When Gamers Get Real Pt. 02

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I have never wanted to spend more time with a group of people – at the same time wanting to break away to spend time with one guildie in particular. The remainder of the evening, double entendres and inside jokes flew. The subtle pointed remarks and teasing hidden in the general conversation was driving me crazy but I loved it just the same.

As the party was breaking up and we were headed back to our respective rooms, hugs were given all around. As I hugged you, you whispered your room number and “10 minutes”. I grin and say “15.” you tighten your arms around me a moment, then let go. We finish our good nights with everyone and head to our respective rooms.

When you get to your room, you strip down to your t-shirt and boxers, mix yourself a drink and wait. You start to wonder if I really am going to show when you hear a soft knock on the door.

You open the door to me, holding a bag. You look at the bag and then you grin knowingly at me which only increases as you watch the blush grow on my face.

“Come in, pet,” instantly moving into the roles we have played so many times in fantasies, you move aside to let me come in. I walk in and you close the door, turning to me as I set the bag down.

You reach out with your hand and stroke my cheek, I move my face into your hand, giving a little kiss-nip on your thumb. Looking into your eyes, I get playful and suck on your thumb a bit.

Your hand tightens on my jaw and you pull me toward you with your other hand and kiss me hard. I moan with the intensity of it, tasting the alcohol and cigarettes on you and shivering as need overwhelms the early playfulness, and your fingers move back from my jaw and tangle in the hair at the nape of my neck.

Tightening your fingers you pull on my hair, I gasp as you pull me back from the kiss and looking in my eyes, you growl softly, “Mine.” against my lips. I swallow and respond raspily, “Yes, Sir.”

I reach to touch your chest, needing to touch you as you move to kiss me again. It is a kiss of frustration, need, desire and possession and I melt into it, making soft, happy noises into your mouth while my hands travel your chest. My nails lightly scrape over your nipples and you moan, pressing yourself tight to me. Oh damn, your cock feels wonderful pressed against me. I squirm against you, my need getting the better of me and a soft “please” escapes my lips.

“Please what, My pet?”

Through your boxers, I reach down and stroke your cock, squeezing it as I whisper, “Use your fuck-toy, Sir.”

“You are a bit overdressed to be a fuck-toy, Pet. Fix it.” You respond with an edge to your voice that sends a shiver down my spine.

I back away far enough to slide my shirt over my head, turn around and ask you if you would unhook my bra. You do and pull me back to you, where I can feel your cock pressing against my ass cheeks, moving your hands around me to grab my tits and squeeze hard, rolling and pinching my nipples. You nuzzle my neck and nip lightly. “Speed it up, slut, or I will do it for you.”

Abruptly, you let me go and move around me, removing your t-shirt and boxers and sit in the chair, watching me. I remove my skirt and slip off my shoes, the panties were long gone from earlier and stand in front of you self-consciously.

“Come here,” you motion for me to stand in front of you. You reach out and immediately Büyükesat Escort move between my legs and stroke my pussy, making me gasp and spread my legs for your access. “Hmmm, still wet from earlier, I see. Very nice.” You slide 2 of your fingers inside me and watch me as you finger fuck my pussy. I have to lean over and steady myself on the chair and when I do, you start whispering roughly in my ear, “My pet couldn’t wait to get here and be used, could you, slut? You horny little girl, I should call the other guildies here that you constantly flirt with and have them take a turn with you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, slut?” I whimper softly, between your fingers and words it makes it hard to speak.

You remove your fingers from my pussy and slap my face and grabbing my jaw forcing me to look you in the eye. “Answer me! Or I will make those calls and turn you into the guild whore!” You can see in my passion drunk eyes the fearful apprehension even as my body shakes with intensity and need.

“I flirt with everyone…I want you, Sir. I want to be your whore, your slut, your fucktoy. Please Chris,” I say shakily as I lean forward and nuzzle your cheek, nipping your neck, “please use me, please fuck me…”

You fingers on my jaw soften and you kiss me deeply. “Go lay on the bed with your head on the edge.”

I move to do as you ask and you follow behind. You stand at my head and your cock is hovering over my head and you teasingly rub the slick head against my lips. I lick my lips, tasting you on my lips makes my mouth water. I open my mouth, reaching up and grabbing your ass, encouraging your cock in my mouth. I hear you moan as I take your cock in my mouth. You push further in as I wrap my lips around the shaft, my tongue stroking as you thrust in my mouth. With each thrust, you go a little deeper in my throat. I moan around your cock, raising up to nuzzle your balls with my nose. You thrust a little harder and start playing with my tits, pinching my nipples. I can feel my pussy get wetter as you fuck my face.

You thrust your cock in my throat again and hold it. I gag some and start to struggle for air. You back off so I can gasp for air and thrust again, holding it. You hear me whimper and roughly say, “take it, slut.” and squeeze my tits, pinching and rolling my nipples until I squirm under you. I gag when you push deep into my throat and gag again. My nails dig into your ass as I struggle to try to grab air. You back off and I gasp for air. Quickly, I have you move one foot under my arm and I start to play with your balls as you steady thrust into my mouth. I wet my finger between thrusts and start to slowly press on your asshole. I shiver as I hear you growl my name in response and your hand goes to my pussy, making me moan loudly as you rub my clit and thrust 2 fingers in me.

I match your pace slowly pressing my finger in your ass to your fingers moving in and out of my pussy.

I move my hips in time with your fingers, gasping around your cock as I suddenly feel so very close. My finger is in your ass and I can feel your muscles and your balls tighten. You are getting close. My tongue moves over the head and my teeth lightly scrape the shaft with every thrust. I am so hungry for your cum.

“God, Sheri, I’m going to cum. Don’t..don’t swallow, ” Beşevler Escort you groan and I feel the spasms in your cock as you fill my mouth. You pull away and turn around to kiss me deeply, lapping at the taste of you in my mouth, making me moan into the kiss. As I swallow, you press your forehead to mine and smile saying simply, “damn.”

I laugh breathlessly and respond, “You can’t say that yet…Sir. I believe I told you I was wanting to suck you til you came and then feel you get hard in my mouth again or get so sensitive you can’t stand it…”

I get up and grab the bag, tossing it to you as you move to the head of the bed and lean back on the pillows. I crawl up beside you, kiss you and softly, meekly? ask, “Can I play, Sir?”

“Yes, pet. You can play.” You respond with a relaxed smile. I grin and kiss you lightly, slowly deepening the kiss until I feel your hand tightening in my hair.

“Thank you, sir.” I say with a grin. And I start to lick and nip down your neck and over your collarbone. I mmm appreciatively as I run my hand over your chest. I nuzzle my face against the center of your chest and lick you like I had found something especially tasty. I enjoy feeling you stroke my back as I move over your body. Finding your pierced nipple and flicking my tongue over it quickly, biting and holding the piece of jewelry between my teeth and tug gently. Watching your face as you watch me play with first one nipple, then the other as I repeat what I did to the first. Then. lightly biting down your side, nuzzling your belly and licking…mmm, sigh…licking where your public hair starts, nuzzling my nose into your patch of hair, your cock twitches against my cheek and I run my tongue over the length of it, moving quickly to your balls, taking one, then the other in my mouth, sucking gently on each one. I move to your inner thigh and biting…with authority. I hear the gasp and the warning, “Pet…”

“Just making sure you are paying attention..” I respond, my voice dripping with mock innocence and a playful, almost challenging grin on my face as I slowly lick over the place I just bit to soothe it.

Fast as lightning, you grab my arm, making me squeal as you pull me up, and holding me down by your hand around my neck, you move down and bite my nipple making me gasp as you press down on my neck lightly.

“You know, pets are usually punished when they bite.”

“What are you going to do? Spank me?” I respond breathlessly with more bravado than I feel.

“That sounds like it would work. Ten, I think. Okay, ass in the air, pet.” You instruct as you get up.

“I can’t believe you are doing this,” I grumble as I get on my hands and knees.

“Believe it,” you reply as your hand connects to my ass and I yelp. “Count them off, pet.”

“One.” I say a little resentfully.

You rub my ass and swat again. This time I squeak a bit, expecting it and say, “two” resignedly.

And again rub, swat and counted. My counting gets a little more breathless and gaspy with each one. At number 8, my ass has turned a nice shade of pink and I am squirming a bit between the spanks. As you rub your hand sneaks down and you stroke over my pussy lips dipping between. You hear me gasp as you discover how wet I am. You slip your fingers inside me and I lower my upper body Cebeci Escort and push back. Your fingers move deeper inside me as your move your thumb over my clit.

As you hear me making needy whimpering noises you say to me, “Something tells me this isn’t a punishment for you, pet.”

You pull out and swat me two more times in quick succession finishing out the 10 and all I can do is shake and whimper, jumping when you return to fingering me deeply.

“You like that, my slut? Think I should keep going? I wonder if you could cum just by getting spanked…shall we find out?”

I whimper and squirm moaning when you turn your fingers to stroke my g-spot. I breathlessly murmur, “no..please, sir,” softly into the mattress.

You add a third finger fucking me and I push back against you with each time you push your fingers inside me.

“You are a hungry little slut, aren’t you?” You ask as I bite my lip.

“Yes…sir, I’m your hungry little slut. Please…”

“Please what, fuck toy?” you ask harshly and I moan, spreading my legs further apart. “You are a little late to suck me hard, pet, but I think we can think of something else to do.” You say and I feel you move behind me, removing your fingers and running your cock over the slick length of my pussy.

“You want this cock, my hungry little pet? You want to feel it fill your sweet pussy?”

“Yes, please! please Chris fuck me hard! Use your slut!” I am practically begging you my need is so strong. I snake a hand down and play with my clit, my whole body shaking with the need to cum.

Maddeningly slow, you press inside me and press deep, until I feel your balls against my clit. You start to fuck me slow but hard, your hands digging into my hips with each thrust. I move back – meeting you thrust for thrust, lost in the feel of your sweet cock inside me.

I feel your thumb press against my ass and I gasp/whimper. With each thrust, you push in a little farther. With each thrust I feel myself rushing closer to orgasm. The feel of you filling my pussy, your balls lightly slapping against my clit and your thumb pressing inside my ass is so good and suddenly, I feel the white heat of my muscles tightening with my orgasm. “Chris, I’m going to cum..oh please..so close..close!”

You speed up your tempo, fucking me hard and fast, the slick wet sound of us coming to together makes me moan as you press your thumb further inside my ass, I can feel it stretching me and I fling my head back and whimper because if is so much.

With your free hand you snatch my hair and pull at it, you growl in my ear, “I want you to cum for me, slut. I plan to use you all night and by morning, you are going to be a hot sloppy mess. Would you like that, Sheri?”

Whimpering with need, I respond, “yesss,” as I start to cum, my muscles spasm tight around your cock, milking you to your own orgasm as I ride to wave of mine.

Removing your thumb from my ass you scratch down my back and grab my hips, fucking me harder as I milk you. You feel the heavy tightness in your balls and know it will be soon and you are determined to fill my pussy with your cum.

Between gasps, I say, “please Sir, cum for me. Fill my pussy. I want to feel your cum dripping from my cunt.”

You slap my ass and I jump and muscles twitch, “God, I like how you feel when I do that.” And you slap my ass again, I jump and whimper as I feel you tense and feel your hot cum spasm into me, filling me. You half collapse on me once you are done and softy kiss my back…

Slowly you move away lay back on the bed and I crawl up shakily and curl up next to you. You wrap up around me and hold me, nuzzle my neck, you whisper “good girl, pet,” in my ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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