What Is My Daughter Doing? Ch. 03

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Booty Shorts

Chapter Three

Matt Martin was almost home. He was originally supposed to be working all weekend at a site on the East Coast, but at the last minute, the work was postponed for an additional week.

Now, with his weekend open, he decided to catch a late flight home and surprise his wife when he crawled into bed with her. Of course, he’d have to let her know it was him, but then he was headed for her pussy. He loved their sex together, but with his travel schedule, the times were few and far between. He masturbated at least once per day while away and still had plenty for her when he got home.

It was an hour drive home from the Airport and he had spent the entire trip fantasizing about sex. He couldn’t wait to get home and give his wife a good fucking. Hopefully, their daughter would be spending the night at a friend’s house, and he could give it to her good.

While Matt loved one-on-one sex with his wife, he did have a weakness. That weakness was gangbang porn. He loved watching a single woman in a situation where she had to take on multiple men, and please them all. His wife knew that it was his favorite porn to watch, and she also entertained his fantasies about her being the victim of a gangbang during sex.

It was about 3:30 a.m. when he arrived home. The first thing he noticed was the extra cars in driveway. There were three altogether, and he couldn’t imagine why they were there. Surely, Amy wasn’t throwing a party? Then it struck him, instead of going over to a friend’s house, Amy must have had some of her friends over to hers.

While it might dampen the noise he wanted to make with his wife, Matt always welcomed young, tight females around the house to sneak peeks at. His 18 year-old daughter had grown up into a beautiful girl and her friends had all filled out nicely as well.

The lights were on downstairs, which was the door that Matt usually parked and entered the house by when arriving home. Maybe, if he was lucky, he’d see some scantily clad, late teen bodies running around down there.

He parked and unloaded his briefcase and travel bag from the car, and started walking towards the door.

He decided to sneak a peek in through the shades before entering to see if he could get a cheap thrill. He snickered as he thought, “I’m just an old pervert. But really, can you blame any man for appreciating a taut young woman with very little clothing on?”

The shades were closed up, but there was a gap that Matt could just get his eye up to.

What he saw blew him away. Those weren’t his daughter’s girlfriends! What the fuck was going on in there?!

Though shocked, he knew exactly what was happening. It was a gangbang.

He caught sight of several boys that he had known and coached in football growing up.

“Holy Shit! That’s Amy!” seared through his mind.

He couldn’t believe that he was seeing his daughter being shared by all these punks! What did she think she was doing? How did they get in? Did she let them in?

His mind was racing. It was then he noticed that Amy wasn’t alone. She had a friend with her!

“Holy shit! Is this what kids do now!?”

He was stunned and inclined to go in there and kill every fucking body. What his daughter and her friend were doing was wrong!

Still he caught himself pausing at the door and watching Amy’s friend. Both girls were side by side on their hands and knees, and each had a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth. There were a couple of jackasses standing around jacking off and watching.

He could see the cocks going in and out of those sloppy cunts and knew they had all been at it for awhile.

He really wanted to stop it, but was mesmerized by the friend. Billy, the guy fucking her, repositioned her slightly and started working his cock into what could only be her ass. Matt watched as Billy’s ass cheeks tightened while trying to force his prick into her puckered anus.

He watched as Amy’s friend came to a complete stop and thought she’d tell Billy to fuck off for sure. After all, he’d been married for 25 years and had never fucked his wife’s ass.

Instead, he watched as Billy continued to work it in, and soon began fucking it good and hard.

He saw his precious (supposedly innocent) Amy look over and realize what was happening to her friend. He also saw when that little fucker, Rusty, started trying to drill his daughter’s asshole without the care that Billy used. He could see the pained expression on her face and got mad. He began fumbling for his keys hurrying to get in and break it up when Amy’s friend reached out to stroke Amy’s hair and he could finally identify her.

It was his wife, Erica.

It struck him like a ton of bricks. Of course it was! The cars, the lights, the noise, even Erica couldn’t sleep through that! She was getting gangbanged alongside her own daughter and the cunt loved it!

What was he to do? Both women were covered in cum, and giving everything to these little shits. How many times had his wife taken it up the ass for others and gaziantep escort numaraları denied him of it?

How long has this been going on? His innocent Amy lying right to her Daddy’s face about loving him, and Erica, pretending to be satisfied by the sex, and only entertaining his gangbang fantasies; when in fact she was living them out!

He was being torn in half. First, there was disgust. He couldn’t believe what they were doing. He couldn’t help but watch. It was like a bad accident on the highway: even though it hurts to look at, you can’t take your eyes away from it.

Secondly, there was excitement. He had been fantasizing all the way home about his wife being gangbanged, and now here it was. The very thing he had craved during sex was right in front of him. What was he going to do about it?

And Amy? Granted she was his daughter, but also a legal adult and old enough to make her own decisions. How long she’d been sexually active, he didn’t know, but he knew that he legitimately didn’t have any place telling her how to live her life as an adult.

He felt guilty for it, but when he saw the look on Amy’s face as Rusty really started stroking into her ass, he knew she loved it.

Matt realized that his cock was hard. He was peeping in a window on his wife’s infidelity and his daughter’s perverseness, and he himself, was turned on!

He watched for an additional 15 minutes right where he stood rubbing his cock through his slacks. It was late and the neighbors wouldn’t think anything about him coming in at odd hours. He was fascinated at what he was seeing and found he was eager to see where it went.

During that time, Billy and Rusty unloaded into the assholes of his wife and daughter. He saw them laughing as they spoke to each other and Billy moved to Amy’s mouth as Rusty moved to Erica’s.

“There was no way those girls would suck cocks that had been in each other’s ass!” thought Matt.

However, he was completely wrong. Each woman, in fact, eagerly accepted the proffered cock and began to suck it clean.

Matt couldn’t take it! He completely lost control and unloaded a huge load of his own seed into his pants. It was too hot to handle.

The other guys were already moving in to work over the girls’ asses. Matt’s cock never went down.

It was then he noticed that Rusty had put on his clothes and was headed for the door that Matt was standing at!

Matt didn’t have time to think, but just react. He stepped around the corner and heard Rusty walk out and close the door. When he hear the sound of the door closing, Matt charged around the corner and grabbed Rusty by his jacket and slammed him up against the wall.

He leaned in real close to Rusty and stated, “What the fuck is going on here Rusty?”

“Nu.. Nuthin’ sir,” stammered Rusty.

“You’re a fucking liar, Rusty! I know exactly what’s going on!”

“I’m sorry sir, it wasn’t my idea. It was Billy’s! He said that Amy wanted it!”

“Amy! What about my fucking wife shit bag!” Matt exclaimed.

“She just walked in on us, we didn’t plan anything! She just walked in and instead of breaking it up, she somehow joined in! Billy started kissing her and the next thing we know she is begging for it!” Rusty was really scared now.

Matt just thought how lucky it was that Rusty couldn’t see the big cum stain on the front of his own pants.

Matt spit out, “How long has this been going on? How long have you fuckers been doing my wife and daughter!?”

“Just a couple of hours sir!”

“Not tonight you stupid little fucker! All along, weeks, months?!”

“Never, never! Tonight was the first night! Only Amy was supposed to be involved and she asked for it!”

“You wouldn’t fucking lie to me anymore about this would you Rusty?” Matt hissed.

“No sir, no sir,” Rusty stammered.

Matt let him go and asked him where he was headed.

“Just to my car to get some music sir,” said Rusty, very eager to change the subject.

Matt responded, “And then what, fuck my wife and daughter more?”

Rusty was smart enough not to respond.

Matt asked, “So let me get this straight Rusty. Amy asked for this, and Erica walked into it, but didn’t try to stop it? Neither one of them have been forced into anything?”

Rusty was getting curious about his still being alive. He answered, “No sir. Amy really likes sex and asked us to do this for her. Mrs. Martin walked in and caught us in the act, but got so turned on, that she masturbated while watching. Billy happened to arrive at the house and catch her while she was taking care of herself.

Mostly, she looked embarrassed, but Billy has always had a thing for Mrs. Martin, and when he started kissing her, she gave in easy enough. I think that she was very horny.”

It made sense to Matt. His wife was a very sexual creature and it made sense that she was as bad off as him. He knew how he’d reacted, and still had the sticky mess inside his boxers to prove gaziantep escort bayan numaraları it.

Everybody was getting fucked but him. That was fucking wrong, and coincidentally, about to change.

“Okay Rusty, you’re going back in.” Matt stated authoritatively.

“Yes Sir, I’ll tell everyone to leave!” Rusty gushed, anxious to be anywhere else but where he was.

Matt continued, “No Rusty, nobody is leaving yet. Here’s exactly what you’re going to do.”

Matt laid out a brief overview of the plan to Rusty. As he did so, Rusty’s eyes got bigger and bigger in disbelief. He was somewhat suspicious of Mr. Martin’s actions, but was going to do as he was told.

They walked back to the door and Rusty went in. As it opened, Matt caught the sight of his wife and daughter holding hands and being ass reamed. They were about to get a whole lot closer.

Matt waited outside and used the gap in the shade to watch the action. Rusty went from guy to guy and whispered something to each. It gave Matt satisfaction as he witnessed each face wash over with a look of dread and fear at Rusty’s beginning remarks. However, as Rusty continued to explain, dread and fear unanimously changed to curiosity and excitement.

Of course, the girls carried on without notice of the conversations.

When Rusty nodded towards the door, Matt opened it and came inside. The boys looked unsure, but with a smile and a nod Matt encouraged them on.

Rusty pulled Billy and Shaun aside and told him what Mr. Martin wanted to see. They both looked at Mr. Martin, but when he nodded, just smiled and went on their way.

As Shaun walked up to Aaron, he was just pulling out of Amy’s mouth and shooting a big load onto her already messy face. Bobby had just unloaded into her pussy and for the moment, her holes were empty.

Also at that moment, Luke was getting his prick cleaned up from Mrs. Martin.

Shaun said, “I want you both to suck my cock.”

Neither Erica nor Amy were in any state to disagree and eagerly moved closer to give his wonderful dick a good working over.

Mom and daughter started by taking turns sucking and licking Shaun’s cock, but soon he had each by the back of the head and they were each running their lips up and down the sides of his prick.

The boy was obviously in heaven and let the women work him over. “Oh fuck! I’m not going to last long!” he moaned.

The women doubled their efforts on the young man’s cock, each eager to swallow his jism as it rocketed out of his prick.

With a final moan, Shaun let loose with a load that any man would be proud of.

Both women caught in the moment were trying to get to his cock first. Shaun was sure to hit both their faces with as much of his cum as possible. He held both their heads against his waning cock and let them lick him clean. As they were doing so, he removed his cock.

It was a perfect setup and he was hoping the girls would carry on as he stepped away.

In the absence of Shaun’s cock, mother and daughter found themselves at a cross roads. One second they were sharing a cock and the next, it was gone. They had inadvertently bumped into each other, and even taken a few licks before realizing the cock was gone.

They smiled in apology to each other and Erica reached out and stroked Amy’s cheek. When she did, cum from her daughter’s face got on her fingers. Very tentatively, she put her fingers into her mouth and sucked the cum off.

Amy giggled, “Momma, you’re bad!”

“Well, we’re supposed to be cleaning a cock off and none are present,” mocked Erica.

Amy, warming up to the idea, scooted closed and swiped her tongue across her mom’s forehead to clean the spunk off.

Giggling at the first, the women took turns licking the cum off of each others faces and necks. It wasn’t long before the giggling began to lessen, and the girls got more serious about their jobs.

Amy took the first step across the line as she took the first lick at her Mother’s mouth. She didn’t stop at one and continued to lick the salty semen from her sweet lips. Soon Erica’s tongue came out and collided with Amy’s as it was passing. No more giggling, but soft moans as they gently kissed each other. First, softly and tenderly as their lips and tongues barely touched, but soon with a growing urgency as they each seemed to sense the need in the other.

Matt stood out of sight near the back door, and watched his wife and daughter kiss with fervor. He smiled. This was what he had wanted to see.

The women clasped each other tightly and began kissing wildly. They were running their hands over each other’s body and bringing the cum up to their lips where they shared it.

Erica had to have more, and laid Amy on her back. She moved down her body feverishly licking her breasts and stomach, completely cleaning the mess from her body and leaving a slight sheen of saliva behind.

Soon Amy took over, reciprocating the pleasure that her mother escort gaziantep numaraları was giving.

All the men were glued to the scene before them. Billy said, “That’s it! Move down and clean your daughter’s pussy Mrs. Martin.”

Erica heard and obeyed. It was so wrong, but felt so right to be sharing this experience with her daughter. She moved between Amy’s legs. She spread her vagina lips open and discovered gooey, creamy mess inside. Erica touched her tongue to her daughter’s pussy and Amy cried out in obvious orgasm, “I love you momma!”

Erica didn’t answer back, but rather attacked her daughter’s pussy with determination.

She didn’t get far along when Rusty said, “Let’s see you girls 69.”

There was a long footstool that was part of the loveseat set that was plenty big enough for the women to be on and elevated for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Billy guided Erica to it and laid her on her back in a direction where she could not see her husband watching. Amy was a little shaky from her orgasm, but put one knee on each side of her mother’s head and planted her pussy down on her face.

Erica immediately started sucking the huge amounts of cum out of her daughter’s abused pussy.

Amy lay down on top of Erica, and started licking the gooey mess around her mom’s vulva. Knowing what she, herself, would have liked. Amy spread her mom’s lips exposing her clit. Amy went to work nibbling and licking on the clit while using two fingers to scoop cum out of her mother’s pussy and put it into her mouth. “I wonder if all pussy tastes as good as mom’s?” wondered Amy.

With Amy’s eagerness apparent, Erica went after her daughter’s cunt with a vengeance. She wanted all the cum inside and then she wanted to make her daughter cum again.

Amy’s own ministrations were incredible. Erica had her pussy eaten by Matt plenty of times, but it was so raw from all the fucking that the sensations Amy were causing in it were almost too much to take.

The boys cheered them on. All of them were sporting new hard-ons and couldn’t believe the luck they were having with these sluts.

They moved forward by twos and each presented a hard cock to mother and daughter. The boys thought it was great that they could get sucked by Amy and then let her guide their cocks into her mother’s pussy or ass, or vice versa with Erica’s mouth and Amy’s pussy and ass.

As cocks came, the mess was quickly cleaned up by the now very efficient tongues of the women. The boys found it hard to decide where to cum. In one location they could hit the ass, pussy, or mouth of a beautiful woman. No matter what they decided though, there was always a willing mouth to suck the cum out of the cunt or ass, or to take the load and swallow it.

Matt couldn’t take anymore. He had setup this latest portion, and his girls pleasuring each other was more than he could take. He was determined to get a piece of his wife without her knowing it was him.

He took off his clothes, and walked over to the action. He approached while both girls were busy and was able to get close to them without being seen. He had thought this through and moved around to his wife’s pussy. He didn’t think that his daughter would look up from her work, but if she did, he would simply hold her head down so as not to be seen.

His wife’s pussy lips were puffy from abuse, and his daughter was licking cum up from around the area. He moved his hard cock to her entrance and smoothly slid it in. He easily had the biggest cock in the place at 10 inches, and even then, it went in easily. He felt his wife’s pussy clamp onto his cock and wondered if she noticed this was bigger than the others. Nothing came of it, however, and he continued.

Amy was lying there inches away and watching his cock move smoothly in and out of her mother’s cunt. She started to look up once or twice, but he held her head down, and she didn’t resist. He felt guilty when her tongue would dart out on occasion and hit his cock, but he needed this release.

He remembered that Billy had been the first to take his wife’s virgin ass, and decided that pay back would be a bitch for her.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and aimed it for her well-lubed ass. What he didn’t expect was what actually happened. Amy reached out and grabbed his cock and pulled it to her. She started gobbling that monster down like she was starving to death. Matt had no intentions of this happening, but it was done before he could react! Fuck she was good!

His daughter unknowingly was sucking the hell out of her own daddy’s cock! Rusty had said that she loved to suck cock, but he didn’t know how much.

He could’ve stayed there all day and let his little girl suck his cock, but he also had an asshole to ream.

He popped his cock out of Amy’s mouth and lifting his wife’s legs up higher to get access, aimed his cock’s mushroom head at his target. Amy again helping, spit on her mother’s asshole, and grabbed his cock to guide it in.

Fuck that felt good! His daughter expertly guided him to the spot and he began working his cock into his wife’s new found fuck hole.

He felt Erica squirm underneath as she worked to accommodate this unknown monster, but he was soon pounding into it gleefully.

He knew Erica had to be feeling good, because while he was servicing her ass, Amy was fingering her cunt and licking her clit. In fact, he knew he felt her spasm in orgasm around his cock at least once.

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