Wild Wine Tasting

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I had been working at the store for a couple of months now. While I liked what I was doing – selling wine – overall I felt a bit disappointed. This was not where I saw myself as I turned another birthday. It’s hard chasing your dreams, and it’s hard when you have to take a job you don’t really care for just for the money. But such is life sometimes.

One of the nice perks though were the women. It was an upscale store, and so all day I saw cute girls and hot milfs. They would come in, wearing tight ass jeans over their sexy asses, or spandex workout clothes. Hot, dirty hippy girls from the local college would come in, dred-locks and no bra, nipples poking hard through the shirt. Rich ass young wives, wearing designer skirts that hugged the curves of their butts, sexy panty line or nothing, the invisible trace of a thong. More often than not shirts were billowy and loose, mostly unbuttoned, or super tight, showing breasts both natural and enhanced. Both ways they normally enjoyed at least a little flirt with the wine man.

The people that I worked with were pretty cool as well. There were these three girls that I got along really well with. They were hot as hell, but married. At least two were, and the other one was just at the store for the summer. But they were very flirty and fun, great to work with, great to look at.

Taylor was the youngest, the college girl. She had just turned 21 a few weeks ago. She had a really bubbly personality with a hint of naivety; a great combination of traits. She normally wore these stretchy pants which accentuated the curve of her ass. It was a nice Italian ass, round and smooth, and I could tell from the pants she wore that her panties were cut high on the thigh, tight across the bottom of her butt. She had perky 34B breasts which her tight white shirt always displayed well. She had bushy, shoulder length brown hair, twinkly green eyes, and deep dimples.

Beth was just a little older than Taylor, but just as hot. She had a bit of innocence about her as well, but sometimes, when she was in the store on her day off, dressed normally just running about town, I detected something of a she-devil lurking in her. She always wore jeans, tight jeans, and had a tight, round little ass that was always bending over in front of me. She would turn and ask me to hand her something, completely teasing me. She was pretty small of breast, maybe a 32A, but her tight shirts were always scooped low about her neck exposing creamy skin. Her thin blond hair was cut short, swinging in front of her eyes that always seemed to be laughing. Smiling. Happy.

Josefina was different in many ways. She was more reserved, more beautiful, more stately. She was tall, with great long legs and a cute butt. Her clothes never showed her body in a flattering way, but her body never let that get in the way. She had a very dry sense of humor, but got all of my jokes. She had amble breasts, at least 36C or something, but again, her clothing restrained and did not display. She had straight black hair, done up normally in a bun. Deep brown eyes, wide full-lipped mouth. Definitely the most conservative of the group. She was a manager, though, and always seemed to look out for me.

It was late one Saturday night, and we were all closing. The store was empty except for the four of us. I had held a wine tasting that night, and there was a mess to clean up. Open bottles, empty cups, papers strewn around the area. I was set up over near the living room furniture, behind a portable wooden bar that we sold. Everyone else was around the store recovering; that is, putting things back on the shelves where they belong. I think Josefina was in the back counting the money.

Beth came wandering over to where I was. She held a wine glass in her hand. Her black apron clung to her body as she moved.

“What’cha doing?” she asked as she came up to the bar I was standing at.

“Same thing that you are,” I said. “Cleaning up after the customers.”

“Did the tasting go well?” She put her wine glass down and started helping me clean up the cups and napkins.

“Seems to,” I said. “The wines we opened were great.”

She turned and started picking up litter on the ground. It also showed me her wonderful ass. Really tight jeans clung to her, and she wiggled a little bit as she moved around.

“So what are you doing?” I asked, fumbling a little bit as she continued to give me a little show.

“Same thing that you are,” she said, looking back over her shoulder and smiling. “Cleaning up.” She straightened and stretched, her apron and shirt pulling tight over her chest. “I’m already done with my stuff.” She picked up one of the wine bottles and held it to her nose. “Smells yummy,” she said.

“I know,” I replied. “I wish we could taste at the store.”

“Why don’t we?” she asked mischievously. “We’re just here by ourselves.”

“Well,” I said, intrigued but not wanting to get fired. “Taylor and Josefina are still here, and if we’re caught then we all get fired and the store loses its liquor license.” I watched as she set the bottle cinsel bilgiler down and ran her hand over another bottle. “It would be fun though.”

“I think that Taylor and Josefina might want to join us,” Beth said, turning on her heel. Before I could stop her she had spun about and was walking back towards the office. I was stunned but amused. Fantasies began brewing in my head, but I knew I was barking up the wrong tree. Married women and wine at the store? No fucking way …

“Join you in what?” Taylor asked, coming up behind me. I turned and looked at her. Her apron was filled out nicely, but a strand of dust hung from her hair. She looked like an adorable brunette Cinderella. I giggled.

“What?” she said, giggling with me and stamping her foot. The whole gesture made her look ridiculously sexy. “What are you laughing at?”

I reached out and plucked the dust from her hair. She started laughing and took the strand from my hand, then mussed up her hair to make sure that there was nothing else in it. She placed her hands on her hips and looked hard at me. “Now stop laughing at me,” she commanded, and though it was difficult, I did. She smiled at me.

“So really, what are you two talking about?”

“Doing a wine tasting right now,” I joked. I held up half a bottle of Shiraz. “There’s still some left.”

“Oh. Fun.” Taylor picked up the bottle and looked at it. I could tell she didn’t know a thing about it. “So tell me about this wine,” she said, holding the bottle close between her breasts. An unconscious gesture, but one I was having problems ignoring.

“Um, it’s a spicy red wine, medium dry, with supple little hints of black currant and pepper,” I said. I kept staring at the bottle. At what was around the bottle.

“Spicy, eh?” she asked, arching an eyebrow. “I like spicy.”

“I bet you do,” I said.

“Supple hints of pepper,” she said, teasing me.

“Now, you stop laughing at me,” I said. “That’s how you describe wine.”

“Why don’t you just taste it?” I heard someone say behind me. I turned and saw Josefina walking towards Taylor and I. Beth was trailing behind Josefina, looking naughty.

“We can’t taste it, oh Ms. Manager,” I said. “Against company policies.”

“I don’t think anyone here is going to tell,” Josefina said. She smiled at me. “The store is locked, there are no cameras, no one needs to get home right away. Why not?” The table was cleared off by this point. Josefina grabbed four glasses and lined them up on the bar. She then placed a hand on my arm. “So go ahead and pour.”

“My pleasure,” I said, loving the warm touch of her hand. I poured out the rest of the bottle into the four glasses, giving everyone a nice taste.

“I like it,” Beth said. She finished her glass and licked her lips. Her tongue strayed along the edges sensually, tinged reddish-purple from the wine.

“Oh, you’re right!” Taylor exclaimed. “I can taste the pepper!”

“See, I’m not making this shit up,” I said.

“You always are telling us the truth,” Josefina said. “That’s why we all like you.”

“How sweet,” I replied. We finished our wine, looking at each other. The girls kept glancing at me and giggling.

“We need more wine,” Josefina said. She pitched the empty bottle into the trash and looked at me. “Why don’t you come and help me?” She took my hand and led me to the other side of the store. I followed her gently swaying ass. She glanced back at me and caught me looking. She smiled and took my hand, placing it on her ass. “You like that?”

I felt her tight muscles through her jeans, felt the ripple of her butt as she walked. I slid a hand over to her other cheek, scooping my hand down underneath her ass in the middle. “Even better than I thought,” I said. “But … well … you’re married, aren’t you?”

Josefina laughed. “I am, but he’s a cheating asshole that’s four hours away. I think that I am entitled to have some fun.” She turned around and looked at me. I could see her hard nipples through her shirt. “In fact, we all want to have some fun.” She stepped towards me as my hands slid around her back to get a firm hold on her ass. She ran her hands down my chest, then teased one hand down my neck. “Now find a bottle so we can see what the girls are up to.”

I grabbed a bottle and led Josefina back to the couch area. As we walked she put her hands on my butt, squeezing and playing. I laughed and kept trying to turn away from her, but the bottle was making it difficult, especially when she pulled closed and pressed her breasts against my back.

When we got back to the table we were alone. I opened the bottle and poured ourselves a glass. We settled onto the couch and soon we started kissing. Gently at first, but then more and more passionately. I felt Josefina’s tongue dancing along my mouth, entwining with my tongue as our hands roamed over each other’s body. I kissed down her neck and slid a hand up her shirt, feeling her massive tits through the fabric. She moaned and started licking my ear as I pinched cinsellik bilgileri her nipple.

“No fair!” we heard someone say, and we both looked up. We were still alone, but we heard Beth call out. “Come on Josefina. It’s your turn now. We have something for him here.”

Josefina gave me one more long kiss and stood up. “Wait here,” she said, and walked up the aisles.

What happens next still gets me hard to this day.

Taylor and Beth came out from behind the shelves of the store. They had both changed out of their work clothes and were wrapped in African sarongs, barely held up and clinging to their tight bodies. Taylor’s was a yellow and gold print, wrapped about her breasts, nice cleavage peeking out at me. The sarong curved along the top of her butt to flair out below. Beth had a blue print sarong, pulled tight over her tiny tits, wrapped in a way that her mid-drift was bare. As she spun in place I could see a little bit of her ass. It was as smooth and creamy as I thought it might be. Both sarongs were nearly see through, and as they modeled in front of me I could see tantalizing glimpses of their skin, cute curves of their asses, teasing glimpses of their pussies, hard nipples straining against the fabric.

I sat forward on the couch as they danced in front of me. They turned, back to back, and started rubbing their asses against each other. The fabric pulled and strained higher on their legs, lower on their backs. They turned again and faced each other. Beth’s hands went up and gently pulled down Taylor’s sarong. Her breasts popped out, erect nipples rubbing on the fabric. Beth reached and cupped each breast in her hand, weighing and fondling the marvelous firmness.

“I love her breasts,” Beth said, as her fingers rolled Taylor’s nipples to hardness. “They are so cute and firm.” She looked over at me. “How about you?”

“I’ve always loved her breasts,” I said, feeling a growing hardness between my legs. I shifted on the couch.

“No fair!” Taylor said, and reached up pulled down on Beth’s top. Her perfectly round, small, firm tits were exposed, rock hard nipples on her lovely mounds. “I think we all want to see tits.” She giggled, reached out, and ran her hands along Beth’s breasts and stomach. “Tits tits tits!”

“He’s not even halfway to meet us yet,” Beth observed. She glanced down at my crotch. “Although something wants to come meet us.”

Josefina came walking out from behind the shelves. She was in a wrap around her hips, but her tits were bare. Large and round, with huge aureoles and firm nipples. She sashayed over to us and stood between Beth and Taylor. She placed on hand on each girls butt and began rubbing their asses through the skirt. Beth placed a hand on Josefina’s breast, leaned over, and snaked her tongue out, licking all over Josefina’s breast and sucking a nipple into her mouth. Taylor was rubbing her hard nipple against one of Josefina’s.

“So now,” Josefina said. “So there are the three of us, giving you a perfectly good show, and you are just sitting there.” She beckoned me with her finger. “Stand up and let’s see what you have for us.”

I stood up in front of them. Taylor traced a finger down my chest as I began to slowly unbutton my shirt. My pants were tight, tenting out in the front because of my growing cock. As I pulled my shirt open Beth ripped it off of me. I kicked my shoes off.

“So now,” I said, looking at the girls, looking at the firm tits, feeling myself growing harder. “So now what are we going to do?”

“We’re going to take a look at you,” said Taylor. “And then we’re going to show you what we look like,” said Beth. “And then we’re going to fuck like there is no tomorrow,” finished Josefina. “And …” continued Taylor, “we’re going to be really nasty about it. Three hot sluts and one hard wine guy.”

I slipped off my pants, and now my boxers really were tight. There was a bulge underneath where my dick was pushing the fabric out. Taylor reached out in her innocent way and traced a finger around my growing hardness. Beth reached over and started teasing her fingers on top. The two of them trapped my cock between their hands and started rubbing back and forth, teasing the cloth against my shaft. Both girls reached around and started rubbing my butt, and who was I to not respond? I stretched out my hand and took Taylor’s breast in my palm. I teased the nipple and felt her shudder with glee. She smiled and licked her lips.

Josefina came over and leaned down, licking my up from my navel to underneath my neck. Her tits swayed a little bit, and her hard nubs tickled my skin. I let go of Taylor’s breast and took Josefina’s tits in both hands. God they were fucking fantastic! Nice hard nipples, firm flesh … Josefina reached down and started gently squeezing my balls as the other girls continued to stroke my cock.

“Let’s look at Beth’s body,” Taylor said with a giggle. She teased her own nipple, sucking a finger into her mouth while she looked at me, and then tracing saliva all around cinsel bilgi her hard pokey.

“Sounds good!” Beth stood up. As she did she kissed up Josefina’s body, licking around her tits. She kissed up to her neck, and Josefina slowly stuck out her tongue. Beth’s tongue snaked out and they started licking each other’s tongue. Then a long, sloppy kiss followed. Wet lips and loud smacks. I leaned over and Taylor and I started frenching. Her soft tongue explored the inside of my mouth while I tasted her sweet lips. Her hand continued to jerk my cock, and I slid a hand up her creamy leg.

“No fair,” said Josefina as she sat down beside us. She reached out and put her hand on Taylor’s hand, stroking and teasing my cock to extreme hardness.

Beth stood in front of us and smiled. She licked her lips and tweaked one of her small tits. Reaching up she pushed her breasts together, making their wonderful smallness exaggerated and she cupped both her perky pair. She laughed and turned, slipping her sarong to the ground. She was in white satin panties. As she twirled we could see them hug up underneath her perfect ass, accenting the upside down heart shape of her butt. Cut high along the thigh, they dove between her legs in straight lines. A perfectly flat stomach led down to the seductive tightness of her mound. Her hair swung around her face, her eyes sparkled, and her skin was flawless. She turned her back to us and bent over at the waist, displaying her gorgeous ass to us. She hooked her fingers into the sides of her panties and slowly slid them off the curve of her bottom. Spreading her legs apart, her hands pressed against the side of her ass, and then spread her cheeks apart. Her rosy little bud was hot and tight, and her pussy lips peeked through the bottom. She turned and ran a finger down her chest, down her little strip of pussy hair, and opened her cunt.

“Mmmm,” she said, “I’m so fucking wet. My pussy is just dripping for all of you. It’s a fucking pool of wetness.” Her finger came up and she started to lick it, looking at me, looking at the others.

“My turn,” Taylor said, jumping up and standing next to Beth. Taylor twirled in the air and her sarong flared tight around her ass. She shimmied and shook, unwrapping the sarong as Beth sat down on the couch next to me. Taylor was wearing a red thong, and she spun to show us her cute little butt. She gave us a profile view, stretching her arms up to accentuate the curve of her breasts. She too bent over at the waist, her ass and tits making a beautiful counterpoint to her sleekness everywhere else. She faced us again and grabbed the underside of each breast in her hand, gently squeezing and shaping her melons and nipples. She sat on the table in front of us and put a leg on either side of me, opening her legs for a closer inspection.

Beth was licking my ear and rubbing my pecs, teasing my nipple roughly as her tongue licked all over my neck. Josefina was still stroking my hard cock, which somehow got harder looking down at Taylor’s little love nest. Taylor rolled back and slipped her thong off. Rolling back forward, legs on either side of me, I could see that she was completely smooth. Her pussy was a pink fold of smoothness. She started rubbing her clit, teasing herself and opening up her little hood.

“Now I’m the wet one,” she said, laughing. She looked over at Beth licking me and Josefina stroking my cock. One leg hooked up on my shoulder and I kissed the inside of her calf. Smooth muscles and tanned skin. The leg dropped down into my lap, and Josefina used Taylor’s foot to continue jacking me off. I reached out and slid my hand between Beth’s leg until I was up in her pussy. I slipped a finger in as she began to moan. Her hot box was wet and silky, smooth and tight. Beth looked over at me, frank and inviting.

“Not yet,” Josefina said, letting go of my cock and sensuously straddling Taylor’s leg. Her lace panties elegantly covered her crotch, her thighs gorgeous disappearing … her breasts full and swaying in my face. She leaned forward until I could just barely lick the tip of a nipple with my tongue. I could taste her sweat. She stood on the couch, one leg on either side of me. I was face first with her pussy. I felt hands yanking on my boxers, Beth or Taylor I don’t know, and I felt them be ripped off. Josefina slid down her panties until she was perfectly bent over at the waist, balanced in front of me. We shared a long, sexy kiss, her hungry tongue questing all of the inner folds, my hands grabbing the tops of her legs just below her ass, wet hands stroking my cock beyond my sight.

“I’ve seen you looking at me. I’ve seen the way your eyes move, how they long for my body. For these tits and my pussy, for my ass and tight cunt. I know you want to fuck and suck like the hot guy that you are.” Josefina’s hand slid down until she was fingering her pink slit. She had a thicker runway of hair, shaved smooth on the sides. I could smell her pussy. She put one leg up on the side of the couch. “Now eat my pussy. Eat my fucking slit. Lick that hot box …” she stood up and I dove in, sliding my tongue up the skin of her thighs until I was tasting the wet outer folds of her female flower. Her finger was still there, teasing her clit. I licked up and sucked on her finger, then drove it into her pussy as I lapped up all over her. “That’s fucking good baby,” Josefina said. “Let’s see what the girls are up to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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