What If… Pt. 01

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In the late 1960s, at 18 I was nearing the end of my very normal teenage years, a new friend joined our gang, Harry. We played a lot of football then and we were all used to the teams showering in communal changing rooms. But Harry was not into sports. However, one rather hot summer day, as we were coming back from the beach, the bus dropped us together in the same spot, just Harry and I. Since we were near the club, we decided to have a shower there before meeting the rest of our friends

Now both Harry and I were average build, youthfully muscular through sports and though he was a couple of years older, I was a couple of inches taller. Harry had a well-tanned skin and black curly hair, me paler, fair-skinned and ginger. I did not notice much till we came out of the showers.

Was that a cock? I always thought I was a bit on the short-cock side so when I saw his flaccid penis as he dried himself, I was not only surprised at his 7 inch cock, yes flaccid, I was jealous!

“Harry … where did you buy that, man?” I joked.

“This?” he held it in his hand as he started to dry his man-meat with the towel in the other.

“Guess it just came with the rest of me” he laughed, but kept on stroking it, now without the towel.

“How big does it get?” I asked, feeling my own prick shrink in shame or with the cold.

“Oh, not too much more…”

As he stroked himself, it thickened and grew and he got closer and closer to me. Two naked young guys, alone after a shower, me eyeing his cock, he eyeing me.

“Keep it away from me” I laughed “you could injure someone with that.”

“What … this?”

By then it was a full ten inches long and not şişli escort just the longest penis I had ever seen, but the thickest too.

“Want a sword fight?” he joked, swinging it from side to side as he got closer and closer. I was transfixed and even when his cock hit mine (why was mine getting harder?) I did not move. I was hypnotized by the magnificence of his penis and feeling inadequate at mine, even as it stiffened and reached its modest six inches.

“Come one, feel it …” he goaded. “Forget football and sports and see what a real cock feels like.”

My mind was numb with but one thought: I wish I had a cock like Harry’s!

Harry reached over and pulled mine. His hand felt warm and – don’t ask me why – but it seemed like the most natural thing for me to do. I reach out and took his man-meat in both hands. I was no stranger to my own cock, but this was the first other cock I had ever touched and despite a small voice somewhere in the maze of my thoughts telling not to, I started to massage that beauty.

When you first touch someone else’s penis, it is a strange feeling. It is like touching your own, warm, soft yet stiff, malleable skin all around and a red helmet with a single eye that seemed to wink at me invitingly.

“You like it?” it was really more of a statement than a question, he asked, as his hand played around with my own cock, moving it up and down and then holding my balls as well. Why did I like it? I was well into girls, though still a virgin to full sex with them, other than fumbling when and where possible. And I loved that, I loved kissing girls and feeling their breasts surreptitiously when dancing, kissing them as often as allowed, why was holding this king of cocks so pleasurable?

“Come” he said, picking up his y-fronts and leading me to one of the toilet cubicles “we don’t want to get caught.”

I too picked my underpants and followed. We locked ourselves in and stared at each other.

“You liked it, didn’t you?”

“Well .. no, its not that…”

“It’s OK to like it. I like touching yours too.”

“But it’s … it’s that yours is the biggest cock I have ever seen. I was curious.”

“Still curious?” He took my hand and placed it on his stiff meat.

My hand was on auto-pilot, or was it me reacting to an inner feeling, a feeling of pleasure or lust at holding that beautiful hot cock in my hand. Did I just think ‘beautiful’? Yes is was. I reached for Harry’s balls with my other hand. He did not ask me to, I was so enthralled by those balls, heavy, very hairy, altogether quite a prize set.

“Have you ever done this before?”

I shook my head, not daring to speak through the feelings of the intense pleasure his hands were giving me and the pleasure mine were feeling as we fondled each other.

As if reading my thoughts he said “Don’t worry, I will never say anything about this and it is not gay if we do it to each other. It is only gay if one does it and the other does nothing.”

In my mind I thought that was not logical, but it was enough to allay my fear that I was going gay. He pushed me against the cool wall tiles and rubbed himself on me. That thick cock thrusting and rolling against my own. it was an incredible sensation. I pushed back into him, my cock above his, his below my own balls and now even between my legs. I reacted without thinking and locked my thighs tightly to better feel his thrusts. It was almost as if he was fucking me between my legs.

We hugged, again it seemed so natural and I remember distinctly his nipples stiffening against my own chest, molding himself into my flesh, luxuriating in the sensations coursing through my body.

“If you let me rub more against you till I come, I will wank you so you come too”

“Yes… yes” I breathed, wanting that cock even more inside my body.

What was this I was feeling? As he pushed and pumped against me, I followed his lead despite the slight nagging doubt that this was a situation where he was acting the man and I his woman. The pleasure was too much for me to stop.

“I’m gonna cum … you feel so soft and hot and fuckable …”

Harry was now embracing me hard and pumping his beautiful hot cock fast into the pussy I had made for him between my own fleshy thighs.

“Don’t stop … don’t stop…” I could feel I too was going to cum as my own cock rubbed his hairy stomach. Both our cocks were sliding against our bodies with our sweat.

“aahhhhh ” .

Was that girly sigh me?

Was that Harry?

I felt his spunk spray between my thighs and that pushed me over the edge too. We stayed hugging, sliding against each other for a while longer, then we realised where we were and what we had done. It was an awkward moment, but Harry, more experienced than I, smiled and wiped both or bellies with his hand, then sucked his hand clean.

“Time for another shower!”

We left the cubicle and washed ourselves again. I was quiet. My thoughts were spinning around in my head. This was gay whatever Harry said. But this was the best orgasm I had ever had yet!

Where would this take me?

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