Woman’s Magic

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Angela White

You see, deep down inside a woman is magic. Sometimes you can touch her and the magic bursts through her skin, you can feel it when you brush your hand down her arm, or run your hand down her back. When a baby grows inside her womb, the baby exists inside her magic. That is why a baby cries at birth. They do not want to leave the magic.

This magic is surrounded by color, shapes, and textures that fascinate a man. There is the whiteness of a woman’s belly, the rose of her cheek and the darkness of her nipples. It truly is amazing all the textures of a woman’s skin. There is the softness of the underside of her breast when you place your hand there. The shape of her breast is just right for you to cup in your hand as you lift it to your mouth. Think about the roughness of an elbow or a knuckle and the hard smoothness of the sole of her foot. The roundness of her hip is perfect for your hand. You enjoy the tenderness of her lips. Nothing on a woman’s body is quite so tender. Perhaps that is why a mother’s kiss can calm a crying child, heal a wounded man, and give comfort to a sad friend. One of a man’s favorite places on a woman’s body is the inside of her thigh. He wants to place his cheek there and rest, feeling the silk and smoothness of her skin.

There is a tiny thread of nerves, which goes from her breasts down to that magic inside her. When you nurse a baby, they will get to taste that magic, but only for a short time. They will soon tire of tasting the magic and want more. But a man never tires of taking that nipple into his mouth. It has always been curious how a girl growing up knows she has eryaman escort this magic inside her. She does not need to seek it, she already has it. It can be seen peeking out in her smile. When she is older, a man who is special for her can taste it in her kiss. But a kiss is such a fleeting glimpse, or a taste, it just makes him greedy for more, so a man searches for it. He goes from woman to woman looking for the magic he wants. Occasionally he finds something that is very near to what he seeks, but it is just not quite right, so he continues his search. A few are fooled into accepting less than the fullness they seek, and you see those people all around, they are just not quite as happy as they should be.

Now God, in his infinite wisdom, hid the magic, so deep inside a woman, that man cannot find it with his mouth, although he tries, and he enjoys the effort and the taste. He begins with a kiss, because that is what the woman will allow. A small taste of the magic is in a woman’s kiss and can send a man into a fever of arousal that can make him dangerous, unless he wants something more from her. A man may get a tease of the taste when he places his mouth on a woman’s breast. His mouth may awaken the magic like opening a door, but it will not fully open, it is just not getting a strong enough message. A man may get a taste of the magic when he places his mouth on the portal to her magic, but it is just a little stronger taste than he gets from her breast. It is ambrosia, but he knows the deep magic is stronger.

However, this infinitely wise sincan escort God gave man a physical feature, which is just the right size and shape to penetrate to the magic. He swells with anticipation merely from the taste, the feel, and the nearness of a woman. Although many men think they can get there with a finger or a tongue, they are not really very successful. Although it is great pleasure, and he can give her pleasure as he enjoys her, it is just not as satisfying. Making love to a woman is a gift from God. It’s been said that dolphins make love for the pleasure of it, but we know of no other creature that enjoys the touch of the opposite sex as does a man. It is unimaginable ecstasy.

Now, men are simple creatures. They are also not very smart, sometimes. They get so excited when they reach the magic they forget what steps they took to get there and darn it, they have to start from the very beginning every time they seek a woman’s magic. They just remember they are seeking a wetness they can only find in one place. He begins at her mouth and it is wonderful, but he knows it is even better somewhere else. He knows it is very warm, soft, and inviting. He will enjoy her breast, but continue to search, knowing the magic is deep inside her. If he is careful and treats her with patience and tenderness, she will pull him into her magic and he need do little more than slide along the path she prepares for him.

When a woman says she is ready, she will allow the man to show her were to find her magic. She will allow him to find pleasure in tasting etlik escort the different places where you can find a glimpse of her magic and he will see that she enjoys his efforts. It is a promise, when she invites you into her magic, she will share her magic with him, perhaps for just a few moments, but it will encourage him to seek it again, soon, for he must have it. It is a need that burns inside him, heats his blood, flushes his skin, and sends tingles to the nerves in the farthest reaches of his body. He is addicted to the magic he tastes in her kiss and a man will want much more from her. When she learns how much she enjoys his efforts, she will encourage him to greater efforts.

So, turn her over and kiss her gently. Do not be concerned that in your bungling way you forget what you seek, and settle for another source of the magic, for you dare not, until you know how much she enjoys your search for her magic. You want to make love to her until you are so deep inside her magic that you no longer think of taking your next breath and are brave enough to explore the magic you taste in every one of her kisses. Everything a man and a woman do for each other, to give pleasure, is beautiful. Does she feel your hardness upon her hip? Does she know how your kiss encourages her to open herself to you? Does she feel her blood pounding? Does she tremble inside, with a feeling of fullness, swelling, and wetness? Put your arms around her and hold on. Kiss her. Don’t think about it. Don’t plan how you will do it. Just kiss her and enjoy her. Enjoy the magic of your kiss. Taste her. Explore what happens to yourself when you touch her. Find the secret places that excite her. Be adventurous. Take some risk. Think about the magic inside her waiting for you to explore. And when you find the magic, and show it to her, she will share it with you, openly, fully, and in more abundance than you can imagine. Because, you see, she enjoys her magic, too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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