Wife’s Friend Cindy 03

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Over the next several years after our initial encounters Cindy and I hooked up a half dozen times. We both found that we loved fucking each other and the “forbidden” nature of our meetings was what we were both missing in our marriages.

January 2020, prior to the Covid, we arrived in Cancun for a five-day vacation with Cindy and Joe. We arrived late in the day and just enjoyed the pool, dinner and a night of drinking at the bar and the pool.

Day two was a long bus trip to Chichen Itza. Climbing around the ruins, hiking throughout the area had us very tired after the long bus trip back. After we finished dinner and went poolside for a night of drinking, Cindy mentioned that to relieve our soreness that we should start the next day with massages.

A call to reserve booked us two slots at 9:00 and another two at 10:00 the next morning. Cindy and I are usually early risers while my wife and Joe tend to want to sleep in. My wife and Joe both said they would take the ten o’clock slots leaving the nine for Cindy and I.

Joe wanted to start shots but I was tired and kept to a glass of red while he ordered a tray of samplers. Six in all. An hour or so later my wife decided that she was done for the day and I agreed to leave with her while Joe finished his shots

Morning arrived and I met Cindy outside of her room. While we waited for the elevator, she Demetevler Escort told me that Joe had been pretty drunk before going back to the room. The elevator doors closed and we kissed passionately. “This is perfect,” she said. “I get to fuck you for an hour while they are in their massage.”

When our massages ended, we walked out and my wife was in the waiting room, right on time. She told us that Joe was too hungover and had re-scheduled his massage for the afternoon. I told her I would change and she should join us at the pool when she was finished.

When I arrived at the pool, I noticed that there was a hot tub in the back, semi secluded. I waded into the pool and when I looked up Cindy was approaching looking very hot in her bathing suit. I climbed out of the pool and asked her where Joe was and she told me he was just getting up and would come to the pool when he was ready.

She started to apologize for messing up our good time but I grabbed her hand and told her to follow me. We arrived at the hot tub and we climbed in sitting on the side that would allow us to see the pool area. One part of the tub was behind a wall and therefore blind to anyone in the pool area. She figured out my intentions and did not think it was a good idea to have sex in a public area even though no one was around.

We Otele Gelen Escort sat next to each other and I started to stroke her leg getting very close to her promised land. I kissed her and told her everything was under water and she should just close her eyes and let me pleasure her with my fingers. She spread her legs slightly allowing me easier access. I was able to subtly move her bathing suit to the side and slip a finger in. I curled it up to find her G spot and slipped another finger in.

She became incredibly aroused as I worked my magic on her pussy. I kissed her again and she grabbed my cock and stroked it through my bathing suit. I increased the pressure on her brining her close to orgasm before slowing down. She increased pressure on my hand and then slipped her left hand into my bathing suit and as she grabbed my rock-hard dick she gasped. She removed me from the tight confines and started stroking me harder. I increased the punishment of her pussy, by inserting a third finger while simultaneously rubbing her clit with my thumb.

That was what it took. With lust in her eyes, she partially stood up, straddled me, pulled her bathing suit to the side and guided me right into her hot and juicy cunt. “Oh god yes, forget what I said and just fuck me Pete,” she huskily begged.

I Balgat Escort leaned back, closed my eyes and was loving the feeling of my wife’s friend slowly riding me. After several minutes of her gently bouncing on me were close to Cumming when I was startled to hear her exclaim “Oh shit, Joes here!” She started to get up but I pulled her back down on me.

I was behind Cindy so that when Joe spotted her from the other side of the pool, he could not see me slowly fucking his beautiful wife. She said that he put his hands up as if to ask where I was and she pointed to the side of the hot tub which was behind the wall. He waved her down, pointed to the bar and walked over there to get some hair of the dog.

Excited by the near miss I pulled her behind the wall, bent her over the edge and entered her from behind. The jets hid her screams of passion as within a minute I brought her to orgasm. I followed closely behind her and I pulled out and shot ropes of cum onto her back. I washed my cum off her back, slapped her ass and sent her out of the tub with a kiss that she told me later weakened her knees.

We dried off while discussing how close we were to getting caught and how arousing that danger had been. As we walked over to where Joe was sitting, she promised to try and set up another time during the vacation.

Unfortunately, except for a few times making out in the elevator there were no other opportunities on the trip. Then with Covid hitting, as of this date we have not been able to get together again. We have had several private discussions about how things would have been different if we had not waited over thirty years to start our affair. Hopefully after Covid there will be more stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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