Wild in Rome!

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Author’s Note: As you read this story, remember, in the fantasy world there are no diseases. Unprotected sex with strangers can be hazardous to your health. PLAY SAFE!


Bobby had been in the army for about a year. He had finished his training at Fort Ord, California, and been assigned to a transportation Company in Germany. He knew this was probably going to be the only time in his life that he would be in Europe. He was going to travel as much as possible, and see as many historical places as he could. He had taken a few days of leave time and had taken the train to Rome.

Katerina was Yugoslavian. She had been raised by her wealthy father, after her mother had died when she was six. She had always had a governess or nanny when she was young. As she grew up, her father had sent her to an all girls school. After she graduated, he had sent her to finishing school. His daughter was always depressed and unhappy. He was just trying to help her find happiness.

Her father had decided that a holiday in Rome might help. She flew to Rome and found a quiet little hotel to stay at while she was there. Something different from all the pampering her father was always providing for her. Something was missing from her life. She would be celebrating her 21st birthday on New Years Eve.

Katerina was still depressed, even though she was enjoying visiting all the historic places around Rome. It was New Years Eve, and she was alone in a strange city. She had never had a boyfriend. She had never been out on a date. Her father always trying to protect her.

She decided to try something new. She had never been one to drink. Maybe a little wine with dinner, but she had never been drunk. It was New Years Eve, and she had seen a sign down the street at one of the big fancy hotels, that they were having a big party. She was going!

She put on her fanciest dress, brushed her long, curly hair, and just a little make-up. She had lots of social skills from finishing school. She was ready to try having a little fun. She walked down the street to the big fancy hotel, and went in.

There was a red carpet leading to the ball room. She didn’t have a ticket, but the doorman took one look at her, and said, “Good evening, madam. Welcome to our party.”

Katerina was instantly the bell of the ball. All the men wanted her attention. They kept bring her drinks, which she graciously accepted. After a few drinks, Katerina was well on her way to being very drunk. She was happy that she had come to the party. She was quite intrigued by one of her gentleman suitors. His name was Mario. They were standing, talking to each other as the clock struck midnight. Katerina was fluent, not only in her native tongue from Yugoslavia, but also in English and Italian. All of her schooling did have some value.

As the clock struck midnight, Mario pulled her into his arms, and gave her a very sensual kiss. She had never been kissed like that before. It felt nice, so she kissed him right back, making sure it lasted longer this time. He invited her up to his room. He was staying at that hotel. In her drunken state, she was easy to convince. Besides, the kiss had felt very nice! She accepted.

When they got to his room, it wasn’t just a room. It was a magnificent, opulent suite. It almost reminded her of the home she had lived in when she was a little girl. Before her father had sent her away to school.

Mario was certainly a ladies man. He was very experienced. Katerina had no experience in man/woman activities. It just wasn’t something they taught at finishing school. His words were sweet, and his actions were smooth. He kept whispering sweet things in her ear, kissing her, and letting his hands wander all over her body. She liked it all.

Before she even realized it, the bed covers were turned down, he was laying beside her, and they were both naked. Being naked didn’t bother her. She had never been taught anything about sex. She was the ultimate example of being naive.

Mario was amazed that she had no knowledge at all of what men and women engaged in, in private. This was going to be fun. He was going to enjoy teaching her.

He started massaging her breasts, and instead of pushing him away, she commented that it felt nice. Oh, yes, this was going to be fun.

When he reached down to her pussy, he found a full bush of soft hair. He parted the hair with his fingers, and started stroking up and down her slit.

She was a bit drunk, but still had control of all her faculties. This was new to her, but it felt really good. His hands felt a little like when her governess used to massage her back, to get her to go to sleep. She thought, “This is nice.”

He was surprised when he inserted a finger into her cunt. There was no hymen. He pushed his finger as deep as he could to be sure.

Her thoughts changed to, “This feels REALLY NICE.”

He continued to play with her pussy. The more he played, the better she liked it. His ministrations were bursa eskort bayan giving her feelings and sensations she didn’t know existed. At that moment she thought, “Is this what it feels like to be happy?”

He was absolutely amazed at what was happening. He couldn’t believe that a young lady as sophisticated as this, could be so naïve about sex. He was certainly enjoying himself.

He reached down and spread her legs wide apart. Then moved over on top of her. She offered no resistance. He kissed her a few more times, using his tongue to explore her mouth.

She responded with her tongue. She was sighing and moaning softly. He positioned his raging hard-on at her entrance. She was very wet. Ever so slowly, he proceeded to push his manhood into her.

She didn’t understand what was happening, but it felt wonderful. She was feeling very full, as his cock was very large. “Was this what people meant when they said that something was fulfilling, satisfying?” She wasn’t sure, but she was feeling better than she had ever felt.

He started stroking in and out. Slow, fast, easy, hard. He still could not believe his luck. Not only had he found a virgin, he had found a naïve virgin. The pace got more and more frantic. He was giving her all he had, but he couldn’t seem to make her climax. His determination kept him rock hard. He kept going.

Finally, when he was about to collapse from exhaustion, she screamed and dug her fingernails into his back. Her reaction was so intense, he thought he had hurt her.

She wrapped her legs around him, and started thrusting up to meet him. She was thrashing wildly. She just kept screaming and grabbing at him with her hands. It was almost as if she had gone crazy!

She finally calmed down after a few minutes. Out of breath, she asked him, “What just happened?!”

He was still trying to catch his breath, too. He had never had a lady react like this before! He reassured her that she was okay. They lay there, holding each other, as their breathing returned to normal.

He asked her, “Have you never been taught anything about sex?’

She answered, “What is sex?” She had never heard the word before.

He tried to give her a brief explanation of sex, men and women, and love.

She knew what love was. Her father loved her. But, all this other was new. It seemed strange to her.

He asked her, “Didn’t anyone explain about sex, when you had your first monthly cycle?”

She had a puzzled look on her face. “What’s a monthly cycle?”

He was flabbergasted. This was a mature young lady, and had never had a menstrual cycle. He was at a loss for an answer.

She told him, “I don’t understand any of this stuff you are telling me. I don’t know what it was that you were doing to me earlier, but it felt wonderful! I’ve never in my life, experienced anything like this. But I know that I want to experience it again!”

He wasn’t sure what to think of this development. He decided he liked this girl. He decided he would help her learn, all that she was missing, about her body, about being a woman, and about sex! She stayed with him that day, and spent the night in his bed again. He was very surprised at the sexual animal he seemed to have awakened.

The next day he told her, “I’m going to take you to see a friend of mine. She is a doctor. I want her to examine you, and she will be able to explain to you, all there is to know about women.”

She said, “Okay. If you want to. I trust you.”

He called his doctor friend and briefly explained the situation to her. She told him to bring the young lady to her office that afternoon. She was curious to find out about this young lady herself.

When the lady doctor had finished giving Katerina a thorough examination and had questioned her extensively, she couldn’t believe what her findings were.

Katerina had been born, not only with no hymen, but with no ovaries. This meant that her body never produced an egg, therefore she would never have a menstrual cycle. It also meant that she could never have children. The doctor was amazed at her findings.

She first talked to Mario, alone. She asked him to tell her in detail, about the first time he had sex with Katerina, and what his observations were.

He wasn’t used to being clinical, but the doctor was a good friend, so he told her everything he could remember. The thing that had most amazed him, was that even though he considered himself to be a great lover, it had taken every trick he knew and an intense effort to make Katerina climax that first time. But, that when she had experienced that first orgasm, it was like he had awakened a sleeping monster.

Last night, when he had again thoroughly enjoyed a sexual romp with this lovely young lady, it seemed that he started things, but it was definitely Katerina who had finished them. She had again turned into almost an animal. He had thought for a while, before she finally climaxed and let him rest, that bursa merkez escort she was literally going to fuck him to death!

The doctor was intrigued by his observations. She told him, “I am going to ask you to do something for medical science. I want you to convince Katerina to stay with you for a week. I want you to have sex with her every night, and then make notes of your observations.”

Mario was surprised at this, but he was willing to do it.

The doctor called Katerina into her office and told her, “Katerina, you have a very unusual medical condition. I want you to stay with Mario for a week. He is going to make you feel good every night. I’ll want to talk to you again, this time next week. Mario will bring you back to see me. Don’t worry about the cost.”

Katerina liked Mario and trusted him. She thought the doctor was nice, so she agreed. And besides that, Mario was going to make her have all those strange but wonderful sensations she had enjoyed the last two nights with him.

A week later, when Mario brought Katerina to see the doctor, the doctor was shocked. Mario looked terrible! He was pale, his eyes were bloodshot, he was walking like he had been run over by a truck!

The doctor said, “Katerina, please wait here while I talk to Mario. I’ll be right back to get you. Mario, come into my office.” Mario slowly and gingerly walked into the doctor’s office and she followed him in. She closed the door. “Mario, what is wrong with you? You look like death warmed over!”

Mario spoke slowly, “I’m almost sorry I met Katerina on New Years Eve. At first I couldn’t believe my luck. Such a lovely young lady, sophisticated, and yet so naïve. Now I think she is a curse. She wont leave me alone! She wears me out, then lets me sleep. When I wake up, she is waiting for me. She all but rapes me! I’ve never been so sore or so tired in my life!”

The doctor told Mario, “You wait here, I’m going to take Katerina into the other office and talk to her.” Mario slumped in his chair.

The doctor walked out to the waiting room. “Katerina, let’s go in this office to talk.”

They went in and the doctor closed the door. “Katerina, I had said that I wanted you to stay with Mario for a week, and that he would make you feel good every night. I didn’t expect you to almost kill him! Why did you do that?”

Katerina looked at the doctor, smiled like she had probably never smiled in her life, and replied, “I don’t know. Ever since the first time Mario made me, what’s the word, climax, I have felt completely different. My mind just snapped or something.” “I crave this thing Mario calls sex! I just want to do it all the time. I can’t seem to get enough to satisfy my cravings. I’ve never in my life been this happy!”

The doctor told Katerina, “What ever happens, I want you to come see me on the first Monday of every month for a while. I want to follow what is happening to you. There will be no charge.”

Thus was “born”, Katerina the insatiable slut!

Mario had to take Katerina back to her little hotel. He just couldn’t keep this up. She was going to fuck him to death if he kept her!

Katerina was glad that her wealthy father kept her bank account in a good state. That way she didn’t have to work. Not that she had any work experience or skills to offer.

Katerina was obsessed with sex. She had decided to stay in romantic Rome. Where there were lots of conquests for her to use to satisfy her hunger for sex. She spent her days, cruising the sidewalk cafes. And her evenings checking out the night clubs. Anywhere there were men. Lots of men! She had to have sex everyday, usually more than once.

She loved the way her body responded to a man’s touch, and the extreme sensations she experienced every time they fucked her to climax. This had been going on now for several months. She had also learned about cunnilingus and fellatio. She loved making men eat her pussy for hours, keeping them going with the promise of the best blowjob of their life.

Katerina would find a man she thought looked nice and was well built, and then use her charms to get them to try and satisfy her needs. Rarely did one last for more than a few days, before finding themselves exhausted, sore, and needing some respite from this sexual vacuum. She literally used them up and discarded them for a fresh one.

She went to see the doctor each month, telling her all about what she had been doing. The doctor was fascinated by Katerina’s tales. Katerina had just come back to her hotel from one of her sidewalk café excursions. She had taken a long hot shower. She had dried herself off, and was just standing there brushing her hair. It didn’t bother her that the curtains were open, or that she was in front of the window. The hotel she was staying at, was laid out in a quadrangle. It went all the way around a small block, with a small garden court yard in the middle. It wasn’t a large hotel, just a few rooms bursa sınırsız escort bayan along each of the four sides. Some facing outside, and some facing the court yard, with a hallway between the inner and outer rooms, running all the way around the building. She was on the second floor.

Bobby just happened to be staying at the same hotel. It was called Pensione Suquet. His room was about halfway down one side, on the second floor. It was directly across the little courtyard from Katerina’s room.

He had only checked in that morning. He had just come back from his first little sight seeing trip and having some lunch. He entered his room, and looked out his open window. There, across the courtyard, only a few yards away, stood a vision of beauty.

She was standing in front of her open window, naked. She was brushing her beautiful, long curly dark hair. When Bobby saw her look his way, he was certain that she would either step away from the window or close the curtain. He was totally surprised when she just smiled a captivating smile at him, and waved a coy little wave with her free hand.

His cock was starting to stir in his pants. When she waved at him again, and beckoned with her finger, for him to come over, he was rock hard! If this was what Italy was going to be like, he liked it!

He waved back to her.

He quickly went out of his room, locking it behind him. He counted his steps to where the hallway turned the corner. His mind was racing like any young man’s mind would have been if they were being beckoned by a lovely young lady! When he turned the next corner in the hall, he started counting his steps again.

He figured the same number of steps should put him at about her door. He hoped he would knock on the correct door. He needn’t have worried.

She was standing in the doorway, leaning against one side, naked. She said, “Hello, won’t you come in?”

Bobby was blown away! He was almost speechless, but did manage to say, “Thank you. My pleasure to meet you. My name is Bobby.”

He went in and sat down on the bed. The only chair had a pile of clothes on it.

She came over and sat down right beside him. His cock was straining in his pants. His pulse was racing and his breathing was slow and deep as he tried to get himself under control.

She said, “I’m happy to meet you. My name is Katerina. But, call me Kat. Are you American?”

Bobby answered, “Yes, I’m in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany. I came to Rome to see the historical sights here.”

She continued, “I’m from Yugoslavia. I’m here enjoying a holiday, too. Yes, I speak English. I learned it in school. I also speak Italian. And of course I speak my native Slavic language.”

Bobby was impressed. What he should have been was afraid. He had no clue, that this lovely creature really was a “creature” and that she was going to use him to satisfy her insatiable need for sex.

They visited a few minutes, and to Bobby’s utter amazement, she said, “I’m naked, you should be, too.”

Bobby was stunned. Was this more of what Italy was like? He didn’t want to appear shy or bashful, so he stood up and undressed. He sat back down on the bed. He tried to hide his erection with his hands.

Kat stood up and moved over so she was in front of him. She leaned forward and kissed him. Naturally Bobby responded and moved his hands up to hold her. When the kiss finally ended, she pushed Bobby onto his back. She climbed on the bed and straddled him.

Bobby couldn’t believe what was happening. But he was certainly going to go along with whatever she wanted to do!

Kat reached down, took Bobby’s rock hard cock in her hand, and stroked him a couple of times. Bobby was glad that he had quite a bit of sexual experience. Most young guys would have lost it, then and there.

Kat aimed Bobby’s cock at her pussy, and lowered herself down onto it.

Bobby thought, “If this is what Italy is like? I LOVE IT!”

Kat rode Bobby for several minutes, and as he filled her cunt with cum, she had her own strong orgasm. She leaned down and kissed Bobby again. She said, “I love sex. I hope you are staying at the hotel for a few days.”

Bobby was so glad he had come to Rome! He only wished that he was going to be there for more than the five days of leave that he had.

Kat said, “Since you just got here, let’s get dressed and I’ll go show you some of the sights.” Maybe we can have dinner later, and then come back here.”

It ALL sounded good to Bobby, so he answered, “That would be great!”

They dressed and headed out. They stopped by Bobby’s room to get his camera. She showed him an outdoor market, a couple of fancy churches, a couple of plazas, and then took him to the Spanish Steps. She said, “This is a gathering place for people. Lovers and lonely people looking for love. You will almost always find people here, any time of the day or night.”

Bobby was very happy that he had met Kat. He asked, “How long have you been in Rome on your holiday?”

She answered, “My father sent me here to try to cheer me up. I am an only child, and my mother died when I was six. I was always sad and depressed, until I came to Rome, and discovered sex. I hope you like sex.”

Of course Bobby liked sex, he was a 20 year old GI!

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