Wild Bluegrass Weekend

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Group Sex

This is a story based on great memories of attending bluegrass music festivals back in the late 70’s in Southern California. What fun times.

I was recently divorced, in my late 30’s, trying to fill the void a divorce causes to most people’s lives. I needed new friends, new places to go and new things to do. I love country music and I love to dance so finding new friends and going to weekend long bluegrass festivals with onsite camping seemed like it might be fun.

I had met one younger lady, in her mid 20’s, while out country dancing who seemed adventurous and maybe willing to try new things. This is our story.

It was a Saturday night and I had gone to one of my favorite country bars to dance with friends. There was a good crowd and a good band. PJ was out tonight. That’s short for Patricia Jean.

I walked to her table. “Hi PJ. You’re looking good tonight. I love your blouse… very pretty.”

She quickly stood up to give me a hug and a kiss hello. “Hi Bob. Let’s dance.”

It was a two-step with a good beat. We were just discussing what had happened since we last saw each other. We paused on the dance floor to see what the next song was going to be. It was a nice slow ballad.

I asked? “Shall we snuggle?”

She answered. “Absolutely!”

When the song ended we shared a kiss that was more than a friendly thanks for the dance kiss.

PJ spoke. “Join me at my table.”

I replied. “Thank you, I’d love to.”

That was the start to a fun filled evening of dancing, teasing, kissing and getting to know each other better. We had danced a few times on other nights before but tonight was different. Tonight we mostly danced with each other and only a couple of dances with other dance partners. We were really enjoying our evening together.

When it was getting close to midnight, even though the band would play until 2:00AM, I wanted to find out if we might become better friends. We had just finished dancing really close to a slow song and had shared a sensuous kiss. We sat down at our table. The band was going to take a 15 minute break.

I put my hand on PJ’s thigh right below the hem of her short skirt to be sure I had her attention. She put her hand on mine. I had no idea what her reaction to my next question might be but I had to ask.

I spoke softly. “PJ, let me finish before you answer. I’ve heard about a bluegrass festival that’s coming up next weekend. It’s only 70 miles away at a park with a lake, lots of grass areas, plenty of parking with one area for day visitors and another area for those who want to camp for the weekend. Will you go with me?”

She paused as if she was trying to decide how to answer me.

PJ spoke shyly. “Tell me more about it so I can decide if I want to go just for a day…. or for the weekend.”

I was relieved… she would go… I just needed to convince her to go for the weekend.

I started. “There will be a stage area for several bands to play for an hour at a time and then a different band will take the stage and play. The music will start at 11:00AM and continue until 10:00PM on Saturday and Sunday. Those who are camping can stay Sunday night and go home on Monday which is a holiday. Everyone should bring a blanket, camping type chairs and a small ice chest for drinks. The blanket will reserve your ‘spot’ and it’s safe to leave it and your chairs all day while you go for lunch or dinner, or just walking around the park and the lake. There will be a food service set up or you may bring your own.”

PJ smiled. “If we go for the whole weekend…….. What are the sleeping arrangements?”

I was feeling better. “I have a pick-up with a slide-in camper. We will not be sleeping on the ground. The camper has a dinette that makes into a double bed. NO expectations. NO strings attached.”

She laughed. “Asking me to go away with you for a fun weekend is a pretty sneaky way to get me in your bed…. What do I need to pack?”

Now I was smiling. “Thank you! It’ll be fun. Let’s get out of here and we can work out the details. How about an early breakfast at Denney’s?”

She answered. “Sounds good. I came with Sue. Let me tell her what’s going on and that I will see her back at the apartment we share later.”

We finished our drinks just as Sue was getting back to the table. PJ leaned over to Sue and whispered in her ear so no one else could hear. We got up and walked out hand in hand to my car. I opened the passenger door for her to get in. We didn’t talk much on the short drive to the restaurant. We were both wondering what was next.

When we got to the restaurant I said. “Wait for me to come around and open your door.”

PJ smiled. “Trying to impress me by being a gentleman?”

I answered. “Just being who I am.”

We went in and sat side by side in a booth towards the back. The waitress came and we each ordered a light breakfast and orange juice.

PJ asked: “So how does this weekend go? And what do I need to bring?”

Again I put my hand on her soft, smooth thigh right below the Anadolu Yakası Escort hem of her short skirt.

I spoke. “The camper has everything in it we might need. I will bring drinks and food for the weekend. Is there anything you particularly don’t like?”

She answered. “I like most everything. I’m sure whatever you choose will be fine.”

I answered: “You will need to pack a small personal case with your toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, deodorant, perfume, and anything else you think you might need. I always have suntan lotion in the camper. Since days are hot but the evenings get cool, you will need a mix of clothes. To be sure you have what you might need pack jeans and shorts, a couple of blouses, a couple of sun tops, a cover-up shirt or sweater for evenings, sandals and tennis shoes. I’m going to request you wear a short skirt and a sexy blouse with sandals for travelling in the truck.”

PJ smiled. “At least I have a week to pick out what I’m going to wear.”

I teased. “I’ve only seen you dressed cowgirl style… surprise me.”

As we were eating we continued to discuss our up-coming weekend. She had a commitment to a family gathering on Friday night.

We agreed that each of us would have a light breakfast before I would pick her up at her apartment at 8:00AM on Saturday morning. The drive would take about an hour and a half leaving plenty of time to get parked in the camping area and go pick a spot for our blanket and chairs. We were both anxious yet nervous about how our weekend might go.

I gave her my personal card with my name, address and phone number on it so she could call me if something came up that would change our plans. She put it in her purse. I would find out where her apartment was located in a little while.

We decided we were both tired. I left a tip for the waitress and paid the bill at the cashier on our way out. When we got to my car I again opened her door for her.

Instead of getting in she turned around to face me. She put her arms around me and gave me a wonderful, sensual kiss while I held her tight.

PJ spoke softly. “I like you…. And I’m looking forward to our weekend.”

I answered. “Me, too.”

It was an easy drive to her apartment as we both lived in the same town. I would remember how to find it next Saturday morning.

We took a couple of minutes to say goodnight while we were still in my car. We shared a tight embrace and a simple goodnight kiss at her door. She went into her apartment and I got in my car and went home.

The next week seemed to just drag by. I worried all week that PJ would call and thank me for the offer and tell me she was sorry but that she couldn’t go. I needn’t have worried. Saturday morning came and I had everything in the camper including Ice, the gas tank was full, I had my camera with me. I was wearing denim shorts, a short sleeved western shirt, my hat and leather sandals without socks. I wondered how PJ would be dressed.

After just a short drive I was parking close to her apartment. I got out and went to the door and knocked.

I was greeted by a smiling PJ. “Please come in.”

I stepped in and she gave me a hug and a kiss hello.

I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. PJ was wearing a denim skirt that was a little shorter than the one she had on last week. Her tan sandals were cute. The biggest surprise was the blouse she was wearing. It was pale pink, quite thin, short sleeved, button up with a small collar. I could see a lacy bra that was a shade darker pink under it. Her only jewelry was silver earrings. I wondered if her panties matched her bra.

I was smiling. “Very nice!”

PJ blushed. “We’re going out of town. I wanted to be sexy for you.”

I went on. “Thank you for granting my request. Where’s Sue?”

She answered. “She didn’t make it home last night. She’s at her boyfriend’s apartment. She’s fine… and a little jealous of the weekend we are going on.”

I asked? “Are you ready?”

She answered. “All packed and ready to go. Everything fit in the suitcase. I hope you like what I packed.”

We walked out to my truck and put her suitcase in the camper. I opened the passenger door for her to get in. I went around and got in. She scooted over really close to me. My truck is an older classic, it has a bench seat and didn’t come with seatbelts so we don’t have to wear them.

We chatted about all sorts of things as we went up the highway getting to know each other better. Suddenly we were at the entrance to Lake Park. I paid our admission for the weekend with camping. He told me where the camping area was. I found a nice place to park under a big tree that would shade the camper as it did not have air conditioning. We got out and I pulled the camper step down so PJ could get up into the camper. Yes, her panties match her bra.

PJ was impressed at how much a camper can be equipped with and still not be overly big for going down the road. There was a dinette that we would make down into a double bed later. Bostancı Escort There were two overhead lights that worked off the truck battery. There was a closet hiding a small portable toilet and a couple of cupboards that contained the bare necessities for cooking and eating plus some food items.

There was a small sink with a hand pump for water and an ice box with extra ice for the small ice chest sitting on the floor next to two folding camp chairs. There was bedding for the bed and a folded blanket sitting on one side of the dinette.

I handed PJ the blanket and picked up the two chairs and my camera. We walked a short distance to where the stage was and saw how other people had placed their blankets and chairs. I picked a spot that I thought might have a little afternoon shade from a large tree and spread our blanket out, unfolded the chairs and sat them on the blanket. We decided to walk over to see the small lake.

There was a restroom building about halfway between the camping area and the lake to serve both areas. The lake was small but had a nice path all the way around it. About halfway around we found a nice bench and sat down.

Again, I put my hand on her soft, smooth thigh, a little higher because the skirt was shorter.

I asked? “What do you think so far?”

She was smiling. “Talking on the drive here, about just everything, was so easy and relaxed. It feels like we have known each other longer than just a few dances. I’m really glad that I agreed to come with you…. for the whole weekend.”

I spoke. “I’m really happy that we’re here… and I know we’ll have fun.”

We stood up and turned to face each other. The kiss we shared lasted longer and was more sensuous than we had shared before. My tongue was teasing her lips before exploring deeper. She responded by offering her tongue. The kiss lasted until we had to catch our breath. Our new friendship was developing nicely.

I had to take a couple of pictures of PJ. One of her standing by the bench and one of her sitting on the bench. Her skirt had slid up on that picture showing most of her thighs.

We walked the rest of the way around the lake holding hands. When we got to the stage area we saw some people already sitting in their chairs or on their blankets. The first band was getting set up.

The festival organizers provided all the sound system so the bands only needed to bring their instruments. There were several microphones on tall stands.

I suggested. “Let’s sit a while and people watch.”

PJ sat down on her chair carefully because her skirt was showing off her shapely legs for everyone to see.

I complemented her. “PJ, I have to tell you… you have really nice legs. Very sexy.”

She answered. “Thank you. Let’s listen to this first band and then walk back to the camper and have a little lunch. I want to change what I’m wearing.”

I teased. “Are you worried that someone might see your lacy panties?”

She teased back. “No, not at all. Be patient… I have a surprise for you.”

For the next hour as we enjoyed the fantastic music I was wondering what ‘change’ she had planned to surprise me. Girls love to make guys wait. The band played their last song which showed what really talented musicians they were.

PJ stood up. “Come on. Let’s go have lunch. Then I get to surprise you.”

I stood up and took her hand in mine for the walk back to the camper. I opened the camper door and stepped back so PJ could use the steps to get in. She stopped on the top step…. reached back and flipped her skirt up giving me a wonderful view of her lacy panties… then stepped on into the camper.

I spoke. “That was a wonderful surprise! Thank you for being so sexy!”

PJ responded. “We came up here to have fun. And we’re just getting started.”

I stepped into the camper. “I have lunchmeat and cheese sandwiches, some potato chips and iced tea. We can take a couple of apples back with us for a snack. I hope that’s OK.”

PJ spoke. “Sounds good. Slide into the open side of the dinette first and I will sit beside you. This way …. after lunch I can change while you’re still sitting down.”

We enjoyed our simple lunch along with some teasing. When we were finished PJ turned to me and gave me a really soft, slow kiss. Then she stood up.

Her voice had a different sound as she spoke. “Close your eyes… NO peeking.”

I closed my eyes and waited.

It had only been about 30 seconds… so I was surprised when she spoke.

She said. “OK, do you see anything different?”

I opened my eyes…my smile was almost a grin. “What I see is a sexy, ‘natural’ lady. You look even sexier… and you certainly don’t need the bra! The blouse is just thin enough to really tease me… but not thin enough to be obvious to others.”

PJ smiled. “I like you. I want to be sexy for you.”

I was still grinning. “Taking your bra off and leaving a couple of buttons unbuttoned is certainly working!”

She answered. “Let’s go enjoy some more music… Ümraniye Escort and each other.”

I spoke. “Let’s refill the plastic tea glasses. I have snap-on lids for them. The festival flyer said ‘NO GLASS’ in the seating area.”

PJ said. “You should go down the camper steps first… so you can watch me walk down them.”

I answered. “Thank you… I will enjoy watching you.”

I went down the steps and turned around to watch PJ walk down. She made a special effort to put a ‘bounce’ in her steps coming down.

I spoke. “This is turning into a great weekend. I’m so happy that I asked you to come with me. We’re off to a fun start.”

PJ answered. “I’m glad you asked… and very happy that I accepted.”

We walked back to our chairs which were just as we had left them. A new band was already playing. The fiddle player was really good! We sat in our chairs for the next couple of hours, sipping iced tea… and teasing each other. PJ didn’t seem to worry about how high her skirt slid up her thighs, occasionally showing a little of her lacy panties.

PJ spoke. “Let’s walk over to the restrooms, and then stop by the camper for refills of tea and another ‘change’. I’m having fun teasing you.”

Off we went. It was just a short walk, but PJ did get a smile from a couple of guys as we walked by. After we used the restrooms we walked to the camper. I reached up and opened the camper door.

PJ smiled and again flipped her skirt up to show me her lacy panties. I followed her into the camper. I refilled the iced tea glasses and added a little ice to them as the sun was getting hotter.

PJ teased. “Close your eyes tight for a couple of minutes while I change. I’ll tell you when you can open your eyes.”

A couple of minutes seemed like forever as all I could do was listen to little sounds of PJ changing.

Finally she spoke. “OK, do you like?”

My eyes started at her feet. She was still wearing her sandals. My eyes slowly swept up her legs to the smallest pair of white short shorts you can imagine. The waistband was not at her waist. It was resting low on the slight swell of her hips. They couldn’t have been more than eight inches long with maybe an inch of inseam.

Continuing upwards I saw a strip of bare tummy. Next was a little tube top held up by an elastic band at the top and hanging loosely to just below her breasts. It was just slightly more sheer than her blouse had been but it was covered in tiny red flowers which diffused what was showing. The combination of red and white looked great. When I looked at her face I couldn’t decide if I was looking at an angelic smile…. or a devilish grin.

I paused… just taking in the sexy lady standing in front of me before finally speaking. “PJ, remember when you asked what you should pack… and I said ‘surprise me’… you have surprised me more than I could have ever dreamed. The sexy view I’m looking at will forever be locked in my mind.”

I took her in my arms… holding her tightly to me, she had her arms around me pressing her pointed full B-cup breasts into my chest. What a wonderful feeling we were sharing.

I spoke. “I better put suntan lotion on you so you don’t sunburn.”

PJ stood there, spreading her feet about shoulder width apart and held her arms straight out from her sides.

She spoke. “Don’t miss anywhere. Parts of me have never been this exposed to the sun.”

I was thrilled. She had just asked me to rub suntan lotion everywhere. I stepped behind her and started on her neck just below her short, curly hair. Then out over her shoulders and down to the top edge of her tube top.

I paused… then lowered her tube top about three inches on her back and rubbed lotion there and then pulled her top back up. I lotioned both of her arms. I carefully put a little lotion on my hand and gently held her loose tube top out as I reached under to lotion the rest of her back all the way down to the waistband of her short shorts. I squatted down and thoroughly enjoyed rubbing suntan lotion on the backs, outsides and insides of her soft smooth legs.

I stood up and walked around in front of her.

I asked? “How am I doing?”

She was smiling. “You’re doing fine… just fine. Please continue.”

I said. “I think you should put a little on your face.”

She held her hands out for a little bit of lotion and carefully applied it to her face. Then stuck her arms back out to each side.

I rubbed lotion on each of her arms. I cautiously applied some lotion to her chest above her tube top. She surprised me when she lowered her tube top a couple of inches so I could lotion there. Then she really surprised me when she moved the elastic band at the top of her top up a couple of inches above where it had started.

She had that devilish grin on her face as she put her hands on the bottom edge of her top on both sides…. And lifted it clear up over her face.

All she said was. “Everywhere, please.”

Her breasts were perfection. Full B-cup and firm, topped with rosy areola and nipples that were sticking out like bullets.

I was a little nervous but proceeded to rub lotion ‘everywhere’ from up to where I had previously put lotion down to the waist band of her shorts. I made sure her breasts and nipples got a little extra attention.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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