What Dreams May Come

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If I was imagining a dream about you, I would take my time. There would be lots of passionate kisses and touches and licks and nibbles; lips, ears, necks and nipples.

Then as a little time goes on, as the heat starts to flare then would be the ripping and tearing and the lostness of getting caught up in the heat of the moment, when both of our bodies begin to melt into each other.

You go down on me, me going down on you, sliding back up our bodies to meet our hot breath and wet lips. Tangled up in each others arms and legs, hearts pounding, reaching, pulling closer and closer to one another, igniting a fire that can’t be controlled; I can’t stand it anymore; I must take control.

Wrapping my hand around your neck and kissing you deeply and passionately, I slide my leg around you, wrapping my body even closer and easily roll on top, you welcome the control. I raise up, letting my hands glide down your chest feeling your skin. Letting my fingertips trace invisible lines along your chest and stomach leaving ripples Eryaman Escort of goose bumps in their wake. I lean ever so slowly back down onto you. Feeling your tip meet my lips, my pulse quickens. My warm wetness envelops you as you enter slowly inch by inch into me.

A low moan escapes me as the fulfillment satisfies my need for you to be inside. Gently, slowly, every movement controlled as I take you in each time, over and over. Feeling you penetrate to the deepest depths, squeezing you with waves of warm pleasure. You say something that sounds like “you’re driving me crazy,” but I was lost in focus as I could feel the fire building within me. My muscles contracting and in that moment, the white blaze was burning through me. I move my arms over my head, knotting my fingers in my hair, my back arches as my body shutters in orgasmic pleasure.

I could tell that you needed the control as you fiercely rolled me over, burying your head in my neck, sucking and kissing Sincan Escort all the tender erogenous places there. Gripping my leg with one hand and holding yourself up with the other, positioning yourself to move inside me. Teasing me with tip of your concrete like shaft, tickling my clit and sliding down to my sweet spot, popping inside and back out again. Bringing me to the brink and letting me back down again. Finally, I feel you enter me in one deep penetrating motion. A rush of pleasure rolled over me, completing me.

Feeling myself loosing control and you gaining it as you kiss my neck, moving up to my jaw line, to my ear and then down again, to my chest and then my breasts, teasing my nipples all the while still moving in and out of me with forceful, but still gentle thrusts.

I reach up to run my fingers up along your jaw line, behind your ear and wrap my fingers around the back of your neck, you rear your head back exposing your neck, pulling your head Etlik Escort down closer to me, I kiss your neck moving to your lips, moaning as I climax.

Both of us can feel it now, it’s getting close. You slow down, pulling away from me, sliding your hands down my chest, over my breasts, down the sides of my stomach to my hips. Your touch is electrifying.

Realizing that you were moving me down, you already off the bed, standing, knowing what you want now, knowing that you were going to finish from behind. I roll over and smile over my shoulder at you as you place one hand on my hip and the other on my shoulder. I can feel you pull me back on to you, I moan in pleasure.

I can feel the pressure from your hand on my hip and the pull from your other hand on my shoulder; I give in as you hold me tight in position as you penetrate deeper, harder into me, over and over. I’m louder now, not being able to control my volume, I can hear you and you are panting more and more.

My muscles tighten and I release with it a loud gust of pleasure as I climax again. You can feel me tighten around you, contracting, molding myself to you; it builds and builds, then you jolt pushing yourself as deep as possible into me, filling me. Both our bodies shutter in pleasure and exhaustion.

It ends as we fall fast asleep, giving in to our dreams, again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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