When Ronnie Met Xena Ch. 02

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Hey, everyone. Sorry for the huge delay between chapters 1 and 2 here. Really got no excuse other than that I’m a massively lazy prick to be honest. But better late than never, right?

Anyhow, chapter 2 follows directly on from the first, so, if you haven’t already, go read that and then come back here for more sexy futa fun 😀


I was stunned. I was sitting on the edge of my bed completely buck naked, with a dildo in my pussy and my still engorged, slick cock nestled limply between my sticky thighs; trails of saliva coating my stomach, tits and face where my best friend, who now stood pantsless before me, had just licked me clean of my own semen.

The whole time I had known Ruby, she kept telling me about her friend Xena, whom she had wanted to introduce me to for so long. How was I to know that Xena was Ruby’s pet name for her very own beautiful girl-cock?

Ruby was now looking at me rather expectantly; hands on her hips, which she was slowly shaking from side to side causing Xena to swing like a pretty pink pendulum. Of course she’d be looking at me like that. This is huge! Ruby’s got a dick, just like me. You don’t just reveal your biggest secret to someone like that not expecting some kind of reaction. Problem is, I can’t think of anything to say. Well, no, I’ve got a million things to say, I just know that if I open my mouth to voice any of them they’d all spill out at once and I’d end up babbling incoherently like a moron.

I could feel Ruby’s eyes on me, but I couldn’t see them ’cause mine were locked on Xena. She had to be nearly five inches long even while soft, and in typical Ruby fashion she had been pierced with a small silver ring through her frenulum, which partially held back her foreskin, revealing the tip of her reddish glans. Besides that she looked soft, smooth, shiny from being tucked inside Ruby’s vagina all this time and completely bald (it looked like Ruby gets all her pubes lasered off or something, unlike me, who prefers to keep them trimmed but not forgotten), with a couple of veins just visible below the surface.

“Ronnie? You gonna say something or just sit there drooling all night?”

Fuck. There are as many ways of saying ‘I’m in love with you and I want to spend every waking moment for the rest of my life having you fuck my brains out’ as anyone could possibly think of rushing through my head right now. Ah, to hell with words. Actions speak a thousand words, right? Or is it pictures…? Who the fuck cares?

In one animalistic motion, I tore the thick dildo out of my pussy and launched myself off my bed and onto my knees at Ruby’s feet, grasping the base of her cock with my right hand and sucking Xena right into my mouth.

I get to taste Ruby’s cock and her pussy at the same time! How lucky am I?

I’d never thought about Ruby this way before, but seeing her with a dick has changed everything. That doesn’t make me a lesbian, does it? Maybe bi? Whatever, I’ll think about it later, when I don’t have cock in my mouth.

“I guess this means you like her, huh, bay-bay?”

I could only moan happily in agreement, as my tongue was too busy exploring the underside of Ruby’s foreskin and playing with her piercing, all the while Xena thickening and lengthening steadily in my mouth. As I massaged the base of Ruby’s cock with my right hand I raised my left and slipped a couple of fingers into her tight pussy, my digits sliding easily into her already wet fuck-canal, causing her to start moaning in turn.

In between moans, Ruby managed to say, “Fuck, Ronnie, I thought you said you weren’t good at this?”

I pulled my head off Ruby’s rather intimidating seven-inch semi and beamed up at her, strings of drool stretching from her glistening prick to my flushed lips.

“I guess I’ve just been waiting for the perfect muse to come along and unleash my hidden talents,” I told her. Then, while gazing into her eyes, I raised her cock up and slowly ran my tongue up its underside from the point my thumb-knuckle squeezed her to the entrance to her urethra, lingering ever so slightly on every pulsating vein as I did so, before sucking Xena back into my mouth where she belonged. As I started sliding my hand and mouth up and down Ruby’s throbbing length, Xena spurted a large burst of sweet pre onto my tongue, rewarding me for my efforts, and further lubricating her slippery length as I lathered her up.

By now I could feel that Xena was rock-solid, and my lips were brushing over bulging and pulsing veins with every movement of my head. As Ruby placed guiding hands on the back of my head I took my right hand off her cock and moved it to her taut butt to help guide her hips, which she had started to thrust back and forth towards my face.

Before long, Ruby’s moans started becoming more ragged and breathier and the words, “Suck my cock, Ronnie. Fuck my pussy, Ronnie,” spilled out of her mouth in constant succession. It made me so happy to think that I was about to make my best friend shoot a huge load of cum out of her massive dick. I wanted her cum so badly. I wanted to know what it tasted like; Maltepe Anal Escort I wanted to feel it all over my tongue; I wanted to gargle it; I wanted to feel it warming up my belly; I fucking NEEDED it.

In mere moments, Ruby’s movements started becoming erratic and she was just babbling, “Suck my cock. Fuck my pussy. Suck me, fuck me, suck me, suck me, fuck meeeEEEEE.”

I pulled my head slightly back as her cock swelled up so I could play with her piercing as she came, but Ruby shoved my head down, pushing Xena to the back of my mouth as a huge blast of cum painted my throat white. I eagerly started swallowing so I wouldn’t choke as shot after shot of thick semen was fired into my mouth.

As Ruby relaxed I eased off her still erupting cock so it could coat my tongue and I could properly experience the flavour of her cum. Gawd, I wasn’t disappointed. I think I’ve just found my new favourite drink. Her cum puts mine to shame, and I really liked my cum!

The flow of cum started to slow, so while I savoured the load in my mouth, swirling it around with my tongue and ravaging Ruby’s spurting glans in the process, I moved my hands to the base of her cock (I had been so preoccupied with Xena blowing a load of cum into my mouth that I hadn’t even realised Ruby’s pussy had gushed all over my hand at the same time, and her juices were now trickling down to my elbow) and started squeezing out the remnants of her orgasm. When Xena stopped twitching I gave her one last suck and a squeeze and popped her out of my mouth, looking up at Ruby and showing my mouthful of her own cum to her. I gargled it, feeling delightful shivers course down from my scalp to my tingling pussy as I did so, as well as feeling small flecks of cum spatter my cheeks, and then swallowed the whole lot.

“Oh my god, I think I might be in love with you, Ronnie.”

“I think I might love you too, Ruby.”

“Nobody’s ever sucked me off like that before.”

That snapped me out my reverie. “You mean others know about you, and they’ve blown you to boot!?” I looked down at Xena, which hadn’t started to soften yet and my eyes nearly fell out of my head. I just had THAT thing in my mouth!? I’ve never seen a cock so big before. She must be about ten inches long, and about two thick.

“Relax, bay-bay. Only a few people, and they’ve always treated me like a sexy oddity, unlike you. I could feel your passion, babe.” Ruby then lowered her eyes and pointed to my crotch. “And I can see it too,” she said, with a big smirk on her face.

I looked down to see that while I had been blowing Ruby, I had grown a rock-hard erection of my own, which must have been leaking pre for a while now as my knob was coated in it, and a sticky pool of the stuff had collected on my small patch of bush. God damn, Xena had been distracting: I hadn’t even noticed I’d popped a stiffy this whole time.

“I think it’s my turn to give you some pleasure, bay-bay, and to get another taste of your delicious cum,” Ruby said, sultrily.

“Hey, I’ve tasted my cum and it’s nothing compared to yours.”

“Lots of fruit and no meat. Or asparagus for that matter. Why do you think I chose to become a vegetarian? Well, mostly vegetarian. I’m looking at one giant sausage I want to put in my mouth right now.”

“Very droll, Ruby.” Hearing that there have been others before me to know Ruby’s secret seems to have taken some of the edge off my horniness. How many other girls have there been? Or were they girls? I’ve only ever heard Ruby talk about guys before. “Were they all girls who sucked you off?” I asked her.

“One of them was, the other two were guys. There would have been another girl and another guy, on separate occasions mind you, but they chickened out and couldn’t go through with it.”

“Were the guys gay?”

“Fuck no,” Ruby said, as she started lifting her t-shirt over her head, “but you’d be surprised what straight guys would do for a girl after I shove their faces in between these babies.” Ruby nicely punctuated the end of her sentence by fully revealing her bare D-cup-sized tits. Her perfect, gravity-defying tits, with small, pink areolas and more silver-rings through each of her beautifully pert nipples that I just wanted to suck and nibble on and smear my cock all over and jizz all over and lick clean again… Well, horniness levels back up to one-hundred percent.

Ruby discarded her shirt and sat down facing me on my thighs, now as naked as I was, and started slowly grinding our two cocks together. I looked down, surprised to see that she was still hard, and noted that Xena wasn’t quite as big as I had thought. I’ve measured myself to be eight inches, and Xena was only a little bit longer, probably eight-and-a-half, but definitely thicker than I was. Her girth was deceptive, not to say that eight-and-a-half inches is anything less than freakishly impressive, but at least I won’t have to worry about Ruby puncturing my lungs when I inevitably let her fuck me silly, which I’m going to do any minute now if she keeps that grinding up.

“What’s with the questions anyway, bay-bay?” Maltepe Yaşlı Escort Ruby asked. “You’re not jealous all of a sudden are you?”

“No.” Yes.

“You shouldn’t be. They were all just a bit of fun. You, though, are special.”

“Really?” I asked, as I moved my hands to my crotch and gripped our cocks, lightly squeezing them together, making Ruby’s rhythms all the more pleasurable.

“Yeah, really. I’ve never known another hermaphrodite before, and now I find out my best friend is one? And that she’s just as spectacularly hung as me? And that I find all this out by walking in on her in the middle of just my kind of freaky sex act?” Ruby covered my hands with hers and squeezed tighter, our collective pre causing our dicks to make delicious squelching noises as she rode me. “Well, that’s just fucking incredible. You’re fucking incredible, and we’re going to be fucking incredible together.”

I could blame all the blood pumping through my system in anticipation of my imminent orgasm, but there’s no denying that Ruby’s words made me blush as red as my hair. All I could manage in return was a meek, “Come on, you’re much bigger than me.”

“You’re going to feel plenty big to me when you’re up to the hilt in my fucking arse.”

“Oh, Ruby.” I let go of our gooey cocks, knocking Ruby’s hands aside, and grasped the back of her head, locking my lips onto hers.

Ruby placed her hands on my head too, sliding her slippery fingers through my already tousled hair, and leaned into me, pushing me back against the edge of my bed, leaving us in an inclined position as we kissed each other.

We stayed like that for what seemed like minutes, exploring each other’s mouths; me gliding my tongue along Ruby’s teeth, Ruby sucking on my tongue, tasting what remnants of her ejaculate she could scavenge, while all the while Ruby writhed on top of me, rubbing our pulsing penises together and coating our stomachs with slick, sticky precum.

I think it was the need for air that caused me to break away from Ruby’s lips, but it was definitely the feeling of her pussy dribbling juice onto mine that caused me to cry out, “Oh god, I’m coming!”

“Not outside of my mouth, you’re not,” Ruby said, before peeling herself off me and crawling backwards so she could wrap her lips snugly around my twitching dick.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I moaned before I heard the horrifying sound of a key in the lock. FUCK OFF! Twice in one night? This is ridiculous. “Fucking stop!” I hissed at Ruby as I heroically clenched back my orgasm.

Ruby froze and looked at me, confused, until she heard it too: there were a couple of voices on the other side of the door.

“…Gotta go easier on the vodka next time, we could have kept going for a few more hours you know.”

“Yeah, yeah, we had fun di’n’ we? Vodka makes ev’r’thin’ fun!”

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I quietly moaned in anguish. That sounded like a very drunk roommate at the door. Shit, she probably got so drunk that that’s why she’s come home early. I stole a quick peek at the clock on the wall. ‘0:34’!? “What time did you come over?” I whispered to Ruby.

She lifted her head off my sore cock and whispered back, “Nearly midnight. I wanted to bring you some porn and I thought you’d be up.” Then grinning at the realisation of her own double entendre she added, “And I guess you were.”

Wow, I must have been masturbating a lot longer than I thought. Whatever, that doesn’t matter. What am I, are WE, going to do now? Two naked chicks with huge dicks giving each other blowjobs on the floor. What a scene to walk in on. As I panicked the voices continued…

“An’ you ‘n’ yer frien’s def’n’ly had fun. Le’s have some more fun right here.”

“Jess, get your hands off that, someone could see.”

“Ev’r’one’s in bed. No-one’s gonna shee me suck yer cock.”

“That’s where you should be too. Goodnight, Jess.”

“G’night, Roy. I love you.”

“No you don’t, Jess.”

“Yesh I do. I love your cock an’ I love you.”

“Goodnight, Jessica. We had a fun night tonight and we’ll all see you next week, okay? Just go easy on the alcohol next time. You sure you’re going to be all right getting into bed by yourself?”

“Yeah, yeah, don’ come in or you’ll try and rape me or somethin’. Or maybe you should? Ha ha ha ha.”

“‘Night, Jess. See you next week.”

I heard footsteps walking away and more scrabbling at the door. Shit, why are we still sitting here? “Shit! Scramble, scramble!” I hissed. “Get under my covers.”

While Ruby jumped onto my bed, I quickly gathered up her discarded clothes and threw them under it before hitting the lights and jumping into bed as well and throwing the sheets over us. Just in time too, as through a slight crack in my eyelids I saw Jess stumble into the room and flick the lights back on. I hoped she wouldn’t notice the pungent, musky smell of sex permeating the room, but she seemed far too drunk to pay any attention to it, or to the large lump of beautiful hermaphrodite curled up under my covers at my feet.

As Jess Maltepe Zenci Escort moved to dump her handbag onto her desk, she kicked over the bag Ruby had dropped on the floor. Crap. Jess reached inside and pulled out a couple of DVD cases. I couldn’t see the covers from here but I could guess what they were.

“What d’we have here?” Jess mumbled to herself. “I’m watchin’ you righ’ now.” Jess glanced in my direction and I squeezed my eyes tightly shut again. “Ashleep,” I heard her mutter.

I could hear her footsteps move towards the bathroom and then suddenly I gave out an involuntary gasp as I felt something long and hard enter my vagina. Keeping my eyes shut, and my body as still as I could while praying the doona on top of my bed was thick enough to mask the party going on underneath it, I heard Jess pause and then say, “Shweet dreams, Ronnie.”

Sweet indeed. After I heard the bathroom door close I lifted up my covers to see what Ruby was doing, discovering that she had found Jess’ dildo and was drilling me with it hard, giving me similar treatment to what I gave her not half an hour ago. While one hand was busy plunging the dildo into my pussy, her other hand was jacking me off while she kissed and licked my softened dick all over, making it rapidly stand back up to attention.

“Are you crazy?” I whispered to her. “You nearly gave us away.”

“Yeah, I’m crazy, babe. I’m crazy for your cock and your delicious cum.” In between laps of my sticky prick she added, “We were rudely interrupted before I got my treat, remember?”

It wasn’t long enough ago that my body had come down off its state of climactic readiness, and before Ruby had even finished speaking, all the activity at my groin – the dildo pounding my slippery cunt, and Ruby’s expert fingers, lips and tongue worshipping my twitching cock – had me about to blow my load again any second now.

“God, Ruby,” I breathed, “Just *ahh* hurry up and *mmmh* finish me off before Jess comes out of the *unnh* bathroom.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I heard her reply before she slid the dildo out of my vagina and replaced it with her skilled tongue. As she probed the inside of my quivering pussy I stuffed my sheets into my mouth to stifle my moans and squeals of impending orgasmic delight.

Just then the bathroom door swung open and Jess staggered out, shoes, shirt and skirt gone, completely stark naked. Fortunately she wasn’t looking at me, which was a relief because I couldn’t close my eyes or look away from her. While I was shocked to see her naked, what was most surprising was to see that she was covered, from her perky tits down to her smooth, tanned thighs, in trails of glorious, white, dried cum! Ungh, that’s it.

I bit down hard on the sheets stuffed into my mouth and drew a quick intake of breath as I felt my testicles tense up behind my labia and my cock started spewing what felt like buckets of sperm onto my sheets and stomach. The walls of my pussy clamped down hard on Ruby’s tongue too as it started spraying small squirts of liquid onto her face, but I could feel her pull her tongue out and shuffle her way upwards, where she gobbled up my cock as it was still ejaculating wad after thick wad of jism. I daren’t take a breath or make a sound, so all I could do was roll my eyes up to the ceiling as I rode out the crashing waves of this orgasm.

Eventually I was able to breathe again as my pulsing dick slowed down, and I looked across the room to see that Jess had swayed herself almost over to her computer, DVD in hand. While watching her, I could feel Ruby pop me out of her soft, warm mouth and start rubbing my drooling knob all over her face while collapsing in the pool of hot, runny cum on my belly. Happy to just lie back silently for a while as I revelled in the afterglow of my massive orgasm and enjoyed the feeling of warm rivulets of cum running down my sides, I watched Jess open up her computer’s disc drive, pop the DVD in and then turn the monitor to face her bed as it came back to life after deactivating itself. Uh-oh.

“Wha’ the fuck?” Jess exclaimed.

Crap. Never got time to close the browser and wipe the search history. Welcome to futa-town, Jess.

“Ronnie, y’need a fuckin’ boyfrien’, girl,” Jess muttered to herself. “Is kin’a hot though. Faarck, look a’ the cock on her.”

My dick twitched when I heard her say that and I think Ruby must have heard too, ’cause the sides of my covers lifted up, allowing her a peek at my roommate. I heard Ruby whisper, “Holy shit,” and I gave her a swift butt with my knee to get her to retreat and shut up before Jess turned around.

Meanwhile, Jess had moved one of her hands to her crotch, and though she had her back to me and I couldn’t see through her cum-caked, juicy-looking peach of an arse, I could still tell she was rubbing her clit. “‘Kay, lesh get thi’show on th’ road,” she managed to slur out. Jess then closed the browser and opened up a media player, starting up one of the pornos Ruby had brought over for me. As the film began to play and I quietly heard a girl gush over how excited she was for her birthday presents or something like that (Jess had thoughtfully lowered the volume so as not to wake me I guess), Jess turned around and staggered over to her bed. I shut my eyes just in time to avoid her glance, but a soft thudding sound was all I needed to tell that she had just collapsed onto her mattress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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