Winning A Genie Harem Chapter 1: Hot Harem Opportunity

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Winning A Genie Harem

Chapter One: Hot Harem Opportunity

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Corey Derrickson – Saturday, July 4th

I opened the front door of my Saturn Ion. It was an older car, my first. I kept it in great condition, the red body freshly washed this afternoon. The day was warm and looked to be a great Fourth of July. I smiled as my two sex slaves slipped inside.

“Master,” Aleah Buckley said, her auburn hair, gathered in a pair of pigtails, swaying about her head. She was seventeen, the same age as me, and had a slender body. Her small breasts were cupped by the halter top she wore. Black and tight and leaving her belly bare. Her short, pleated skirt swirled around her thighs as she sank down. “Thank you.”

I smiled at her. She was one of my two sex slaves. Tania Buckley slipped in after. She was nineteen and gorgeous. A nubile and delicious beauty. She was Aleah’s younger sister. When I’d claimed Aleah as my sex slave last January, she had made a gift of Tania to me. Having two sisters in bed was an amazing delight.

Tania crowded the seat with her sister, her black hair gathered in matching pigtails. Tania, despite being two years younger, had larger breasts. Round and lush. She wore a red belly shirt and a pair of tight and short red shorts that clung to her cute ass and gave her a hot cameltoe.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, a bright smile on her face. She adjusted the cute pair of glasses she wore, shifting them on her nose. “You’re so sweet.”

I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. “I should say the same thing about you two.”

The two girls giggled. They both wore chokers about their necks that said “Corey’s Girl.” Black leather with silver plates engraved with the two words. I closed the door, my cock already hard. Having them in my life had been amazing. They made life so sweet.

I was inspired by my friend Kyle. He had gathered a rather large harem of girls at our college. From his little sister to one of our professors. He was strolling around our college like he owned the place. Like it was his personal domain. He’d fucked girls whenever he wanted. It caused problems. Guys were jealous.

But some of us were inspired. Kyle had hooked me up. He had pointed out that Aleah was the perfect girl to dominate. A submissive cheerleader just waiting for a strong man to come around and give her what she wanted.

I did. She rewarded me with her little sister.

Kyle had vanished one crazy school day. I remembered getting injured. I tried to stop Aaliyah, one of Kyle’s wives, from being dragged off against her will. I got hit so hard, I spent the next week in a coma. The doctors were surprised I recovered. I was discharged after a few weeks. The headaches had finally stopped and loud noises didn’t cause flashes of light any longer. My brain was healing.

I didn’t know what had happened that day. Something inhuman. Kyle was now a wanted fugitive. Cops were dead, along with our dean, two professors, several of the bullies who hated Kyle. Students had strange hallucinations, some thinking they were enslaved and forced to fight. No one understood it.

I missed my friend. I hoped he was happy with his harem.

“So,” I said, pulling out my phone, “ready for tonight.”

“Fireworks, yay!” said Aleah. “I love them.”

Tania nodded her head, a big smile on her lips. Her round breasts swayed in her belly shirt. Without a bra on, they bounced and jiggled. They looked so delicious. Round and perky and just needing to be loved.

“Good,” I said as I activated the app.

Both girls gasped and trembled. They squirmed together on the seat, the sisters pressed tight. They bit their lips and whimpered. Their cheeks rubbed together. They moaned. I could hear the vibrators buzzing away in their cunts, teasing them. They were Bluetooth controlled.

I loved the internet. It let you order such naughty things.

I clipped my phone in the dashboard holder. The controls were right there. It had ten settings from one to ten. It was on one, just teasing them. The girls whimpered beside me. The scent of their hot cunts filled the air. Aleah’s spicy delight and Tania’s tart passion mixed together to form a melange of wonderful treat.

I pulled away from my house, passing the for sale sign on the neighbors. Their lawn was overgrown, much to my father’s grumbling. I headed towards the street, 152nd Street, and stopped, signaling right. We were heading to our date at an Italian restaurant by the South Hill Mall. It wasn’t expensive, we were poor college students, but we loved it.

While waiting for a break in traffic, I tapped the app. Setting two.

“Master!” Aleah moaned, the vibrator buzzing louder.

“No cumming,” I told her, grinning at her.

“Of course, Master,” Aleah moaned.

“We’ll be good, Master,” Tania panted. She turned her head and it seemed like she was nibbling on her sister’s face. Maybe her ear.

Aleah moaned, delight crossing my head. My cock throbbed in my jeans. They were both so gorgeous. Sometimes the fact I had a pair of sisters as my sex slave girlfriends sent awe spilling through me. It was amazing.

Wherever Kyle was, I really hoped he was doing good.

I turned on the road and drove down towards 94th Avenue. The whimpers and moans of the girls filled my car. When I reached the three-way stop sign, I turned the app up to three. Their gasps rang through my car as I made the right turn on to 94th.

I savored their wanton sounds as they squirmed together in the seat. Their petite bodies pressed tight. They started kissing, sharing their incestuous passion with each other. Their tongues danced. Their bare thighs squirmed together. The scent of hot cunt grew in my nose.

I loved it. Best air freshener possible.

The A/C’s cold air washed over me, keeping my blood from boiling as I headed down 94th. At the light at 128th Street, I turned the app up to four. They both squealed into their kiss. Their lips smacked together, tongues darting and dueling.

“Goddamn, you two are gorgeous,” I groaned, my dick rock-hard. I caressed Aleah’s thigh. I stroked her hot flesh, loving the feel of her shaved skin.

Aleah broke the kiss and looked at me, her green eyes smoldering. “And you’re such a handsome man, Master.”

“Yes, yes,” Tania moaned, her voice throaty. Her nipples poked hard at her red belly shirt, the outline of her piercings obvious.

Both sisters had their nipples pierced at my command. They were happy to do it and proud of them. Aleah showed hers off at school the next day.

“Can I suck your cock, Master?” Tania asked. “You’re getting hard.”

“Or at least let me give you a handjob,” moaned Aleah. Her hand darted down to cup my cock through my jeans. She massaged me and teased me. This pleasure surged through me. It tingled through me. My balls tightened.

“We’ll get to the fun,” I told her and then tapped the screen.

Setting five.

“Oh, my god, Master!” moaned Tania. Her back arched, her breasts jiggling.

It was such a distracting sight. I loved it. My cock throbbed beneath Aleah’s hand. She squeezed tight on it as she moaned. Her face twisted as she fought against the buzzing of the vibrator. The two sounds mixed together, rising over the sounds of my car. Their cunts filled my car with their spicy and tart passion.

“This is amazing!” gasped Aleah. “Oh, damn, Master! I want to cum so hard, but it’s so much fun just being teased by you.”

Tania nodded, her black pigtails dancing about her face. Her green eyes smoldered behind her glasses. “Master, I love it! I know I’m going to cum so hard when you let me. You’re the best Master. I love you.”

“Love you!” echoed her older sister.

I smiled as we entered the heavier traffic around the South Hill Mall. I turned the vibrator up to six. They both spasmed at the increased teasing. I savored every moment of it. I couldn’t wait to have them explode in rapture. I squeezed Aleah’s thighs as the sisters began kissing again.

They were beautiful. Perfect.

I drove to the entrance of the mall and threaded through the parking lot. It wasn’t as busy as normal. We drove past a firework stand busy with people buying last minute fun for tonight. I rounded the mall and spotted the restaurant ahead. I smiled at the sight of it, my dick throbbing and hard. I pulled into the parking lot.

Turned the vibrator down to one.

Aleah broke the kiss and shuddered. “Oh, oh, Master, I was so close to cumming.”

“Mmm, but we’re here,” I said, plucking my phone from its holder. “Can’t have you making a scene in the restaurant.”

“D’oh, Aleah,” Tania said, a bright smile on her lips.

“Ooh, you little brat,” Aleah moaned. “I should ask Master to spank you.”

“Promise?” the little sister asked, her green eyes sparkling behind her glasses.

“Definitely,” Aleah purred and kissed her little sister.

My dick twitched at the sight. I climbed out of my car and walked around it. I was rather surprised by how few cars there were in the parking lot. I guessed a lot of people didn’t want Italian on the Fourth of July. It was more of a barbecue holiday. My dad was a fireman, so he never had the Fourth off.

It was the busiest night for them of the year.

“Ladies,” I said, opening up the car and helping my sex slaves out. Tania gripped my hand, smiling at me. Her short shorts clung to her crotch. They rode low on her hips, her smooth belly exposed. You could just see the base of the vibrator buried in her pussy pressing against her shorts. She took my right arm while Aleah grabbed my left hand and climbed out of the car.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, her pleated skirt swirling about her lush thighs. The cheerleader had more grace than her sister.

“Always a pleasure to help you,” I said as she took my left arm.

Nothing made you feel more like a man than two hot sisters on your arm. They were both so sexy, clinging to me. I strutted towards the door with them, grinning. I couldn’t help myself. The scents of their hot pussies perfumed them. I could just hear the vibrators keeping their cunts simmering. We reached the doors. I opened it, my two women breaking away from me and heading into the cool interior.

“Why hello,” the friendly woman at the hostess stand said. She had a big grin on her face, her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. “Table for three?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Not much of a wait.”

“Not much,” she said. “Lucky you.” She grabbed three menus as a waitress appeared. She was a light-skinned Black girl with dark freckles across her cheeks and plump lips graced with a big smile. “This is Taniqua, and she’ll be your server tonight.”

“Hi,” she said, her eyes flicking at the three of us. My two sex slaves had taken my hands together. “Um… a date?”

“Yep,” I said.

“Well, you must be one lucky guy, Corey,” gaziantep bayan escort ilanları Taniqua said as she turned around. “A booth or a table.”

“Booth,” I said without hesitation.

She nodded and smiled.

We weren’t the only customers. While most of the restaurant was empty, the section she led us to had the four or five tables crowded with girls and women. They were laughing and eating and giggling. My brow furrowed as some of the faces were familiar.

Faces I hadn’t seen in a while.

Something felt off as Taniqua stopped at a booth. “Here you are.” She sat down the menus. “I can get your drinks ordered now while you browse the menu.”

“Uh, cherry coke for me,” I said as Tania slid first into the booth. I followed after her.

“Iced tea,” said Aleah as she took the end of the booth. No one sat across from us.

“I’d love a Dr. Pepper,” said Tania. She grabbed the menu, opening it up, her eyes flicking over her options.

“I’ll be right back,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said, frowning. “Uh, Aleah, isn’t that’s Toni?”

Aleah looked up to a table and gasped at the sight of Toni Buckley, her fellow cheerleader. One of Kyle’s girls who’d gone missing. She wore a low-cut dress, dark-blue and with a short skirt. Across from her sat Lois Smilingfox, a Native American girl from our college.

Another of Kyle’s women.

“Toni?” Aleah gasped.

“Shocking, right?” a guy asked, his voice confident.

Kyle Unmei slid into the booth across from us. My jaw dropped at the sight of my friend. He had olive-brown skin, a mix of his Arabic and Japanese heritage. He had the slanted eyes of East Asia and short, black hair. Following him in was the busty Chyna Coel, her dark-brown hair falling in pigtails about her. A pink dress hung off her large tits. Those boobs looked about to pop out as she slid in.

“Kyle?” I said, stunned to see my friend. He looked great, confident, wearing a buttoned-down silk shirt, a gold chain around his neck. He had bling on. “Jesus, man, it’s you.”

“It’s me,” Kyle said, his hand sliding around Chyna’s shoulders. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her head down to his lap. She didn’t fight. In fact, she winked at me before her head vanished beneath the table. A zipper rasped. Cloth rustled.

A wet suckling sound echoed through the room.

Chyna’s blowjob made my dick throb. Kyle groaned and leaned back for a moment, delight spilling across his face. A girl giggled. His little sister, Fatima, squirmed. She sat at a table with Kyle’s first girlfriend, Christy Leonardson, and Aaliyah, the mysterious, Arab beauty. The fourth figure I didn’t know. She was Japanese and graceful, wearing a pair of green-rimmed sunglasses. Beyond them, Britney Kingston leaned against a wall. The bushy haired, nerdy friend of Kyle’s looked like she was standing guard.

“Damn, that’s nice,” Kyle groaned. “Chyna’s a sweet thing. Being pregnant makes her so affectionate. She’s just starting to show. It’s hot. Bred either of your girls?”

“No,” I said. “I mean, we’re still in college.”

“Right, right,” said Kyle, nodding his head.

“Master?” whimpered Tania, squirming beside me. I could hear the hunger in her tone, telling me just what she wanted.

I nodded my head.

Aleah and Tania both leaned down, their hands darting to my crotch. They wanted to show Kyle that they were just as submissive and willing to blow me in front of others as he was. Kyle grinned at me after the noisy rasp of my zipper coming undone.

“Glad to see you’re concubines are treating you right,” Kyle said. “It’s a treat.”

I glanced around at the table. He had so many concubines. Some were adults. I spotted Ms. Capello, my English professor, eating her pasta and talking with two other mature women I didn’t recognize.

My cock came out and I nodded. “A treat you’re really enjoying.”

Kyle smiled. “My wives and concubines have been a big help in our new life. We’re finally getting things settled. It’s been wild.”

Before I could ask my question, my sex slaves pulled out my cock. Their hot tongues licked up my shaft. Their tongues dragged higher and higher. They reached the top and flicked their tongues around my crown. Pleasure shot down my cock as the two sisters loved me. They sucked on me. Nibbled on me.

They gave me such delight.

I blinked against the pleasure, gathering my thoughts as I savored their mouths teasing me. Pleasure tingled through me. My balls tightened. Tania’s soft hand slid down and cupped them a moment later while Aleah’s hand fisted up and down the base of my cock’s tip. They moaned, their lips brushing my crown. They kissed and nibbled and sucked.

Their tongues caressed over my cock, teasing me. My toes curled. I groaned, my chest rising and falling. My hands slid down and gripped a pigtail from each of them. I held them tight as their tongues danced around me.

“Goddamn, that’s great,” I panted. “You two are wonderful. Amazing.”

“Sounds like it,” Kyle groaned. His face twisted with pleasure. Chyna’s head bobbed, the back peeking out over the table before vanishing out of sight. “Such a treasure.”

“So where have you been?” I asked.

“The Unseen Realm,” he said.

“The fuck is that?”

“Nowhere on Earth.” Kyle leaned back. He glanced at Aaliyah. “It’s where genies come from. Djinn.”

“Genie?” My eyes squeezed shut. “Fuck, that’s it, huh? You’ve been making wishes to get all those girls.”

“Aaliyah is a firm believer that a great man needs a huge harem.”

Aaliyah nodded her head. The Arabic beauty had such a sultry look in her eyes. “They do, my husband.”

“Anyways,” Kyle said, “she’s a genie, and she’s helping me reward you.”

“For?” I asked. My two slaves were sucking on the sides of my cock, their lips brushing each other as they pleasured me. Tania massaged my balls.

“For trying to save Aaliyah that day,” Kyle said. “You got hurt. I was worried about you. Plus, you’ve been a great friend, Corey. Why wouldn’t I want to help you?”

“Okay,” I said, bliss flowing through my body. I felt amazing.

“So, Aaliyah has arranged for you to attend St. Maria Theodora.”

I blinked. “The all-girls private college.”

“Yep.” Kyle grinned at me. “And I am sending four djinn to win your affection to be your wife. You’ll get to choose whichever one appeals to you the most. Plus, you’ll be the only guy at an all-girls’ college. Who knows what other ladies might end up in your harem.”

“Damn,” I muttered. My dick throbbed in Aleah’s stroking grasp. “Four of them, huh?”

“Each one a different type,” said Kyle. He motioned his hand. Aaliyah rose, crossed to our table, and knelt down with submissive grace. “Aaliyah is a Jann. They are earth-aligned and submissive. They make great wives.”

A pair of twin, Arabic girls sauntered up in tight skirts and tops. They had smoldering looks in their eyes and a subtle breeze seemed to be playing with their hair like they had a fan to blow over them and make them look hotter.

“Naila and Tarah are Si’lats,” Kyle explained. “They’re seductresses and sluts. Air-aligned. A Si’lat will make things interesting.”

“Kay,” I groaned, smiling at them while my slaves sucked harder on the side of my cock, the pressure building in my depths.

A woman in a long, concealing dress appeared. She, too, was Arabic, her hair black and sleek. She had a gleam to her skin like she was fresh from the bath while her eyes had a thoughtful look to them. She didn’t act like the others. Like she wasn’t actually a part of Kyle’s harem.

“This is Sarai,” he said. “She’s a Marid. They’re water-aligned and intelligent. Strategist and plotters. A Marid would make a great organizer and no doubt keep your harem in line.”

I nodded as a fifth woman sauntered over. She had a sway to her hips, her black hair falling in waves about a fierce face. Her eyes were coal-black and smoldering. She had a saucy look in her eyes before she knelt beside Aaliyah.

“And Zaritha is an Ifrit,” Kyle said. “Fire-aligned. Fierce and passionate. They’re warriors. She’ll fight to keep you safe if you take one as a wife.”

“Right, right,” I groaned. Aleah’s hand stroked me faster and faster. The pair sucked on my dick, Tania nibbling between her nursing.

“So they’ll be disguising themselves and blending in,” said Kyle. “Half the fun is figuring out who they are. Of course, they’ll be competing to be yours, but so will the other girls. A lot of horny schoolgirls with no boys around them all day. You’ll be popular.”

“I guarantee it, Corey,” said Aaliyah, her voice throaty.

“Damn,” I groaned, leaning back in the booth. “This is amazing, Kyle.”

“Enjoy,” he said. He leaned back, too. “Chyna, you naughty slut, you want all my cum.”

“Yes, she does,” purred Aaliyah. “She loves her lord master’s cum.”

Chyna moaned around Kyle’s dick.

I closed my eyes, savoring the blowjob as I imagined four Arab beauties competing for my affection. Aleah’s mouth slipped over my cock. She sucked hard on it, her head bobbing. Her lips worked up and down my shaft. It was a wonderful sensation. My balls tightened. That wonderful pressure swelled at the tip of my dick.

I had to return the favor. I needed to get out my phone.

“Suck on our Master’s cock,” purred Tania. “Oh, sis, suck hard on him. Mmm, let’s make him cum and share his jizz.”

Aleah moaned around my cock.

“Such loving sluts,” panted Kyle.

“Mmm, he’s a lucky man, my husband,” Aaliyah purred.

I shoved my hand into my pants pocket and fished out my phone. I pulled it out and unlocked the screen. I tapped the vibrator app and set it to max. To ten.

“Holy shit, Master!” Tania cried, the vibrators buzzing away.

Aleah squealed around my cock. She sucked hard. Her hand tightened on the base of my cock. Tania massaged my balls with a feverish heat while Aleah bobbed her head faster. She loved my dick, bringing me closer and closer to exploding.

“You two can cum all you want,” I panted, so excited. The waitress had never returned. Kyle had clearly done something.

They both moaned and groaned. Tania whimpered as she nibbled on my shaft. She brushed her sister’s lips sliding up and down my cock. The pleasure built and built, growing towards a fantastic explosion. My cum would erupt from me. It would be incredible.


Aleah’s cheeks hollowed. She bobbed and sucked and pleasured me. The vibrators churned away as my balls tightened in Tania’s massaging fingers. I was getting closer and closer to cumming. My dick throbbed.

“Fuck,” I panted.

Aleah ripped her mouth off my cock. Tania took over for her sister. The younger girl engulfed my dick. She sucked hard. With passion. Her tongue danced around my cock. Her moans hummed around it.

I couldn’t last long. gaziantep bayan eskort Aleah lifted her head up and stared at me with green eyes. She whimpered, “Master!”

“Cum!” I commanded her.

“Yes!” she moaned and trembled beside me.

Her small breasts rubbed on my bare arm through her blouse. I felt her hard nipple and its harder piercing. She squealed, her head tossing back. The spicy musk of her pussy filled my nose. I inhaled it while Tania sucked and nursed and loved my cock.

The younger sister moaned around my cock. She sucked so hard. Her cheeks hollowed. She worshiped my dick with such passion as she joined Aleah in orgasm. The humming bliss of her moans gripped me. I growled, the pleasure reaching that peak.

“Fuck!” I moaned.

Aleah ducked her head down and moaned, “He’s about to cum! Don’t swallow it all.”

Tania moaned.

My cum erupted. My jizz fired into Tania’s mouth. Rapture exploded through me. My balls unloaded. Hot pleasure slammed into my mind. Stars burst before me. Waves of darkness washed across my vision.

Across the table, Kyle moaned. We were cumming down our concubines’ throats. They were swallowing our cum. Tania gulped down the jizz firing out of my cock. Pleasure slammed into my mind. Every eruption sent me higher and higher.

“Don’t swallow it all,” groaned Aleah. “Share it!”

“Yes!” I groaned, my body trembling. The booth creaked. She sucked the last of the jizz out of me. My orgasm hit a peak. “Tania! Aleah! Goddamn, you two are the best. Love you!”

“Love you, too, Master!” Aleah moaned.

Tania ripped her mouth off my cock. She kissed her sister hard. Their tongues darted. They snowballed my spunk back and forth. It was so hot to watch. As my bliss died down, I panted. My chest rose and fell, my heart thundering hard.

“Damn, I love it,” Kyle said. He grinned at me. “Aaliyah also enhanced your stamina. You’ll be able to keep up with a whole harem of girls. Enjoy them.”

“Thanks,” I panted, my heart thundering in my chest. “You’re the best, man. Thanks.”

Kyle smiled. He glanced at Aaliyah and then there was a loud pop. My friend and all his ladies vanished. It was just me and my two women. Aleah and Tania, whimpering, lifted their heads, looking around. I killed their vibrator and panted.

The waitress bustled up with our drinks like nothing had just happened. “Here you are.” She looked us over. “You three look a little flustered. Hot in here?”

“Oh, yes,” Tania moaned. “Just the way we like it.”

“Yeah,” I said, my cock still out but hidden from sight by the tablecloth. “We, uh, need a few minutes to stare at the menu.”

“Take all the time you want,” she said, looking around. “Pretty dead tonight and…” The bell chimed. She glanced over to the hostess where people were starting to flood in. “Or, well, maybe the dinner rush is finally here.”

“Yeah,” I panted. Kyle had power. He could really do what he promised.

The next day, I received the acceptance letter from St. Maria Theodora. I was in. So were my two sex slaves. Full scholarships. My dad didn’t say anything when I told him. He just shrugged and accepted it. Even better, my two sex slaves showed up with suitcases.

“Our parents think it’s better if we live with you, Master,” Aleah said while Tania nodded beside her in agreement. “Since you live just a few blocks from the school and not across South Hill like we do.”

“Convenient,” Tania said, her eyes bright.

My dad didn’t have a problem with that, either.


Monday, September 7th

“Ooh, they’re finally moving in,” Aleah groaned. My sex slave leaned over the windowsill and peered out. Her naked ass was pointed right at me, her shaved pussy on display between her thighs. My bedroom was on the side of the house, giving a great view of the empty home next door. It had been empty for nearly a year, but a month ago, someone had finally bought it.

I moved up behind her to see an Enterprise moving truck out front. Aleah’s plump rump rubbed into my half-hard cock. I was naked, too, a fan stirring the air around in my room. Tania was lying on the bed, also naked, and flipping through a gossip magazine.

The workers had already opened the back of the truck, revealing a stack of cardboard moving boxes. A gray Toyota Prius sat in the driveway, a man and a woman climbing out followed by a teenage girl from the back seat.

“She’s cute,” Aleah said, rubbing her plump rump back into my cock. She wiggled back and forth, stirring pleasure down my cock.

I hardened, my hard shaft swelling into the crack of her ass. Her butt-cheeks clenched around my thick sausage. She had a delicious pair of buns to be trapped between. She humped against me now, rubbing her asshole against the side of my shaft.

“Yes, she is,” I said, staring at the girl. She looked barely eighteen, blonde and petite. She wore her hair in pigtails, a style I adored. Both my sex slaves kept their hair in it, giving delicious handlebars to hold while fucking them.

The new girl stretched the way you would after a long drive. She wore an airy sundress of pastel blue, the skirt falling down to her knees. It was sleeveless with a round neckline.

“She’s wearing white stockings,” said Aleah. “That’s interesting.”

“Mmm,” I said, noticing it. The girl whipped her head around, her pigtails dancing behind her. The breeze rippled the skirt of her dress, fluttering it around her legs. She stared at her new house, studying it, then almost seemed to float towards it, moving with a dainty and demure grace.

She screamed virginal delight.

“Damn,” I groaned as she followed her parents up the steps. The father was blond, like her, while the mother was a brunette with curly hair. She wore white caprices and a teal-stripped tank top. The father dressed in khaki shorts and a muscle shirt. He unlocked the door and they vanished inside.

“You think she’s hot, right?” Aleah whispered. “Mmm, you want to take her cherry, don’t you, Master?”

“God, yes,” I panted. Aleah and Tania were always on the lookout for a girl looking to have fun. They’d brought a few girls into our bed to have wild foursomes over the summer. My hands slid around Aleah’s waist and then drifted up to cup her small, naked breasts. I kneaded her perky mounds. “I bet she’s a screamer.”

Aleah giggled, her butt-cheeks squeezing about my cock. “A little appetizer before we plunge into the feast tomorrow.”

“It’ll be so much fun at St. Maria Theodora,” said Tania. “I look so cute in their uniform.”

“Mmm, and I can’t wait to try out for cheerleading,” moaned Aleah. “It’s Friday.”

Tomorrow was our first day at the Catholic college. I would have to keep my eyes peeled out for the four Arabic beauties attending there. Dusky-skinned beauties with magical powers. I would get to keep one. Which? I’d been obsessed about it. A submissive Jann, a slutty Si’lat, an intelligent Marid, or an aggressive Ifrit.

Which did I want?

They all sounded appealing. Well, the Marid not as much as the other three types of Djinn.

“Damn,” I groaned, “I can’t wait. We’re going to sniff out those genies and have fun with them.”

“And all those other schoolgirls,” Tania said. The bed creaked. “Oooh, are you fucking Aleah up the ass.”

“Not yet, he’s not,” panted Aleah. “But Master knows my asshole is ready for his cock whenever he wants it.”

That was true. I wanted it now. To fuck her while staring out the window and hoping for a glimpse of that sweet beauty who’d just moved in. To slide into my sex slave’s asshole and ogle the girl next door. The father appeared, directing the workers as they began carrying stuff inside. He wore sunglasses and nodded in approval.

“Tania, grab the lube,” I groaned.

“Oh, yes, Master.” The bed creaked. A drawer opened. Soft footsteps padded to me. Tania appeared on my right, her pierced tits jiggling before her. Silver rings glinted, each threading through a pink nipple. She held the slender bottle of strawberry-flavored lube—Aleah and Tania’s favorite flavor—in her hand, a naughty grin on her face.

We were too young to go into sex shops, but Amazon didn’t card you.

I pulled back from Aleah, my cock sliding out of her butt-crack. I faced Tania as she pushed down on the top of the bottle. It depressed on one end and popped up the spout on the other. She squeezed a line of the jizz onto my cock, the strawberry aroma tickling the inside of my nostrils.

I breathed it in and groaned. It was such a radiant delight to enjoy. A heady aroma that left me dizzy. My sex slave worked the lube into my cock. She stroked it up and down, massaging it into my hard shaft. It felt incredible.

My dick twitched and throbbed in her grip. She pumped her hand up and down my shaft, getting me ready for her sister. My cock gleamed when she finished. She had a mischievous grin on her face as she brought her hand to her lips.

She licked up the lube and muttered, “Fuck her hard, Master.”

“Yes!” Aleah moaned. “Ooh, she’s back outside!”

I turned around to see the eighteen-year-old girl heading to the car. Her father popped the trunk and she fished out suitcases. I watched her move with an airy grace, every step as light as a ballerina. I groaned as I pressed my cock against Aleah’s asshole.

“I want her so badly,” I panted. “She looks so shy, though.”

“Yeah,” panted Aleah. “Well, tomorrow, you’re going to have so many girls distracting you, you won’t even think about her.”

“True,” I said. “And I do have you and Tania.”

I could feel Aleah’s pleasure from the way she wiggled her hips.

I pushed my cock against her asshole and delighted as her anal ring surrendered to my cock. Her sphincter widened and widened, stretching to engulf my cock. That first moment slipping into a girl’s bowels was a delicious experience. Hot and tight, gripping you with that velvety heat. I pressed deeper and deeper into my sex slave’s asshole.

“Oh, Master, that’s hot,” moaned Tania. The bed creaked. “Mmm, bugger my sis’s asshole.”

“He’s doing that,” moaned Aleah as my cock slid deeper and deeper into her bowels. Her anal sheath engulfed my cock. “Yes!”

I bottomed out on her as I watched my new neighbor grab a suitcase out of the back of the car. It was a pastel pink. She struggled with it and then rolled it behind her, moving backward as she dragged it up the driveway and then off a side path that led to the porch. I didn’t fuck Aleah as I watched the girl, my dick throbbing in my sex slave’s asshole.

The girl vanished inside.

“Damn, she’s so cute,” I groaned as I drew back my cock. Aleah’s bowels gripped me, the velvety sheath massaging me.

“Mmm, yes,” purred Aleah.

I slammed back into Aleah’s bowels. I savored her tight sheath around me. That hot and delicious flesh gripped gaziantep escort me. She held me tight. I pumped into her depths, filling her to the hilt with my hard cock. I grunted, enjoying every inch of her asshole.

My hands squeezed her breasts as I massaged her. She rotated her hips, stirring her sheath around my lubed dick. The friction stimulated my cock’s tip. The pleasure sank down to my balls slapping into her taint with every plunge into her. My crotch smacked her plump rump.

“Master!” she moaned when my fingers found her nipple rings.

I twisted them. Her asshole tightened around my cock. Her anal sheath grew hotter. More pleasure flooded through my body. My balls, smacking into her flesh, drank in the heat. My load of cum boiled inside of my nuts.

I plunged into her hard and fast. My fingers tugged on her nipple piercings, bringing sweet gasps and decadent moans from her lips. She squirmed in my arms, her auburn pigtails dancing about her shoulders.

“God, I love watching your nuts sway, Master!” moaned Tania. “Ooh, can I play with them?”

“You never have to ask permission for that,” I panted, the pleasure building and building in them.

Tania scampered off the bed. She fell to her knees behind me. The nineteen-year-old sex slave nuzzled her lips into my balls. She nibbled on them. Her tongue danced and swirled around my heavy nuts. She’s sucking on them only for my thrust forward to pop it out of her mouth.

The stimulation she added built and built the pressure at the tip of my cock. It grew how much cum I would dump into Aleah’s asshole. I savored it, my shaft aching in my sex slave’s anal depths. I plunged hard and fast into her.

It was incredible having two sisters as slaves. I enjoyed every moment of plundering Aleah’s asshole while Tania played with my balls. She batted my heavy nuts with her tongue like a cat playing with her favorite toy.

“Master!” moaned Tania. “Mmm, you have to cum in my sister’s asshole.”

“Yes!” panted Aleah, her bowels tightening around my cock.

“Getting there,” I groaned. My hands squeezed both Aleah’s breasts. I massaged and kneaded her tits. I reveled in the feel of them. My fingers dug into her flesh. I loved every moment of it. I rammed forward hard. Fast. I penetrated her to the hilt again and again. “Goddamn, your asshole is sweet, Aleah.”

“I know!” she whimpered. “I know how much you love it!” Her nipples and piercings rubbed into my hand. “Oh, Master, I’m so close to cumming!”

“Cum on his cock and massage him dry, sis!” panted Tania. “Ooh, that’ll be hot.”

“Yes, it will,” I groaned, slamming into her.

“Oh, Master, let my bowels worship you!” she squealed. Her asshole spasmed around my cock.

I savored the delight of Aleah’s bowels climaxing around my cock. The convulsing and massaging flesh rippled around my dick. The pleasure was intense. The pressure surged to the tip of my cock. I was on the verge of exploding from the wicked feel.

Her bowels brought me to the brink as I drew back through her orgasming sheath. I thrust back into her, burying into the hilt of her spasming asshole. Her velvety sheath sucked at my cock. She wanted my cum.

“Fuck, yes!” I snarled and gave it to her.

Powerful explosions of jizz fired from my dick. Each one sent a blast wave of ecstasy slamming through my body. The pleasure hit my mind. I reeled from the rapture. I swayed, squeezing her breasts while I reveled in this amazing bliss.

My cock kept erupting. Kept spurting blast after hot blast of jizz. It was incredible to enjoy. A wild delight that had my head swaying. I reeled, dizzy from the rapture she gave me. Her bowels milked my cock.

She drained me dry.

“Master!” she cooed. “Oh, yes, yes, you gave me so much cum.”

“Yes, I did,” I groaned.

“Let me lick her clean!” whimpered Tania. Her tongue fluttered at my balls.

Another load brimmed in there. Kyle wasn’t lying about the increased stamina. I could tire out my sex slaves and still be ready for more. I didn’t have to push myself to my limits. A few orgasms were usually enough.

I ripped my cock out of Aleah’s asshole and backed up, my balls dragging over Tania’s head. The younger sister didn’t hesitate to press her face between Aleah’s asshole and lick. The redhead shuddered, her pigtails dancing as Tania feasted.

“Such a naughty little sister!” panted Aleah. “Mmm, lick our Master’s cum out of my asshole.”

I fell to my knees behind Tania. My dirty cock smacked into her bubbly butt. She moaned into her sister’s asshole while wiggling her hips. The incestuous sight before me had my cock aching for my own perverse delights.

I moved the tip of my cock down to Tania’s pussy lips. I nuzzled into her there. I slid up and down. She whimpered, knowing just what I was going to do. The nineteen-year-old slut pressed her hips back, her pussy lips engulfing the tip of my cock dirty with her sister’s asshole.

“Goddamn, I love you, Tania,” I moaned as she worked her pussy back farther and farther down my cock, taking over half of it before she couldn’t slide down it any further without her mouth losing contact with her sister’s asshole.

So I thrust forward.

“You are amazing!” I groaned, her juicy pussy buffing my cock clean. “I love polishing my cock in your cunt.”

“Ooh, yes, yes, wash that dirty, filthy dick off in my sister’s cunt!” moaned Aleah. “She’s got her tongue wiggling around in my asshole. She’s rimming out all your cum. She loves it.”

“I do!” Tania moaned, her voice muffled.

I slammed hard and fast into her cunt, savoring her pussy’s tight grip. She massaged me with that amazing snatch. I savored every hard plunge into her. I buried again and again into her. I reveled being in her twat. Her juicy flesh gripped me, cleaning my cock.

My sex slaves were amazing. And soon my harem would grow. At least by one genie. A sexy Si’lat or a submissive Jann or maybe a fiery Ifrit. I didn’t know. Hell, maybe even the intelligent Marid would blow them all away.

Tania looked fucking hot in her glasses.

I buried deep into her cunt over and over, loving how she moaned into her sister’s asshole. Tania wiggled her hips while Aleah trembled. Her back arched from the pleasure her little sister gave her. Aleah looked over her shoulder at me, her green eyes sparkling.

I grinned back at her, my cock pumping away hard and fast. I reamed Tania’s pussy with powerful strokes. I buried again and again into her. I reveled in being buried to the hilt in her with my every stroke. It was heaven.

A delight I never wanted to stop enjoying.

My crotch smacked into Tania’s rump again and again. My balls hit her clit. She moaned and whimpered, wiggling her hips. Her juicy pussy polished my pole. When my cock emerged from her cunt on my backstroke, my shaft gleamed with her cunt cream.

Then I vanished back into the pink heaven of her twat.

“Tania!” I groaned. “Goddamn, let me feel that pussy cumming on my dick!”

“Yes, yes, do it!” Aleah moaned. “Be a nasty slut and cum on that cock. You need to massage him and make sure you’ve cleaned his dick.”

“Oh, god, I do!” whimpered Tania. “Master! Master! I’ll cum so hard! Just keep driving that thick cock into me. I’m almost there. Oh, fuck, yes, I’m getting so close!”

I buried my cock into her pussy, the pressure reaching that breaking point. I erupted into my sex slave’s cunt.

“Tania!” I grunted as my jizz fired into her.

“Master!” she squealed and then joined me.

Her pussy writhed and convulsed around my cock. Her flesh spasmed, the heat spilling around me. She felt incredible. An amazing bliss burned through my body. I shuddered as my jizz pumped hot and hard into her climaxing snatch.

The pleasure surged through me. Another rush of ecstasy. The dizzying euphoria hit that wonderful peak. It spun around me. A delight that burned hot through me. Stars danced before my eyes. Hot rapture fired out of my cock and burned through my mind.

“Shit, yes!” I moaned as Tania’s juicy pussy drained me dry.

I pulled out of her and stumbled back. Aleah cooed, finding her own release on her sister’s mouth. I fell back onto my bed, panting, aching, my mind dancing with all the possibilities of tomorrow. I couldn’t wait for the first day of my senior year of college.

Damn, I was excited to go to school.


Tuesday, September 8th

Aleah and Tania looked so sexy in their schoolgirl uniforms. They had red-and-green tartan skirts that fell down to their mid-thighs, as short as they could wear them. The pleated delights swirled and swayed as they moved, the cloth falling over their cute rumps. They had on white blouses with matching tartan bow ties that had long ribbons that draped down to the swell of their breasts. They had both bought ribbons for their hair in a matching style, making their pigtails even more fetching. The knee-high socks and the black Mary Jane shoes completed the look.

My cock was hard in the gray slacks I had to wear, a matching tartan tie around my neck. I’d never worn one before. The uniform supply company the college used was shocked to have to scrounge one up for me.

Luckily, they found one.

“Ready to be the only dick on campus?” asked Aleah. “I hear even the professors are all women, Master.”

“Yes, I am,” I said, holding out my arms to my two beautiful sex slaves. “Shall we make a big impression?”

The two sisters beamed at me.

We left the house, my dad sleeping upstairs after working a seventy-two hours shift, and stepped out into the sunny morning. Septembers in Western Washington were usually nice. Not as warm as July and August, but the bad weather wouldn’t usually start until October. My two ladies held my arms, our backpacks rustling, full of the school supplies.

As we were passing the new neighbors house, the door opened and the blonde girl emerged in a St. Maria Theodora uniform. I groaned at the sight of the eighteen-year-old girl hurrying down her porch steps, her tartan skirt swaying and swirling about her thighs. The three of us stopped as we watched her rushing down the path to her front gate, moving with an airy freshness.

She reached the gate and looked up. She squeaked in surprise at the sight of us. Her cheeks blushed with innocent pink, her blonde pigtails swaying about her shoulders. She, too, had gone with the matching ribbons.

“Um, hi,” she said, squirming. “You’re, uh, I mean…” Her flustered stammering was so cute.

“Want to walk with us?” asked Aleah.

The girl stared at me, her eyes wide. Then she shook her head, her cheeks going entirely scarlet. The wind shifted, and her flowery perfume reached my nose. I breathed it in, savoring it. her shyness was cute.

“I won’t bite,” I promised. “Come on, we’re going to the same college.”

She swallowed. “Okay.”

“I’m Corey. This is Aleah and Tania.”

“Hi,” Aleah said. “I love your hair. So pretty.”

“Thanks.” The girl looked down. “I’m, uh… Regina.”

I grinned at her. She went to St. Maria, too. How utterly interesting. This school year was definitely going to be interesting, and I hadn’t even met any of the Djinn yet.

To be continued…

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