Who’s Your Daddy?

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Edited by ‘Techsan’ to make a much better read for all of us.

This is one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in my short life of twenty-four years. To get married or separate from my fiancé, the woman I love. A number of people are going to hate me and say I did the wrong thing no matter which way I go. My parents, her parents, no one’s going to agree. God, why did I ever let it go this far?

It all began back in high school when my friend Mark and I hung around together. We double dated a lot. We both got accepted to the same college and spent our college days together as well. We had our share of sex with the women. We always hung around in a fairly wild crowd. Not really a bad group of people, but definitely a sexually active group. We were a drinking, pot smoking group of weekend party goers. We all studied hard during the week and partied hard on the weekend.

Mark and I dated a lot of women and the sexual atmosphere was always there, enlightened by the drinking and pot. Open sex was never a problem. Swapping was done pretty often. No one really cared. We were all friends and sex partners, not lovers and future married couples. No one was ever forced or humiliated, it was just a sexually charged atmosphere.

Mark was of Hawaiian descent and was dark complected. I, on the other hand, was red-headed. We looked quite the opposite. One day Mark was with a really light skinned blond gal and was laying on top of her. The dark/light contrast of their bodies was something to see. I mentioned it to Mark later and he just laughed. He said he loved the contrast himself. It was a real turn-on to him. Then another time he was with a beautiful black woman. She was even darker than Mark. I got a date with one of the gals in our partying group. We went to the movies and then out for a little dancing and afterwards we headed back to one of the girl’s place.

After we arrived we started our usual drinking and smoking, getting everyone in kind of a sexual mood. Then we started a slow strip of our women. Barb, my date, was always a lot of fun. She said she was sexually liberated and liked having fun. She was on the pill but still required condoms. She said the last thing she needed was to explain a baby to her parents.

While we were doing our thing, Mark and Alisha were doing theirs. We were all in the living room making out and getting naked. Mark looked at me and reminded me of the white/black comparison and asked if I wanted to swap? I looked at Barb and she said she didn’t mind, so we swapped right there in the living room. Alisha took me by the hand and lead me into her bedroom. A nice big queen size bed. We both continued to undress and then laid together and started having sex. She was the first black woman I was ever with. She was something else, a really good looking, big busted, big butt woman.

I buried my face in her huge globes. God, what a turn on. Sucking on those big dark nipples, watching them get hard. We decided on a little sixty-nine with her on top. She spread her legs putting them on both sides of my head. I was staring into her hairy private area and spread it with my fingers. Then I saw the moist, wet, pink slit of her pussy that was calling for me. I buried my face into it sucking and eating it up. I could hear her sucking on my hard manhood making all the usual sucking sounds. With my member at full mast and her pussy at full wetness, she turned around and took a condom out of the night stand and slipped it over the head of my manhood. Then she raised herself up and slowly lowered herself on my engorged cock, letting it sink to the hilt inside her. As she was moving up and down on my manhood her breasts were bouncing up and down with every motion. I reached up and grabbed them in my hands while we both began to climax. She then rolled off of me and we laid together for a few minutes to regain our composure. I fell asleep which I usually do after a big climax if I had been drinking and smoking pot.

This was an example of my dating life. Mark and I would pick up girls and usually have sex with them. That was until I met Susan. Then things began to change. I made the ultimate mistake. I began to fall in love.

Susan was about two years younger than me. She went to a two year college and we ended up graduating the same year. I met her when I was a senior. She wasn’t part of our usual crowd. We met at one of the local hangouts. Mark and I were just hanging around the bar when he noticed her on the dance floor dancing a fast tune with a few of her girlfriends. Man, could she ever dance. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. When it switched to a slow song Mark and I both went to approach her. Luckily I got there first and she accepted. She was so pretty and danced like an angel. It was damn near love at first sight.

I walked her back to her table and started talking to her. She was an only child, going to school for secretarial studies. She was due to graduate and already had a job offer lined up. almanbahis giriş I told her about my studies and that I would have my bachelor’s degree in business management that year also. That was the start of our dating. We began to see each other fairly regularly. It was about the third date before we became intimate. She had one of the softest bodies I have ever felt. I loved kissing her soft breasts and working my way down to her mid-section.

The first time we had sex it was more like making love. I never had that kind of relationship with the women I had sex with. It was always a pretty fast pace, pretty much just getting us both off. But with Susan it was different. I took my time and lightly kissed her as I worked my way down to her sweet valley. She had just a tuft of light blond hair which was trimmed so neatly. I loved kissing her mound and then entering the valley below. When I couldn’t wait any longer I pulled out my manhood, slipped a condom on and slowly shoved it into her waiting tunnel. God, she felt so great. I knew I was falling in love with her. Sex was never this good with all the other women. I knew it was because of the way I felt about her.

I remember telling Mark about Susan. He asked when he was going to get a chance at her? I told him that I thought this was the one. I knew I didn’t want to share her with anyone. I wanted her all for myself. That’s another reason I believed I loved her.

I stopped smoking pot but still drank a little. I didn’t need a high to make love with Susan. I could get a hard on just thinking about her. I know she wasn’t a virgin even though we never talked about it. Since we were dating, we were monogamous. We did some double-dating, even with Mark and his women, but at the end of the night we were always alone together.

After we both graduated and she started her job and I found a position with a local company we became engaged. She took me to meet her parents who seemed to like me a lot. Her dad took me aside and told me Susan was their little girl, the love of their life and he wanted the best for her and to please take good care of her. I told him of course I would. I was madly in love with her and would do my best to protect her treat her like a princess.

Next, I took Susan to meet my folks. They fell in love with her at first sight. She was just one of those kind of people. You couldn’t help loving her. I remember my mom saying that Susan was going to be the daughter she never had. There was just me and my two younger brothers.

Things couldn’t have been better. We planned our wedding for the following year. It would take that long to get everything planned and in order. We weren’t in a hurry seeing that we were always together anyway. Susan still lived with her parents and thought she would stay there until after we were married. They didn’t believe couples should live together before marriage. So, we were willing to abide by that. Besides she would be able to save up more money for our future. Her parents weren’t going to charge their only daughter rent.

I found a really nice condo living area. Everyone living in the subdivision could use the hot tub and pool facilities. I moved in and figured this would be our house after we got married. It was perfect for us. Three bedrooms in case we had any children in the future. We could always use the rooms as a guest room and office until we needed them.

Life was good. We saw each other most every day. She even spent a night now and then at the condo. Her parents knew but never really pressed the issue.

One day I got a call from Mark. He wanted to know if Susan and I wanted to go out for dinner and dancing the following Saturday. We decided to go and all the reservations were made. Susan really liked Mark. He was always a gentlemen around her even though we all kidded around a lot. Mark invited Alisha, his black girlfriend. She was totally opposite in looks from Susan. As I mentioned earlier, Alisha was big busted, around 5’7′, maybe 140 pounds. Susan had an hourglass figure, was petite and small busted but her breasts were damn near perfect.

Susan never knew how wild Mark and I used to be in high school and college. Of course we weren’t going to tell her either. We had a great time when we all went out. We had a nice dinner and then we went into a quiet lounge and did some slow dancing. We all danced and Susan even danced a few numbers with Mark and I danced with Alisha. We had all had quite a bit to drink when Mark suggested going over to my condo and getting in the hot tub. No one objected and away we went. Susan had a bikini at my house that she changed into. I put on a swimsuit and loaned one to Mark. We were about the same size. We asked Alisha what she could wear. We knew Susan was a lot smaller and wouldn’t have anything that could possibly fit Alisha. So Alisha said she would wear her bra and panties seeing they covered about as much as Susan’s swim wear.

We all got in the hot almanbahis yeni giriş tub. It felt great. We brought out the booze and continued to drink. I know we all had too much but we were among friends. Mark lit up a marijuana cigarette. He and Alisha took turns smoking it. He asked me if I wanted a hit and I took it. I offered it to Susan. She told me she had never tried it but always wanted to. She took a hit and coughed. We all laughed and said that happens to everyone the first time. Mark then lit another and we all started smoking it. Between the booze and the pot it was almost like old times.

I looked over and saw Mark taking off Alisha’s bra. He started feeling her up and was kissing her. It kind of got me turned on and I started to do the same with Susan. She began to object when I started removing her top but glanced over at Mark and Alisha and just went along. I was sucking on Susan’s breasts getting her nipples etra hard. We were all out of it, the pot had done its job. We wanted sex in the worst way so we all got out of the tub and headed to the bedroom. I only had the one king size bed and Susan and Alisha both climbed up on it.

I had to take a quick piss and when I came back into the bedroom Mark was removing Susan’s bikini bottom. I could tell she was three sheets to the wind and was kind of starry eyed. Alisha had removed her panties and was fingering herself while watching Mark and Susan.

I should have stopped it right then but I was mesmerized besides being totally out of it. Mark had removed Susan’s bikini bottom and was now eating her pussy. Alisha pulled me over and started giving be a blow job. There I was watching my future wife laying there getting eaten out by my friend while I was receiving a blow job from his girlfriend.

Then it happened. Mark climbed up and inserted his cock into my future wife’s pussy. She just rolled her head to the side and it was like she was in another world while looking at me. Almost expressionless. Alisha laid back down as I climbed on her and inserted my very hard cock into her waiting pussy. It was like a fantasy, watching my fiancé getting fucked by Mark while I fucked Alisha. It was Mark’s dark body on Susan’s light skinned body, and Alisha’s black body under by white skinned body.

I watched Mark smile as he pushed hard into Susan. I saw Susan close her eyes. Then I realized none of us wore protection as Mark shot his hot load into my fiancé, while I shot my load into Alisha. Then I passed out due to the booze and pot.

I woke up a couple of hours later. There was Susan sleeping nude next to me. Mark and Alisha were gone. God, I hoped it was a dream. Then I looked down at Susan’s pussy and saw the cum stuck on her bush. Damn, damn, damn, it really happened. I let another man fuck my fiancé. My stomach started to churn. It’s one thing to fantasize about watching someone you love with another person but it is altogether a different feeling knowing it happened.

I was both mad and sad. Not only did I let Mark fuck her but he didn’t even wear a condom. I always wore a condom when having sex with her. I don’t know why but my dick started to get hard and I guess I wanted revenge against Susan even though it wasn’t entirely her fault. I climbed between her legs and pushed my cock into her. I started pumping hard, not the loving sex we always had. I just wanted to shoot my sperm deep into her.

She woke up and said, “Jerry, Jerry, what are you doing? God, it hurts.” Then I saw tears in her eyes.

I yelled at her, “You let Mark fuck you without protection. I’m just doing what he did.” Then I came, shooting my load deep inside of her, coating her insides with my cream, not waiting for her to even get anything out of it. Then I climbed off of her and went into the shower.

I started crying while in the shower. What the hell is wrong with me? I let another man fuck my girlfriend and then took my revenge out on her which she didn’t deserve. I was supposed to be her protector, not her rapist. God, my mind was in total turmoil. I was afraid to face her after what I did. Then the bathroom door opened and Susan came it. She heard me crying and got in the shower with me and just held me. I didn’t deserve her, she was much too good for me.

After getting out of the shower we decided we had to talk. This just couldn’t wait. I apologized to her and she apologized to me. She told me she didn’t even know what was happening until it was too late. She went on to explain:

“Jerry, as you know I never smoked pot before and I never want to again. When I was lying on the bed, I thought it was you removing my swimsuit, not Mark. My mind was in a total fog. It was as though I was there but not there. Then I glanced over and saw you looking at me. I couldn’t figure out why I felt you on top of me when you were staring at me from the side. The next thing I knew, I felt someone enter me. It really didn’t feel all that good. I felt numb. I felt his almanbahis cum entering me. I looked over at you and you were having sex with Alisha. I didn’t know what to think or how it happened. After you came you passed out. Mark got off of me and he and Alisha got up, got dressed and went home. I cuddled up to you because my mind couldn’t quite comprehend what had just happened. I’m so sorry, please forgive me. I really didn’t want to have sex with Mark. You are the only one I love.”

There she was apologizing to me when it was my fault. Damn Mark, he knew that Susan was the love of my life but he just had to do it.

Mark called a couple of days later. I told him off and how he was so selfish and how Susan and I were so disappointed in him. I told him I never really cared to see him again. He really didn’t have much to say other than he didn’t think it was a such big deal. It wasn’t something that we hadn’t done before only not with Susan.

Susan and I got pretty much back to normal. I did have problems whenever we made love the next few times. I used condoms again but I kept picturing her with Mark. Hopefully it would eventually fade from my memory.

About a month in a half later the bomb fell. Susan told me she was pregnant. She told me she took the home pregnancy test twice to be sure. I asked her what she was going to do about it? She looked puzzled at me and said, “I’m going to have our baby.”

I looked at her and asked, “What if it’s Mark’s child and not mine?”

She looked scared, “Please don’t say that, Jerry. You’re the man I love. It will be our child.”

I asked her if she was going to tell our parents? She said, “Of course, they’re going to be the grandparents and the sooner they know, the better off we will all be.”

I wish I could be as happy about it as Susan was. I hoped God was on my side on this and make the child ours. I really was worried about it.

In the coming weeks Susan told her parents about the upcoming child. They were disappointed in us not using protection but were happy for us. They were going to be grandparents and were happy about that. They wanted to know if we wanted to change our wedding plans? Susan told them that it would all change now and that we would probably just have a small wedding after the birth of the baby.

I wanted to talk to someone about the possibility of the baby not being mine. I just couldn’t do it. God, please make the baby look like me. I told my parents about the pregnancy. They were somewhat disappointed in my not using protection but were excited about being grandparents also. Since they thought of Susan as their daughter they were really happy for us.

One day when Susan and I were talking, I asked her if she would have gotten an abortion if she knew the baby wasn’t mine? She looked me right in the eye and said, “Never! It wasn’t the baby’s fault that it would be born. Why would I ever consider taking its life?”

I asked her if the baby turns out to be Mark’s, would she consider giving it up for adoption?

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “It is my baby too, Jerry. I will have carried it for nine months. It’s my flesh and blood also. No, I could not give it up. It will be my child no matter who the sperm donor is. It will be my mom and dad’s grandchild. I am their only child and would never give my baby away. As much as I love you, I could never give my baby away. Please try and understand.”

Well, I knew where I stood. If the child was mine, there would be no problems. If the child was Mark’s, I would have to make a decision. Give up the woman I love or raise a child that I did not father. Only time would tell.

I went on acting and hoping for the best. The time for the delivery came. I had gone to all the classes with Susan. I was going to participate in the delivery. The time arrived and Susan and I headed for the hospital. I contacted both of our parents to let them know we were going to the hospital. They were all excited because they knew they were about to have a grandson. What they didn’t know is that I might not be the father.

I put on the gown and mask and headed into the delivery room. Everything was set. I was holding tightly onto Susan’s hand. The last thing she said to me before starting to push was, “Jerry, I love you with all my heart. Please stay with me regardless of the outcome.” Then she began to push.

The doctor and nurses were doing their thing. They directed Susan to push harder when the baby was coming out. The doctor caught the baby, who was covered in fluids. He handed me the knife to cut the umbilical cord. I took the knife and cut the cord. The nurse quickly took the baby and weighed it …. seven pounds six ounces, and twenty-one inches long. She cleaned the baby up and laid him beside Susan.

There lay my blond fiancé with her infant child next to her. He was about as dark as his seed carrying Hawaiian father. Susan had tears in her eyes as she looked up at me. My face full of sadness showed as I took off the gown and walked out of the room. I approached Susan’s parents and said, “Your daughter and grandson are doing fine.” As I walked past my parents without saying a word to them, I headed toward the door to leave the hospital.

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