Who IS That?

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You know how sometimes, when the high is really good, and the smoke is really sweet, you can sort of lose track of things? You get flashes of awareness, like “oh wow, when did I turn this movie on?” The high is really good, you knew that already. But all of a sudden, you get a flash of awareness, and you’re not watching a movie. You’re in bed..or the couch, it’s hard to tell, everything is hazy, and sort of dark. But it’s warm, and that’s ok, so you sort of extend your awareness, trying to remember what’s going on, giggling a little at what a stoner you can be sometimes, that you don’t even remember-


Oh, that’s odd. Something.

Something is fucking you. Oh. And it’s doing a –good- job of it. But who is it? Oh well it must be him, I mean, you did start smoking with him, stands to reason…but who was he again? You giggle again, how silly to be so far gone you can’t even remember who-

Oh God. It’s hard. It’s hard in you. It’s hard to remember, yeah, but not just cause of the smoke. It’s that thing up you. His cock, whoever he is, uh. What happened?

Ok, let’s take stock, here. Just cause that thick thing is rooting around in you, and some girl in the distance somewhere is groaning, saying perverse things, you can still think, dammit. So what’s going (oh) on? You can’t see very well, you have to sort of feel around, tell what’s going on. Ok, one cock up you. That, we’ve settled. What else? Where are all the clothes? You feel naked, which is odd because you don’t really remember being undressed.

Oh wait. Maybe you did get undressed. You sort of remember, glimpses and flashes. Hands on you. You dancing, slowly, swaying a little, as you unbuckled your sandals, slid off your hose, and…Oh riiight. You offering a breast to suck on, as a mouth eagerly, hungrily latched on, making your head swim and making your hands dive between your legs. Yeah, that did happen, didn’t it? You just lifted your shirt up, and even through the bra, you could see your nipples stiff, eager, hungry. Demanding that someone pinch them, pluck, suck on them oh god suck on them please, you said that didn’t you? And he did. And you kept Mersin Escort dancing, while you pulled your little shirt off. It was too tight to wear out anyway, not without looking like a slut.

Something about that girl in the next room or whatever is strange. What’s she saying? She said something about a slut, you thought. Oh well, she can worry about that herself, you’ve got more important things to do, and that thick thing he’s fucking you with, slowly now, is making your brain leak out of you. Maybe a smoke to clear your head. You take a long drag off of what must have been a huge joint, and you think again, what happened after the shirt?

Oh yeah…you think you might have unclasped that yourself, and let it down slowly, your back to him. Close enough though. You can remember his hot breath on your panty covered mound, as he rooted his face in your lap, when you bent over to let your skirt fall. And didn’t that feel nice, you think. Wasn’t that why you just stood there, bent over, and let him (the guy who’s fucking you –right now- isn’t that strange?) nuzzle his face into your pussy through the soft (and it was pretty wet by then too) fabric, all that was covering you up? Yeah, you remember that now. Bent over, all but naked, all but the cute little pink panties you bought just to cream in. And when he put his hands on your ass and pulled your pussy up close against his mouth, and blew warm air on you, through the cloth, and licked at you, didn’t you cream in them? Just like you wanted to, just like you knew he wanted you to. You remember now, that you did, you creamed like a slut, with your tits in your hands and your fingers working your nipples hard.

There she goes again, where is she? And she did say something about a slut, too, it’s just hard to tell what, or why, or where, cause he’s still moving inside you, and it’s slow, then fast, and long, then short, and thick, and it pushes up into you and it’s just so right, it’s so sweet, and something is running down your legs, and something is on your chin, oh god is that…you were thinking so hard you just started leaking out of your mouth Mersin Escort Bayan as well as your pussy, and that damn girl keeps saying everything you’re thinking, something about a pussy now, you can’t quite remember what it was, that she just said…

But what about those panties? Oh…right. You think you remember standing up, after your thighs stopped shaking. And you turned around and all you could see was his eyes, staring at you. So hungry. Like all the want in the world is in them. You looked down, and you saw your tiny pink panties, so low you can almost see where your pretty pussy starts to part, just below the waistband. And you looked at yourself for a while, while he talked to you, and said things, and he made you that nice joint, or it might have been another one, it’s been a long day, after all. After a while and some more smoke later, you look up from your soaking panties, and you could see more than his eyes. It looked like it only took a second, but now he’s just bare. As bare as you. Barer, even, cause you’re still wearing panties. Or you mostly are. You somehow got your hand into them, and they’re mostly pulled down now from the effort you put in inside them. And he just said one thing to you, what was it…it was “fuck” you think, it’s hard to remember cause he’s fucking, he is, he still is, and god how long ago was it? How long has he been drilling his cock into your soft wet heat?

See dammit, that was strange, there she goes. That girl keeps saying things, and that time you heard it, you heard she said the same thing, almost…”Fuck your cock into my soft pussy, go on, do it, fuckmypussy!”

Who IS that?

But that’s all lost for the moment, cause he just pulled out, and you hear yourself moaning, and you know, it’s been you, all this time, talking, saying things, begging for things, and now that he took the cock away from you, all you can think about is getting it back, and you tell him so, a lot, while he moves your helpless body around, putting you flat down on the (bed? Couch? Where ARE you?) and lays you down flat, a pillow under your hips, face down, with a soft (You Escort Mersin think that might be one of your bed pillows) pillow for your head.

And all you can hear is the roaring, the buzzing, the smoke in your head, and you can feel yourself saying give it back, give it back to me, I need it up me, please.

And he does. He does it so slow and so deep, it’s hard to think about. You just feel his head nuzzling at the snug little mouth of your pussy, insistent, urgent, and his hands, his hands are all over you, on your hips, guiding you, on your back, stroking you, underneath you, one hand teasing your breasts, so sensitive still. And then you feel it, he’s in, and he won’t go any faster, no matter how you beg him to. He won’t, even though you’re (that girl again, she’s still saying what you’re thinking, she’s so BAD) shouting at him now, telling you have to put it in my pussy, you have to, fuck me so hard, I need it!

And he does, finally, he moves his cock slow at first, working it back into you, feeling the (ocean) wetness of you soak him like a bath. And then, he does something. He puts his hand on the small of your back, and holds you down, one handed, pushing you into the pillow under your hips, and he drives it in. Far. Hard. And back out again, as fast, then in. out. So hot, you can’t move off it. You can’t. It’s stuck so deep into you that you couldn’t get it out of you even if you wanted to. He’s holding you down, and you can’t move, hardly, except to twitch on the end of his thick dick in you. And you do that, too, more than you can control, twitching, plugged up, stuffed with it. And you can’t bear it, but you need it, it’s so sweet. You want more cock in you, in fact, and you tell him so. You insist on it. Additional cock in the pussy, please, and at once. It’s only fair that he fuck you, he got you all wet and warm and made you come in your panties (and oh yeah you remember now) and made you take them off, and give them to him, begging him, trading your soaked panties for all the fucking you can get, and here he is, just using you, and you feel it, he’s pumping his cock up you, holding you down, your slick body writhing under him, making a pool under your sex, and you hear that girl again, the one with your voice, screaming about it, telling him you love it, you love it, give it, feed it in, and oh god, fuck me like a slut, I want to come again, like a princess, gimme I want, I want!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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