soon after by Dinah, our naked flesh was rubbing deliciously, lighting my super sensitive skin afire. Jennifer walked in exclaiming something to Dinah, which caused her to scoot me to the wall and let Jennifer in on the opposite side of the bed after she had stripped down to her underwear. I was somewhat amused that she was showing this modesty now after I had already seen her surprisingly large breasts, and sparse blond pubic hair earlier in the night. Dinah rolled up against Jennifer spooning on her, and pulled on one of my hands so that I was then spooning against Dinah.

I was obviously a lot more tired than I expected and quickly fell asleep. My slumber was beset by strange dreams of the feel of female flesh, the perfume of wet pussies, the taste of an aroused clitoris, the sensation of something warm around my cock… and I was slowly waking up. I had apparently shifted to my back and Dinah had shifted to a place between my legs. One of her small hands was skimming up and down the flesh of my hard cock, she was looking up at my face with that amused little smirk. Without warning her mouth engulfed the head of my dick, and the sensation of her tongue lathing circular motion around it sent uncontrollable shivers through my body. Her hand continued a steady rhythm on my shaft bringing me closer and closer to release.

Then she moved her mouth away from the head of my cock to the soft skin where the my thigh meets my hip, and proceeded to bite and suck on the skin there. This caused even more involuntary shivers to move through my body as the erotic tickling caused my dick to become even more sensitive. Then her mouth went back to the head of my dick, with her tongue again circling the sensitive tip bringing me even closer to release. But before I could reach it, again her mouth moved to the soft skin at my hip and began giving me a hickey there as her hand kept its rhythm on the shaft of my cock. When her mouth returned to the head of my cock I was even more sensitive and I was involuntarily shivering even more than before though I was no closer to cumming. Her switching back and forth was teasing me ever higher without giving me release and it was driving me mad. I heard a soft muffled noise to my left and looked over there afraid that our antics may have woken up Jennifer. I was faced with Jennifer’s open staring eyes, her brow was furrowed and she was biting on one of her hands. I looked down her body to find that her other hand was vigorously working, her white panties pushed to the side to make room for her invading hand. The bra cup over her left breast was left a skew, revealing a largish and erect nipple atop a round breast.

Staring into Jennifer’s eyes I read the little twitches and gulps for breath as signs of an impending orgasm. The depraved thought of her masturbating and watching me as I got what had to have been one of the best blow jobs I had ever had set all my nerves on end. A jarring shock of sexual electricity was coursing through my body causing me to shake uncontrollably. Every nerve ending felt like it was connected to the head of my cock which was now in Dinah’s smirking mouth.

I looked down at Dinah as she smiled around me. One of her hands, which had been at the side of my hips to try and moderate my movements snaked its way up my body to caress my right cheek. Suggesting what she wanted me to do, that hand pushed my face over so that I was again gazing into the eyes of the masturbating woman beside us. Again the electricity from the shared gaze began coursing through my skin setting my nerves a blaze with erotic sensation. I could feel the familiar tingle beginning in the base of my cock as Dinah pushed me over the precipice. I managed to gurgle out a proclamation that I was about to cum a few moments before I actually did.

Dinah removed me from her mouth as the first gush began surging. She stroked me firmly as I began shooting jets of my fluid through the air, Dinah was aiming my cock high, causing the first to land just under my collar bone. Jennifer’s gaze left my eyes as she watched my cock surge and ejaculate over and over again, her hand became a blur as wet sounds of her work joined the chorus of our shared moans. Jennifer finished by rolling up in a ball on the edge of the bed with her hand still buried in her crotch.

I was soaked from my neck down to my crotch, but I was too dazed still to care about it. Dinah produced a towel that had been hanging from the foot of the bed and went about cleaning up the terrible mess that we had made. She was laying down between almanbahis yeni giriş Jennifer and myself as she wiped me down. Her lips found my ear and chewed on it as she went about her task. She whispered in my ear, “One rule, you don’t touch Jennifer unless she invites you to touch her. Follow that rule and I guarantee that this will be a night to remember.” I think that I nodded, but my rapidly inflating cock was a more visceral consent to follow her rule.

Dinah was finishing cleaning me up when I noticed that a hand had snaked around and was holding Dinah around her midsection. Dinah tossed the now dirty towel off of the bed and laid back as the hand slowly worked its way down her body to Dinah’s trimmed patch of pubic hair. I was transfixed as I watched the hand work its way into Dinah’s crotch and began stroking back and forth between her vaginal lips. I was powerless to resist Dinah pulling me into her breasts and I obediently began suckling on the nipple of closest one, nibbling and sucking on it as her hand went through my long hair. As I suckled I felt her breath catching as Jennifer’s hand worked its magic on her, I could hear the moistness of Dinah’s pussy as Jennifer’s hand moved in and out of it. With a mind of its own my hips moved to rub the head of my dick against Dinah’s soft thigh, driven on by the moans, the taste, the scent.

I moved a hand down Dinah’s body to the patch of hair just above where Jennifer’s hand was entering her. Jennifer brushed up against my hand a few times and shifted to give it access to Dinah’s clitoris. My hand dipped in and found her stiff, wet clitoris. I trapped the bud of nerves between my middle and index finger and began a circular dance of ecstasy with it. Dinah’s hips began to insistently push against our hands as she emitted short whines that were climbing an octave scale as she got closer and closer to her climax. Her hand in my hair grabbed hard as her body began to shake as the flood gates of her orgasm broke. She let go of the death grip she had on my hair and pulled Jennifer’s hand up to her mouth to clean off the wet fingers one at a time. Then shifted over to begin kissing Jennifer deeply climbing up so that her face was hanging over Jennifer’s. I watched for a few minutes as they kissed, my cock was hard as stone as I became caught up in their passion.

Dinah’s rear end was up invitingly pointed to my hips, taking this as a suggestion I got up to my knees and positioned myself behind her. She looked back and with that smirk of hers and swung her hips back and forth, inviting me to enter. I took my time to position myself at her entrance, the heat from it was like an oven. She was like a vice, and if not for how slippery wet she was I would never have been able to enter her. I was possessed by a primal need to push as much of myself into her as was physically possible, then push a little farther. In the darkness I watched Dinah’s round hips as I repeatedly plowed myself into her, the shadows did not quite hide her lower lips grasping onto the shaft of my cock on the motion out. I gazed up to see that Dinah was holding Jennifer as I pushed into her… they were kissing, nibbling, licking, and moaning. Dinah had a free hand between Jennifer’s legs and was fucking her with her fingers in the same rhythm that I was using on her own pussy. Another hand, which I assumed was Jennifer’s was rubbing gently where Dinah and I were joined, alternating between rubbing Dinah’s clitoris and my scrotum.

Dinah moved down Jennifer and began nibbling on her neck, moaning out her passion into Jennifer’s flesh. Jennifer’s eyes locked with mine as she moved with my thrusting, as I fucked her with Dinah serving as our proxy. I became lost in Jennifer’s eyes, it was no longer Dinah’s pussy that I was in, it was hers. Jennifer was making the involuntary twitches and gulping breaths that I recognized from before to mean that she was getting close… the knowledge of this caused the tingle in the back of my balls to grow, heralding another powerful orgasm.

Dinah sensing that I was close looked back to me and said, “don’t pull out.” She then started whispering something in Jennifer’s ear, something that caused her eyes to close and and teeth to chew on quivering lips in erotic anticipation. Upon Dinah’s command I threw all caution to the wind and began thrusting into her with wild abandon, and Dinah began fucking Jennifer’s soaked pussy with the same vigor. Jennifer pulled Dinah harder against her and then her back arched and she cried out, heralding my own orgasm as I poured myself into Dinah, losing control of my muscles as I fell to the side unable to hold myself up.

Jennifer shivered and twitched beside me, one of her hands found its way to my chest and idly stroked it in her post orgasmic bliss. Dinah was looming over us both smirking at our spent flesh. She leaned down and kissed Jennifer tenderly, and then me… and shortly after sleep found me again.

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