When in Rome…

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The blazing heat and the glare of the sun on my face woke me up. I opened my eyes to find myself gazing up at the bright blue, cloudless sky. I could hear the sound of seagulls in the distance and the shouts of people nearby. I was lying on a hammock tied between two palm trees.

How did I get here?

I looked down to find myself completely naked!

What the fuck happened?

I got off the hammock and thanked my lucky stars for the cover provided by the bushes around me.

How the hell did I get stuck in the beach and completely stripped off of my clothes?

Did I drink too much last night and this was some sort of elaborate prank set up by my friends? I was outraged by their stupidity! The rage helped me focus on the situation at hand and not focus on the overwhelming panic at being stuck in a strange place without my phone and money.

Atleast it wasn’t a deserted island.

Feeling a little better, I peeked out beyond the bushes to get a better understanding of my surroundings.

I was shocked to see people, men and women walking about completely naked and I even spotted some of them fucking in broad daylight. There were no children, however and thank God for small mercies.

Was I at a nudist beach? What was I going to do?

I was no stranger to sex but having to walk out there with no clothes in front of other people was slightly intimidating.

On the bright side, I wasn’t going to get arrested for public indecency so I felt marginally better.

“Hey! I haven’t seen you around here before. What’s your name?” a bright cheerful voice interrupted my thoughts.

I saw a guy with dark hair and brown eyes watching me curiously. He was stark naked as well and it was hard not to notice his tanned skin and his toned muscles. His member perked up at my perusal and I wondered if it was common to walk around with a hard on around here. The massive size of that thing kept drawing my attention and with much difficulty I drew my gaze away to answer.

“I’m Sarah,” I replied and his eyes lit up.

“I’m David. Now come out here so I can give you a proper greeting,” he beckoned cheerfully.

“Um… I don’t have any clothes…” I said hesitantly.

“Guess what? Me too! Come out here. Don’t be shy. I can see you are new here, so let me give you the proper welcome,” David called out.

This guy was being way too friendly and too cheerful. I squinted to try to notice any signs of him being high.

Sensing my hesitation, he walked over to my little private enclosure, pushing the bushes aside.

“What are you doing?” I yelped in surprise as he came forward and wrapped his strong arms around me, pulling me closer.

He tilted my head and I gazed into his rich brown eyes.

“Saying hello,” he murmured softly and covered my lips with his own. His tongue sought entrance and I welcomed him, surprised by his warm kiss. Even though I was kissing a complete stranger, I felt comfortable and wanted more. I responded to his kiss with enthusiasm and he seemed delighted by my response. His arms clutched my hips and hoisted me up till my legs wrapped around his waist in a natural response. He carried me over to the hammock and laid me down on it and covered my body with his. I could feel every hard plane of his body crushed against mine and I greedily let my hands wander all over his back and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer. He chuckled in response.

David started peppering kisses down my jaw and neck, nibbling at a particular part at my neck which seemed to shoot sparks of electricity to my core. I moaned aloud as his hands kneaded my breasts, making my nipples harden under his touch. He traced his tongue over one nipple before sucking it. My hips bucked up under him and I saw him smirk as he placed a hand to hold me down. He repeated this torture with my other nipple and I was making noises I never knew I could make. How come nobody had ever touched me so erotically before?

His fingers brushed against my clit and I whimpered. He slid a single finger into my hot dripping core and brought out his finger, showing me how wet I was for him. Looking into my eyes, he licked his finger tips and gave me a wicked grin.

“Delicious,” he said and another wave of heat shot through me. Who was this hot, incredibly sexy stranger?

His head dipped down to capture my lips again and I could taste myself on his lips. I never thought it would be so erotic though.

His hands held onto the hammock to stop it from moving and thrust into my wet pussy, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from my lips. He grunted as he thrust into me vigorously and I wondered what people would think if they could hear us. Then I realised I didn’t care and actually wanted them to listen. The thought of them listening to us excited me.

David’s eyes were on my ample breasts that were jiggling like crazy with every thrust. His hard dick thrust into my pussy in long strokes and it seemed like he found that G-spot everybody keeps talking about. Each thrust pushed me closer and closer bayan gaziantep escort to the edge.

He flicked my clit just once and it was enough to push me over the edge. I came with a shout, my walls squeezing his cock. I felt the moment he came, his warm cum coating the inner walls of my pussy. David collapsed on top of me and smiled.

“Best greeting I’ve had all day,” he said and I wondered what he meant by that as he kissed me again sweetly.

“Its been a pleasure to meet you Sarah,” he said, his eyes glowing with pleasure.

“So this is how you say hello?” I asked, my voice slightly incredulous.

I had the best sex of my life and I’m not complaining but was this just the way people greeted each other around here?

I heard clapping and whistles and turned my head to see a group of men and women watching us. I guess my wish had been granted. While I’d been thrilled in the heat of the moment, a blush covered my cheeks feeling embarrassed by what’d just happened.

David just grinned at them waved.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us to your new friend David?” a woman with bright red hair called out.

David glanced at me and then turned back.

“This is Sarah. You guys can introduce yourselves later as you can see she is a little shy,” he winked at me and continued.”I have to take her to see the Queen first. Show’s over guys,” he said and they all grumbled good naturedly and walked off. Some of them waved at me and a few gave a friendly smile.

“Catch you later, Sarah,” the red haired woman winked at me.

“Bye Jessie!” David called out obnoxiously and she stuck a tongue at him and walked away.

“Now, I have you all to myself for now,” David said with a pleased grin.

“You said something about a Queen?” I asked him.

“Yes, I have to take you to see the Queen. You’ll love her. Everyone loves her actually. Come on,” he said grabbing my hand and lifting me off the hammock.

I felt uncomfortable with his cum dripping from my pussy. I had to find a restroom to clean up.

David led me away from my little private enclosure at the beach. He wrapped his arm around me, his hand just below my breast which he was massaging almost absent mindedly. I was glued to his side and wondered how he could be so casual about. Looking at the other people around me, it wasn’t exactly the most intrusive way of walking together. I noticed one man fingering two women at once as he talked to them. They in turn were rubbing their breasts against him and palming his dick in their hands. The merry trio was happily talking and it didn’t really sound like dirty talk to me.

“Where are we?” I asked David who now has both of his hands on my breasts and squeezing both the globes and appearing quite content.

“Fucking island,” he replied nonchalantly.

“We’re on a fucking island?” I nearly screeched. I was going to kill whoever brought me here.

“No, silly! The island is called Fucking Island,” he said with a grin and tapped my nose playfully.

“You’re really cute,” he teased and I rolled my eyes at him.

“So what, you guys are called Fuckers?” I asked sarcastically.

“See, now you’re getting it. Clever too,” he cooed and pinched my nipple and clit simultaneously. I yelped suddenly and he laughed.

What the fuck am I doing here with a bunch of Fuckers?


David led me to a huge castle built with grey stone walls. Its huge wooden doors were open and the whole thing looked so medieval. Where was this island located? David was on a mission, dragging me along with him, not allowing me to enjoy the sights.

“Shouldn’t I clean up before meeting your Queen?” I asked him since I could feel the dried up cum between my thighs making me feel a little uncomfortable.

David looked down my body and smirked.

“She won’t mind. Come on. We can have a look at the island after the introductions,” he said.

Just what did this introduction with the Queen entail? Was it going to be like the one David had given me earlier? I’ve never been with a woman before and was feeling quite curious. I could feel the heat of my pussy throbbing in anticipation.

Since when did I become such a nymphomaniac? But of course as the saying goes, When in Rome be a Roman. Or in this case, When in Fucking Island, be a Fucker or is it a nymphomaniac since that’s how everybody seemed to be around here.

We rounded a corner and heard shouting.

“I told you not to touch my sword, you little shit!” a voice roared in anger.

“I just wanted to hold it, just once. It looks so beautiful,” another guy tried to reason with him.

David frowned and walked quickly in the direction of the voices and I hurried along behind him.

“How about I hold this end at your fucking throat?” the other guy yelled and we saw a huge muscular guy with shoulder length brown hair and thick eyebrows glaring at another smaller man, holding a sword at his throat. The other guy was leaner bayan escort gaziantep and looked quite young. His blond hair was sticking up on his head and his blue eyes were looking at the sword in fear. It was no surprise to see them both naked as well. I think I’m getting used to this island now!

“Hey! Break it up, you guys! Or I’ll have to take you both to the Queen’s dungeons,” David shouted at them both, startling them.

The Viking guy turned to glare at David while the blond cutie looked delighted.

“I love the Queen’s dungeon!” he exclaimed and I wondered what was wrong with him.

The Viking guy snorted.

“Of course you do! Being tied up and fucked all week is your idea of a vacation,” he grumbled and blondie nodded grinning.

“Make up you two. Now!” David said sternly and the big guy just sighed.

“Don’t touch my sword again or I will behead you!” the Viking growled.

“No you won’t. You are just a big softie, Henry,” said the blonde guy making Henry, the Viking like guy shoot him a glare.

“How about this sword?” the guy asked asked gripping Henry dick which started to grow erect at his touch.

“John,” Henry said in a low tone.

I watched as John give Henry a wicked smirk and get down on his knees to take Henry’s massive erection into his mouth. Henry dropped his sword to the ground and used both his hands to hold onto John’s blonde locks as he thrusted his dick into his eager mouth. The two men groaned in pleasure and I could feel myself growing wet at watching the scene of two men fucking in front of me.

David looked satisfied at resolving a conflict and I was interested with the way they settled disputes. Why didn’t everybody settle problems this way?

Henry pulled John up and saw us watching them.

“Who are you?” he asked glancing at me curiously.

“This is Sarah,” David replied for me.

“Now go say hello,” he said smacking my ass to push me forward.

My eyes widened in surprise. How was I supposed to intrude these two men in the middle of their intense session?

Henry saw my hesitation and pulled me closer. His hands gripped my breasts, squeezing them in this rough hands and plunged his tongue into my mouth forcefully. A shiver of delight slid through me at his dominance.

Another set of hands slid over my abdomen and down to cup my pussy.

“Don’t be shy around us,” John whispered into my ear from behind me as he introduced a couple of fingers into my dripping pussy. I couldn’t stop the moan from my mouth. Being sandwiched between two incredibly hot guys was something from beyond my wildest imagination.

John was nibbling on my shoulder and fingering my pussy while Henry’s tongue assaulted my mouth and his hands pinched my nipples sending jolts of electricity to my pussy.

I could feel two hard ons pressing against my stomach and back.

I watched David’s eyes blazing with lust as he watched us, lazily stroking his now erect cock. The guy recovers fast.

Henry lifted me up and slid me right onto his huge cock making me cry out loud. I could feel the thickness of his cock pulsating in my pussy, stretching out the walls in a delicious burn.

Fingers were probing my ass and I squirmed at the feeling of it at the virgin territory.

“You haven’t tried anal before, have you,” John said rather than asking me.

“I don’t know…” I hesitated but he was relentless as he pushed a finger inside my ass hole.

The intrusion felt weird but not entirely unpleasant.

Feeling a huge cock in one hole and a finger in the other felt strange but I was slowly getting used to it.

I watched David approach Henry from behind and I watched Henry’s face carefully. Judging from his expression, I could guess David was working on his ass hole as well.

Henry made some shallow thrusts into my pussy and I had to admire his strength as he held me off the ground. I traced my fingers over his bulging muscles and grabbed a fistful of his thick chest hair and pulled. I could tell he liked it by the sudden blaze of his eyes.

John was now working his third finger into my hole. I guessed he was his using his precum as lube since I could feel the wetness behind me.

I watched David grab Henry’s hips and Henry surged forward as David thrust into him, hitting my cervix.

John stopped probing my hole and grabbed my hips and gently pushed into virgin territory. I cried out in pain at burning sensation and John was patient as he slowly entered me, inch by inch from behind me.

Once he was completely in, I was completely stuffed in the front and back and I wished I could stay that way forever. It felt like I was being split apart but I didn’t care. I relished the burn, the feel of two large cocks filling me up completely.

Henry moved back and thrust into my pussy and John did the same. They both soon settled into a rhythm and David’s lustful gaze from behind Henry drew mine. He beckoned me closer for a quick hot escort bayan gaziantep kiss and continued to thrust into Henry making him let out a low growl.

John’s hands cupped both my breasts and he traced his fingers over my nipples accentuating each roll with a light teasing pinch. Henry captured my lips and began kissing me fervently. The feeling of both the cocks in me was too much and I fell apart in Henry’s arm. His mouth muffled my shout of pleasure.

I felt John as he came in me filling up my ass with his cum.

Henry came next shooting load after load into my wanton pussy.

David gave a shout as he came and slipped out of Henry.

I was almost sad when I felt Henry and John slip out of me. My body was quivering and quacking with aftershocks and when Henry finally let me down, my legs gave out and I slid to the floor, trying desperately to catch my breath.

“That was intense,” I gasped out and the guys laughed.

“Understatement of the year, sweetie,” John said gathering me into his lap.

I winced as my ass felt sore.

“My ass hurts,” I whined and John looked a little apologetic.

“I’m sorry. I’ll use lube next time,” John said sweetly and I decided to accept his apology. Those big blue eyes were just too irresistible.

A sudden thwack sounded and John jerked forward, eyes widening in surprise.

“You fucked a girl without lube? I taught you better than that John!” a feminine voice said behind us in a sharp tone.

John quickly got up dumping me to the ground in his haste.

He may be cute but he was an idiot.

I hissed at the sudden contact of my butt on the ground.

“Your Highness!” John exclaimed and I looked up to see the woman who was apparently the Queen. She was absolutely stunning. She had long blonde hair almost till her waist and her lips were painted a shade of ruby red. She had her arms crossed under her huge perky breasts and it drew attention to her bright pink areolas.

Her lips were twisted into a frown though as she saw me on the ground. David helped me up and I stood there gaping at her.

She turned to John.

“John, I expected better from you! Is this the way to treat a woman. You need to be taught a lesson,” she said staring him down. John stood there trembling under her gaze and I was curious to see his cock harden.

Was he getting turned on by this?

“Henry,” the Queen snapped at him.

“Take John to the dungeons. I’ll deal with him later,” she ordered and Henry quickly obeyed picking up his precious sword off the ground and placing it in a scabbard that I hadn’t noticed earlier which was tied to a belt around his waist.

“Thank you, Your Highness! I mean I’m so sorry, Your Highness,” John stammered out as Henry pulled him away.

The Queen watched them walk away shaking her head at their retreating figures.

“I swear he does this on purpose,” she muttered to herself.

David looked amused. When the Queen turned back towards us, David bowed down in greeting and I followed his actions.

“Your Highness,” he said.

“You look radiant as always,” he complimented and took a step towards her.

The Queen smiled warmly at him.

“David. Always such a charmer,” she said and the two shared a passionate kiss in greeting.

The Queen’s attention turned to me.

“Now who is this beauty?” she asked gazing at me and I blushed. I must’ve been a complete mess with my hair mussed up, my lips thoroughly ravished and cum along my legs.

“Oh! She blushes too! I haven’t seen a real blush in ages!” the Queen squealed, her blue eyes filled with excitement.

“Come over here, cutie pie,” she beckoned me over with a manicured finger.

I stepped closer to her and she tilted my head up with a finger under my chin. I could smell a flowery fragrance wafting off of her from her closeness.

“What is your name?” she asked me softly.

“Sarah,” I answered feeling stupid since all I seemed to be doing this morning is either say my name or moan.

“Lovely name,” she said and dipped her head to kiss me. I’d never kissed a woman before and I found it interesting that there was a huge difference in the nature of the kiss. Her lips were softer and sweeter. Her hands were gentle and teasing as she swept them across my breasts and back and through my long brown hair.

I tentatively touched her, feeling her soft but firm curves and felt the undersurface of her ample breasts.

When she drew back, she held me in place, watching me curiously.

“Was that your first kiss with a woman?” she asked.

I blushed again.

“It was, Your Highness,” I replied softly and she let out a laugh, her eyes twinkling in merriment.

“I don’t know where you found her, David but I think I’ll keep her with me here,” she said as I felt a thrill of anticipation shoot through me.

What was she going to do to me?

“Your Highness,” David pouted.

“I want to spend time with her too,” he whined.

“You are always welcome here, David. Now, move along, I need to get to know Sarah better,” she said, shooing him away playfully.

David seemed sad to leave us but gave me quick kiss and promised to visit later. He also gave the Queen a kiss as well and left.

“Come along, Sarah. Its been a long morning and I need to unwind before lunch,” the Queen said placing a hand on my lower back, guiding me along.

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