When Did It All Start?

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Author’s note: If J ever reads this and recognises our times together, I hope she has the same fond and erotic memories as I do. She was my first, and possibly the best, sexual partner I have had. Others have done some things better than J, and some things J would not do, but for all round sexiness, these early memories are hard to beat (though possibly the rose-tinted specs we always wear at this time may be influencing me!)


When did it all start? I don’t think I know, but my interest in the kinkier side of sex in the relationships between me and the small number of women I have known has always been there. The problem is that mostly these women have not, and are still not, interested in it as much as I am. So I am left largely to amuse myself, secretly and alone, and safe in the knowledge that this really doesn’t harm anyone.

I have vague early memories of a need to try out tights and pants though why I can’t think. I am, and always have been, turned on most by slim ankles, calves and buttocks. Someone then showed me a men’s magazine, and the world of stockings and suspenders was opened up to me. After seeing this for the first time I was hooked. I fantasised as a young boy about any girl in stockings and any girl I fancied I dreamt of her in stockings. I hadn’t had a serious girlfriend for quite some time, and many of those I fancied turned me down as I was a tad serious and quite clever, a bit of a turn off. However there was one girl who seemed to be interested in me, more so than I in her. I went through my first year at ‘A’ level having a few snogs and fondles with some very nice girls but no lasting relationship. Then came rag week and getting together with J for the first time. Not quite sure how it happened, but she sensed my interest in stockings almost without me saying anything.

By the time we hit the second year of ‘A’ levels we had spent a summer getting to know each other. Her breasts were fantastic, silky firm flesh, quite small but very pert and she was very happy to share them with me at regular intervals. I had heard rumours of J having had a regular bloke in K, but she was over him. Didn’t always look that way at student events, but I was still getting more access to sexy flesh than I had ever had, and in fact than many of my friends had. J was a bit possessive, and I took some taunts for this, but the regular fondling sessions were not to be missed and she held out the promise of full sex very soon, something I was nervous about but absolutely on for trying.

One student party in the late summer we finally got over the hurdle and had full sex. I remember the bedroom we snuck into but not who’s house it was. J was in tight jeans which I had a difficult time taking down far enough to slide off her small feet. She was only 5ft 3in and slim with it, so her slender, firm calves and thighs were a sight for my sore eyes. J got to work on removing my jeans and my cock sprang free from my (no doubt very unsexy) underwear. After some frantic snogging and fondling, I reached down and slipped my hands through the fine downy hair and between her sex lips. I almost came then, such was the electric shock of slipping a finger into that tight love hole for the first time. J was getting wet and very aroused and I couldn’t wait – not much of a gent at that time, something which I am glad to say has changed. She didn’t seem to mind and though we were not drunk, we had at least had a sip or two. Caution was thrown to the wind as I entered a woman for the first time.

It was fantastic, though not as tight as I had been led to believe by all the reading of those slightly dodgy magazines. I started to pound away in my clumsy fashion, not quite knowing what I was doing but feeling bloody marvellous. J started to move under me as I entered fully into her but it seemed this one would be over quickly. I could tell I wasn’t going to last too long, and without protection I was far to scared of the consequence to let it go inside her. After what seemed a very brief time I had to withdraw quickly and found myself shooting all over her flat, bare tummy. Still, I had done it for the first time, and J assured me that it was her first time too, giving me a hug after we had cleared up the mess I made. I am still not sure, all these years later, as there was no tightness or no resistance – but who am I to complain, I was no longer a virgin.

We started to really get into it then, but we always worried about the consequences so I withdrew each time. J made it clear that she was not a fan of condoms but as I still wasn’t lasting too long this didn’t make for very satisfying encounters for either of us. I tried to get her as aroused as my inexperienced years would let me, but I know she didn’t have her own orgasm during these early bouts of sex. However, it was all to change for the better. One day I noted J was late for a shared seminar, and at lunch we snatched a few moments. I also noticed her legs were unusually glossy, the normal nylon had been replaced by something much more sheer. As I stole a kiss and a fondle of her fantastic tight bum I felt something izmit escort bayan new – suspenders. I almost sprang out of my pants as I broke the kiss to check it out. J smiled, white perfect teeth gleaming. She went on to let me know that this wasn’t all that had changed. Without telling me she had chosen to get the pill and make it safe for both of us to have fun. We celebrated with a dam good snog and a fondle of her stocking covered legs, a feeling that even now raises the hairs on my legs (when I have left them on!) and the cock in my pants.

The next 10 or 11 months were a blur of trying to find as many opportunities to shag in as many places as we could. I have amazing memories of some of our daring ones. There was a trend of big, wide circle skirts in those days, and one evening at her house, J returned from the bathroom and dropped her tiny knickers on my lap. I sprang to attention as normal and hid them quickly, we were after all in the dining area between her parents lounge and their kitchen. Listening out J quickly unzipped me and sat on top of me, sliding my cock straight into her waiting cunt! She was just getting comfortable, and had settled me as fully as she could inside her, when her mum came through. I can still recall being inside my girlfriend, covered in her circle skirt and smiling politely as the tea was made and her mum returned to the TV. I remember too the force of the orgasm I had once J started bouncing up and down on me. I was so aroused by the thought of what had just happened I shot my load of cum very quickly into her willing folds. J stayed on top and allowed the mix of our juices to run slowly out and down around my balls before quickly slipping me out and covering me up, wet and sticky inside my teenage briefs.

Another time we were both in the college play, and J chose to wear her sheer black, seamed stockings underneath the 1920’s nurses uniform the part called for. When we had 20 minutes between appearances we snuck off into the main college block and found one of the class rooms we normally had studies in. Down in one corner we shagged hard, J’s legs up around my waist, panties tugged quickly to one side, as we pounded away. Still not quite mastering the art of holding on I was cumming too quickly, but this time she did at least achieve her own climax, something which normally took a lot of foreplay before my short thrusting. The excitement of the location and the speed at which it all happened had turned her on more quickly than usual.

We explored straight sex quite regularly after that, though mostly quick snatches in our respective houses. Occasional seminars were missed when no-one was at home and I started to hint at high heels, tight fitting boots, sex with clothes on and other things that I thought might just turn me on a little more. They duly did, and J was a willing accomplice in this very vanilla set of variations.

One day in the hot summer J turned up at our house when we knew the family were away. On her slim calves were the current fad – espadrilles, with thin laces wrapped around and tied up, giving a wide mesh effect. Her skirt was a wrap round one in thin red cotton, the sunlight silhouetting her legs all the way to the gap at the top of her thighs. The thin straps of the halter top were tied behind her neck and as we kissed I discovered these items were all she had on. She was very aroused, as she had travelled on the bus and walked to our house, taking around 30 minutes, and the daring nature of this had got her very wet indeed. I remember dragging her inside and straight upstairs (traditionalist at the time!) where I stripped off my shorts and pants. Not needing to do any more undressing we fucked immediately on my bed, both cumming very quickly with the excitement of it all. To two 18 year olds new to sex this was very hot indeed, but seems somewhat lame nowadays.

We eventually started to look for opportunities to have sex in unusual places, and J was frequently without underwear in common situations such as in college or around home. Her breasts were very firm and pert, so going without a bra was easy to do and fantastic to see. Her nipples were easy to arouse and she got a lot of looks on our Fridays out with friends as the top often hid little. She experimented with half and quarter cup bras, but we had to be careful as the late seventies were not that liberated in our part of the world so parents did not need to see this clothing in the washing basket!

One occasion stays with me when we went home between lectures. Passionate kissing and slow fondling led to me sliding my hand under her tight skirt. Although we had been at college J had worn sheer stockings and suspenders, and the tiniest of g-strings hiding her neatly trimmed pubic region. Her labia were already wet when I slipped my finger past the flimsy material and between her cunt lips. Undoing her blouse I became harder at the sight of the quarter cup lacy bra, pink nipples standing proud above the material. I wanted to make love with most of her clothes on this time, and for the first time tried a rear entry position. J lay face izmit eve gelen escort down on the bed. I slid a pillow under her hips and lifted her skirt. Sliding the tiny fabric to one side I was able to thrust straight into her waiting hole. J grunted and squealed at this, a new sensation from the different direction my cock was entering. I got quickly into a rhythm and though I came quickly I was staying hard and continuing to pound away, excited by the sight of J lying face down, fantastic tight ass presented to me and the slurping of my still erect cock as it slid in and out of her well lubricated cunt. I remember she came, one of the few times this happened without a lot of foreplay, and I was hugely pleased as I always felt slightly sad when I got my own orgasm but J didn’t.

I had a year working local to home before going to University, but J went straight to one which was not too far away. I wasn’t sure our relationship would last, but frequent trips made by one or other of us kept the flame going. At least now J could buy a few more skimpy sets of underwear without worry, though neither set of parents would have been happy at the amount of sex we were having. We were not allowed to sleep in the same room at either of our houses, but at least we got to bounce the springs elsewhere. Not many of these occasions stay with me in detail, they were all fun and frantic, but I recall the first time we tried a more interesting position.

J had a fine pair of black, seamed stockings on, the fully fashioned sort that sent me wild (still do!). The texture of the nylon, the way it slightly wrinkled against her slim legs and the seam running up under the skirt were just too tempting. She was also wearing her heeled boots, black leather up to her knees, and a shortish skirt showing me enough to know what she was wearing. After plenty of energetic kissing and teasing foreplay, J felt wet enough, and was panting in readiness for me. For my part I was my usual hardness, waiting the explosion that came far too quickly when entered her tight love hole. We fell to the bed, and I pushed her skirt around her waist. Her breasts were fantastic and as I started my gentle push in I was rolling the firm, pink points of her nipples around in my fingers. I lifted her boots around my waist and then up to my shoulders as I pushed in. J squealed, it seemed I had got further in than usual and she said afterwards that she almost came straight away. After some inexpert thrusting in this new position I could feel my balls begin to tighten, but J was really getting into it and actually hit her climax before me – something unheard of and a rare occurrence in all the years we had together. As she bucked beneath me I filled her cunt with the most cum I could remember having ever released, the sight of her laying back, stockinged and booted legs spread around my body and hair dishevelled was far too much. Still, we had discovered a position we would both utilise over the next couple of years!

When I finally went off to University it was the middle of nowhere, and a long way from J’s place. Visits were about every 4 weeks, and for me a lot of masturbating in between. One weekend I got a lift to Yorkshire on the back of a mates motorbike. J greeted me in her usual passionate way, and very quickly after arriving at the house she shared with two other female students we were up in her room and shagging away. The first one was rarely a long, drawn out affair and although she was wearing her usual exciting knickers and stockings we dispensed with much foreplay, and I came far too quickly for J to reach her peak this time. However, J went on to tell me that in the house there had been some discussion about the number of times each of them had had sex in the weekend with their respective partners. One woman, G, and her chap had managed ten ‘shags’ between Friday night and his departure on the Monday morning.

J’s eyes were glinting as she told me were going to beat that. I was somewhat amused, as I was still learning how to hold on, and often after an orgasm found myself less interested and aroused. This was going to be a challenge. However, J was determined and as we lay in her bed after the first of our lovemaking efforts J whispered, “I will be wearing skirts and stockings all weekend, no matter what we do. I won’t be wearing any knickers just in case we find an opportunity!”. As she smiled I wondered if it were possible. Calls from housemates put off any further exploration, but I noticed as we dressed J was as good as her word. To my surprise my member was already beginning to twitch as she slid the stockings on her perfect, slim legs and smoothed down the flowing skirt. When we finally got to bed that night we fucked again, J taking the lead and sliding my trousers and pants off before pulling me on top of her. In traditional missionary style we made it number two, but I was the only one gaining the relief of an orgasm.

On waking the next morning I discovered J was as good as her word, and had slid under the covers. She stroked my already hardening cock and slipped izmit otele gelen escort her mouth briefly over the end of it, making it moist and lubricated. This in itself showed how aroused she was by the whole challenge, as oral sex was something we had barely got into at this point. Her tousled head appeared and she sat up on my chest. Her trim pubic hair was inches away from me, her slim thighs either side of my chest as she reached behind to continue to stroke my member to its full glory – something that wasn’t taking very long. She slid backwards, lifted her hips and slipped the head of my erection between her moist lips. Slowly she sank down, lifting and sinking further each time until I was buried to the hilt and she was grinning cheekily, saying “Three, and its only breakfast…!”. She rode me slowly at first and I was surprised to find I was lasting longer than normal. The early morning erection was not so prone to quick release as later in the day it seemed, and J came noisily just before I shot my first load of cum into her.

After we showered J was as good as her word and again chose stockings, this time with a basque which made the most of her very pert breasts. Even before we went to join the others in the house I could feel a twitch as she dressed sexily in front of me. Covering it all up with long skirt and t-shirt didn’t really do much for my knowledge. Out for the day, walking in the local dales and some stuff in town was the plan. I wondered how we were going to hit this target, especially as I was having to leave very early on Monday morning, which was likely to reduce our opportunity somewhat! I should not have worried.

We managed a couple of quickies through the day, in places that I was surprised J even thought about risking it. I know we could have stayed in all weekend just to try to beat her housemate’s record, but J seemed to want to do something more. The first was whilst out walking in the dales. Although still early spring, out of the wind it was warm. As we walked away from the town J began to talk rather more explicitly than she normally does, describing in some detail how she felt this morning as my cock slipped between her waiting lips. I was getting harder and as we rounded a corner J stepped off the path and led me behind some large rocks. Quickly she leant forward, resting her arms on one of the rocks, before lifting her skirt to reveal the perfect, bare, tight cheeks framed by today’s suspender straps. I was immediately aroused, if a little worried we might be seen. Still, I needed little further encouragement as I opened my trousers and pushed my already erect cock straight into J’s inviting pick folds. Clearly the erotic chat had helped J, she was already wet and highly aroused herself. Knowing we were pushed for time she urged me to give it to her hard and quick, and I duly obliged, thrusting away hard and fast for no more than a couple of minutes before exploding in my second orgasm of the day. We made ourselves decent quite quickly, though I knew my cum would work its way out afterwards, but J just smiled and said we should leave it there to lubricate the next one and remind her of this one.

The second was even more of a surprise to me, and made me wonder just what J and her housemates talked about whilst I was not there! On the 40 minute train journey home we got quiet seats at the end of the train. Looking around to check no-one was close, J started to unzip me and got my semi-erect member out. Keeping herself between me and the aisle she brought me to full hardness very quickly then looked around. No-one near was looking, so J sat quickly on my lap, lifting her skirt as she did and reaching to guide my cock into her waiting cunt. We just looked like a normal happy couple, having a cuddle on the train but with my erect flesh filling her love tube and doing both of some good as the train rolled and bounced its way back. Just the train movement was enough, but J worked herself slowly back and forward to cerate different pressure, and I could feel another orgasm building. A particularly good set of points and J shoved hard down on me. I came again, but I could tell it wasn’t as big as before – just not getting the time to refill! Before we got to Leeds J eased off me and sat carefully next to me, whispering, “I can feel two sets of your cum gently leaking onto my thighs, I hope it doesn’t show on my skirt!”

When we got home a number of the others were about and there was not the opportunity to continue, much as J clearly would have liked to. The evening meal was shared, and we were all out for a drink tonight, giving me time to recover. We had already made love, or ‘shagged’ as the house referred to it, five time and it was barely 24 hours since I arrived. Whilst J showered, I changed and waited to see what was in store for me. J returned from her preparations, and I drew my breath. Black, stiletto shoes, seamed nylon stockings, tight black skirt ending above the knee, tight white blouse which clearly showed off her very aroused nipples – whatever bra she was wearing clearly didn’t cover them much. I felt my cock stir as J asked’ “Will this do or should we just stay here and pretend to have nothing to wear?” I suggested she wear something to prevent anyone else wanting to attack those nipples, and said, “If you want another good load of me I think we should go out and let me build up my resources!”

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