When Frankie Met Jonny Ch. 01

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Frankie Stumante fastened her stocking to the clip of her garter belt and ran her hands up her thigh, smoothing the cool, soft nylon. As she stood, she viewed herself in the full-length mirror appraisingly. Her long dark hair was perfect, if still a little wet, her large, full breasts held and pushed up by the black satiny bra with a front closure that looked stressed to the manufacturer’s fullest potential. Her lacey black garter belt with the single red rose embroidered on the center now holding up the sheer black stockings at slightly higher than mid-thigh. Aside from the genetic gift of her breasts (or curse, in the case of her athletic endeavors), her tanned body was lithe and firm, with powerful muscle beneath just the right amount of soft curves. Her legs tingled as she ran her hand over the smooth skin of her freshly shaven mound. With a wicked smile to herself, Frankie decided to go “commando”, and walked to the bed to put on her new white silk blouse.

She shrugged it on and delighted in the coolness, buttoned it up, and stepped into the short black skirt, knowing it would show just the right amount of stocking top when she bent or sat. Next she stepped into the new black leather heels and fastened the straps firmly. Now a full 4 1/2” taller, she looked at herself in the mirror again.

“Damn, I’m hot,” she decided, and went to the dresser to finish her dressing with small diamond earrings and a tiny silver necklace. A little red lipstick and she was ready to go.

Locking the door to her apartment, she tossed her keys into the little black clutch purse and walked to the elevator, heels clicking sharply on the tile floor. Once out front, she only had to wait a moment for a taxi to pull sharply over and turn off its availability light.

“Club Seven,’ she said as she settled into the large back seat of the Crown Royal. The driver pushed the flag down and pulled into the street. Frankie checked her makeup in the mirror of her compact, and with a glance up, noticed the driver.

He had a strong face, with piercing blue eyes that flicked to the road when she caught him looking at her in the rearview. His hair was dark and cut short, he seemed very clean-cut aside from the stubble on his cheeks and chin. His neck was thick with muscle, and she saw powerful broad shoulders beneath his light blue shirt.

Glancing at the rearview mirror again, she saw his eyes shift back to the road. Delighting in her attractiveness, she pulled out her lipstick and slowly applied another coat, making a show of it. But when she glanced at the rearview, she could only see the muscles of his chest through his shirt. The question jumped to her mind before she quickly realized he had adjusted the mirror to better see the rest of her. She made a show of checking the clip of her garter belt and smoothing her stocking again.

“Like what you see?” she asked softly.

“Sure do, Lady,” the driver replied in a deep voice.

Frankie suddenly remembered she was out “commando”, and that her teasing him by adjusting her stocking had probably given him a long, full look at her shaven pussy. At first she thought she was shocked and embarrassed, but the rush of heat to her cheeks was accompanied by sudden heat and wetness in her pussy.

Now, Frankie had been with a man before, a few in fact, in her 23 years, but she had never felt anything like this with someone she hadn’t even gone out with a few times. She tecavüz porno just wasn’t your typical roll- in-the-hay kind of girl. She squirmed uncomfortably in the seat for a moment, then relaxed a little. Maybe this could be fun, an adventure, like she read about in Cosmo all the time. This could be her chance to “live a little.” But before she could draw out her fantasy any further, the cab pulled to a stop outside the club and the driver turned to her.

“$18.50, Lady,” he said, looking directly into her eyes. She held his gaze a moment, and looked down.

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Can you take me somewhere else?”

“Yeah, Lady. Whatever you want,” he said with a smile. “Where do you want me to take you?”

Right here and now, she thought, blushing.

“Ummm, Skeezix,” she said, knowing the club was both a popular choice and all the way across town.

“Okay, Lady,” the driver said, putting the flag down again.

He pulled into the heavy downtown traffic and drove with a smile.

“My name is Fran-,” she said, and stuttered, thinking it might be better not to give her real name. “- nie, Frannie.”

“Jonny,” the driver said, “Pleased to meet you.”

Frankie looked at the license on the back of the driver’s seat. Jonathan White. Jonny.

“Pleased to meet you too,” she said. “Are you from around here?”

“A long time ago,” ha said, “Just got back from the war a couple of months back.”

“I’ve never been out of the city,” Frankie said softly. She had never needed to.

After driving for a while to the outskirts of town where Skeezix is located, Jonny stopped at a light. “You really want to go to Skeezix, or do you want to see something?”

“Like what?” she asked, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Something beautiful.”

Frankie thought about it for a few moments, and a few blocks from Skeezix, she made up her mind. “Show me something beautiful.”

Jonny turned quickly at the next intersection and drove to the nearest Interstate onramp. He turned on the radio and smooth jazz played softly. Frankie settled back into the seat and watched the world go by out the window. It was warm and comfortable, with soft music. She felt safe.

Frankie opened her eyes slowly, realizing she had fallen into a deep sleep. The shock hit her that she was in the back of a car, and she frantically tried to remember her situation. She calmed slightly when she remembered what was going on, but sat up and looked for Jonny.

The taxi was parked just inside a large old wooden building, nothing but a large field of green and a forest of trees in the distance visible in the early dawn light. Frankie opened the door and stepped out, still woozy from her nap. Walking out into the misty morning, she hugged herself for warmth. A way down from the old barn she saw a little lake, a pond maybe with an old dock. The other way lay a small house, looking like it had been abandoned for decades. Stepping carefully around rocks on the ground, she walked toward the house. As she cleared the barn, she heard a sound that made her stop and glance back. She saw Jonny standing beside the barn, a strong stream of piss splashing against the barn’s wall. Looking away, embarrassed, she glanced back curiously, and felt warmth spread through her as she tried to spy his cock. She jumped suddenly when he looked over at her.

He smiled and finished pissing on travesti porno the wall, put his cock back into his jeans, and was zipping his fly as he walked over to her. She opened her mouth to say good morning, but he was too close, his arms around her, his mouth on hers. She struggled, tried to turn her head, shutting her lips tight against his tongue, but he held her firm, and his lips forced hers open, his tongue pushing into her mouth. Struggling against him, she stomped her heel onto his foot, but he didn’t react except to hold her tighter. Her next thought was to bite his tongue, but she found strangely that the fight had gone out of her, that she was kissing him back, just as fiercely. Her hands felt the strong muscles of his back, grabbed at the firmness of his ass, but his hands stayed where they were, holding her fast.

He finished his kiss and stepped back, leaving her wavering on her heels, eyes closed as waves of desire swept through her. He took her hand and walked with her over to the decrepit little dock. Jonny laid her down on the rough wood and laid down next to her, over her, and kissed her again as Frankie ran her fingers through his hair. He unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders. As he kissed the smooth flesh of her breasts, his fingers found the closure of her bra, causing it to pop open, her breasts spilling out.

Frankie let out a loud moan as his lips found her nipple and sucked it into his mouth. As she arched her back, he slipped her blouse and bra farther down her arms, where she shook out of them. Jonny sat up and his hands slowly caressed their way down to her ankles and undid, then removed each of her shoes. He fumbled with the clasps holding her stockings before unlatching each one, then reaching under her, he pulled her skirt down and off. Frankie unfastened her garter belt and let it fall to the dock as Jonny sensuously slid down each of her stockings, before putting them into her shoes.

Jonny stood and gathered her shoes and clothes, then tossed them onto the ground where the dock began. Frankie lay there, propped up on her elbows, looking at him, her eyes flashing with flames of desire.

“There,” he said, looking at her,” Isn’t that beautiful?”

“Fuck me,” Frankie growled, “Fuck me right here, right now.” She had never felt anything like this before. She had been horny, and she had wanted someone before, but she actually felt like she needed Jonny, like she might die if he didn’t cum deep inside her. But Jonny just walked closer to her and stopped, his hands on his hips, his eyes crawling over every inch of her naked body.

Frankie rolled up onto her knees and fumbled with his belt, opening it, then pulled open his jeans, and yanked down on his briefs, allowing his cock to drop and stand out lazily. She took it into her mouth and drove down to take the full length. She wanted to impress him, she wanted him to need her as she needed him. Jonny’s fingers tangled in her hair and held her head on his cock, which began to twitch, harden…and grow. Frankie went into a panic as his girth forced her tongue down and the length pushed back cutting off her air. She began to see dark spots as he began to slowly flick her throat. Her head was pounding, her vision black, when he pulled out, letting her drag in several long deeps breaths, then he plunged back in and continued to choke her on his cock. Each time she xhamster porno was on the verge of passing out, he would pull out and let her catch just enough breath for life, then back in. Tears streamed down her face, her body limp and only vertical because of his firm grip in her hair. Jonny forced his cock further than ever before, grinding his pubic hair into her nose, and howled as streamers of thick cum shot from his cock directly into her stomach. For a full minute cum poured from his cock before he released her hair and let her fall, gasping and choking to the dock. She coughed again and again, each one sending spikes of pain through her oxygen-starvation headache, tears still streaming. Then with a final sputtering cough, she vomited cum onto the dock. She rolled onto her hands and knees and vomited more cum into the growing puddle under her face. She felt him on his knees behind her, his fingers in her pussy, still damp from her desire, and she squealed like a little girl as he burned his still-hard nine inches into her, pushing hard against her cervix. He held it there, each pulse like a spike of pain into her midsection, then slowly pulled it almost completely from her, and beginning to flick her deeply, with piston-like force and quickness.

Frankie tried in vain to pull away, but his powerful hands were clamped onto her hips, holding her still as he took his pleasure.

‘Waste of good cum,” he growled. “Lick it up, Bitch!”

Her hair had dragged through the puddle several times, and strands of the thick fluid still ran from her hair and chin to it. The pain in her head nearly unbearable, she dropped her head and began to lap up the fluids, bawling loudly. A sharp backhand across her ass rang across the wilderness like a gunshot. Moments later, her ass flared in pain as if a hot iron had been set there. Frankie screamed and dropped her face into the pool of cum and began lapping at it like a puppy, drinking down each drop with a gulp. Her eyes squeezed shut and she realized that his piston-like pumping had slowed, and he had stopped slamming against her tender cervix. He had slowed and was being very gentle, and her arousal had returned with a vengeance. Jonny had hurt her, almost killed her, but through the pain she realized that she still felt the need to please him, to satisfy him. With that realization, she felt a pinprick of light begin to grow behind her eyes, and her entire body convulsed sharply with the supernova of her orgasm. Frankie heard Jonny shout, and felt fluid running down her thighs. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her, as she helplessly convulsed as if in a seizure. The orgasm subsided, but Jonny’s renewed thrusts were building another fire inside her to replace the last.

Frankie hung her head to look at herself, and saw rivulets of cum streaming down her legs. She realized with a start that it was her cum, not his. She had never seen her body react like this before. She had never felt so…alive.

Jonny pulled his cock slowly from Frankie’s tortured pussy, and rolled her over onto her back. Though weak, Frankie was able to keep both legs up and spread. Jonny had no doubt he was welcome. As he slid his cock into the tight clutching warmth of her, they kissed passionately, hands feeling, touching, scratching one another. Frankie felt her ankles cross behind him as she fought desperately to keep him inside her. Another powerful wave of ecstasy exploded through her and clenched her body tight. The last thing Frankie felt and heard was Jonny’s cock pushing past her cervix, and an animal howl from Jonny as his cum filled her womb.

This is not the end. Far from it. But I would like some feedback to see if I’m on the right track.


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