What’s Love Got to Do With It?

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Hello again. This will be the 3rd story I have written and attempted to post on this forum. My first successful publication, Cheater Cheater, lasted 2 days before getting pulled for not complying with guidelines. CC was a harsh story meant to shock and disturb the reader. I succeeded. Despite some toxic feedback and a lot of whining, I received many great reviews (as well as my first 60 followers). For that I thank you.

This story is pure vanilla compared to CC. My intent was still to take you down the rabbit hole of my twisted imagination and ‘switch things up a bit.’ I hope it entertains you. If not, apologies. If it shocks and offends you or sends you crying to the moderators, please remember–it’s just a story.


What’s love got to do with it?

If you want to test your love for another–take them on a road trip.

If those words were valid Grayson knew that his and Monica’s relationship was doomed. Three days in the same car for 8 hours at a time, with no outside distractions, releases, space, or breaks, was torture pure and simple. How they both survived unscathed was beyond him as they pulled into the driveway of her mother’s Eugene home. He did most of the driving which was fine with him. She liked her phone too much to pay full attention to the road. When she wasn’t absorbed in her cyber world, she skipped through every satellite station on the radio, except for his favorite country stations. When that got old, she set in on him complaining about everything that annoyed her.

And the trip wasn’t even the ultimate test of their recent engagement. He still had to survive the next 2 1/2 weeks–without sex! He knew it was her revenge for his bringing up the prenuptial agreement. But at the moment intimacy was furthest from his mind as he crawled out from behind the wheel and exited the car. Let the testing begin…


They met at the Pete’s coffee shop near his work in Houston. Not very specific considering, the number of Pete’s Coffees there were in a city nearly as big as the entire state of Connecticut. But it was the one just a block away from the EJ Aeronautics, Inc. administration building. Monica Fitzpatrick was a 23-year-old bombshell blonde barista who clearly belonged on a Maxim cover rather than behind the counter serving cappuccinos all day. She was friendly, bright, and personable. Even dressed for work she looked like a model. Her long blond hair was kept up in a net with a visor holding everything in place. Her conservative polo shirt and tailored shorts were about as form fitting as could be and still be considered a uniform.

Grayson Emerson saw her every weekday like clockwork as he came in for his large americano with creamer. They greeted each other like old friends, and she always had his drink ready for him so that he avoided the lineup. During their brief encounters they slowly learned little bits about each other. She was a college student trying to complete her 4-year degree in political science and had moved here from Oregon state. He was a 28-year-old mid-level manager for the Aeronautics firm (or so he told her) and had lived in the area all his life.

They didn’t date until several months after they had met. Rather they exchanged numbers and enjoyed a prolonged ‘cyber relationship’ before actually going out for their first dinner and a movie. They usually got together by him picking her up from her apartment because she had no car. They never stayed at her place for very long either because she had 3 roommates. He had his own place in one of the better parts of town, though his home was modest compared to the ones around him. So, when things got serious, it was to his place where they went for privacy.


Her entire family was there to greet her. All three sisters and her mother Kathy. ‘That is a lot of blonde hair.’ He thought as he stood back and let them collide in a group of excitable, squealing, jumping femineity. Only the mom held back with some sense of maturity. Though she was certainly the oldest he had a hard time judging her age because of her clear skin, athletic body, and pure complexion. Maybe mid 30’s, he guessed, not that he would ever ask. She had to be very young when she had Monica.

The sibling group broke apart and all attention was directed towards him. “And this is my Beau!” Monica squealed as she grabbed his arm and clung to him possessively. He smiled with something other than happiness in his eyes, as he was introduced to them.

Lisa and Lola were the twins, both identical and 21 years old. They gushed over him and pawed his arms like they were judging a racehorse. Both were dressed in short skirts with spaghetti strap tops that hugged their D cups in very distractive ways. They shared the same height and crystal-clear green eyes as their older sister. Tina was the baby of the family at 19 and held herself a little more reserved than her bubble headed sisters. bursa escort Her hair was a darker blonde and her eyes golden brown. Her height matched her siblings, but her chest wasn’t quite as developed. Her hair was styled with a simple braid that ringed her forehead and she wore a lose floral printed pullover shirt and distressed jeans with flared hems over her bare feet. Despite the hippy/flower child impression, she still eyed Grayson as intently as the other girls, but silently. It was Monica’s mother who shared the closest physical likeness, with matching shades of blonde and equal heights and proportions.

Kathy Fitzpatrick came forward at last and introduced herself, apologizing for the adolescent behavior of her daughters. “Please come inside and make yourself at home.” She took his hand gently and led the way into the small two-story house. The interior was clean but dated and had a simple floor plan. The sleeping arrangements were going to be tight with the sisters all sleeping upstairs. Kathy had the master bedroom on the main level. Tina had her own room, but the twins would share so that Monica and Grayson could share the final room. That was until she put the kibosh on that idea.

“Oh, Grayson and I have agreed to remain celibate during the engagement.” She explained as she smiled at her fiancé. “So, we can’t sleep together until the night of the wedding.” This was met by utter silence by her dumbfounded family.

“Why on Earth…”

“What’s the point of having a boyfriend if you don’t fuck all the time?”

“That’s the dumbest thing ever!”

“Well then, where is he going to sleep?” This from their mother. Grayson was curious too, and not above staying somewhere else entirely, at the moment.

“He can sleep on the couch of course.” Monica chimed in. “You don’t mind, do you bunny?”

He locked his jaw as he smiled widely. “No of course not sweetheart.” Thank God for his smartphone and tablet.


It didn’t take much to get Monica into bed the first time. It was after their third date, and she practically raped him in his own car before they even made it to his home. Once inside he had to hold her off long enough to lead her to the bedroom, before submitting to her sexual needs. To say she was insatiable was an understatement. He never had to try and guess what she wanted or how hard she wanted it. She tugged and pulled at his cloths until she found herself on her knees before his average sized dick, sucking it into her mouth hungrily while she fondled his balls and stroked his hardening shaft.

Her tits were simply fantastic. He guessed them to be a large C with soft pink areolas surrounding perky little nipples that responded to the slightest stimulation. A barbell piercing decorated her right nipple. She did not shave her bush or even attempt a landing strip. Rather she kept it trimmed so that her soft fuzz tickled his nose and mouth when he went down on her and ate her to an epic orgasm. He found that when she came it was so intense that all he could do was hang on and ride it our with her. She was incredible! He never dreamed of having sexual experiences like he had with her. In a matter of a few weeks, she had completely altered his concept of romance and he found himself craving her body constantly.

When they weren’t busy fucking each other into oblivion, they shared many deep and rewarding conversations. It was amusing to him that, despite her political focus, she had no clue about the Aeronautical sector. She seemed driven towards healthcare. Other than that, they seemed to share little in common beside their unquenchable thirst for each other’s bodies.

It was Monica that brought up marriage one evening. She almost presented it like a business proposal comparing the pros and cons of making themselves exclusive and permanent. He listened to her with an open mind and countered with the statistical improbability of their having a lasting marriage as two young professional people. Since he didn’t reject the idea outright, she decided it was time for him to meet her family and proposed the road trip. It was during this time that he broached the subject of the prenup. He was actually surprised at her outrage over the idea. But she didn’t reject it outright so he decided he could go with her plan to meet the fam. Couldn’t hurt right?


Dinner was awkward to say the least. They all packed around the single dining table and enjoyed a baked salmon with risotto and asparagus. Afterwards Grayson was invited to have the first shower which he gladly accepted. By the time he had returned to the living room the couch had been converted into a cozy single bed with fresh linens and fluffy pillows. Monica disappeared for her shower and the twins sat on either side of him playing 20 questions about his background, parents, hobbies, lifestyle, shoe size (you know what they say about the size of a man’s feet…), etc. They assumed bursa escort that being from Texas, he was a cowboy with a ranch and a couple head of cattle. He tried to let them down easy claiming the only ‘riding’ he’d ever done was on ‘Bessy’ the fraternity’s mechanical bull.

Kathy had long since retired and Monica came down to wish him good night with a kiss and suggestive push of her crotch over his thigh as she straddled his leg and hugged him. She wore a two-piece flannel night set and left the top three buttons open to remind him of what he had to look forward too. He lay back on the small bed in a pair of sweatpants but no shirt. Once night fell and the house went to sleep the room became pitch black. He lay there for a while, still seeing the highway strips flashing by behind his eyes. He tried to fight his erection, but the lack of sex compounded by his irresistible desire for Monica’s pussy, was driving him mad. ‘Unscrewed–blue balled–tattooed’ He mused frustrated.

The next morning, he was awakened by the smell of coffee. One of the twins was standing in the kitchen in a threadbare teddy exposing her smooth back and bare ass behind a thin gossamer layer. He enjoyed the show as she jiggled and bobbed about, humming to herself. Then the other twin came down and he was twice distracted by her simple overlong t shirt that barely covered her ass and showed her perky breasts off to their full advantage. She smiled at him and wished him a good morning sweetly as she bounced by his bed. Monica came down next looking rough, followed by Tina who was already dressed for the day in jeans and a cut off shirt. Kathy did not make an appearance.

He was informed that all the girls would be going out to do assorted wedding stuff and he was politely invited to not be apart of it. They expected to be out late, and he could fend for himself for lunch and dinner. Grayson didn’t mind overly because he had some work that he could take care of online that would keep him busy. After they left the house became quiet and he enjoyed sitting on the couch/bed drinking coffee and working away on his tablet. He became aware of a subtle sound that nearly escaped his ears. He almost thought that he felt it more than heard it, but it was so subtle that he would forget about it and then later notice it again. It was almost like the distant buzzing of a transformer or a faulty ballast on a fluorescent fixture.

Later Kathy came out and quietly greeted him as she poured a cup of coffee. They didn’t talk much and before long she returned to her room, and he became absorb with his work once more. Monica had told him a few things about her mother. She was a single mom after a very brutal divorce to a man who left her with four mouths to feed, seeking brighter pastures and greener fields. She no longer received the child support for her daughters but was able to subsist on her alimony checks. She did not hold a steady job but occasionally took part time work as a medical billing specialist, allowing her to work from home.

True to their word the three older girls came laughing and bouncing into the house just before midnight. They carried various bags with them and smelled of booze, cigarettes and sweat. He feigned sleep hoping they would quiet down and to their credit they tried. Once they had all showered and retired to their rooms the blacked-out house became quiet as a tomb. Except for the slight buzzing sound that had started up again.

He was awakened sometime during the night by a pair of soft lips that pressed against his own in a sensuous kiss. He could make out nothing in the pitch darkness, but he could smell the subtle scent of burnt sugar overlayed by citrus and eucalyptus. He felt soft warm hands grab his arms and pull them above his head. “Don’t move from this position.” He heard a faint whisper next to his ear. He felt soft hairs brush his face as the presence slinked away in the dark.

Then he felt pressure against his groin and raging boner as the soft hands once again materialized, untying his sweatpants, and pulling them down to his hips. Warm fingers reached under the waist band of his briefs and touched his hardon. As soon as it was freed from its confinement, he felt the soft hairs brush it briefly followed by a flutter of warm breath. Suddenly his entire length was engulfed inside a warm moist mouth with a delightful tongue that slathered up and down his shaft squeezing it with firm suction. He groaned in exquisite pleasure as the pleasant sensation overwhelmed his brain. His generous benefactor blew his cock like a pro, and he felt her head bob up and down eagerly as she tried to suck him inside out.

His breathing became labored, and he panted with the exquisite sensations washing over his brain. He felt the pressure building from the very base of his prostate and he grunted with anticipation. His mysterious visitor sensed it too and began to work his dick more energetically, bursa eskort causing him to buck his hips and struggle to keep his arms raised.

He came with a groan and his orgasm manifested with five epic surges as his cum flooded into her mouth and throat. Not a drop was spilled, and he felt her lips and tongue patiently cleaning him of every trace. The warm mouth disappeared to be replaced by a cool damp cloth that gently wiped him clean before his spent cock was placed back within the confines of his underwear. He felt another faint brush of hair against his cheek as the voice whispered so very faintly into his ear again.

“Goodnight Grayson.”

‘Holy shit! What just happened?’


He arose early the next day and made the coffee after he turned the bed back into a couch. He sat enjoying his first cup as he pondered the events of last night. He wasn’t complaining. His blue balls were momentarily appeased after that divine blowjob.

Further thought was interrupted as Monica appeared looking tired and frumpy. She kissed him absently and went about making her coffee. Both twins appeared together and greeted him with identical exuberance. Both were adorable with their barbie doll bed heads and tiny night gowns. Tina came down half an hour later and took her coffee to go as she stepped out. The older three discussed their plans for the day and agreed that more wedding stuff needed doing as well as lunch and maybe even dinner. After a while he tuned them out and went back to his tablet and his connection to the corporate world.

Once they were gone the house again fell silent and he worked efficiently for several hours. Occasionally he would hear the faint buzzing, but he was so absorbed in his work he never thought about it. He saw Kathy briefly again and asked her if she would like to join him for lunch, but she politely declined before returning to her room.

They returned late again, and he feigned sleep once more as he listened and observed with all his other senses. They were all drunk and over cautious in their concern about waking the house. As they tiptoed by, he smelled the alcohol, smoke and sweat once more, plus something else. Sex? Must’ve been quite a party. Maybe Monica decided to scratch the itch after all. He might have to spend a day tailing them to see where they went to get so wrecked before coming home.

It was well passed midnight when he once again awoke to the presence of another person in the dark. He smelled the perfume much stronger this time as well as the old alcohol. He felt a finger touch his lips followed by a shush and a giggle. Anticipating the command, he raised his hands over his head and waited in the dark. He heard a stumble followed by another giggling shush, then two hands pressed against his crotch. He eschewed the sweatpants this evening for just plain boxers. Warm fingers once again drew out his throbbing member and he felt her hands stroking him softly for several minutes. Then her mouth engulfed him again and began blowing him energetically. She forced her throat to accept his full length repeatedly and it was only a matter of minutes before he came once again, shooting each load of his cum straight down her esophagus. He felt the cool washcloth once again wipe him clean before tucking him back into his briefs. Then his visitor vanished in the dark.


The following days were pretty much a repeat of the previous two and Grayson was starting to wonder what the point of his presence was. None of the women seemed inclined to include him in their activities and Kathy remained reclusive and unapproachable.

He decided to go it alone and took off to explore the Oregon countryside. He was only an hour from the coast, and he had never seen the Pacific Ocean, so he thoroughly enjoyed driving around and discovering things by himself.

After several hours he was having lunch in a quiet café in Coos Bay. His phone never once notified him of any messages, and he wasn’t very interested in receiving any, so he tossed it into his glove box and forgot about it for the rest of the day.

After heading back north along the coastal highway 101, he opted to continue on towards Astoria and Cannon Beach to take in the giant rocky monuments of Haystack. It was late by the time he arrived, and he decided to book a room rather than make the long return trip. He was certain that his absence would be noted by now, but he didn’t care. They would see that he had left his things, assuaging any idea that his absence was permanent. He laid back on the plush bed and played with his tablet for a while before drifting off the sleep.

The following morning, he sought breakfast at a nearby diner and reluctantly took out his cell to find 16 missed calls, 12 messages and 30 irate texts, demanding to know where he went and why he wasn’t responding. He deleted the voice mails after listening to the first couple. His fiancé was beside herself with worry about his absence and whereabouts. As he enjoyed his meal he sent of a single short response to the effect of, ‘Got bored & went exploring. Will return later today. Go have ur fun. -G’ Since she didn’t bother with a single ‘I love you’ he omitted one as well.

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