Whitney’s Panties Ch. 13-16

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Chapter 13

This continued on for a couple of months without any real noticeable changes until Whitney’s mother, Becky (my Sister-in-law) decided to visit her daughter. She had called Whitney the night before and asked if she could come and visit her. Whitney, of-course was happy to see her mother as long as she didn’t try to make her return to California and as long as her father wasn’t coming with her. Becky said that she was coming alone and wanted to know if she could stay at my place since Larry (her hubby &my brother) wouldn’t give her any money to stay at a hotel.

Whitney told her mother that she would ask me when I got home from work and call her back that night. When I arrived home, I could tell that something was going on because there was a candle-lit dinner on the table and only places set for two. Whitney came out of the kitchen wearing absolutely nothing at all. She smiled and said that we had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours and that she really needed to asked me something very important. I asked her what it was that she wanted to ask. She asked me to sit down and then she walked over and planted a very seductive kiss on my lips. She smiled and said that her mother wanted to visit her and asked if she could stay here for a few days. She could see the shocked looked on my face and put her head on my shoulder and begged me to say yes.

I asked her what I was supposed to do about work and the way that I was dressed. She started crying and said that she didn’t know. She sobbed that she really missed her mother and wanted her to visit. I told her that it was ok and that we would figure something out. She smiled and stopped crying. I asked her what is for dinner and she said that it wasn’t quite done yet and asked if I wanted to start with desert. I said sure and she went to the kitchen for a moment.

She returned only a minute later carrying a can of spray whipped cream. I just smiled as she climbed on the table, sat in front of me, spread her legs as wide as they would go and sprayed some whipped cream into her pussy folds. Then she said “Dig in” and believe me, she didn’t have to say it twice. After I finished my special desert – we ate our dinner and talked about how to handle the situation of Becky’s visit.

We moved all of Whitney’s & Veronica’s stuff back into the guest bedroom and made sure that all my feminine items were put away in the closet or my private bathroom. I told her that she or Veronica would have to come into my room in the morning and help me with my make-up and the other one would have to make sure that Becky was asleep or kept in the other rooms so that I could leave without a situation. They would also have to make sure that she was gone when I got home so that I would have time to change clothes and remove my make-up before they returned. She agreed and thanked me again. Whitney called her mother and let her know that it was alright and that I agreed to let her stay there while she visited.

The next morning Whitney took my car and picked her mother up at the airport. They talked and caught up throughout the day until around 5:00 pm when Whitney said that she wanted her mom Avrupa Yakası Escort to see the campus (she used the excuse – to ease her mothers fears) I arrived home and found Veronica waiting to help me change and remove my make-up. She also helped to remove a load of cum from my balls while she was at it. I still wore my lingerie but now I had on one of the few men’s outfits that I still had that were not packed away.

Whitney & Becky arrived a short time later. I hugged Becky and told her I was glad to see her again. I usually got along with her, as long as my brother wasn’t around. We talked for awhile and caught up on things. It started getting late and Becky was tired from the long flight and sightseeing. I went to my room and Whitney & Becky took the guest room, leaving Veronica to sleep on the couch. Not that she was there for very long. As soon as Becky was asleep she was in my bed for a quickie before going to sleep.

Chapter 14

Things went pretty much the same for the rest of the week and weekend. On the following Monday is when we ran into a problem. I was just leaving my room heading for the front door to leave for work when I ran into Becky. I was stunned to say the least. Whitney was suppose to be distracting her but had fallen back to sleep. (She and her mother were up late talking) Becky asked who I was, and I had to think fast. I told her that I was Stephanie Thompson, Joe’s girlfriend and that I had spent the night. She seemed to have bought it at the time.

If I only had not been running late that morning, Becky might not have discovered my secret. That night when I arrived home I found a note in my bathroom taped to my mirror. It said, “You looked great this morning Joe, I mean Stephanie. I hope to run into you again soon.” I couldn’t believe that she knew that it was really me. What had I done to give myself away? I thought about everything and couldn’t think of anything. Later that evening after a nice dinner, Becky asked if Whitney & Veronica would run to the nearby video store and rent a couple of movies for us to watch. They agreed and were off in a matter of minutes.

Becky got up and started cleaning the table. I got up and started helping her. She smiled and again thanked me for letting her stay her while she was visiting Whitney. I told her that it was no problem and that I enjoyed having her there. She smiled and said “Even if you can’t be yourself when I am here?” I asked what she meant (even know I knew exactly what she was talking about) She said that she knew that I was a crossdresser for years. She informed me that just after her and my brother Larry had gotten married, she had caught me admiring her lingerie one day when she was folding her laundry. She didn’t think much of it until a few years later.

She had to run errands and asked me to keep an eye on Whitney (she was about 6 years old at that time). When she returned she came in the house and had not seen me so she quietly snuck down the hall and seen me in her room wearing one of her teddies. She watched for awhile and thought about how cute I was at the time. She quietly Bahçelievler Escort slipped back down the hall and out the door. She never said anything because she just thought that I had a crush on her.

She said that when she first saw me come out of my room dressed like I was and when I said that I was Stephanie that she believed me until she thought about it later that morning and decided to sneak into my room for a peek. She opened my dresser and discovered that I had all kinds of sexy lingerie and only one pair of men’s underwear as well as a closet full of women’s dresses, skirts, blouses, and accessories but only a couple of men’s outfits. That confirmed her suspicions but then she wondered if Whitney knew the truth. She confronted Whitney and ordered her to tell the truth. Whitney broke down and told her mother EVERYTHING!!!

Chapter 15

That’s when she decided to confront me after dinner that evening. She informed me that I had come along way since she had seen me wearing her teddy some years earlier. I thanked her and asked her not to say anything to the rest of my family. She promised that she would keep my secret as long as I agreed to something. I asked what it was. She said that she would like to see me model some of my lingerie for her. I agreed as long as she would model some for me. She thought about it for a minute and then she agreed.

We went to my bedroom and started choosing outfits for the other to model.

Once we had several outfits picked out Becky ran into my private bathroom and changed into the first of several outfits as I did the same in my bedroom. When she opened the door and stepped back into the room wearing the first outfit I realized that she was still as beautiful to me as she was when I was much younger. She still had a nice body for a woman of almost forty years. She smiled when she saw me wearing a hot pink baby-doll outfit with little black hearts all over it. We modeled our outfits for each other for a couple of minutes before Becky asked to see my fake breasts. I agreed but I wanted to see hers. She smiled and pulled down the top of the teddy that she had on.

Her breasts were larger than Whitney’s, Veronica’s, or even Melissa’s for that matter. They had a little bit of sag to them but considering that they were 38 d-cups and all natural, she had quite a reason to be proud of them. Her hips also had a little flare to them that the girls didn’t have. She looked great to me. I removed my baby-doll exposing my fake breasts as well as a raging erection sticking out of the top of my panties. Now Becky really smiled and asked if she could touch it. I told her that she could as long as I could touch her. Her hand reached my cock in lightning speed and was caressing it through the panties. I rubbed and played with her nipples and breasts.

It was only a matter of minutes before Becky dropped to her knees to get a better look at what her attention was focused on. She pulled my panties down and started stroking my cock. She looked up at me and said that she obviously had chosen the wrong brother. I asked what she meant by Bahçeşehir Escort that. She just smiled and said that not only was I larger than Larry but I could at-least get and hopefully keep an erection. I asked if she was ready to find out for herself. She smiled at me before she stood and stripped off the rest of the teddy exposing her large hairy bush.

I smiled as I laid her on my bed before I started sucking and licking her large nipples. Then I started licking my way down her stomach to her belly button and then beyond to her waiting extremely hairy mound. I used my fingers to spread as much of the hair out of my way so that I could bury my tongue into that long since unexplored pussy. I could tell right away that she hadn’t had her pussy ate out in quite some time. After her first orgasm in over 17 years, she passed out.

When she recovered and came to, I asked her if she was ok. She smiled and said that she was great now. That’s when she told me that Larry had only ate her pussy once in their almost 20 years of marriage. He told her that it was nasty and dirty to do such a thing. I apologized for my brothers’ stupidity and informed her that I was sure that it was the influence of my mother that caused the problem. She told me that Larry was never much of a lover to begin with but after giving birth to Whitney, Larry hardly ever even touched her.

That’s why she had quite dressing up and stopped wearing make-up. We talked and held each other for another couple of minutes before she asked me if I was having sex with Whitney. I looked her in the eyes and told her not to be upset but that we were and that I didn’t seduce her or force her into anything. She said that she knew that already.

Chapter 16

That’s when she asked me to make love to her like I do Whitney. I asked her if she was sure. She begged me to do her NOW! I climbed between her legs again and started guiding my cock into her hairy wet pussy. I eased in with little effort but noticed that she was still quite tight. She moaned as I pushed inch by inch into her. Once I had my balls resting on her ass, I stopped and laid there for a moment. Then I started slowly plowing her pussy until I hit a nice pace and rhythm.

Her moans increased with our pace as well as her orgasms. We stopped long enough to switch places and she climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my cock. She rode me harder than anyone ever has. She was like a madwoman on a mission of destruction. She started squeezing my fake breasts as she rode me to my own orgasm. Just after my release she collapsed on my chest breathing heavily.

That’s when we heard the sound of clapping and looked toward the bedroom door. There was Whitney and Veronica standing there clapping and laughing. Whitney said that it was about damn time, that she couldn’t go much longer without getting any. Becky started crying and the girls ran in to comfort her. The whole time my now softening cock was still buried in Becky’s wet pussy. We all spent the rest of the night together in my King Size bed. Whitney & Veronica taught Becky how to eat pussy. I took her anal cherry, and she tried a strap-on for the first time that night, on both the giving and receiving end.

When morning came I was so worn out, tired and sore that I could barely move. I dressed and left for work. No sooner than I reached my desk, Melissa called me into her office for a morning session of our version of dick-tation. I explained to her that I was really sore and that I had a long night.

More to cum……

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