Wife Poses for Old Artist Ch. 01

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Jenni Juggs was the inspiration for this story.


We were having a hot spell of weather for a change and I’d got some time on my hands so I decided to visit Andrew. Andrew is an artist who has painted some of the scenes that I’ve photographed, mainly landscapes, which is a profitable little business.

He lives alone in the rural midlands but has a nice suntrap of a garden and pool, his wife died years ago and must be 70 if he’s a day, he also has an excellent cellar and there’s always a good wine open.

I decided to drive down and pay him a visit so I took a few photos with me and also my swim wear, I fancied a lazy day by the pool drinking wine! I dressed in shorts and polo shirt. It took me around an hour and a half to get there and I arrived about 10.45am.

I rang the bell and Andrew opened the door, he seemed surprised to see me and I thought I saw his face drop. Andrew, being a gentleman invited me in and we passed through his house to the patio, his easel and paints were all set up and he said he’d a model coming around shortly to pose for a still life. I took the message and said that I’d a few things to show him, but would keep out of the way.

I walked across to the pool and sat at the table, a bottle of wine was chilling and I helped myself as I chatted with Andrew. He seemed preoccupied until the doorbell rang and I then saw a smile appear on his lips as he disappeared rapidly in to the house to open the door.

I heard voices and Andrew returned with his friend Edward and a very attractive lady, Andrew introduced her as Jenni and we shook hands.

Jenni was laughing and saying to Andrew , well you invited me to use your pool, and now that you are going to paint me for 2 hours, I’ll be getting paid to top up my tan, Andrew and Edward just smiled.

Jenni was in her late thirties and from what I could see, had a good figure, although she had on a loose floral dress and sandals.

She said she would change to pose for Andrew, excused herself and went to the changing room with her bag by the pool. Andrew and Edward were beside themselves, still them both being in their 70’s might have had something to do with it, after all, at 60, I was a mere youngster.

Suddenly Andrew’s eyes almost popped out of his head and I was aware of clicking footsteps behind me. I turned around and Jenni was walking toward us.

Jesus Christ, she’d changed alright, she was wearing a micro white bikini and red very high heels, the top was so small that it just covered her nipples with the areola on view, she had massive tits, the bottoms were an incredibly small thong pulled high on her hips accentuating the shape of her thighs, the material just covered her fanny lips, making it obvious that she was clean shaven, her appearance said “fuck me”.

Andrew put almanbahis adres out his hand and guided her to a sun lounger on the patio where she positioned herself for Andrew to commence to paint. The view from the rear as she walked with Andrew was excellent, her arse was fully on view.

Ed moved alongside Andrew as he started to paint, both were dressed in trousers and shirts and even from where I was sitting it was obvious that both had hard ons! Luckily, I had a pair of shorts on over my trunks, so compared to the others I looked respectable, but my knob was throbbing. I continued to relax in the sun with my book as Andrew painted.

They were all talking and laughing together, when Jenni removed her top, a sound of approval was given by Ed and Andrew, not surprising, her nipples were sticking out like bullets.

Things started to calm down and I went back to my book whilst Andrew painted and they all chatted.

After an hour or so, Andrew clapped and said that was it, Jenny stood up and put on her top and dress, as Andrew said lunch is ready, I did notice that Jenni had kept on her heels.

Lunch was fun and Jenni was quite forward, teasing Ed to talk to her and not to her tits etc., and there was a lot of innuendo and probably panting by Andrew and Edward. I showed them all the photos that I wanted Andrew to paint, and I explained about my hobby of photography, there was a lot of comments about the pictures I took, mostly of which were landscapes, but Edward was intimating that I did nudes.

Ed asked if I would like to photograph Jenni, everyone laughed and of course I said yes, the conversation moved on, as Andrew started talking about the next session with Jenni.

As they were engrossed in conversation, I made my excuses and went back to the pool, by now it was hot and I removed my shorts and shirt and dived into the pool. When I got out of the pool I lay on a sun lounger just wearing a pair of trunks, which as they were wet had become tight.

I was thinking about the comment to photo Jenni, she hadn’t said no, but again it was all light-hearted, however, I started to imaging her wearing just stockings and heels and getting into all sorts of dirty poses, the thoughts gave me a massive hard on.

I closed my eyes and dozed a little when I heard the click clack sound of heels. I looked up and Jenni was getting onto the sun lounger opposite me, she had removed her dress and was in that micro bikini, the only difference was that she was wearing some very dark sunglasses.

I pretended to be asleep, but seriously was watching Jenni. She was reading a book and positioned herself on the sun lounger so one foot was on the floor and the other on the sunbed with her leg bent. This meant her legs were apart and facing me! Her thong was pulled almanbahis giriş tight showing off the bulge of her fanny and I could see a perfect outline of her crack, I’d left my book lying over my crotch, good job as my prick had made a tent pole in the front of my trunks.

With her dark glasses, it was difficult to tell if she was looking at me or not, but I decided to stop feigning sleep so I could have a good look at what was on show!

After short while she put her book down and picked up some suntan oil and proceeded to rub it on to her arms and then on to her chest. She nonchalantly pulled her top to one side and started to rub sun cream onto her tits!

I was sure she was looking at me as she did this, she was holding one tit and massaging cream all over, she really was taking her time, especially the amount of time rubbing her nipples, bullets weren’t the word for them, they looked about an inch long.

She slowly started to rub cream on her stomach and then legs, I was convinced she was putting on a show for me as she put cream on the inside of her thighs. She widened her legs further stretching her thong even tighter.

As she put some cream at the top of her thigh she moved her thong, it was in her crack revealing her cunt flaps. I thought my prick was going to explode as she made no attempt to cover herself, she then lay back and picked up her book with her fanny on show.

I wanted to fuck her silly, my cock was straining my trunks and I could feel pre-cum oozing out of the end, I was on fire but couldn’t do anything. Jesus, I wanted to walk across to her and ram my knob up her gash, I couldn’t even have a wank, it was torture.

As I said, am sure she was doing this on purpose and when she rolled over onto her stomach I was sure, she left the thong still between her lips giving me a wonderful view.

David she said, will you put some cream on my back? I thought it was Christmas as I jumped up, my knob was like a fucking iron bar trying to get out of my trunks. Luckily as I walked across Jenni was face down so she didn’t see it.

I picked up the sun cream and knelt by her side, as I started to apply the cream to her back I felt her relax. By now my prick was straining against my trunks so hard I thought they’d split, I pulled the front down slightly and my knob was free, fucking hell, my bell end was shining with pre-cum.

Somehow, I applied sun cream on her legs and arse without letting my fingers stray toward her pussy, I wanted to pull the thong to one side and lick her fanny and then I’d fuck her. How I restrained myself I’ll never know.

Suddenly she rolled onto her side facing me, without blinking she moved her hand and was actively rubbing the end of my prick.

Do you really want to photograph me? she said,

Of almanbahis giriş course, was my response, she’d now got my trunks right down and was wanking my prick like no tomorrow.

How do you want me to pose? Jenni said, I couldn’t resist and told her that I wanted her to dress in a skirt and blouse, copper coloured stockings, red bra, knickers and suspender belt and red shoes.

Ummm Jenni purred, and then I want you to undress as I take picsI said.

At this Jenni leant forward and got my cock in her mouth, her tongue was all over my end as she wrapped her lips round my shaft. I was pulling her nipples as she sucked my cock, fucking hell this was terrific.

She broke off and with my knob against her chin said, and pics of this? as she started to lick my cock from me cum hole to balls, all the time she was looking up at me as she rubbed my knob on her face, kissed it, licked it and sucked it!

I stood up and straddled her so that my balls were in her face as I leant forward and pulled her thong to one side. My tongue found her clit and I felt her tongue all over my balls.

Lick my cunt David she said, shove your fingers in as well, am dying to cum

I was fingering and licking her gash at the same time, god, she was so wet that, my face was covered in her fanny juice. She bucked and came, squirting cum as I tongued her twat.

Her tongue was all over my balls, she even licked my arse, if I didn’t stop I was going to cum. I jumped up and moved between her legs, my bell end was nudging her crack as she saidfuck me David.

My knob slid all the in up to my balls as I leant forward and kissed her, Jenni’s legs were around my waist and I felt her heels in my back as I pounded her as hard and fast as possible. We were kissing and licking each other like two animals. Her fanny made squelching noises as I rammed my knob in and out, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d fucked with so much passion.

I told her to turn over, as she got on her knees I pulled her thong off and grabbed her arse cheeks and as I spread them her arsehole was winking at me. I slammed my prick back in her hole and my balls were banging her clit. The sight of my prick sliding in and out of her hole covered in her white cunt cream was awesome, am sure my cock got even bigger!

I then heard Jenni speak, come closer you dirty fuckers, as I looked up and Andrew and Ed were standing about 5 foot from us, both had their trousers round their ankles and both were wanking their rock-hard pricks like crazy.

Jenni looked over her shoulder at me and said fill me full of spunk, empty your fucking balls up me while these old fuckers wank on me .

Hearing a beautiful woman talk such filth sent me over the edge and I started to pump her hole full of cum, go on, she shouted fill me up , at this both Andrew and Ed moved a step closer and shot their loads, spunk was landing on Jenn’s arm, face and even a strand hit her back, she was covered in cum.

I withdrew my cock from her fanny and Jenni stood up, need to clean up she said and dived in the pool!

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