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Chapter 1

She raced around her bedroom one last time, trying to be sure she packed everything he’d told her to bring, which wasn’t much really. Her heart was racing and she felt nervous about finally seeing him. They’d known one another on-line for more than six months, and had gotten to know each other quite well, but this was to be their first time meeting in person. She took a deep breath and glanced at the clock – five minutes until he arrived. She sat down on the edge of the bed next to her hastily filled backpack and grabbed her hiking boots. No sooner had she put them on and laced them up tight than she heard a horn honking downstairs in the driveway.

She stood before her full-length mirror and gave herself a once over, making sure everything was just right. She tried wearing no make-up, just as he’d asked, but decided to cheat a bit and had put on just a touch of eyeliner and mascara to accentuate her catlike eyes, plus a healthy bit of lip gloss. Her hair had been tied in a ponytail and pulled through the cap she wore, which proudly promoted her favorite hockey team. She reached up and pulled a few strands down to frame her lovely face, her dark eyes turning up at the corners, hinting at her oriental lineage. She adjusted her white tank top a bit then tucked it more tightly into her very brief denim shorts, so that it stretched snuggly over her abs and breasts. They weren’t all that large, but they were very nicely shaped. What they wanted in size was more than compensated for by her large nipples, which she noticed were mildly erect.

The lack of a bra was her touch to the attire, and the darker color of her areolas was faintly visible through the thin fabric. She tugged here and there at the legs of her shorts. Her mother would kill her if she saw her wearing them, she thought, but as she turned and looked at how nicely they showed off her tight butt, she smiled. The long hours on the stair climber this summer had really paid off, she realized, as her gaze continued down along her tone and tan legs. She’d always considered herself an attractive girl, but she smiled comfortably as she now looked at herself more as a very exotic, sexy woman. This was something he’d helped her to do since they’d met, this self-appreciation, and she felt certain he’d feel the same when he finally saw her. Her sultry grin faded as another car horn sounded and she wheeled around, grabbed her bag and keys then made for the door.

At the bottom of the stairs, her eyes finally met his. Dark and mysterious, just as in the pictures they’d shared, but something that had been missing in them was undeniably there now. She felt lost for a fleeting moment while he stood there smiling at her, but broke in her own grin as he stretched his arms wide, gesturing for a hug. She dropped her bag and jumped the short distance between them, wrapped her arms tightly around him and buried her face in his heavy chest. She knew he was tall, but was still a little overwhelmed by his size as she craned her neck up to look at him again. “Welcome to Vancouver!” she beamed.

His smile had not yet broken and he stooped a bit as he lifted her up, bringing their lips together. He could tell a lot about a woman from her kiss, and as theirs deepened, the reservations he’d had about dating someone he’d met online, much less flying 2000 miles to meet her quickly melted away and he knew this was going to be a memorable weekend. Her lips were full and moist, just the right thickness, and she used them to suck around his. Her tongue was rough and slightly forceful, so he let her take over the kiss, relishing in the knowledge that he’d have his hands full with this one. He held her tightly, her breasts pressed to his chest, nipples hardening with excitement as he lost himself in the moment. She pulled away and looked at him wide-eyed. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” she said, biting her lower lip sheepishly.

“Well, fortunately, we have all weekend alone to do nothing but that, if you wish,” he replied honestly, “though I do have a few things planned in the event you get bored. Hop in.” He helped her up into the lifted and heavily modified Land Cruiser he’d borrowed from a close friend who lived down in Seattle, throwing her pack in with the other supplies organized in the back of the rig. “Getting right into the bondage, I see,” she mused as she fiddled with the funny seatbelts. He smiled as he taught her how to fit into the five-point restraint, taking his time both so he knew she could do it on her own as well as because he was extremely turned on. His desire for her had gradually increased since they’d met. In fact, the five-hour flight to Seattle was spent shifting around in his chair as his cock had pretty much turned to stone since they’d started planning this trip a month ago.

She was, after all, his fantasy woman come to life. With both American and Asian parents, she’d been gifted with the best features of both and, so far as he could tell, none of the drawbacks from either. Her body was just as he’d imagined, but here in the flesh… warm, tan, smooth flesh… she was having quite the effect on him. The back of his almanbahis hand brushed her inner thigh as he brought the center strap up through her crotch and his erection pulsed madly. Fortunately, the rocker guards were high enough to conceal his obvious bulge and he continued his lesson on the how’s and why’s of the harness and various other safety features of the rig until he had calmed down enough to walk around to the driver side without a limp. He hoisted himself in and repeated the buckling ritual, then started up the truck. Glancing at his gorgeous new passenger he quipped, “Let the adventure begin!” and with that, they were rolling.

Chapter 2

You could not have asked for better weather. In fact, the whole of the Pacific Northwest had been graced with a rather mild summer. Just enough precipitation to keep the fire risk low, but not so much that the trails would be a mud fest. “So what’s the plan, man?” she asked as she watched Vancouver drift by the open cockpit of the rig. They were headed north towards the mountains and she already knew they were going camping for the weekend, but the rest he’d kept shrouded in a bit of mystery.

“Whistler. Well, near Whistler, anyway. I know about some old logging trails up there, some of them older than either of us, in fact. I had to get permission to access them from a private landowner, but as it turned out, my buddy who’s truck we’re using is a good friend of his. Anyway, it roughly works out to around 150 square miles of private forest.” He glanced at her as he talked. She had her sunglasses on now, and looked so delicious he could hardly stand it. She was smiling freely at him as he spoke. “It gets better. He emailed me a program that I loaded into the GPS unit there on the dash that maps the whole place out, so getting to it and around it will be a cinch. And get this… he’s letting us use his hunting cabin while we’re there!”

“That is so awesome!” she squealed. “Wow… I’m so excited… I can hardly wait! I’d lean over and kiss you right now if it weren’t for these damn seatbelts.” She truly was happy. She loved the great outdoors and of course she knew where Whistler was, had even skied there on occasion. But the idea of camping in a tent out in the open, with the bears and whatever else was lurking out there, well that idea had taken some getting used to. But now with the cabin, she felt much more relaxed. The sun beamed down on her naturally brown skin, tanning it deeper as the wind blew her ponytail around. The rush of the city was behind them and the green of the foothills surrounded them completely. It was mid-afternoon on a Friday, so they were well ahead of the rush, and save for the occasional eighteen-wheeler, the highway was all theirs.

For his part, he was trying hard just to keep his eyes on the road. He’d been thinking of this vacation all month, but really the fantasy this woman embodied went back more than a decade. Her skin was glowing as she sat nearly spread-eagle in the seat beside him, one foot in the cutout for the removable doors, the other knee resting against his hand draped over the stick shift. He took the hint and cupped her kneecap, noting again how warm and smooth her skin was. Her breasts were exactly the right size for him and looked as if they could fill his large hands perfectly. The wind ripping through the cab rustled her shirt and this friction, combined with the cooler air of the higher altitude, was making her nipples jut nicely against the fabric.

But more than all this, she was just so damn beautiful, both physically and mentally. Her personality was warm, her smile contagious, and her sexual appetite voracious. He watched her as she took in the scenery breezing by and felt his heart swell a bit. It was a shame they hadn’t met each other before they had each entered their committed relationships. Of course, she would only have been in her mid-teens at that time in his life, but just before his mind started to analyze this factoid, he remembered they’d promised one another to live in the moment while they were together and not to worry about any aspect of their lives back home. Another glance over his shoulder caught her looking straight at him, her smile broadening. “Where were you just now, mister?” she asked.

“Uhhh… sorry… daydreaming I guess. Are you comfortable? Not too cool, I hope?” he asked, nodding towards her hardened nipples. “It’ll only take a few minutes to pop the doors on and raise the top. Here, let me turn on the heater. At least your toes will be warm.”

“Thanks. But I’m not really cold… just… excited,” she answered with a secret smile. She shuddered a bit as his hand fell down along the inside of her thigh until his pinky was resting against the hem of her shorts. To finally feel his strong hands on her skin was making her so excited. She shifted so she was facing him more, scootching down a bit in her seat and forcing his hand closer to her sex. He could feel her warmth there, through both her denim shorts and the nylon of the restraint… and even with the cool wind buffeting through the cab, he felt his own passion rising. He started running his almanbahis adres fingers up and down along her skin, his pinky sneaking past the edge of her shorts. Moist, bare flesh met him just inside and he wondered if the shave was complete or not. She watched his face as this realization hit home and giggled playfully as he turned to look at her, his thick eyebrows raised inquisitively. “I can’t let you have all the answers yet now, can I?” she asked.

“Fair’s fair, I suppose. Anything else I should know about?” he asked.

“Well, you already know about these,” she said, reaching up and cupping her breasts. Her tiny, slender fingers tweaked at her swollen nipples as she looked over the top of her sunglasses at him, lips parted and wet. She let out a low moan as he worked a finger deeper against her slippery labia. Just as he was about to pull off the road, the sudden rush of a semi roaring past and honking it’s horn brought them both out of their escapade and their initial apprehension melted into mutual laughter as they realized what the scene must have looked like. “Guess that’ll be a story for the guys at the diner,” she laughed. He agreed and withdrew his hand, bringing his shiny finger to his mouth and sucking her wetness off it.

“Mmmm… I’m suddenly very hungry. How ’bout you?” he asked, only half sarcastically as he realized that it had been several hours since his last meal.

“Ohhh… I’d love to get something in my mouth,” she toyed.

“Cut it out – you know what I mean. Want me to stop and get us something?”

“Nah, let’s just keep going. We’ve got to be getting close. Whistler in only 60 kilometers farther up the road. Besides, it’s getting late enough to wait for dinner anyway.” Her rationale was sound, and it was probably time to pay a little more attention to the navigation. He reached up and flicked on the GPS unit and took in a bit of the beautiful foothill scenery while waiting for it to patch in to the nearest satellite. The sky here was a much deeper blue than that of his home, made even more so by the starkly contrasting shades of evergreen poking up into it. Even the brown of the soil and dry pine needles was far richer than those he was accustomed to. “Pretty, isn’t it?” she asked him, seemingly reading his thoughts.

He looked back at her, his gaze slowly falling down her body. “Breathtaking,” he replied.

“Such a charmer, you silly man,” she giggled. Just then a beep sounded from the GPS unit confirming a signal. “Ah, let’s see where we are,” she said, reaching up and popping the device from its cradle.

“Know how to work one of those things?” he asked, already impressed.

“Yes. It’s the first thing they teach us in finishing school,” she joked. “Looks like the turn off is just up the road about 7 kilometers, to the right.” She gestured in the general direction then brought her hand back to twist at the stray strand of hair hanging from under her cap. Like her skin, her hair was silky and smooth. It was naturally a shiny jet black, but she’d had some mild highlights put in at the beginning of the summer, and it was one of these lighter strands she now toyed with.

He caught himself smiling as he watched her and continued to grin until they arrived at the turnoff sign, at which point another tone sounded from the GPS. He let off the accelerator and the howl of the heavy-treaded tires dropped to a low roar as they exited from the highway. A sign was posted by a dirt trail that abutted the access road 100 yards or so later, warning that they were entering private property. Staring down the road, he gently spoke. “Last chance to run. Once we’re in here, we’ll be out of contact with the rest of the world for the next couple days. You ready to do this?” he asked.

“Are you gonna talk all day, or drive, mister?” she teased. He noticed that she’d untucked her tank top and tied the bottom portion into a knot behind her, so that it was snug under her breasts and revealed more of her tan skin, as well as showed of her subtly defined abs. “Eyes on the road! Go on, now,” she said, pointing forwards, trying to mock a scolding look, but failing miserably.

“Aye-aye, cap’n!” he saluted, then kicked the rig into gear and stepped heavily into the gas. The rear wheels spun up a rooster tail of dirt as they launched forward, throwing her head back into the molded seat. “Yahoo!” he heard her scream as she playfully yanked her cap off, waving it in the air as they accelerated into the wilderness.

Chapter 3

Shortly thereafter, he slowed down as the trail narrowed and started to get rutty, and after a few twisting miles they came to a locked cattle crossing. He stopped the Cruiser and hit the release switch on the harness, stepping down and out of his seat. “Read me the file name along the top of the screen there, would you please, ma’am?” he asked as he squatted at the lock and chain. She read off the series of numbers from the GPS unit and with a little twisting and a hard yank, the heavy combo lock snapped open. He dragged the swinging gate forward then walked back and joined her again in the truck, idling forward and parking almanbahis yeni giriş on the other side. He reversed the procedure and when he climbed back in, something about the whole process hit home. Here they were, finally, the rest of the world locked out on the other side of that gate. Just the two of them, lovers long in waiting. With a hurried look in his eyes, he leaned across the center console and gave her a much-anticipated kiss. His left hand slipped behind her neck pulling her closer, deeper into his lips. His fingertips pressed into her soft hair at the base of her skull, as his tongue found hers and began to dance.

She strained against the harness, wanting to press her body against his, but couldn’t budge. She reached up to squeeze his wrist and forearm, her other arm bending against his chest, her hand searching for his nipple… finding it… pinching it. As he sucked at her mouth and tongue, his own hand dropped down over her collarbone to her breast, weighing it gently in his palm… tenderly, but with certainty, just as he’d often described to her during their many cyber-moments. Together, their moans drowned out the low drone of the idling engine. As his fingers prodded and tugged on her swelling nipple, she bit at his lip, feeling him withdraw suddenly, dropping her breast and bringing his hand to his mouth. “Owww!” he mumbled from behind his palm, looking at her askew. He held out his hand and noted a dark red trickle, then laughed, “Damn!”

“Sorry… I just got… carried away,” she apologized sincerely. She grabbed and held his palm in her hands, bending her head down to kiss it. Then, looking up at him demurely, the redness of his own blood painted on her wet lips, she asked, “William? Please take us straight to the cabin? I… I can’t wait any longer.”

Still laughing he said, “I guess not!” Then, more gently, “Mmmm… you’re not the only one.” He sighed. “Ok, we’ll go explore tomorrow. According to this, the cabin is just over that set of hills. Besides, it’ll get darker sooner up here than back in the city, and I’m sure we’ll have to warm the place up. So yes, I agree, let’s go. But remember… you’ve got me all weekend, precious, so no rush.” He leaned back over and kissed her again, reservedly this time, but she still managed to suck and lick on his tiny cut. He pulled away after a long moment then put the Cruiser in gear, drove on, and chided, “We’re gonna have to come up with a new name for you back in the chat room. Something to warn people about your little fetish.”

“Stop it. It was an accident,” she replied, feigning a sullen look, but not before he had noticed a slight blushing of her cheeks. Her mind and heart were racing. She’d never been that eager before, certainly never bit anyone. Yet there was no denying she’d enjoyed it… the sense of power… the metallic taste. She was relieved that he didn’t seem to truly mind too much. Her thoughts drifted back months earlier, to one of their steamy chats. Something he’d said had made her aware for the first time of her subtle dominant streak. While they had never really role-played anything along those lines, she’d slowly started to develop a taste for taking control, at least with him. Her thoughts then turned to the few surprises she’d packed away into her bag, and soon she was smiling saucily as she felt the car stop. She looked up to see that they were in the middle of a large, open area, with a meadow reaching far out to her side and a tall hill on his. At the top of the hill was a quaint two-story, alpine-style log cabin with a thick stone chimney and massive windows dominating the narrow side that faced the flower-filled meadow. Tall trees rose up behind it in all directions, and beyond them, the smaller mountaintops leading up to snow-capped Whistler. “My God! It’s lovely!” she beamed.

He looked back at her, his warm smile broadening to show his sparkling smile. He saw she was sitting with her arms drawn tight around her, legs and knees pressed tightly together, skin covered with goose bumps. “Fancy a fire, m’lady?” he asked. The gleam in her eye as she glanced at him was the only answer he needed, and as she looked back up at the cabin, he headed up the gravel road traversing the side of the clearing.

Chapter 4

William grabbed several of the bags out of the back of the rig, carrying them inside while she walked around briefly exploring their new surroundings. The cabin sat atop a steppe, similar to the valley below with the meadow they’d driven across. Behind the cabin was another valley, this one shorter and with a small stock pond fed by a stream she could hear faintly trickling somewhere not far off. There was a small deck at the nearside shore of the pond, which had a small hot tub nestled within. As she stood leaning against the railing of the walkway connecting the cabin to the deck, she noted that the whole area was only a few acres in size and while it would be a substantial piece of property in the city, it seemed dwarfed by the imposing range behind it, which rose steeply again in a rocky face just beyond the water. It was a stunning view, from either direction, really, and it seemed as secluded as it was beautiful. Whoever the owner was, he was obviously doing well for himself, she thought. She noticed the first wisps of smoke billowing from the chimney and with a content smile, began the short walk back to see what he was up to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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