Wish Fulfillment Inc.

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I believe a short introduction is in order before we delve off into my day to day fulfillment of people’s wildest and sometimes most innocent, fantasies. I call myself Annalise. I work at The Playhouse. It’s very exclusive and upscale and we do everything from therapeutic sensual massage to full out bondage S he would be able to toss me around no problem.

He reached around and unhooked my bra with a snap of his fingers and shoved my shirt and bra straps off my shoulders. I was kind of bound, as the two tangled up a little as they got pushed down my arms. He took that as an opportunity to grab my ass and stand. I wrapped my legs tightly around him as he stepped over to my bed. He kind of tossed me down and started talking off his clothes. The tie and shirt were thrown aside, the belt pulled out of the slacks and laid on the bed beside my feet before the slacks and silk boxer shorts were puddled at the foot of the bed. I wiggled up towards the top of the bed as he climbed up on top of me. One hand ran up my thigh and hooked the string of my matching lace string bikini bottoms. I lifted my ass up off the bed slightly to help him pull them off. He shoved my schoolgirl shirt up around my waist and he wasted no time burying his beautiful cock in my dripping wet pussy. I had freed myself of the shirt and bra and my hands were running up and down his chest, over his bursa escort wonderful shoulders and into his thick dark hair. His mouth was on mine again as he pounded his cock in my pussy, our tongues flicking back and forth, unable to get enough of one another.

“I want to suck your cock,” I requested as he bit my neck hard enough I was pretty sure I would have a mark. He pulled back and out and his cock was like fire as he pressed it against my mound. He raised up on his knees, looking to me for direction.

“Lay down- I want you to really enjoy this,” I said, moving out of the way. He propped himself up so he could watch me go down on him. I nestled myself between his legs and as I took his cock in my mouth, I locked eyes with him. My salty juices covered him and I deep throated him to clean them all off. His eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned as my lips wrapped around the base of him. As I slowly pulled up, I traced circles along the underside with my tongue. It was just as perfect as I had imagined and the feel of him filling my mouth- the heat, the pulsing, the delicious size of him- it was all so pleasurable. I didn’t want him to cum any time soon, so I leaned up for a moment and grabbed a tube of mint Pleasure Balm from the drawer beside the bed. I put a dab of it on my tongue and went back to fucking him with my mouth. He gasped, bursa escort then moaned as I twisted my mouth all around his cock, coating it with the icy hot gel. It would create a whirlwind of sensations at first, then provide some slight numbness. I would be able to suck his cock twice as long without him climaxing, but after just a few more minutes of my oral seductions, he was asking me to ride him.

“keep the skirt on,” he said as I fumbled to find where the zipper was since it was all twisted up. I straddled him and slipped down on him- his hot cock filling me, feeling so perfectly made for me. He grabbed my hips roughly and rocked me back and forth. “Turn around,” he commanded. I started to get up and he pulled me back down. “Without taking my cock out of that tight pussy.” I pulled my legs up into a squatting position and gingerly started to turn. He grabbed me and pretty much spun me around like a top, stopping me abruptly with a smack on my ass. It stung just the right amount to make it feel oh so good. I caught sight of the belt still sitting at the foot of the bed and hoped that he would keep smacking me with his hand. The feel of each finger contacting with my skin- the pop of it- I wondered briefly if I could cum from being spanked. I’d never tried before. “Fuck me,” he commanded and I complied happily. I ground down bursa eskort on him, the well defined ridge of the head of his cock rubbing on my gspot. He dug his fingers into my hips as he raised his hips hard to meet my strokes. I felt my pussy start to tighten up- I was going to cum soon. I think he felt it too- he smacked my ass again.

“You like that cock?” he asked, breath coming fast.

“Yeah,” I moaned, pounding down on him. My clit was hitting his balls as I leaned forward and fucked him harder.

“Yeah what?”

“yeah, I like that cock. I love that cock in my pussy,” I panted. I could feel my orgasm building in my legs, moving up from my burning calves through my thighs as I rocked back and forth. His hands were higher up, almost on my waist as he was pulling me harder and harder down on his cock.

I was right on the edge of orgasm, one of my hands on my breast, pinching my nipple hard, the other on his thigh, digging my nails in. “Oh my god,” I cried as it ripped through me with blinding pleasure. He pulled down hard, raising his hips high to get as deep as possible in my pussy as it spasmed around his cock. I heard his grunts and felt the spurts of cum as he came too, his cock feeling even bigger as he filled me with his cum.

Much to my surprise, as I crawled off him, he grabbed ahold of my leg.

“Hope you’re not done already, because I’m just getting warmed up.”

I turned around and sat on the bed, legs spread and more than ready for whatever else this client had in mind. Just recalling that part of the day has me so worked up, I have to go take care of my aching, swollen pussy. 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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