What’s Good for the Goose

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What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

He just looked at me but I could tell I won. “Seriously?” he asked.

“Well, yeah, I mean if I gave you my ass, its only fair I can have yours, right?” I responded.

His shoulders slumped as he sighed in resignation and he said, “OK. I guess we’re going strap-on shopping.”

I was a little surprised at how easy this was but I was also excited. But now I was nervous because his ideas of shopping for my strap was going to a brick-and-mortar store. I’m more of an online shopper. But maybe this would be more of an adventure.

We sat at the table and searched for a sex shop catering to strap-on harnesses. I found two that were very focused on different kinds of harnesses and dildos. Turns out these shops were catering to lesbians. I thought this would be interesting because I was going to make purchases to own my man’s ass.

We drove to the one of the shops knowing the other shop was a few blocks away. As we arrived, we noticed this was the LGBTQ+ district. We weren’t bothered by this at all. There was a nice café with a busy patio and decided to get coffee. My man sat down outside and I went inside to get our drinks. When I returned 15 mins later, I found him sharing his table with a very handsome, younger man.

“Hi guys,” I said.

“Hi, this is Cyril,” my man said. “Cyril, this is my partner, Helen.” We exchanged another round of hellos.

“I better get going,” said Cyril. “I have to finish my dog’s walk. Actually, he’s not mine. I’m just dog sitting but I better go. It was nice chatting with you, thanks for watching Bo.” And with that Cyril left in a rush.

I looked at my man, “What was that?”

“He just started talking to me and asked if I could watch his…the dog while he picked up his coffee,” said Percy. “When he came back, he sat and we started talking.”

“So, he really wasn’t in a hurry until I got back with our drinks?” I asked. “Oh hun, he was trying to pick you up.” I began to giggle.

“Well, you can’t really blame him.” Percy responded.

I bent over and whispered, “Can you at least let me pop your anal cherry before you start bottoming for all the boys?”

Percy whispered back, “Baby, I’m pretty sure he’d be taking my load.”

I sat back and said, “I would like to see that.”

“Really?” Percy asked.

“Uh, yeah. I think that would be hot.” I crossed my legs to suppress the pressure in my pelvis. “Would you ever do something like that? Have you?”

“Nope,” said Percy. “I mean, I haven’t had that happen. But if we met someone we liked and you want to try. We can discuss it later in private. Let’s go shopping.”

The shop was a block and a half away. It was very small, more like a boutique but every wall was covered with dildos, lubes, harnesses. The array was a little overwhelming.

“Hi, I’m Mary. Can I help you?”

“Hi..uh…hi”, I said.

“Hi, Mary,” said Percy. Şerifali Escort “We’re here to get a harness and strap-on for my partner. I guess lube too. But we are going to need help because neither of us have done this before.”

“Oh, excellent!” Mary exclaimed. “Is this for you?” Mary asked pointing at me. I nodded. “OK, lets see,” she looked around. “Here’s what I recommend. This one has several adjustable straps and it has an easy to clean, padded harness.” It was black. The front looked a little like a scrotum but then it had an opening for inserting the dildo and a smaller opening for another reverse dildo that could pleasure the wearer.

“Ok, we’ll take it.” I said.

“Now, how about some dildos? Do you have a preference?” asked Mary.

“Uh, well, how about something not too big? Is there a beginner model? Also, she can’t have one bigger than me.” said Percy with a grin.

“Is this going to be used on you, then?” Mary asked. We both nodded. “OK, lets look at the beginner types over here.”

After perusing the selection, we settled on a blue and white marbled dildo and a flesh-colored dildo. We picked up plenty of lube that worked with the dildos and made our way home.

“How can you be so calm about buying toys in a sex shop?” I asked Percy.

“Mary was great! Its just like buying shoes or a TV,” said Percy. “It was fun and it was way nicer than some seedy video store full of guys whacking off in the back. Not that its wrong. Sex should be fun and safe, not some forbidden subject.”

Once home I couldn’t wait to play with my new toys. We quickly showered, together, and while Percy watched some porn, I played around with the harness and cleaned the dildos.

When I came to bed, Percy was lying in bed propped up on some pillows watching a lesbian threesome where one woman was getting DP’d. I was impressed. Two of the women were sandwiching the third, who was riding one strap in cowgirl position, while simultaneously getting backdoored. I felt my breath escape me.

“I’m ready to tap that ass,” I said as I watched him stroke his erection. “But first, I’m going to get you ready.”

I was wearing my harness but hadn’t put in the dildo. I knelt between his legs and took over stroking his cock. He took a deep breath and focused on my hands. I leaned forward lowering my body and took his dick into my mouth. I sucked his cock and stroked it with my left hand. “Ahhhhh,” he said, adding, “You give the best blow jobs. Mmmmm, swallow that cock.”

I continued to take him as deep into my mouth as I could. His helmet throbbed as it hit the back of my throat. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute. His right hand rested on the back of my head and lightly pushed my head down on his shaft and he jutted his hips up towards me, fucking my mouth as he pushed my head down. He increased the speed and depth of his cock as he fucked my face.

I pulled back, used my left hand İstanbul Escort to push his rod against this abdomen to expose his balls and sac. I started to stroke his cock and lick his balls. “Oh yeah, yes, fuck yeah!” he exclaimed. He raised his hips as a sign to lick his taint, which I did. He had shaved his cock, scrotum and taint this morning. It felt good on my tongue, lips and face as I licked from his taint up to the tip of his cock. I milked his dick for globs of pre-cum to suck and lick off his tip. I looked up to see him watch me lap it up greedily. “Oh my god,” he said.

As I trailed my tongue down towards his taint, he used his right hand to grip his knee and bend his right leg, exposing all his taint and brown eye. I licked all his taint and circled most of his hole. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” he said and he sucked in his breath. Now my pussy was dripping as I lapped his taint up and down. I could feel his pre-cum dripping down over my left hand as I stroked his cock. I gathered as much saliva as I could on the tip of my tongue and then placed it on his asshole. I felt his right hand clutch my head and force me to stay with my tongue to probe his hole. His sphincter felt as if it was trying to catch my tongue as I rimmed him. I could feel my pussy leaking down my inner thigh. I don’t recall ever being so wet. I pulled away and grabbed a bottle of lube. I poured it all over my middle fingers and started sucking his cock. I pressed my fingers against his rosebud and massaged it in a circular motion. I slowly took his cock deep into my mouth and inserted a finger in his ass. He moaned softly. I could feel his sphincter clench and release my finger and I let out a moan. I was finger banging my man and if felt powerful. I got all my knuckles in and started to move my finger back and forth. I felt his left hand slap the bed as he moaned. I pulled out and said, “Turn over.”

As he repositioned, I put the blue dildo in the harness. It had a wide circular base and fit in the pocket of the harness snuggly. I lubed it and then used the remaining lube on my hand to prep Percy’s pucker. He gyrated his hips as I massaged his hole. I found my self grinding my hips against the bed, feeling the dildos base against my clit. I put more lube on my thumb and Percy’s hole and started to fuck his ass with my thumb. He did some more clenching but was able to relax. He didn’t seem to moan as much, which was worrying. After getting his back door lubed up to the point my thumb was easily sliding in and out of his ass, I said, “Rock back and get on your hands and knees…heh!” My pussy throbbed.

When he was in position, I smacked his ass hard. “Hey!” he yelped.

“I’m going to take your ass now. Don’t be a pussy.” I said. I was in control and I was reveling in it. He looked back at me and the pushed his ass further back to me. I almost orgasmed at the sight. I moved forward and placed my Smurf dildo against his back Ümraniye Escort door. He clenched. I rubbed his ass with my left hand and he relaxed. I slowly pushed the dildo head halfway in his ass and I could see rapid movements of his sphincter contracting and relaxing in pulses. As he relaxed, I pushed further forward.

“Aaaaa…wait!” Percy said. “Hooooo…hold on a sec. Get more lube.” I obliged and restarted the process.

I was able to get the entire head of the dildo in and then pulled out. I re-lubed and then got the head and half the shaft in his ass. I pulled out slowly to re-lube. Then I was able to get almost completely in and to the point where the base of the dildo was pressing on my clit. I pulled the dildo back about halfway and then thrust forward. The base hit my clit again. I saw Percy start to stroke his cock and I took that to mean I could start fucking him.

As he stroked his cock, I fucked his ass. I started to match the speed of his strokes to the speed of my thrusting. When he got to a quicker pace he started to moan and said, “That feels good.” Hearing that sent me. I grabbed his shoulders to make him rock back further towards me and starting to pump my dildo into his ass faster, further, while making the base bounce off my clitoris. “Oh yeah, take my cock in your ass,” I said. I watched him stroke his thick dick even faster. I reached out with my right hand and pulled his hair, making his head pull up. He was jacking off furiously. I put all my weight behind my last thrust and stayed “balls” deep in his ass, grinding my pussy against the dildo’s base.

He let out a, “Ooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and he shot out the biggest load of roping cum I’d ever seen him produce. I pumped his ass a few more times and then he moved forward, effectively slipping the dildo out. When he turned over, he was breathing rapidly and said, “Holy shit!”

I half removed, half tore off the harness and immediately straddle his face and said, “Eat it, bitch!” I put my pussy down on his face before he could say a word. I felt his tongue enter my pussy and then he gripped my hips pulling me down further on his face. I started to rock back and forth on his face and as I was grinding on his face, Ifelt his nose bump my clit. I could feel his tongue dancing all over my pussy, his hands reaching up to squeeze my tits and roll my nipples between his fingers. He gripped my hips tighter and forced my pussy up his face to the point I almost felt his nose would fuck my pussy. Then I felt his tongue probing my asshole. It felt amazing. “Oh yeah, yeah, lick my ass, eat it!” I felt his tongue enter my hole and I started rubbing my clit. And after I pushed my rosebud down as far as I could, feeling his tongue going deeper into my ass, I exploded all over his face. I released a loud, “AAAAhhh fuck, oh god, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”. My thighs clamped his head and my pelvis crushed his face. I was quivering and fell forward against the headboard. I felt his hands on my hips, trying to push me up off his face. He gasped for air as I lifted off his head.

I collapsed on the bed next to him. “Damn, Percy,” I said, “I need to fuck your ass more often.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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