When the Sister-in-law Visits

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It was Friday afternoon, and my wife Lisa and I were waiting for the doorbell to ring. We were excited for my sister-in-law to visit this weekend. We haven’t seen her since before the pandemic and several different reasons had caused her to not being able to visit so far.

The weekend was going to be fun. We had several touristy things planned out for us to do. My sister-in-law had not only visited us for a few years, she also had never seen the city we were living in, nor our new house. So all-in-all, we already knew the weekend was going to be too short to do everything we wanted to do, let alone have some relaxing time to catch up in person.

My wife and her sister look alike quite a lot. Besides age, they could’ve been twins. My wife was 28, and her sister 23, and from a distance you could hardly tell them apart. Both redheads, both about the same length (165cm), both slim and even their hair length and colour were the same.

As we were sitting on the couch, waiting for my sister-in-law to arrive, we also had just ordered Indian food. We knew she was about to arrive, so having food already coming seemed like a great idea.

I kissed my wife, and immediately she held on to me and started kissing me more intensely. “I know the timing is horrible, but I’m really horny today,” she said.

“Yeah, that timing is horrible Lisa, unless you cancel your sister we can’t act on it, and now I’m getting a boner.”

She looked down at my crotch, making it not any better. “Want me to take care of that quickly? I’m sure we can finish that before my sister arrives.” And before I can answer, she pulls down my pants, and starts sucking my cock.

Having been together for about 10 years, and her being a blowjob expert, she knows exactly how to take care of my cock, and more importantly, she knows exactly how to suck my cock so I cum quickly (or slowly). However, we were only 10 seconds in before the doorbell rang, and my wife let go of my cock, looked at me and we both laughed. Then I knew I had to run to the toilet, because my hard-on wasn’t coming down in a few seconds and I had to give it some time to do so.

I ran to the toilet, and my wife to the front door to let her sister in. I heard my sister-in-law enter the house, my wife and her sister greet each other, kiss each other on the cheeks and loudly talk like they’ve never been apart. The idea of my wife kissing her sister while only a few seconds earlier my cock was still in her mouth made my cock even harder, and I came here to fix that problem, so that was very counter-productive.

There was only one solution, quickly rub one out. So, there I was, on the toilet, masturbating, while my wife and her sister were standing, talking, at only a few meters from me. It didn’t take me long to cum hard. I was able to catch some of the cum, but some landed on the floor which I then had to clean up of course.

Finally, my cock relaxed a little, and I was able to join the girls in the living room, where my wife had already prepared some plates for the food that was about to arrive. I greeted my sister-in-law, looking as amazing as ever. “Hey Chloe, how was your trip here?” I said while we hugged.

Chloe tightly hugged me, pressing herself against my body. I really was happy my cock was back to normal, because otherwise she surely would’ve felt that. I felt her breasts against my body and I noticed she wasn’t even wearing a bra. I guess having not too big breasts allows women to not need to wear bra’s all that much, and she must be similar sized to my wife who also often doesn’t wear a bra.

Speaking of my wife’s breasts, as I’m sure you’re curious about, they’re amazing. As I mentioned, they’re small enough she doesn’t always (has to) wear a bra, but big enough to hold them and squeeze them. And she so rarely wears bras, that I’m not even sure what the official size is, but somewhere along big a-cup or small b-cup. Basically, pretty small, but great to look at. Especially if her nipples are visible through the clothing she’s wearing

Anyways, I felt my sisters-in-law’s breasts while hugging. But I had to stop thinking about that, because my cock might bounce up again.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and I walked over to accept the food. A few minutes later and we all had plates full of spicy food and we were enjoying conversation Girne Escort between the three of us. The topics ranged from what we were going to do over the weekend to relationships. Chloe actually got out of a relationship of a few years some time ago and she recently started dating again.

Chloe: “I’ve been on a few dates so far, and all of them ended in sex. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was great and some guys really know how to work their mouths down there, but I’d love a little more depth to the dates!”

Lisa: “Wait, tell me about that, you get guys to go down on you on the first date?”

Chloe: “Yeah, I tell them I’m happy to give them a blowjob, but only if they go down on me first.”

Lisa: “Nice tactic! Luckily, I don’t need such tactics in our bed, Evan is happy to go down on me without anything in return.”

And before I knew it, I was dragged into a discussion about sex, with me as the main character, in front of my sister-in-law. I couldn’t help but blush, and, not participate in the conversation.

Chloe: “Lucky girl! So, Evan knows his way around your vagina then?”

Lisa: “Oh yeah, he can make me come on command really, he knows what he’s doing. But to be fair, he’s had 10 years of experience on me.”

Me: “Ladies, you know I’m here, right?!”, I say while blushing even more

Lisa: “Of course honey, but you know Chloe and I talk about everything right?”

Me: “Yeah I know, but usually I’m not present, but carry on.”

Chloe: “Don’t worry Evan, this conversation stays between us 3.”

Lisa: “Oh totally, I don’t tell anyone else about our sex life.”

Chloe: “Yeah, same here, I only talk to you about my sex life, Lisa. Remember the time I told you about that guy that didn’t want to cum in my mouth?”

Lisa: “Oh yeah, that’s weird. Which guy wouldn’t want to cum in the mouth, I know I enjoy that, and so does Evan.”

Chloe: “Yeah most guys love it I suck them dry, and honestly it’s one of my favourite parts of sex.”

And that’s how the conversation continued, and how I learned sucking cock was a family favourite. I was no longer the subject, thank God, and they both talked about swallowing cum. I enjoyed listening to them talk about that subject. It got me hard as well, which was slightly a problem as it showed in my pants.

Half an hour later I was doing the dishes, cleaning up all the plates, cups, and leftovers from the Indian food. The girls had turned on the TV and were watching a show together. I listened to what they were talking about from a distance.

Chloe: “Really, you were sucking his cock right before I entered?”

Lisa: “Yeah, we couldn’t finish, so Evan went to the toilet.”

Chloe: “Oh sad guy, you should’ve just finished him, I would’ve understood.”

Lisa: “He finished himself on the toilet, I’m sure. He’ll get his blowjob later.”

Chloe: “Exiting! When I’m here?”

Lisa: “Perhaps, we’ll see how tired we are when we go to bed.”

I got exited just of the thought, can’t believe they discussed that! Though to be fair, I knew they discussed pretty much everything. So, I guess a blowjob wasn’t out of the question today.

I walked out of the kitchen and joined both girls on the couch. “So, what are we watching, ladies?” I asked to no one in specific.

“Well, we were watching a show but it just ended, and now we were just discussing blowjobs,” Chloe said.

“Do you two ever not discuss sex and blowjobs?”

“Only when we’re having sex or giving blowjobs,” Chloe responded with a smirk.

“Well, I’m going to let you girls talk about blowjobs, I’m going to go to play some games for a bit,” I responded. I kissed my wife and left to head to my office where my gaming PC was also set up. Once I was in my office, I started up my game PC and went to play some silly games. I didn’t really have any focus so I just played whatever I had started up last. I had brought a few beers with me to have my own private party while the girls were having fun in the living room, talking about sex I suppose.

An hour or so later, my wife came into the room and came to tell me she was going to take a shower, and after go to bed. Her sister was set up in the guest room and she’d gone to sleep as well. I looked at the clock and it turned out it had been three hours Magosa Escort since I started playing games, not one! Time flies sometimes.

My wife got on my lap and kissed me. “I’m still sad I didn’t get to finish you earlier this evening,” she said.

“Me too, honey, me too. I was really ready to cum in your mouth.”

“Why don’t you come to bed after I finish showering and we’ll have some fun together.”

I agreed, and promised her I’d be over in the bed after a single game I was about to start. “I won’t be long,” I promised her.

The game was over quick, and I heard she was still in the shower, and figured, let me just join her there instead. I was sure she wouldn’t mind; it was something we did quite often in fact, sneak into each other’s shower and usually sex would lead from that. Mostly blowjobs though, Lisa loves blowjobs in the shower.

I got undressed, put my clothes on my desk chair, and slowly opened the bathroom door. There she was, showering and completely unaware I was entering the shower. I sneaked in behind her, my cock rock hard in anticipation, and then I grabbed her from behind. One hand on hear breast, the other on her stomach.

I moved my hand down, and started rubbing her clit while I massaged her breasts one by one with my other hand. My hard cock was pressed up against her ass. She pushed her ass back slightly and started rubbing my cock with her ass cheeks while I pushed a finger in her pussy.

“Oh honey, I wanted to do this the entire night already, especially after the blowjob went south earlier.” Lisa moaned in response, and pushed her ass back harder.

I slid my cock under her, letting my wife ride my cock without it entering her. She loved that, it made her wet and made my cock slippery in the process. She reached down instead, grabbing my cock between her legs and then pushed it up, into her pussy. A few seconds later and I felt my cock slide deep into my wife’s soaking pussy.

This was different, Lisa usually never wants to me to penetrate her in the shower, did her sister make her horny enough to want my cock immediately?

I pushed my cock deep into her pussy, enjoying the moment. I had moved both my hands up to her breasts, squeezing them while I increased speed with my cock.

“Oh Evan, I can see why my sister loves your cock so much,” I heard my wife moan.

Wait what, my wife? That’s not my wife, that’s my Sister-in-law Chloe.


Chloe let my cock slide out of her pussy, turned around and smiled at me. “I’m happy I got to feel your cock in my pussy, Evan, now let me taste it. Lisa says it’s delicious.”

Chloe dropped down on her knees, and before I knew it, she was licking her own juices from my cock. She then took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me. Oh wow, she was good, so good. There was no way I was going to break things off now. I had already penetrated her, and she now had my cock in her mouth. If I was going to get blamed for cheating, I sure as hell was going to enjoy it.

Chloe took my cock deeper and deeper in her mouth. Something my wife was unable to do, and it felt so good. Chloe really knows how to suck a cock properly. Her tongue is exploring everywhere it can go, even at places I didn’t know was possible to get a great feeling.

I grabbed Chloe’s head, and pulled her off my cock. She looked at me, and I said: “You better make this cheating worth my while, Chloe.”

She smiled, grabbed my cock with both her hands and started stroking me. “I’ll let you cum wherever you want, use me however you want, and I will never tell Lisa, I promise.”

I pulled her up, pushed her against the glass shower wall, and slowly brought the tip of my cock near her pussy. Then, I slowly pushed the tip of my cock in her, then further and further, until I was entirely inside her, all the while she was looking me in the eyes. I leaned closer, and kissed her on her lips. Our tongues met while I slowly fucked her.

We went from teasing sex, to a seducing blowjob, to passion. All within a few minutes, while at the beginning of it I still thought I was teasing my wife, Chloe’s sister.

I pulled my cock out of Chloe’s pussy, turned her around, and quickly pushed my cock in her pussy again. I increased speed and pushed her against me while I pushed Kıbrıs Escort my cock deep inside her pussy from behind. Chloe moaned, louder and louder, while I fucked her hard. The position and speed made my cock get more and more sensitive, and I had to slow down to prevent me from cumming already.

“I want to cum on your cute face, Chloe,” I said, and she responded immediately. She grabbed my cock while it was still in her pussy. She pulled it out, turned around and dropped to her knees. She then took the tip my cock in her mouth and licked her juices off of it. Then she started sucking my cock in a way that made me want to cum immediately, and seconds later I came. The first squirt of cum landed in her mouth, the following covered her face. Some on her mouth, some on her nose, and a bit on her forehead.

When nothing more came out of my cock, she licked my cock and her own lips clean, and swallowed the cum she could reach.

“Lisa was right, your cum tastes amazing!”

“Lisa said that huh, what else did you two discuss about me?”

“Well, she said I’d probably hear you and Lisa fuck over the weekend, but I guess I stole your stamina now.”

“Don’t worry about that Chloe, I can go more than once.”

“Oh really?”

Chloe turned on the shower to clean her face. The water running over her sexy body, and over her cute breasts. Just the sight of this girl made me hard again. It didn’t help at all she looked just like my wife, which makes me hard often by just looking at me. Chloe had the same eyes, and the same tricks of getting me hard.

Chloe looked at my hard cock, and signed for me to come closer. I didn’t hesitate for a second and stepped under the shower with her. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it.

“It feels ready to go again, Evan, what do you want me to do with it?”

I grabbed the bottle of shower gel and handed it to her. “Why don’t you clean me up a little bit,” I said with a smirk.

She turned off the shower again, leaving us standing there dripping wet. She squeezed a lot of the shower gel out of the bottle on her hand, and started soaping up her own breasts. Then another big squirt on her hands, and then she soaped up my body.

After my chest and belly, she started soaping my back and ass, while she pushed her body against mine, rubbing in the soap with her body, while her hands explored my ass. Then she dropped to her knees and soaped up my legs, before going back up with her hands. She grabbed my balls gently and started massaging them.

Chloe looked up, “I think it’s clean now, don’t you think”, she said with a smile. She proceeded to stand up and turn on the shower again. With the showerhead in her hands, she rinsed off her own body, and then mine. When all the soap was rinsed off, she hung up the showerhead, and grabbed my cock again.

She started stroking my cock again, but I commanded her; “Turn around for me.”

Chloe did as I instructed without hesitation as she had promised. She pushed her ass back a little, she was already on to me. I let my finger slide through between her pussy lips, feeling the wetness return after the rinse with water. Without warning I pushed two of my fingers inside her. It was very wet inside, and because I started fingering her, her pussy started soaking quickly.

I removed my fingers again, positioned myself behind her, and pushed my cock deep in her in one hard push. Chloe loudly moaned while I started pumping my cock in her.

My legs slapping into her ass made a clapping sound, but I didn’t care anymore, this speed was amazing. I felt my cock slide in and out of her warm and extremely wet pussy. Her position and the angle made it feel amazing.

It then didn’t take long for my orgasm to come. I slowed down, wrapped my hands around Chloe’s body and grabbed her breasts. Chloe turned her head around and kissed me, and at that moment I feel my cock explode deep in her pussy. Several squirts of sperm entered deep in her, my sister-in-law.

Chloe turned around, kissed me, and said: “I’m happy I took the shower today, now I finally know what my sister always talks about.”

I smiled and kissed her on the mouth once more, using a bit of tongue, and then left the shower. I dried myself, and headed to the bedroom.

There she was, my wife. I had just fucked her sister and filled her with cum, and now I already want to fuck my wife too. She turned around and asked sleepily, “that took long, did you forget?”. I responded: “Sorry, yeah, the game took slightly longer than expected. Can we make up for it in the morning?”

She smiled and nodded, then went back to sleep.

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