Where You Going: Tangled with an Ex

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I’m actually explaining a true story, I’d say transpired in December 2014.

I left California May 2014 to execute overseas orders in Bahrain, as I at that point was in the Navy for eight years.

September 2012 to May 2014, I was in a relationship with Al, after one night he blew me and realized he enjoyed my company, and he wanted it to be a regular thing (regular, as in sucking me dry every day).

We fell in love, but over time, I learned he couldn’t get enough cock at either end, and he had an assortment of guys who would come by when I was at work, out of town, or at the gym.

“Al, if you wanna see other people, make it known,” I told him.

He claimed he didn’t, and he was lying horribly, evidenced by the extra cologne bottles in the guest bathroom, clothing items found in the hamper that either of us didn’t wear, and large cum stains on our sheets that I knew either of us didn’t provide.

“I’ll say it again, love. If you want other guys, then make that known,” I told him.

I was willing to do the open relationship thing, as I was getting turned on knowing I could plow some other chub daddies on the side, as long as Al and I were transparent to each other. He held strong to ‘being loyal,’ but the true indicator of his pure phony came when he barely touched, or slept in bed with me, as now, at this point I was just a live in rent boy slash cook. So when May came around, on the day of my flight, he dropped me off at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, as when we pulled up to the drop off area, tears were shed and kisses exchanged, as I truly was going to miss him.

“You have no idea how much I love you,” he said.

He played an act worthy of an Oscar, as I found out a guy, who’d he eventually marry, came by to fuck him and move his shit in that same evening.

“I miss you. I hope you’re doing well. Will you be coming back to Los Angeles any time, soon,” he messaged one day.

He emailed me during a duty day sometime before December, as I was literally making plans to fly back stateside for the holidays.

“Actually, I will. Maybe I could meet the new hubby, we have a few drinks, some dinner,” I stated.

“That ain’t all I want. I want that fat, black stick of yours deep in my ass,” he responded.

“You’re married now. I can’t do anything for you,” I typed back, while chuckling.

“Just bring your black ass back here to L.A., don’t have me flying to Manama,” he said.

He knew I wanted him, and as sex starved as I was in Bahrain, if he, and his partner would’ve shown up to the doorstep of my flat, I would’ve punished them both with this nine inch long prick. Al, a then-63 year old big bottomed Mexican grandpa, was an all out sex pot, from his beautiful, wavy salt and pepper hair, his big, brown eyes, nearly trimmed salt and pepper goatee, and of course, nice, bulky chest and plump ass, that proved time and time again it was built for pounding. Al’s way of touching me brought out a certain freak in me, as he was masculine, but was the best porno dick sucker this side of the Mississippi. He also knew how to talk to me, even when he was wrong, as his deep voice could give me goosebumps at times. I made my flight arrangements to see family, but to see him as well.

“Bring me those balls, baby,” he said. “And I may be married, but I’ll never stop loving you.”

The flight was booked after reading that, and the second week of December, six days I spent with family in Virginia, but that Saturday afternoon, Al was picking me up at LAX.

“It’s been a very long almost seven months. Kiss me like you mean it ” he said.

He came alone to the airport, standing by baggage claim looking tastier than ever, donning a black suit, gold Aviator shades, a smile, and a fragrance that made me want to jump out of my skin. When we got in his car, I grabbed his face and slid my tongue in his mouth, as our saliva and body heat were exchanged. Our chemistry reformed, but in the back of my mind I thought about his partner while our sexual energy was on display. I stopped kissing him.

“Where’s Romero,” I asked.

His face dropped, right before he let out a big sigh.

“He’s at home. You ready to meet him,” he asked.

I laughed inside, as he didn’t seem too thrilled of his partner. He had his hand on my cock, but I removed it.

“Remember, you’re married now,” I reminded him.

He gave me a peck on the lips, then we drove to his place, as Romero, this swollen arm, flat stomach Brazilian kid, who looked to be 25, was in the driveway, washing a vehicle.

“Wow, he’s stacked ” I told Al.

Al gave me a look, then got out, as he brought his new lover over to me so we could shake hands. He introduced us, as Romero was the same height as me, but thinner and more defined.

“Pleased to meet you, Travis,” he said to me. “I heard a lot about you.”

I didn’t know exactly what that meant, nonetheless I was honored, for Al still had me in his mentions. We went inside, had beers and chatted for a few hours, before Al broke out the grill and smashed out some carne asada for the three of us.

“I can recall you made the best damned sweet potato pie,” Al said at the table.

He recalled how I used to throw down each Sunday in the kitchen, usually while wearing nothing but my robe, as we might’ve made love hours prior. He kept on reminiscing on the past while we ate, and all I could think about was how Romero might’ve felt.

“You two sounded like a storybook,” he said.

I felt the same of Romero with Al, as Al finally got what he wanted. It hurt me to go down memory lane, however, so I changed the subject.

“Guys, I don’t wanna put you out. I’ll get a hotel,” I said.

“Nonsense. You will sleep in one of the bedrooms,” Al said.

“I agree. Why pay for a room when you have friends that have one for you,” added Romero.


It was settled, as after dessert, I’d go unpack, then shower.

“Lemme taste it,” Al said, busting through the curtain.

“Al, I’m not messing with you,” I told him.

Romero went to take a shower in their bathroom, and Al took it as a chance to sneak some play.

“That big dick will always belong to me,” he said, sticking his head into the shower.

I objected, until he got on his knees and put that bearded mouth on the tip, and I instantly became hard.

“You still got that sweet precum,” he said. “I’m gonna swallow some before you leave, mijo.”

He sucked me for all of two minutes, then got out, as he didn’t want to get caught. I finished up, threw on some workout gear and headed to the living room where they were, laying on the couch as I would make a pallet on the floor.

“Travis are you comfortable,” Romero asked.

I was, as I had my lower body and back turned away from them, only because my dick was throbbing through my shorts and I didn’t want either of them to see it. I didn’t want to embarrass myself to Romero, and I didn’t want to give Al the satisfaction. After an hour, Romero yawned and grew tired, signaling he was leaving us behind.

“Good night boys,” he said. “Love you, honey.”

He kissed Al, before reaching down to grab my hand as a friendly gesture, then head to the bedroom. Romero shut the door, and Al and I began to chat, as we got caught up.

“What happened to you and me,” he asked.

I snickered, then explained, as we even had a light argument.

“I couldn’t help myself,” he admitted. “For a time, I just couldn’t get enough dick in my system. I totally regret making you feel the way you did. I honestly hope you can forgive me, baby?”

I hated this, as I did accept his apology, but raw emotions took over and the tears flowed in my eyes. I wanted to be HIS Romero, as I knew Al was the one for me. I reminded him how he shattered that, becoming so upset that I threatened to leave and not return, and cease all contact with Al.

“You’re not leaving, you bastard,” he said. “I will never have another one like you, Travis, and I’ll be damned if you leave me twice, not like this. I love you, mijo.”

I got up, trying to walk past him so I could head to the bedroom, when he grabbed my hand, making me turn to him.

“Baby, don’t leave, please stay,” he whispered and begged.

I let him have it, reminded him how dirty he did me, and that I could never trust men again.

I was also wrong for not pulling away when I should’ve, but I hadn’t busted a nut in months and Al, he was talented enough to pull three out of me in less than two hours, as he did once before. I pushed down my shorts and he became a hungry animal, taking my throbbing dick all the way down his throat, while his right hand rubbed my left nipple.

“You got Romero in the next room,” I told him.

“I know, and he knows that I want you,” Al said.

This wasn’t right, but Al put that long tongue on my nuts and started tickling them, then all hell broke loose. I pulled myself away from him, then got completely naked, right before I helped him out of his clothes. He laid on the floor on his back, spreading those legs so I could taste that ass of his once more.

“Fuck Travis, I’ve missed you so much,” he whimpered.

I ate him as if he was Thanksgiving, groaning and devouring that musty, man scented hole, making him squirm in the process. No one eats ass like me, as I do more than go in and out, but I truly lick, suck, rub and allow my tongue to do all its capable of when inside someone I truly care about.

“Fuck me, please,” he begged.

I ate that ass for an hour, just loving the way he tasted, which included the cum from his prostate. His hole was raw from what I could tell, so I stroked my cock with some lotion that just happened to be laying around, then plunged in him in one motion, eyeing his man pussy stretch from my dick’s intrusion.

“Ohhh fuck,” he squealed out.

I gave it to him all the way.

“Take it. Take it baby, don’t run from it,” I said.

I immediately started banging Al, he holding his own legs in the air while I punished his twat. We had making up to do, as all the times he left me hanging in bed, he was paying for with a deep thrashing.

“Fuck, you’ve never been so deep,” he cried out.

“No one else, either,” I asked.

“No, you bitch. Now fuck me harder,” he cried out.

You could hear our bodies crashing against one another, as well as the sound of his sloshy hole opening up, and releasing his juices each time my tip hit his spots. It felt good to have my pubes rubbing that rosebud, as he claimed to feel my hard balls pressing against his taint.

“Ooooh, Travis, you’re gonna make my head spin,” he said.

I had to remind him what he gave up. I was now in better shape, and lasted in bed longer than before. I had to remind him that I would always make him cum first, consistent with whatever else I did for him. I also reminded him, that no one, Romero included, could make him cum like I did.

“Oh my God, Travis, I’m gonna shoot, baby,” he cried out.

I banged him harder, deeper, and sure enough, he screamed as the cum geysered out of his cock, he shaking when he was done, as the orgasm totally took him over. I pulled my dick out of him, then crawled over to his face to jack off.

“Take this nut,” I said to him.

He put his lips on my sagging, tight nut sack, then gently sucked them, as I would blast off all over his face, chin and chest.

“Ooooooh fuck, just like old times,” I said afterwards.

He wiped up all the cum with his fingers, putting every drop in his mouth.

“You’re going AWOL fucker,” he joked afterwards. “I can’t get enough of you. That damned Romero gotta go.”

“Well, that’s the bed you made, and your sexy ass must lie in it,” I told him.

We kissed some more as I reached down and put my hairy body on his smooth one, then he got up, walking shamelessly to the bedroom, and shutting the door behind him. I got up, got dressed, folded everything and turned off the television before heading to bed.

The next morning, I made and served breakfast as if nothing happened, flying back a few hours later.

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