Where Passion Flows

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Big Tits

I stood in the shower, letting the water run over my naked body, washing away the stress. My eyes were closed, the water pleasantly massaging my scalp. I felt good. Relaxed. Finally alone. My girlfriend Tessa at her parents and Melanie thankfully out shopping for the afternoon.

I tensed up every time I thought about Melanie. Hell, she could be so aggravating! She often managed to rub me the wrong way. Me and my friends and my family and… Oh well, never mind. She was my girlfriend’s best friend from out of town, she was staying with us for a few days and I had just better get used to it.

Melanie was a series of contradictions. Though sometimes annoying to the point of physical revulsion, she was pleasing to the eye, no doubt about that. Her dark brown eyes, almost black against her fair skin, could be playful and yet other times dangerously intense. Her angular, perked up nose and her sharp, strong cheekbones contrasted with her soft oval face, framed by short, jaggedly cut hair. She had a continental beauty about her. Not the plastic, over-sculpted, manufactured look of many North American “supermodels” but strong, sharp, chiseled features that commanded attention. Even the small scar that ran along her nose, from a dog bite in childhood, was more distinctive than distracting.

As I contemplated her features, I realized I was getting excited. I wasn’t even thinking about her body yet, just her face, but it made me a little horny. Bizarre, I thought. She can get on my nerves so often and here I am fantasizing about her. Man… We men sure are a strange lot, I thought. And chuckled to myself. Then I thought, there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasizing. Why not go with the flow?

I imagined a different world. Same furniture, same apartment, different circumstances. Melanie and I were lovers. We sat on the couch, facing each other, naked.

In my shower, I thought, why am I rushing this? Because I’m already exciting, urged my libido, Get on with it! So I stroked my awakening penis.

Okay. Melanie and I were on the couch, naked. That’s good. We kissed, tentatively at first then the heat of passion overtook us. Our arms intertwined, bringing our two bodies closer, in an awkward crush. Our legs jockeyed for position. Our tongues plunged into each others’ mouths, grappling, dancing for dominance. Our hands stroked each other: backs, legs, arms, hair. Grunting and moaning already began.

That was me grunting, in my shower. I fumbled for more soap to lubricate myself. I stroked myself. I gasped for breath.

Our prone bodies, sitting, grappling on the couch, swayed. Who would be on top? Finally I pushed Melanie back on the couch… or did she pull me on top of her. I don’t know and neither of us cared. We kissed more intensely. The taste of her mouth, sweet in mine. My lips parted from hers and eagerly explored her. My lips brushed her chiseled cheeks, her upturned nose. I swooped in to suckle her earlobe. She moaned.

And so did I… I needed more soap.

Oh, thank you. Her earlobes were sensitive too, just like mine. In sex, I’ve always thought it best to do unto others… And in my fantasy, she did. She nibbled and sucked and gently bit my earlobe. I was in a near frenzy and hadn’t even gone past the neckline. I pulled away, letting my lips take in the sweetness of her skin on her neck, her chest, her breasts, her exquisitely pert nipples. I suckled on them voraciously, her moans and her fingers through my hair spurring me on…

I heard the apartment door open, shattering my fantasy dream.

“Hello?!?” a female voice called out.

Shit! I exclaimed. It’s Melanie. I felt oddly… guilty. What if she caught me?… Wait a minute. Relax. You’re in the shower. There’s no way she–

“Davey, are you here?” Melanie continued.

I grumbled under my breath, but managed a polite “I’m in the shower!” My name was David, or, if you must, you could call me Dave. But nobody called me Davey, except my sister, and then only to annoy me. I never told Melanie that but somehow, someway, she instinctively knew how to push my buttons. That’s what I was thinking when the door burst open.

“What the—?” I sputtered.

“I have to pee, really badly” Melanie replied, without a wit of concern me. I tried covering myself, though the frosted glass of the bath / shower only hinted at the vaguest outline of my body.

“Don’t worry, I can’t see anything.” she added giggling “Besides it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

And I was glad she didn’t peek in to make sure because she WOULD have seen something different about me: my erect penis. Granted, it was rapidly deflating thanks to the embarrassing predicament she supplied, but there would have been little doubt what I had been up to.

“How flattering” I said, trying but failing to be nonchalant. Get down, I urged my penis. Melanie might see a suspicious shape through the frosted glass.

“Where’s Tessa?” asked Melanie.

“At her mum and dad’s,” I said, coaxing levent escort more cold water from the shower, “She’ll be back after dinner.”

“Then it’s just you and me?” Melanie queried.

The way Melanie asked gave me pause. Was she flirting with me? Now? Here? Nah. “Yes,” I said “I guess we have to think about dinn–“


I jumped the jump of a man about to be doused, naked, with boiling water… which of course I was. I peeled an anticipatory scream and knocked the showerhead away from any important bits.

“Sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry!” spat out Melanie from the other side of the shower door.

All is right with the world again. I am once more annoyed at Melanie.

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t thinking!” Melanie continued.

“Yeah, you got that right.” I said, a little unkindly.

“Are you alright? ” she asked, with seemingly genuine concern.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” I watched the steam of the overly hot water rise over the top of the shower’s sliding door. “The water temperature will go back down quick enough,” I grumbled. I gave the water a tentative touch. Ouch. Not soon enough.

“Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” Melanie… purred?

Again that odd, flirty tone of voice threw me off. I’ve always believed flirting was “half-kidding / half-wishing”. However, several very vocal “misunderstandings” later with the opposite sex, I’ve come to realize that my belief isn’t universal. Furthermore, this was Melanie. I decided to laugh it off.

“Never say “Is there anything I can do for you” to a naked man,” I said “It leads to trouble.”

“I love trouble,” Melanie replied. And this was true. “Come on,” she continued “Dare me to do something I wouldn’t do.”

No other activity has caused more problems and, admittedly, blossomed more (adolescent) relationships than the faithful, old and very dangerous game of “Truth or Dare”.

“That’s something else you shouldn’t say to a naked man.” I was trying for a joke but, despite the steamy surroundings, my throat was getting awfully dry. This game was getting perilous.

“Come on,” urged Melanie. “I dare you.”

Okay, I thought. This obviously can’t be happening. This must be one of those autoerotic asphyxiation delusions I’ve heard about. I might as well go for broke.

“Scrub my back.” I dared.

Instantly, the sliding shower door slowly began to roll open. I think I yelped. The door opened slowly enough so that I could at least turn my back to Melanie. This is crazy, my mind tried to tell me. This isn’t happening. But, from the position of the door, obviously someone had slid the shower door at least half-open. And that person, judging from the voice, was Melanie. She was seeing my naked backside. I didn’t… I couldn’t turn around. That would make this situation real.

“Move closer to me,” Melanie said quietly, but the words throbbed inside my heads. “I can’t reach that far. And adjust the water.”

I complied, if somewhat clumsily. Melanie had now obviously seen me naked from behind, there’s no turning back ­ as it were- so why was I embarrassed and clumsy now? I guess I didn’t want Melanie to see my butt crack as I bent over to adjust the water temperature. So I bent my knees and looked silly instead. I walked backwards to return to the open part of the shower door, never looking back. Not wanting to turn around.

“Soap?” she requested playfully.

Again, I bent my knees painfully way down to pick up the soap from the soap dish. I passed it to her behind me, over my shoulder. She took the soap.

Melanie applied the soap bar to my back, making big, slow circles with her hand. It was excruciatingly pleasurable. I squeezed my eyes shut and, for fear of embarrassing myself further, I thought of dead puppies and very old nuns. It didn’t work.

It seemed to go on for hours. Circle. Circle. She started to add long strokes up and down my back. Circle, circle, stroke, stroke. Ask any man, that’s a killer combination.

Then Melanie’s hand reached the small of my back and stayed there awhile. I was hoping against hope this wasn’t the end of it. It wasn’t. She slid her hand further down, stroking my buttocks. They warmed at her touch of their own accord.

“That’s not my back,” I croaked.

“It’s the back of your front,” Melanie countered.

I eagerly conceded. Melanie gently applied the soap to my round buns until they too were all covered in a soapy froth. Slow circles. Her fingers, slick with soap, made smooth, excruciatingly slow circles around my cheeks. The warmth of the heat of her fingers rivaled the water’s. My body ached for her to touch me all over while my brain thought of baseball stats and garbage and… horrors, Melanie stopped.

I resisted the temptation simply to turn around, exposing myself, literally to Melanie and figuratively to other consequences. I couldn’t turn around. It was too forward. Too forward? My libido screamed incredulous but silently, you just got a bayan eskort rub down from an attractive woman! Yeah, continued my brain, your girlfriend’s best friend. Oh… yeah, my libido whimpered. This debate lasted mere seconds but before I could act ­ or rather not act ­ fingernails stroke down my back achingly slowly.

Electricity seemed to crackle through my body. The feeling skirting the pleasure/ pain threshold made my back arch. I grit my teeth and stifled a groan.

“I have a thing for bare backs,” cooed Melanie, as she clawed my back.

She’d told me that before, countless times, when she was less annoying and we found ourselves flirting, as friends or friends-of-friends sometimes do. We are both excellent flirts. The dodge and parry of verbal flirts and sexual innuendo intoxicates me. When Melanie and I would flirt, we’d up the ante with each quip. Neither one would back down. We’d simply end our word-for-word flirting combat when some other topic of conversation came up. She’d once told me, during one of these flirting sessions while we swam in the lake at my family’s cottage, that she had a thing for bare backs. A real turn-on, she said. I knew then that it was innocent flirting. Now, her comment was said in a totally un-innocent context.

“That so?” I croaked. Think roadkill. Think algebra class. Think…Think… I think she stopped clawing.

The clawing had indeed stopped. Silence, except for the running water. I couldn’t stand the suspense. I craned my neck to see her. My hands covered my private bits. Melanie had an eyebrow cocked. A satisfied, Cheshire grin flashed across her face.

“See,” said Melanie. “I met your challenge. Not much of a dare.”

“Yeah, well, come in here and say that.” I said, half-kidding/ half-wishing, as I twisted my torso towards her.

Melanie huffed a laugh and smiled. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” And she slowly closed the shower door. I heard her walk out of the bathroom and close the door.

Shit, I thought. I went too far. Fuck. Oh crap! Melanie is gonna tell Tessa that she tested me, tempted me, and that I caved like a house of cards in a wind tunnel. Or worse, that I outright propositioned her.

Well, you did, whispered the self-destructive part of my mind.

Shut up, yelled back another part of my brain as I doused my throbbing head under the streaming water. Oh, crap-crap-crap.

You did want to have sex with her. You were tempted.

Shut up already! Melanie started it. She… she tricked me. She was hitting on me. She… Anyway, I should okay. If Melanie tells Tessa, it’s still her word against mine… … Oh, I am SO dead.

I buried my head in my hands. I tried to block out all my thoughts and just let the hypnotic thrum of the water beating down on my head carry me away, when I felt hands wrap around my chest.

Startled, I whipped my head around. It was Melanie, naked as the day is long, her arms wrapped around me. She held me from behind, her bare breasts pushing into my scratched back, her pelvis crushed up against my buttocks and her legs spooned in behind mine. She had me pinned, standing in the shower. I couldn’t turn around, even if I had the presence of mind to do so. I just looked into those intense, dark brown eyes for an eternity of three seconds as rivulets of water dripping from our naked bodies intermingled. I didn’t know what to say.

“Hi,” I said, ’cause that usually works when you don’t know what else to say.

Melanie ignored my witty repartee. “I said your dare wasn’t much of a challenge,” and added, “Can you think anything more challenging?”

As usual in such situations, my brain sputtered, but my libido rose to the challenge… and Melanie’s. “Seems a shame my back is washed, but not my front.”

Melanie smiled again and stepped back. I turned around to face her as she took the soap from its dish. Not taking her eyes off mine, she began to lather my chest with soap.

Baseball stats weren’t going to help me here. I knew it. And Melanie knew it now too, thanks to my untamed biology. Though my eyes looked directly at hers, my peripheral vision was having a field day. Melanie’s large, full breasts looked luscious. Her areolas were a very dark, coffee brown. Lighter goosebumps encircled her nipples, which stood so erect they seemed to be pointing upwards. I could see, out of the lower corner of my eye, Melanie’s round hips and the well-trimmed tuft of her crotch. Did she shave or trim around her crotch? I was eager to find out, up close.

Imperceptibly at first, Melanie drew closer. And closer. As she did, I managed to put my hands around her. I ran them up and down her back in smooth, slow strokes. Okay, perhaps not smooth. My hands surely trembled. We drew closer until we kissed urgently. Our lips crushed each other. Our arms intertwined. We both groaned with the pleasure of our proximity. On the fringes of her lips, I could taste the tangy salt of her sweat. It intermingled with the fresh shower güngören eskort water.

We then kissed more deeply. If possible, we drew our bodies even closer. The heat of my passion pressed firmly between our stomachs. It was a joint possession now. Our tongues thrust into each other’s mouths, darting and dancing as our tongues did when Melanie and I flirted. But now it was with added purpose.

My hands grabbed her buttocks, pulling her up and in towards me, while her fingernails dug ever so slightly into my back. Standing, I used my purchase on her buttocks to pull her body up and down in slow, thrusting motions. My penis rubbed between us pleasantly and smoothly thanks to soapy lubricant.

“Truth or dare,” she whispered into my ear.

“I dare you,” my voice trembled as I guided her left hand, “to put your hand there for three seconds.” Her hand rested on my erect and throbbing member. We stared into each other’s eyes intensely. “One,” she sighed as she stroked my cock. “Two.” Another stroke. I groaned. “Three.” Stroke.

We kissed even more deeply, exploring the delicacies of each other’s mouths. We broke for a moment, breaths heaving.

“Seems unfair,” said Melanie “for me to do all the dares. How about you?”

Anything. I thought and said. Guiding my hand in turn, Melanie tempted me with the words “I dare you to keep your hand there for three seconds.”

Melanie had guided my hand to her crotch. From what I could feel, her hair was naturally close cropped. Her lips were gorged in anticipation. “One,” I whispered as I gently thrust my finger into her. Melanie’s body arched and convulsed in pleasure. “Two.” A groan escaped her lips. “Three.”

Melanie’s body shook. She gripped my hair firmly in her fingers and kissed me urgently again. Her tongue invaded my mouth, caressing each recess with zest. She then took my hand and began sucking on my fingers. The feeling was incredible. My penis throbbed and was so erect it hurt.

My lips consumed her neck, then eagerly slid to her breasts. I suckled on her breasts and nipples as I had done in my fantasy only minutes earlier. The real thing was so much better. The smell of her body, the texture of her skin couldn’t be imagined and had to be experienced.

Melanie groaned as I pulled her nipples gently between my lips. I let go and returned to their warmth. This time, I grated my teeth ever so gently along her areola and her nipple. From the tremors that racked her body, I was doing okay by her.

Melanie continued to suck the fingers of one of my hands as my other hand slid between her legs to prepare for my lips’ arrival. My head sank further down along her body. I stopped briefly at her midriff. My fingers fondled her mound as my tongue circled her belly button and thrust inside playfully. I sank even further down to face her vagina. I took in the sight of her naturally trim hair in a thin furrowed line on either side of her awaiting lips.

My nose nuzzled her. I kissed her other lips then moved away. Melanie swayed her hips to keep me in place but I wanted to drive her just a little crazier. I kissed and sucked and licked all up and down her inner thighs. When I got up to her crotch, I would only briefly, gently brush my lips against hers, then move to the other thigh. Melanie groaned in anticipation and near frustration. But on the second pass, I eagerly dove into her.

Melanie lifted one leg onto the edge of the tub. She groaned loudly as my thrusting tongue parted her moist lips. I enjoyed tasting the new and unfamiliar tang of her juices. I lapped it up. Her hips slowly began to sway rhythmically into me. I grabbed her from behind and dug deeper into her tasty trench. Melanie in turn grabbed the back of my head and thrust my head even deeper and harder into her.

Water splashed down over us as I licked and thrust my tongue into her, deeply, rhythmically. Faster and faster, her body moved to meet mine. Her breathing grew louder and more laboured, her thrusting, more urgent. Her hair, wet and matted now, streaked her face but Melanie was oblivious. Her eyes were tightly shut and her head bobbed back and forth. She looked pained but it was a pleasurable pain. Melanie moved her body closer and closer to orgasm. Faster, faster. Deeper and deeper. Her fists clenched around clumps of my hair and rammed me in deeper. Her back arched. She gasped then groaned loudly. And shook and groaned and thrust and cried out. Over and over again.

My lips brushed hers once more. I kissed her mound tenderly. I moved slowly back up her body, my lips lingering briefly over the fun parts. When I finally stood up, she grabbed the back of my head again and kissed me deeply, no doubt tasting herself in my mouth. My hair still hurt from her urgent grasping from earlier but her kiss soothed the pain.

Her hand moved down and began slowly to stroke my swollen member. Her lips caressed mine. Then they moved along my neck line, and down across my chest. Her lips encircled a nipple. Melanie’s teeth then grated my nipple. The delicious electric pleasure / pain caused me to moan. Melanie grinned, her teeth still firmly latched onto me. Her tongue swirled around my nipple. First one, then the other. Then her head moved further down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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