Wife’s Friend Turned Me into a Cuck Ch. 04

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As Beth closed the shower door behind her, I was fixated on the last thing she said: “I like our new relationship.” This was loaded, as I had no idea where to even begin to interpret it. Was it about the open relationship? The cuckolding specifically? The no sex for me part? Who knew, but I did want to have a deeper discussion with her about it.

I go into the hallway and grab two towels. As I walk back into the bedroom towards the bathroom door, I can hear Beth giggling and moaning while she is in the shower with James.

I open the door and place the towels on the counter. I briefly glance at them in the shower and see James caressing Beth while making out. The scene looked straight out of a professional porno as the water fell on their naked bodies. Beth began stroking James’ cock when she noticed me out of the corner of her eye.

“Thanks, honey,” she said, half expecting me to leave. As I continued to stand there, James scolded me:

“Can you give us some privacy?” He said with a smirk.

I walked out and closed the door. I go into the kitchen for another drink and see all our clothing scattered around the living room floor. I see Beth’s panties and pick them up while cradling a vodka on the rocks. I finish my drink and head back to the bedroom. I can now hear Beth’s moans coming from the bathroom door, and I lay on the bed and begin to stroke my cock while placing her panties to my face. The rush of pheromones paired with her increasingly louder moans got me hard, and I finished in a few minutes, picturing what they were doing behind closed doors in the shower.

Another 15 or 20 minutes go by, and they both walk back into the bedroom, dry but still naked. I look at James’ semi-erect cock and can’t look away. The sheer size and girth of his penis intimidated me; pair that with Beth’s naked body standing right next to him, and I finally realized what it meant to be a “beta.”

James leaned in towards Beth for a kiss and squeezed her ass one last time for the night as he left to the living room to get dressed and catch an Uber home. Beth walked James to the front door, still naked, then came back to the bedroom with a smile on her face.

“A good time?” I asked.

Beth said nothing. She continued to smile as she crawled onto the bed and kissed me.

“What do you think?” she responded.

I asked her if they fucked again in the shower, and she said they did, but neither of them finished since the steam was making them lightheaded. She saw her panties next to me and smirked.

“Couldn’t resist, could ya?”

She continued:

“Anyway, James and I were talking in the shower, and I don’t think he wants to be a ‘bull’ like what we’ve read about. He’s still down to fuck, but the whole humiliation thing is probably too much for him.”

“So, how do you want to move forward?” I ask.

“How would you feel about me finding more guys to fuck?” She said.

This was coming in way too fast. I was both excited and fearful. I wanted us to be on the same page, but I also didn’t want us to open Pandora’s box, though realistically, we already had.

“How invested do you want to be in this lifestyle?” I ask.

She thought for a few seconds and responded:

“I read most of the stories on the Reddit sub and many on Literotica. The femdom and denial stuff turn me on the most. If we continue to do this, I want it to be very similar to those stories.”

“So, you want to keep doing what we’ve been doing?” I ask.

“If you are cool with it, then yea. I noticed you never went out of your way to try to fuck me until we started this. Is it because you can’t have me that turns you on so much?” She asked.

“In a way, yea. I’ve been more turned on by you this week than I have for a while. Not trying to sound mean or degrading, but it’s just the way it is.” I respond.

“I get it, and I feel like that part turns me on the most. But I want to step it up a notch.” She said.

“How so?”

“If you’re cool with it, I want this to be asymmetric. Do you know what I mean?”

I knew exactly what she meant, and a part of me hoped she would converge towards that desire. For some reason, that fantasy always did it for me, having a promiscuous wife who slept around with other men while I remained loyal and faithful. Only in this case, my loyalty didn’t even matter.

“It’s more than you just not fucking other women,” she said. “I want you to beg me for even the slightest bit of pleasure.”

“Where Bostancı Escort do we draw the line?” I asked.

“We’ll have a discussion if things aren’t working out for either of us,” she said.

Beth then grabbed me and shoved her massive breasts in my face, nearly suffocating me.

“Feel them up because this is the last time you will enjoy these.”

I squeezed, fondled, and sucked on Beth’s tits like a raging adolescent having experienced them for the first time. She was becoming exactly what I fantasized about, though that lingering fear continued to permeate inside.

Strangely enough, it’s as if I was turned on by that fear as well. It was important to me that this new lifestyle didn’t seem scripted in any way, and I expressed some additional demands on my end regarding the humiliation aspects, what I liked, and what I didn’t like. As Beth took it all in, I could tell we were both in over our heads for a bit, but we agreed to play it by ear while still maintaining a semblance of spontaneity.

“Do you have anyone in mind? Besides James?” I ask.

“I have a few candidates in mind,” she said with a sly grin as she slowly went to sleep.

The following day, I told Beth I wanted to take her shopping. Now that we were both on the same page regarding our new lifestyle, I wanted to buy her some sexy outfits for another man’s enjoyment. She was thrilled. I told her I wanted her to dress sexier when we were out together, and she obliged. She put on some tight-fitting denim shorts and a sleeveless white blouse that hugged her tits perfectly and showed just the perfect amount of cleavage. Up until now, she has always dressed relatively conservatively aside from the occasional night out, and as we walked out the front door, her long legs and big butt was a marvel to see.

I grabbed her ass as we got to the car, and she smacked my hand away.

“That’s not for you,” she said, hiding her smile.

Once we got to the mall, I could see nearly every straight guy stare lustfully at Beth as we passed by, some even visibly salivating at one point. We started by getting some drinks at the coffee shop, and Beth flirted heavily with the young male barista. The poor kid became visibly nervous as he tried to determine whether Beth and I were together or “just friends.” It got us a free croissant, so I certainly wasn’t complaining.

“I hope you’re not trying to whore me out for free food,” she said afterward.

“Just a secondary perk, I suppose,” I reply.

We walked into Windsor and picked out a few slutty, yet surprisingly elegant, looking dresses, and Beth went to the changing room, texting me mirror selfies of each dress. I can honestly say she looked amazing in each dress. It was difficult to hide my hard-on as I swiped through the images, each dress more revealing than the last. It’s almost as if her body was made to wear these dresses, as they hugged her curves so perfectly and really made her ass and tits pop even more, which was hard to do.

We settled on two dresses, one black and the other maroon/burgundy, which had the perfect amount of “slutty” while still passing off as elegant. It’s definitely not something she is used to wearing, though we were both excited to put them to the test.

“So, who did you have in mind specifically?” I asked regarding our conversation the previous night.

“There is this guy, Trey, at the gym who always tries to strike up a conversation with me or ‘help’ me with weights. I’ve told him I’m married, so he pulled back on the flirting, but I know he will jump at the opportunity if I pursue it.”

She then pulled out her phone and showed me his Instagram profile. He was a good-looking guy and reasonably fit. I asked if he was hung, and she said she thinks so, but it’s hard to confirm definitively.

Once we got back home, Beth said the thought of fucking Trey got her extremely horny, and she needed to get off. She told me to use her vibrator on her. For a second, I thought she would ask me to fuck her, but I knew what the answer to that was going to be.

I grab the vibrator as she takes her shorts and panties off and lies down on the bed. I place it on her clit, and she begins moaning.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask

“Fucking Trey’s huge cock after we both finish our workout at the gym,” she said.

This got me hard, and I could feel my cock throbbing. I take my pants and underwear off and begin stroking myself with my free hand Anadolu Yakası Escort as I put the vibrator back on Beth. She told me to stop pleasuring myself and to focus only on her. I held the vibrator on her as I was told, moving it little by little based on her needs. After a few minutes, she let out a huge gasp of relief as my cock continued to throb.

“I don’t want you to cum until I get fucked again,” she said.

This was unexpected.

“And when is that going to be?” I ask, somewhat surprised.

“Hopefully soon, for your sake,” she smiled.

This turned me on so much, strangely enough. The thought that she now had complete control over my entire sex life, even dictating when I get to experience a ‘release.’

I asked Beth if I could fuck her one last time before making this lifestyle semi-official. She thought about it for a few seconds but then said no.

“You wanted this too, and it’s not gonna work if we go back and forth. For the time being, I’m off limits to you. So, no randomly squeezing my boobs, making out, grabbing my ass, or anything overtly sexual. I will dictate the if and when,” she said.

I felt both defeated and excited simultaneously. For the longest time, these were late-night thoughts and fantasies watching cuckold videos while high, and now I got to experience it in real life. At this point, I needed to rub one out, but Beth reminded me that I was not to cum until she says I can. I asked her how she planned to enforce it, and she told me that she expected me to be honest and comply.

By mid-week, it had been four or five days since I’d masturbated, and it was driving me crazy. I was used to rubbing one out at least every other day. Now, even the slightest things got me rock hard: some cleavage from a coworker during a video conference, the tight-fitting jeans of the cashier at the grocery store, even seeing a woman wearing a summer dress walk by in view of our doorbell camera.

Later that evening, Beth got home from work and said she would head out to the gym. She mentioned sending Trey a DM wanting some help on her form or some bullshit, and they agreed to meet at the gym that night. She went to the room to get dressed and came out with a tight-fitting grey sports bra and her spandex gym shorts while putting on a sweatshirt in front of me. At that moment, I pictured whether Trey would go for it, but I doubt he would offer any resistance by the way she was dressed. In a way, I envied him at that moment, as he would be able to do things to her that I no longer could.

Before she left, she asked if I had remained abstinent, and when I confirmed that I did, she just smiled and said, “good.”

I asked her what time she would be home and if what I thought was going to happen would happen. She said she didn’t know, but she planned to ask Trey to grab a drink after the gym and see what happens.

Beth left for the gym around 7:30pm, and she usually comes back within a couple hours, so when she wasn’t home by 10pm, I texted her asking where she was.

“Grabbed a drink with my ‘trainer,’ 😉” she replied.

I asked if they were coming back here [our house], and she said it was unlikely and that she would see me later that night.

Around midnight, I still had not heard from her and debated texting her again but decided not to, as I didn’t want to potentially ruin what was happening. My heart had been racing for the better part of the last hour, picturing what they were doing together and where.

Beth came home just before 1 am. I didn’t know what it was about her, but I just knew she had sex with Trey. Something about her stature and body language gave it away, but it is hard to describe.

“You’re still up?” She asked.

“Couldn’t really sleep,” I reply.

I asked her what happened at the gym and after, and she gave me a quick summary: essentially, she met up with him at the gym under the guise of helping her with her arm strength, and as they were lifting weights, she became very touchy-feely with him. Made sure his hands “accidentally” grazed her breasts, felt his muscles in awe, asking him if squats will help her butt (forcing him to look), etc. After their workout, she told him she had a long day at work and needed a drink and whether he wanted to go to one of the local dive bars with her. He agreed, no surprise there.

At the bar, she kept feeling his arms and abs, talking about how her husband wasn’t a big gym guy, and she always wanted Pendik Escort to know what it was like to be with someone so fit. He fell for it and offered her to come over for another drink. She initially played coy, stating it was a work night, but he insisted it would just be a quick drink, though they both knew what that meant.

When they got to Trey’s place, Beth didn’t waste any time and began feeling his abs under his shirt, giving him the cue to take it off. He led her to his bedroom, where she got on top of him, and they began making out. She then took his shorts off and began sucking his dick, stating that it was pretty big but not as big as James’, but still a lot bigger than mine. Not long after, they were fucking on his bed.

I asked her if they fucked raw, and she said they used a condom, so no cream pie, but he did cum on her ass, and she only half-assed wiped off his load with his shirt before putting her shorts back on and sucking his dick clean.

Beth got on top of me and kissed me, telling me that Trey’s cum drenched cock was in her mouth less than 30 minutes ago. She then tells me to take her shorts off before she got on all fours next to me on the couch, demanding I lick her ass clean. My cock was throbbing hard, and I could feel a good amount of precum leaking as I grabbed Beth’s ass and licked the entire surface clean, feeling the salty tinge of another man’s sperm in my mouth.

“Take your pants off,” she said. Words can’t describe how fast I got naked before she instructed me to jerk off on her ass but not to touch her in any way. I busted my load in less than ten seconds, and it was pretty massive, dripping down her cheeks and into the crevice between. She told me to clean it all up again. Once I licked her ass clean again, she told me I wasn’t finished and to clean her asshole since I made a mess. I spread her ass cheeks and was practically slobbering everywhere, licking up all the cum between her cheeks while giving her a rim job. She moaned in pleasure and said she really liked that before getting up to shower. I felt a huge relief, as that load had been building for quite some time, and a part of me was fearful that she would change her mind and decide that I didn’t get to cum anymore either.

I grabbed Beth’s gym shorts and noticed they were damp before putting them to my face and embracing the sweet scent of all her pheromones and body spray as I busted another load on the couch, picturing what she did that night with Trey.

The next afternoon I hear the doorbell ring and see a package on the front door for Beth. I bring it inside and put it on the kitchen counter, wondering what it could be. I was tempted to watch some porn and masturbate but opted not to, as last night’s release was genuinely phenomenal, as it usually is when you abstain for several days.

Beth got home later in the evening, noticed the package, and smiled.

“Remember how you asked me how I planned to enforce when you can cum?” She asked.

At that point, I knew exactly what was in the box. She briefly mentioned ordering something earlier in the week that would “help us out” and that it would be a surprise.

She opened the box and pulled out a stainless-steel chastity cage with a key and everything.

“This seems to be a theme in all those stories, she said. I made sure to get the surgical grade one. Also, I know you masturbated with my shorts without asking; I saw you.”

I was hesitant and asked her if it was really necessary. She told me that she demanded total control of my sex life and that whatever she says goes. She told me to strip down as she figured out the little trinket. She grabbed my balls and placed the steel ring underneath and over the penis before putting the cage on the tip and locking it to the ring. The cage was only about two inches long, so there was literally no room to get hard.

“I don’t think it’s safe to wear this for more than a few hours,” I say.

“I did my research. This one can stay on. It’s the same metal they use for piercings. Let’s test it out,” she said.

Beth took her jacket and blouse off, revealing her perfect 34DD breasts cupped tightly in her black bra. I felt an enormous erection coming on, and as my penis hit the edges of the chastity cage, it was like the whole “rock and hard place” dilemma.

The erection was painful but not intolerable. Beth smiled and put on the necklace attached to the key that came with the kit, burying the key in between her breasts.

“Remember, full control,” she said before walking off to the bedroom.

I could feel my erection get harder, and the pain/discomfort increased slightly. I looked down at my semi-erect cock locked in the cage and wondered what future surprises Beth had in store.

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