What Are Friends For?

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The rain was still coming down. It had started raining that morning, and had not let up all during the day. Now it was steady drizzle, slacking to a mist at times. Enough to keep the streets slick and pedestrians miserable.

But in the bar, the rain was forgotten. Amidst the blaring music, the bright neon signs, and the cigarette haze, all was forgotten. She and I sat drinking at battered wooden table. We were drinking in our usual style. Rounds of pitchers, one for each of us. It was the fourth round and the beer was taking its toll. I wasn’t stumbling drunk, but was getting close.

“What say we get out of here before the rush. Gonna be a bitch of a walk back to your dorm anyway.”

She gave me an odd look. “You coming home with me?”

“No, was going to be nice for once and walk you home.”

“OOOHHH!!! I see. Now you’ll be nice.”

Sarcasm is not a good thing when coming from drunks. Especially when you are also drunk. But I forgave her. After all how many people have a drinking buddy who is a 5’11” blonde who still has the washboard stomach from her high school athlete days? The fact that she was drop dead gorgeous didn’t hurt matters either.

“I’m always nice to you. Don’t’ I let you bitch and moan continuously about Dave, without complaint. Don’t I let you cry on my shoulder whenever he doesn’t call daily?”

She didn’t say much, just stared at her beer.

“Yes, I know. You keep me sane.”

“So don’t say I’m not nice. Now lets go.”

We headed out the back door of the place, and headed up the alley on the side. The rain was still fine drizzle. We crossed the street back onto campus and stumbled the half-mile back to her dorm. By the time we arrived, we were not totally soaked, but by no means dry.

“Well, thanks for the escort. You alright to walk back to your place?”

As she asked this, there came a clap of thunder, a flash of lightning, and we looked out to see the rain suddenly increase. In a minute it was a downpour. I stared out through the dark and contemplated the mile walk back to my dorm, through these lovely conditions.

“Can I come up and wait this out for a bit? Need to clean your hat anyway.”

We entered her dorm, and slipped up the stairwell to the 3rd floor. We tried to be as quiet as possible, knowing the consequences for both of us would be unpleasant if I were caught here.

We slipped in her room and hit the lights. Bekhas room always smelt like a floral shop I thought. Her and her roommate kept several candles around and some sort of potpourri.

“Angie gone for the weekend?”

“Yeah, she headed to Dallas to see Phillip.”

I took off my straw hat and stepped to her bathroom to retrieve a towel. I began cleaning and drying it off, while she checked her messages.

“Damn, he didn’t call.”

“Hey, it’s Friday night, he’s on a base in a partying town, he’s out with his buds. Much like you my dear.’

“I know, just annoys me.”

I could tell that this was more than simple annoyance. Bekha and Dave had started dating almost a year ago and had fallen hard and fast for each other. The in the spring, Dave got tired of college, and joined the Army, needing only 10 hours to finish his degree. Bekha supported his choice, and they had done well with the long distance thing. But I knew it was rough on her. She saw other couples sometimes and the fact that she had no one to hold at night hurt deeply. I had become almost a surrogate boyfriend. Acting as a vent for her anger, listening to her problems, and offering sage, well sort of, wisdom on relationships.

I myself was not in a relationship. I had several female friends who could be considered “fuck-buddies” so I seldom had to worry about sex. If I wanted to get laid, I could easily find someone.

Bekha saw my loose and wild ways and envied them to a point. At the same time, I envied her ability to find someone that truly cared and loved her. It may have been the empty spots in each of our lives that drew us to be such good friends.

I continued working on my hat, and then walked across the room to retrieve Bekha’s. She sat on the foot of her bed, trying to pull off her boots, and obviously bothered by something.

‘Need help with those?”

“No, I got them. They’re wet and being stubborn.”

“Need help with what’s in your head right now?”

She struggled with the boots a moment more, finally pulling them off. I took them from her and dried them a bit, placing them by her closet. She sat there in silence, as I resumed working on the black felt hat she had been wearing. It was less than 2 weeks old and was now drenched. I tried as best I could to dry it off. It would require reshaping and cleaning after drying it was obvious.

“Well your is broke in now I guess. Bad way to do it though.”

She looked up at me, her gloom seeming to deepen. I finished toweling of the hat and sat it in the bathroom, along with the other, on towels to dry. It was obvious Bekha was depressed and I would do my best, as usual to cheer her up and help her cope. But as I stood I the doorway staring, other thoughts appeared. almanbahis adres She was a truly beautiful woman. And much of our usual conversation revolved around sex. Both us were self-admitted fiends for oral sex, and Bekha would freely admit that she loved to swallow. Maybe my helping as a friend could include some recreational carnal exercises well. I tried to shove the thoughts down remembering I was a friend with Dave also and that I had already broke up one serious relationship that way this year.

That’s another story.

I walked in the room and sat down on the bed next to her. She stared sadly at me, her wet hair clinging to her face. I brushed it back and put my arm around her, then hugged her close. She seemed to melt into me, pulling close to me. We sat for many long moments, no sound except for the AC and our own breathing.

“What are you thinking?”

“That I don’t’ know If I can do this long distance thing much longer. I sit here every night and wait to here from him, and when he doesn’t call I feel, like I’m wasting my life waiting for him. I can’t keep doing this.”

Her voice started to crack as she finished saying this. Within moments, I could feel the tears dripping of her face onto my shirt, feel the sobs starting to build. I pulled her close and lay back on the bed, holding her to me. She snuggled up closer to em and cried, letting all the pain and anger and frustration come out.

As I lay there, the thoughts in my head started up again. I felt how warm and firm her body was under my arms. How her full breasts were pressed against me. Her perfume filled my mind with its seductive scent. I tried to relax my hold a bit, to let these thoughts go, but she pulled me closer, holding onto me. Her sobs had decreased, but her tears still flowed.

I moved around so I could see her face. I brushed the hair back from her forehead, and wiped some of the tears of her cheeks. She looked at me and tried to smile a little, but only broke down again. I hugged her close and let her cry, let her release the feelings.

After a few more minutes she looked up at me and started trying to compose herself. I stroked her hair and just tried to look sympathetic and open to listen. She relaxed her hold on me a bit, and we lay there, her staring off into space, obviously thinking hard.

“Are you okay, Bek?”

She looked at me and smiled a little smile.

‘I think so. Thank you for being here.”

‘Is my job, supposed to watch out for you.”

“I know, but I ask too much of you.”

‘Ask all you want. You’ll make more money than me one day and you can pay me back then.”

She laughed at this and it seemed to lighten her mood. She rolled away from me and stretched. I couldn’t help but stare at her, how her shirt pulled tight across her breasts and how every inch of her seemed to exude sex. She noticed my stare and smiled.

“Everything all right?”

“Fine, just sitting here watching you.”

She got off the bed and walked across the room to cut of the lights. The light from the bathroom lit the room very dimly, almost none at all at the far end were her bed was. She came back and sat down beside me.

“You said I could ask all I want of you?”

I gave her a suspicious look and cautiously answered yes.

‘Then I’m asking you to stay here tonight and hold me, cause I don’t want to be alone.”

Part of me leapt at hearig those words. Part of me punched a mental wall, knowing it was wrong of me to want her like I did.

“Okay, I’ll stay. Gonna have to loan me some shorts and a toothbrush though.”

She smiled and walked to her dresser, and pulled out a pair of flannel boxers.

“These do?”

“Fine. You go change then I will. Need to get my boots off and dry them.

She walked into the bathroom after turning on a desk lamp, and shut the door. I pulled off my boots and started drying them. Next I emptied out my pockets and took of my belt, placing all of it on a table out o the way. My mind was racing to stay in control. On one hand I knew I wanted her, wanted to ravage that beautiful body. On the other hand I knew she was a friend, and that she had a 6’2” Airborne ranger boyfriend. The choice was not a clear one.

She walked out of the bathroom wearing a pair of what seems to be silk short pajamas. Not too short but with legs as long as hers, they made your mind wander.

“Your turn.”

I stepped to the bathroom and changed into the boxers. They were the kind with a button in the fly thankfully. Otherwise my cock would be introducing me all the rest of the night. I brushed my teeth with a spare toothbrush to get the beer taste out of my mouth and walked back into the room. I saw Bekha laying there, staring at me. I cut off the lights, plunging us into darkness and walked to the bed.

“Which side you want me on?”

‘I’m on my side. You sleep here.”

“Fine with me.”

I climbed in to bed, pulled the covers up and slid my arms around her. She cuddled up close to me, and sighed with what sounded like great relief. I fought in my mind to keep my cock from becoming almanbahis giriş a flagpole. Luckily the alcohol was still helping so I pulled her close and tried to drift off to sleep. I lay there for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes, not moving, fairly comfortable. Bekha scooted around a little, adjusting to someone else being in bed with her. Finally she pushed my arm off and rolled over to face me. She snuggled up against my chest and finally seemed content. I lay there, somewhat dazed, but very content.

We lay there, both drifting off to sleep. I rubbed her back a bit, a nervous habit I have, and she relaxed more. Every few minute, one of us would shift a little and I realized that our bodies were pulling closer together, our faces coming closer to touching. The heat from our bodies was growing more intense and I felt myself start to get erect. Just pretend you’re asleep and she won’t mind, I told myself.

As I lay there holding her tight, I grappled mentally with the situation. Then I realized I was worrying about nothing. I had little to loose here. She asked me to stay and she didn’t want to loose Dave I knew. So I relaxed, and I decide, if it is meant for us to make love, then it will happen.

It was if this sudden realization flipped a switch. Bekha scooted up higher on the bed and was suddenly face to face with me. I ran my fingers through her hair, pulled her closer and our lips touched. It was if fireworks exploded then. It was soft and searching for a second only. Then hungrily our mouths came together, our tongues dueling with each other. If any doubts had remained in my mind about how to handle this, they were gone now.

Bekha rolled over on top of me, her lips and tongue seeming to try to devour me. My hands ran down her back and gripped her firm ass. She moaned softly at my touch. We kissed like two people who had been starved for physical contact for a year might kiss. I rolled her back onto her side and slid my hands under her pajama top, my fingers sliding over her nipples, feeling them harden at my touch. Bekha moaned even more at this. She suddenly sat up and jerked the pajama top off. She then fell on top of me again, pushing her breasts into my face.

“Suck my nipples, please. God I need you to suck them.”

As you wish, I thought. My mouth closed on her left nipple and I sucked hungrily on it while flicking it with my tongue. Her head arched back and a long soft moan issued from her lips. The more I sucked and licked, the louder her cries got. It seemed that every little touch sent shock waves through her.

Bekha sat up and looked down at me. In the dark, I could barely see her face, and couldn’t tell what she intended to do next. Then she leaned down and kissed me softly on the mouth, her lips dragging down my chin, down my neck, kissing my chest, biting at my nipples and then kissing her way down my stomach. She stopped at the boxers, and I felt her grab the waistband with her teeth and begin to drag them off of me. I raised my hips to assist her, and my cock was suddenly free, hard and throbbing in front of her. She moaned approvingly of my manhood and I felt her tongue begin to slide up the shaft. Bekha then took the head in her mouth and sucked hard, her tongue swirling. Now it was my turn to moan, the feeling being so good, I couldn’t begin to describe it. She slowly took my length in to her mouth until I felt her lips touch the bas, her nose pressing into my abdomen. She slid back up and released me with a slurping pop.

“Now how long have you fantasized about me doing that to you?” she asked with a devilish chuckle.

“I’d say longer than you’ve fantasized about doing it to me.”

She laughed at me reply and returned to giving me a truly fantastic blowjob. Bekha sucked and stroked my cock, ran her tongue down the shaft to lick my balls. She took them into her mouth and gently sucked them, and licked that ultra-sensitive spot right under my scrotum, the one that she knew I’d have. After a heavenly few minutes she stopped and slid back up beside me.

“So now what?’

“So now I pay you back the favor”. And with that I rolled her to her back and began kissing my way down her firm body. I paused to worship her breasts. 36D with big, coral colored nipples, breasts just made to be sucked on. My journey ended with me lying between her thighs, her trimmed blonde pussy in my face. I slowly licked around her outer lips, teasing her, wanting her to get so aroused she begged for my tongue. Slowly I slid my tongue up and down her slit, pressing gently against her lips, but not sliding inside her. After a few moments of this, she grabbed my head, and ground her pussy into my face.

“Lick my clit or I’m going to hurt you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I complied. I slid my arms under her legs to allow me to use both hands on her pussy, began to spread her open slowly and began to flick at her clit as quickly as she could. Bekha let out a gasp, more a scream and began bucking against me. I held tight to her and begin to lick her like there was no tomorrow. I was possessed of almanbahis yeni giriş a singular drive and mission. Make her cum and make it big.

I felt her orgasm building, her body starting to shake, the moans and gasps getting louder and louder. Suddenly she grabbed my head with her hands and her thighs squeezed tight around me, almost cutting off my air. As her orgasm m hit, she seemed possessed, her body, shuddering and bucking, me holding tight my tongue never loosing contact with her clit. Suddenly her gasps of passion turned into laughter. Her clit, which had been so sensitive to my touch, was now ticklish as hell.

“God, please stop that. You know I get ticklish after I cum like that.”

I sat up and smiled at her. Why some women get ticklish after an orgasm from oral sex is a mystery I’m going to have to research one day. Can only imagine the fieldwork I’ll have to do.

But that’s another story.

I slid back on top of her and kissed her, my hands roaming to her breasts. She returned my kisses, and then stopped to look em in the eye.

“I want you to make love to me all night. I don’t care about tomorrow or what’s going to happen, I just want you inside me now. “

I reached down to place the head of my throbbing cock against her lips. As my mouth touched hers again, I slowly began to slide my length inside of her. The feeling of her wrapping around me was indescribable. As the base of my cock ground against her body, She wrapped both of those long legs around my back and seemed to try to pull me in deeper, tried to make us as close as humanly possible. I slowly began to pull back and then in again, starting a rhythm. She responded and in a few seconds our bodies were moving together as if this were something we had done a thousand times before.

Her hands roamed over my back, through my hair. As I kissed her neck and sucked on her ear lobes, she responded with more moans and began raking her nails down my back. The sharp sensation of pain mixed with the incredible feeling of sex drove me wild. I began to thrust faster and reached down to grab her ass. I pulled her to me on each thrust, driving my cock deep inside of her.

“God you are so tight, so wet.” “You’re pretty fucking hard too. And so big, God if I’d known you were this well hung, we’d have been doing this a long time ago.” We continued fucking, our bodies beginning to sweat, and the heat from our passion making us want more of it. As I held her ass, I began teasing her asshole with a finger. Her juices were flowing like a river and my finger was soon well lubricated. As I slid the tip of it in, she responded with my raking of nails and bit down on my shoulder

“Yes, slide it in my ass, please.”

I slid my finger into her ass and began to slowly fuck her with it as my cock drove into her. We fucked like this for what seemed like hours, the alcohol still in my system seeming to keep my orgasm at bay. Bekha on the other hand seemed to be unable to stop cumming. Time after time her body quaked with the spasms, her hands clawing at em. She cursed and begged me not to stop. We drove each other on with heated talk, “Fuck me you big dicked bastard Ram that cock in my cunt.” Oh yes you little slut, show me how you like being fucked. Show me what a hot little bitch you are.”

Suddenly I felt that feeling in the root of my cock. I slowed to make it last longer, but Bekha pulled me close and begged me to cum.

“Please cum in me, please do it. I want you to explode in me, please Dan, please.”

For some reason hearing her say my name with such passion with such lust and emotion, was the most erotic and sensual part of the night. Her words sent a shock through me and I felt my orgasm began. I fought to stop the feeling and then rammed into her, my semen shooting into her. Bekha cried out once more, another orgasm set off by my own and we held each other tight, seemingly hanging on for dear life as our bodies trembled in the throes of ecstasy. After many long moments, I pushed myself up to where I could look down at her. A smile was o her face and in the dim light she looked more beautiful than I had ever known her to be. Her eyes opened and we silently looked at each other. “So now what Bek?” “Now…. We get a shower…. And we go to sleep together. “ “Sounds like a plan.” I got off of her and let get up first, following her to the bathroom. We took a hot shower, soaping each other and enjoying the feel of each other’s body in the soap and steam. My back was a mass of scratches and a few minor cuts. The hot water stung, but feeling her body press against me as she washed me took all the pain away. We walked back in to the bedroom and got back in bed, snuggling together and slowly drifting off to sleep. As I drifted off, I heard her say, “Thank you Dan.” “No problem, that’s what friends are for.”


We spent that night together as she had said, sleeping till dawn, then making love one last time. And it was the last time. A few weeks after that night she flew out to meet Dave and that weekend he officially proposed. Nine moths late they were married and oddly enough I was an usher. We never told any of our friends about that night and she never told Dave of course. We still talk and both have families and busy lives now. Yet everytime I see her, and everytime I go walking I the rain, I can’t help but think of that night. And I smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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