Wicked Game Ch. 17

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Kevin awoke first. He stretched languidly and just lay back with a huge smile on his face. Last night, he’d made love to two women. A milestone in anyone’s book, but in his, it was the epitome of milestones. His sweet sister, Kelly Jo and his love, Ashley. Never in his entire life would he have thought that his secret dreams would have come true. Never. He thought about the night they’d all shared. The passion, the joy, the pleasure. The connection. The sweet kisses he’d shared with Ashley while Kelly Jo lay drifting into sleep. Looking into Kelly Jo’s eyes and cumming inside her. He couldn’t have wished for a better life. Now, only if he could convince Ashley that she was loved, really loved …

Kelly Jo stirred next. Her body was plastered against her brother’s back, her lips near his ear. She kissed his neck and sighed in heavenly pleasure. What a night! Her pussy was sore and her asshole was still throbbing from the thorough drubbing that Ashley had given her but she didn’t care. She was in heaven. Ashley had singled her out for a special session while Kevin slept and recharged his batteries and she’d never been loved with such … thoroughness. Ashley made sure that every inch of Kelly Jo’s body had been tasted and every orifice lovingly cleaned with her tongue. God, how she loved Ashley …

Ashley felt the thick, heavy arm draped across her waist and for a long moment, she trembled in fear. Until the arm lifted and the hand lovingly stroked her hip and stomach, gently cupping her sex, one finger parting the cleft and resting within. Kevin, her heart whispered. Such a wonderful man. Such a loving man. Could this really be what love was? If it was, she never wanted to be without it again. She never wanted to be without Kevin again. With Matthew dead, she had enough money to be on her own. She could sell the house and do some traveling. But who would come home to? An empty hotel room?

“Good morning.” His soft whisper tickled her ear and she let out a little moan as Kelly Jo’s hand slid over Kevin’s, pressing his finger deeper into her awakening fissure.

“Morning.” Ashley arched against him, loving the feel of his strong arms around her and Kelly Jo’s soft fingers on her skin. “I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“You have.” Kelly Jo cooed, moving over them until she was on the other side of Ashley.

“I’ve come to a decision.” Ashley said quietly. “And I hope you won’t be too disappointed.” She took a breath. “It’s been a long time since I had my freedom and with Matthew gone … well, I’m free and I want to stay that way for awhile.”

“Ashley, we’d never … “

“I know you wouldn’t.” She touched Kelly Jo’s face, seeing the tears building in the woman’s eyes. “It’s just that I have some things to work out. Things inside myself.”
“We could help you.” Kevin said softly.

“No, you couldn’t. I have to do this myself or I’m no good for anyone.” Ashley sighed. “We’re so good together in bed. How do I know that we’ll be good outside of it?”

“We don’t.” Kelly Jo murmured, fighting her tears.

“No, we don’t. But if we’re going to have any chance at all, I want to make sure that I’m right … “ She turned so that she could look into Kevin’s eyes and grimaced at the hurt she saw there. “For all of us.” Kelly Jo began to sob and Kevin’s eyes filled with tears as well. “I think I’d better go back to my room.”

Kevin watched Ashley dress, his arms around his sister, his heart bleeding. He wanted so much to grab her and take her back to bed, but he knew that she was right. If he could be man enough to let her go now, she would return when she was ready and then they could begin their lives together. But would she return?

Ashley turned and met Kevin’s eyes. “I love you.”

And she left.


The phone rang just as James was cumming. Beverly groped for the instrument, shaking in the throes of her own orgasm and willed her voice to stop its trembling.


“Yes, this is Amara, the manager. I have an envelope for your group and I thought Mr. Weathers would be the person to call but he’s not in his room. Would you be willing to come down and get this?”

“Sure, I’ll be right there.” James slid off her and lay silently for a moment, then began to giggle. Beverly gave him a playful punch, grinning herself. “What’s so funny?”

“I never heard anyone squeak through a phone call.”

“I couldn’t help it.” She snuggled up to him, loving the way his arms immediately went around her. “You always feel so good inside me.”

“God, Beverly.” James sighed. “I wish I’d have met you when I was younger.”

“You wouldn’t have been ready for me then.” He looked down into her eyes, wondering how she could have known that. “Things happen for a reason, James. It’s best not to question it. Just accept that you have it now, that we’re together now.”

“Beverly … “ James touched her cheek and she turned her head, pressing a kiss into his palm. “I don’t deserve you.”

“Yes, you do.” She smiled into his eyes. “Now you deserve me.”

So smart. He leaned down and touched his mouth to hers, Escort bayan drinking in her love and being filled with her hope.


“Would you hurry up? We’re going to be late!” Shane yanked his pants up and shoved his feet into his shoes, watching Jaime fix his hair for the fifth time. “Jesus, now that you are a fag, you’re acting like one.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Too much primping.”

“Don’t you want me to look good?”

Shane stepped up behind him, running his hands over Jaime’s hard body, remembering what lay underneath the cotton and polyester of his shirt and pants. “You look good enough to eat now.”

Jaime turned in his arms, kissing him passionately. “I thought we were going to be late.”

“We are.” Shane murmured against his lover’s mouth. “But I just can’t seem to get enough of you.”

“Speaking of that, we never discussed what we’re going to do when we get home.”

“What’s there to discuss?”

“Well, are you going to move in with me or me with you or … “

“Jaime, we can’t move in together.”

The blood drained from Jaime’s face. “What?”

“Jaime, I’m the quarterback of the football team! I can’t just suddenly move in with a guy!”

“But … but I thought … “

“Jaime, I love you but we can’t do it like that.” Jaime stared at his best friend and lover for a long moment. He had known deep in his heart that this would happen, that there was no way that they could be happy, that they could be a couple. “Jaime?”

“Come on. We’re going to be late.”

Shane followed him out of the room, wondering how he was going to resolve this situation.


“Where’s Nathan? Isn’t he supposed to bring us the letters?”

“I don’t know where he is.” Beverly answered Shane. “The woman at the front desk called and asked me to pick this up.”

“I thought we had our last tasks.”

“Me, too.” Kelly Jo said, glancing over at Ashley who gave her a soft smile.

“Just open the damn thing!” Jaime growled and everyone paused to look at him, especially Shane.

Beverly opened the envelope and read the card. “Each of you has completed the requirements to claim the final reward. Each of you will receive $500,000 for your participation in the scavenger hunt.”

“All right!” Shane exclaimed. Kelly Jo and Kevin hugged each other, Kevin’s eyes meeting Ashley’s.

James held up his hand. “Hold on. There’s more.”

“However, I have a personal favor to ask of you. Task number fifteen. Those of you who agree to participate in this task will receive another $500,000, making the total of your reward a cool million dollars.” Beverly paused while those words sunk in. “If you choose not to participate in this task, you may leave now with your half million and my thanks. You will not be allowed to know what the final task is.”

Beverly glanced around the table, taking in everyone’s faces. Jaime glared at Shane, expecting him to get up but he didn’t.

“I guess I’ll leaving.”

“Jaime! Wait!” Shane called after him but the young man didn’t stop.

Ashley laid her hand on his shoulder, giving him an understanding squeeze. “He’ll come back.”

“No, he won’t.” Shane whispered. “He’s gone.”

“Do you want to leave, Shane?”

Shane thought about Jaime, torn between his lover and the end of the game. Jaime would understand. Jaime would wait. After the task, he would go find him and fix things somehow. “No. I’m staying.”

“Okay. Are we all staying?” James asked and got head nods from everyone at the table. “Okay, honey. Read the rest.”

“My personal task is for the group of you to kidnap Nathan and show him a good time. He has done an excellent job in his duties for me and I’m sure that you feel the same way about him. In this envelope, you will find the keys to a van and a key card for the Presidential suite at the Excelsior Hotel. I’m sure you all can put your heads together and come up with a plan.”

“Wow! Kidnap Nathan … “ Shane murmured.

“And show him a good time.” Kelly Jo smiled. “I think we can do that.”

“I’m not gay, though.”

“Oh, Kevin. That’s not what matters.” Kelly Jo said. “What matters is that this is a personal favor to someone who has enriched us beyond our wildest dreams.”

“And for someone who helped to save my life.” Ashley piped up, her eyes wet with unshed tears.

“And someone who offered me some great advice.” Shane added.

“Me as well.” Kevin sighed. “All right.”

“Whatever we do in the Presidential suite stays between us.” James met each person’s eyes as he spoke. “This will be our last time together.”

“One giant orgy?” Beverly squeaked.

“Yes, but with Nathan in the center of it.” Shane grinned.

“Okay.” Ashley grinned. “What are we waiting for?”


Nathan Wordsworth sat back in the reclining chair and sighed. It was almost over. Part of him was happy because the whole thing had been kinda strange but the money was phenomenal. But he also felt sad. He had come to care for these people after spending nearly a month with them. Shy Beverly, brooding Bayan escort James, enthusiastic Shane, victimized Ashley, protective Kevin and free-spirited Kelly Jo. Six people that had come together as strangers and had included him in the circle of the friendship that they had created, with an occasional perk.

However, he was feeling horny. Part of his instructions on receiving his final pay was that he was not to have sex of any kind, not even masturbation, or he would forfeit the $250,000. It had been hard. So hard that he would stroke himself to the brink and go to sleep in agony, just to remind himself that he was alive. He laughed, wondering what the first woman he got after this would think when he fucked her to the brink of death. She’d probably wonder if he’d recently been released from jail.

“Mr. Wordsworth?” He looked up at the hotel employee. “We have a problem.”

Nathan leaped up and followed the young woman into the parking area where his limousine was stationed. And there, he found the problem. The front side panel of the limo had been crushed and the tire was flat. “Oh, my God! What happened?”

Suddenly, there was a screech of tires behind him and two men dressed in black grabbed him, yanking him backward into the open side door of a van. He started to shout but someone put a square of gauze over his face and the world quickly swam out of focus.

Ashley put an envelope into the young woman’s hands. “All the instructions are inside. If you have any questions, call me at the Excelsior.”

“No problem. Thanks.”


Nathan slowly awoke and was surprised to see James, Beverly, Shane, Ashley, Kelly Jo and Kevin sitting naked in chairs around the bed. He was even more surprised to find that he was also naked.

“Uh, what’s going on, folks?”

“Task number fifteen.” James said, arising and walking toward a large iron tub that held twelve bottles of champagne. Beverly followed, picking up glasses and handing one to each person. Ashley picked up a second bottle, standing ready to reload James when the bottle he held was emptied.

“Task number fifteen? There is no task number fifteen.”

“Yes, there is, Nathan.” Shane crawled onto the bed, lying facedown next to Nathan. “It’s you.”


“Yes, Nathan. You.” Kelly Jo sat next to Shane, rubbing her hand down his back, then moved her hand to Nathan’s lightly-furred abdomen. His nearly eight-inch thick cock began to unfurl itself, reacting to her touch. “We were asked to kidnap you and show you a good time.”

“But … but I can’t have sex. I was specifically ordered not to.”

“Well, Nathan, there’s six of us.” Kevin took a gulp of his champagne. “You can’t fight us all off.”

As if by one mind, all six of them moved forward, hands reaching for Nathan’s dark flesh. Nathan nearly dropped his glass as Ashley’s tiny hand wrapped around his rigid pole and began to stroke him firmly. It had been too long since he’d come and he couldn’t hold it back now. He heard himself shout and saw Kelly Jo and Ashley bent over his erupting cock, trying to catch his load. Both managed to catch some. The next spurt landed in Ashley’s breasts, then on Kelly Jo’s breasts and the two women released him, standing to share the bounty with their teammates.

Shane didn’t hesitate to lick a portion from Ashley’s chest. He let his lazy tongue migrate over to her nipple and gave it a few licks and a good hard suck before standing. She rewarded him with a smile. James and Beverly both bent to lick Kelly Jo’s breasts, meeting in the deep valley and kissing. Kelly Jo sighed as together they tongued each of her nipples into hardness. Kevin chose the other side of Ashley’s chest and lovingly applied his tongue to her flesh. He stood and they gazed at each other for a long moment.

“I’ll miss you.”

“Will you?” Her voice was soft.

“I have no choice. You have my heart.”

Shane knelt and licked the remainder of the cum from Nathan’s broad chest, then took his limp cock and started sucking it back to life. Beverly leaned over Nathan’s face and presented him with one of her huge breasts, rubbing the hard nipple across his lips before allowing him to suck it into his mouth. She moaned along with him, glancing back over her shoulder to catch James’ eyes as he pressed his fingers into her already wet hole.

Kelly Jo knelt behind Beverly and removed James’ fingers, replacing them with her tongue. Beverly shouted in delight at the feeling of a tongue on her quivering flesh. Her orgasm took Kelly Jo by surprise at the quickness of it but she greedily licked up every bit of the woman’s thick cum, sucking until she shook in climax again and again. James moved behind Kelly Jo and sank his prick into her moist hole, reaching underneath to frig her clit. In no time, Kelly Jo was screaming her climax to the ceiling, with James not far behind, emptying his load into her clutching pussy.

On the other side of the bed, Ashley and Kevin were kissing passionately, trying their best to merge their bodies together. Kevin pulled back, examining her lovely face Escort for a moment. “As much as I’d like to continue, we’re here for Nathan.”


Ashley moved beside Shane and began to lick Nathan’s large balls, moving up and joining Shane in licking his now erect cock. Nathan moaned in response. Kelly Jo climbed onto the bed and straddled his face, pushing James’ cum out of her hold and into Nathan’s mouth while she pulled Beverly forward for a deep French kiss. Kevin stepped over a recovering James, who had returned to his seat and slid his cock into Beverly’s tight snatch. Beverly shook with the sensations he was unleashing and pushed back into him with zeal. Ashley straddled Nathan’s cock, Shane behind her, guiding the thick black prick into her sopping hole.

“Oh, yes!” Ashley’s sigh was echoed by Beverly, who received Kelly Jo’s moan as Nathan’s articulate tongue cleaned her cum-filled snatch. Beverly wrenched her mouth away as Kevin drilled her into an orgasm that made her body tingle. Kevin gave her fat ass a slap, growling as he filled her cunt.

Nathan felt as if he were floating outside his body, watching these people having sex with and near him. He’d never felt anything like this. Kelly Jo moved off his face, deep throating Shane and sucking him to a climax while Ashley rode Nathan to another quick one.

For several minutes, the only sound in the room was of heavy breathing until James popped the cork on a bottle of champagne, wearing only a huge smile.

“Anyone for seconds?”


Morning came too early for the group. Probably because they had returned to their hotel at four in the morning, exhausted, drunk on champagne and with sore body parts. Nathan was delirious, at least that’s how he felt. First Ashley, then Kelly Jo, then Shane, then Beverly had made love to him in various ways. James and Kevin had allowed him to suck them off, which excited the shit out of him and James had even plowed him with Ashley’s strap-on. Task number fifteen had been well and truly fulfilled.

Beverly snuggled next to James, her head high in the champagne-lined clouds, a beatific smile on her sleepy face. Yesterday, she had fucked Kevin and Shane, who told her that she was the first woman he’d ever slept with and finally James. And she surprised herself by sucking Ashley’s pussy while James was reaming her ass. She had found out a lot about herself, about sex and about who she was. And much more about what she wanted out of life and wanted for her life. She was now certain that she wanted a life with James and that she wanted to become his wife and one day, bear his children.


“Mmmm, yes?”

“We should get up. Our plane leaves at one.”

“You got tickets already?”

“Nathan did.” James looked down at her. “Why, have you changed your mind?”

“Not at all. I was just thinking about my mother.”

“We’ll see her soon enough. I want to get you settled into my home. No, scratch that.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Our home. And besides, I don’t think you’re ready to handle confronting her yet.”

“You’re probably right.” She sighed, wrapped in his strong arms.

“I am. Will you trust me?”

Beverly couldn’t help the smile from her lips. “With my heart and my life.”


Shane stood at the window, looking out at the beauty of the beach as tears rolled down his cheeks. He had returned to an empty room this morning. A note and his class ring lay on the pillow along with his favorite Cleveland Indians T-shirt that Jaime had worn to bed every night. It was the note that had caused his tears.

Dear Shane, I’m sitting here, feeling like a piece of shit. Why? Because I now realize that the few days we had together was nothing but a dream; a wonderful dream from which I have unfortunately awakened from. When you get back, I will be gone. I can’t live across the hall from you and see you every day without thinking of the warmth of your mouth and the softness of your skin against mine. I can’t go to the same college, knowing that you might appear around any corner, at any time and wrench my heart into pieces. I am a gay man. I am not willing to hide my love for you. Indeed, I can’t.

Maybe, if God or destiny wills it, we will cross paths again and perhaps we can continue what we’ve started. Until then, you will always have my heart as I hope I will always have yours. I love you. Jaime.

He had cried himself to sleep, clutching the shirt and inhaling Jaime’s masculine scent, wishing that he was next to him. That he could touch and kiss him and tell him how much he loved him. He only had one more year left of school. Should he sit out his last year? Transfer to another school? Shane knew that he needed to work this out. There was no way that he was going to live his life without Jaime.

A few weeks ago, Shane Kingsley, star quarterback and golden football god, would have run away screaming from a situation like this. He would have gazed at his friend every day, kept him near in a brotherly friendship and finished out his college days as a gridiron hero. Now, he wanted nothing more than to finish his college days with Jaime as his partner. If that meant that he would have to sacrifice his football career, then he would have to work through that. He had to have Jaime’s love and support.

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