Wood for Wood

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My stepmother Liza is such a free spirit and a nature lover that my dad playfully calls her his Hippie Wife. She was always making him drink health shakes and take exotic herbs with crazy ass names that he couldn’t even pronounce. But he loves her and he puts up with her crazy shit. Lucky for me I got away from all that by going to a college. Hell yeah!!

Now please don’t get me wrong, I adore Liza and yes she’s a very healthy fifty five year old woman, with a body that turns even the younger guys heads, mine included. I never had sexual fantasies about my stepmother when I was growing up. I mean she was a mom to me in every way since my real mother ran off with some guitar player from a country band. I love Liza as much as any son could love his own mother.

Well on with the story. Liza calls me up on a Friday and she’s just in tears over the fact that the city is expanding Riverside Park. And unfortunately her favorite tree is on the docket to be cut down. It’s a two hundred year old oak tree one that Liza enjoys doing her yoga beneath. Heck she even named the darn thing…Oakley. The trouble is that the tree is now located in the center of where the new parking lot is to be built.

“Calm down, Mom!” I said.

“I can’t calm down, Jimmy not when they’re going to cut down, Oakley!”

“Mom, it’s just a tree for Pete’s sake.” I said trying to reason with her.

“Damn it, Honey you sound just like your father! Oakley is not just any old tree, it’s my spirit tree!” she whined.

OMG! Mom’s lost her fucking mind! I thought, shaking my head. “I’m sorry, Mom I really wish I could help but…”

“But you can help me, sweetie.” she said desperately.

“How?” I asked rolling my eyes.

“Just come be with me. Please. I’m surrounded by construction workers and they’re all giving me dirty looks!”

“What?! Are you at the park right now?!” I exclaimed.

“Yes of course, where else would I be. They’re pretty pissed off because I’ve chained myself to Oakley.” she giggled.

“Oh my fucking word! Are you serious?!”

“Oh I’m quite serious about all of this darling now get your butt down here!” she snapped and with that she ended the call.

“Fuck me STANDING!!!” I shouted to the top of my lungs.

I drove down immediately, but the university I attend is a state away so I ended up getting to the park at around six thirty that evening, just as the sun was going down. I spotted Mom’s White Mercedes SUV in the parking lot but she wasn’t in it so I figured she was with, Oakley.

I got out and crossed the park in the direction of the massive oak tree. I mean it was pretty easy to spot since it was the tallest tree in the park and it was surrounded by all manner of heavy equipment. And yes there’s my mother in the midst of it all chained to that damn tree! This is crazy!

Liza fastened a dog chain around the base of the tree with maybe a six foot lead. And around her neck she has this cute little pink chrome spiked dog collar. And at this very moment she’s arguing with some big red headed guy who was most likely the job foreman. And boy was she chewing him a new one. Mom’s certainly feisty when she gets mad and she was all up in this guy’s face. Well his chest rather since she’s a petite five foot even and you might say the only thing big about Mom are her tits. The guy looked over six feet tall and he was staring down at her red faced.

I approached cautiously.

“I assure you, Missy that this tree will be cut down tomorrow!” the man barked.

“Over my dead body, it will be!” she retorted and drew her hand back to slap him but he grabbed her wrist. But instead of that being the end of it the bastard took it a step further and squeezed Liza’s small wrist until she melted to her knees in pain.

“ARG!! Stop!” Mom cried and she tried to punch him in the nuts which made him tighten his grip to the point Liza was screaming.

“Hey leave my, Mother alone you asshole!!” I shouted.

He smiled and released her and leaned over and whispered something to her.

“You can go to hell!” Mom screamed at him.

The big ape just laughed and then he smirked at me and casually walked away.

I hurried over and bent down beside her, “Are you okay?”

She rubbed her wrist and nodded, “Yes, Jimmy I’m fine.”

“Who was that shithead?” I asked looking in the direction that he’d walked. Red was now leaning against a work truck talking to some of his guys. He grabbed his crotch and gave it a shake and then flipped me off. What a fucking asshole!

“He’s the site boss. And he’s been harassing me all day!”

“You’re telling me that you’ve been here all day, Mom? Chained to this fucking tree?”

“Yes and I intend on being here all night too. Or at least until those bureaucrats up town take notice and do something about this atrocity!”

I shook my head, “Have you eaten anything?”

Liza turned up her nose and folded her arms, “I refuse to eat or drink until Oakley is safe!”

“Mom you can’t do this to yourself! You’ll Didim Escort get sick.” I pleaded.

“I can and I will!” she said stubbornly.

“Gosh damn it, Mom!” I snapped. But I knew there was no talking to her when she got like this so I sat down beside her in the grass. I looked over at her, she was already sun burned and rightfully so because she was only dressed in a loose black tank and a pair of short cut off jeans. “At least let me go to the car and get you an umbrella.”

“No, Jimmy.”

“I can’t believe Dad is allowing you to do this to yourself.” I said shaking my head.

“Your Dad does not control me, son. I’m a free spirit and I can do this. No scratch that I will do this!” she said defiantly. “Oakley deserves to be saved!”

I shut my mouth and together we just sat there in silence for a little while. People would walk by and look at us like we were crazy and some would stop and ask what was going on and Mom would give them her hippie spill.

It was around eight now and it was dark, except for the light of a full moon. Liza now had her head against my shoulder and was gently snoring. I looked behind me to see that Red was still back there. He was sitting on the tailgate of the work truck talking to two other guys and they were all three drinking and laughing.

“So what did that guy say to you, Mom?”

Liza opened her sleepy blue eyes and looked at me, “Did you say, something, sweetie?” She yawned.

“What did that asshole say to you before he walked off?”

“Oh that. He said that he would consider saving the tree if I…” she paused.

“What?” I asked.

“He said if I have sex with him that he’d consider saving, Oakley. That son of a bitch! The balls on him, right?” she yawned and stretched her arms above her head and arched her back, which caused her tits to press forth in all their ample glory. Yeah I looked and Liza caught me looking too. To which she just laughed. She was used to men’s lustful stares but I think it surprised her that I was the one doing it.

“Having sex with that bastard sure as hell would be a lot easier than this shit.” I laughed

Mom looked at me, “I know, right?” she giggled not realizing that I was being serious.

I shook my head and looked away.


“I think you should have sex with him Mom.”

Liza’s mouth dropped, “Oh my god, Jimmy!! Your joking?”

I shrugged. “Or we can just sit out here and get eaten up by these damn mosquitoes all night and still nothing will get done. Just consider it, taking wood to save wood.” I slapped the base of the big oak tree. “I’m sure Oakley wouldn’t mind.”

“Your father would be so pissed off if he knew that you suggested something like that to me. Goodness, Jimmy I’m even shocked!”

I shrugged, “But he’s not here is he, Mom? No he’s sitting at home right now, watching TV.”

“I don’t care Jimmy I will not do it!!” she snapped, sticking her chin up.

“Look, Mom you can’t take another day of this shit. It’ll kill you!”

Liza looked away.

“It’s just sex. It want mean anything!”

She brushed back her shoulder length blond hair and shook her head, “But Jimmy, I can’t it would be cheating on your father! Can’t you understand that? I love him.”

I sighed and thought about it. “Well do you consider a blow job cheating?”

She looked at me, “Stop it, Jimmy I don’t want to hear anymore about this. Your not talking me into having sex with that creep!”

“Mom for fuck sake! Most women don’t even consider a blow job sex. Hell the women at my college pass them out like candy.” I laughed.

“I just bet you wish you were there right now getting your penis sucked instead of being here with your crazy Mother, right?” she snapped.

I had to laugh at the comment, because my Mom’s never made a lewd statement like that to me before.

She gave me a confused look, but then she smiled and started to giggle. And soon we were both laughing. When we finally stopped Liza shook her head, “What a mess I’ve dragged you into, Honey and I’m so sorry.”

I reached over and touched her hand, “It’s fine Mom. I’m here by my own free will. I’m a free spirit too, remember. If you’ve taught me anything it’s to live life to the fullest.”

“That’s so sweet, thank you Jimmy.” she kissed my cheek and gave me a big hug. I really did enjoy the feel of her tits against my chest.

“Do you really think I’m nuts for doing this?” she asked.

“Yes, I do.” I said quickly and then laughed. And then surprisingly enough Liza burst out laughter as well.

“I think I’m gonna need something to help me through this.” She leaned back and reached into the front pocket of her shorts and took out a silver cigarette case and an old brass Zippo lighter.

“I didn’t know you smoked cigarettes, Liza. When did you take up that nasty habit?”

She chortled and opened the case and held it up for me to see. Inside the case were five tightly rolled joints.

“Oh shit is that what I think it is?” I smiled.

She Didim Escort Bayan winked, “Well if you’re thinking it’s marijuana, then you’re a hundred percent right.” she giggled and took out one of the joints and placed it between her lips. Then she flipped the lid on the zippo and flicked it and lit the herb as if she’d done it a thousand times before…and she probably has.

She inhaled deeply and held it in for a few seconds and then released the pungent smoke into the air and she offered it to me. I quickly took it and hit it myself. Then I smiled and leaned back against the tree and reveled in the feel of the THC entering my blood stream. I’m a light weight when it comes to smoking marijuana because I rarely do it. And when I do partake of it, it hits me hard and fast.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Liza asked.

I smiled and gave her the thumbs up and expelled the acrid smoke from my lungs. I coughed a few times. “Yes…I’m fine.” I coughed again.

Liza giggled and took the joint from me and immediately took another hit, held it and then released it.

I reached for the joint and she pulled it back to me. “You need to be careful, Jimmy this is some powerful stuff.”

I rolled my eyes, “I know, Mom. Stop treating me like a baby.”

She laughs and shakes her head and passes it back to me and I immediately take a hit. This time I took the smoke deep inside my lungs and held it in longer. Even before I exhaled I started feeling the buzz kick in. “Hot damn I can feel my pupils dilating!” I started laughing.

“See!” Liza giggled. “I told you, didn’t I?”

I love the way pot mellows me out. In fact I felt like I could sit under this tree forever with Liza. I sighed and laid back in the grass and put my hands behind my head and looked up at the moon.

Liza crawled over and laid down in the grass beside me and she placed her hands under her head too. “Oh goodness I do have to admit that this does feel nice.”

“Yeah me to, I got quite the buzz going on at the moment.” I said.

“I’m not talking about the buzz, Jimmy. I’m talking about this moment we’re having silly.” She said and turned over on her side to look at me.

“Oh? Sorry? That’s nice too.”

Liza giggled and laid back down on her back and for a few minutes we just stared up at the moon. It was so big and bright and weirdly enough it seemed to vibrate. In fact everything seemed so radiant and filled with energy. Holy shit this stuff was good!

She turns over to look at me again, “Do the girls at your college really give blow jobs like candy, or is that something you just made up?”

I turned my head and looked at her and smiled, “Yes and I can honestly say that I have been the happy recipient of several of them.”

“Well you’re certainly not like your father in that aspect.” she rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Oh really?” I gave her a smirk.

“Yes, really.” then she quickly put a hand to her mouth. “Oh Crap! I shouldn’t have said that? Now this is what pot does to me I run off at the mouth way too much.”

“So you’re telling me that you have never given my father a blow job?” I asked giving her a serious look.

Liza giggled and shook her head, “No I have not, Honey.” she frowned. “He informed me in not so many words, that no respectable wife would do such a thing with her husband. In fact in his opinion a woman who puts her mouth on another man’s cock is a whore!”

“Ah Liza, that’s complete bullshit! You know that right?”

“Oh goodness I know that darling. But that’s just how your father thinks.” she smiled and patted my chest.

“Shit! If you were my wife you’d be sucking my dick everyday. Morning, noon and night!” I laughed.

Liza’s mouth dropped and her eyes went wide. “Jimmy Davis?!”

“What a fucking waste of a pretty mouth!”

She popped my chest, “Don’t be mad at your father, honey.”

“Whatever. It’s still a shame.” I said and shook my head.

She started rubbing my chest, “It’s okay, Baby. Really.”

“But you did suck cock before you met him. Didn’t you?”

Liza rolled her eyes and smiled, “Yes, Jimmy. I was a college girl once.”

My dick was getting hard, just discussing this with her or maybe it was the pot. “I just bet you could blow a guy’s brains out, Mom.” I couldn’t help myself I pushed my hand beneath my basketball shorts and began fondling my cock. I could feel the blood coursing through it as I tugged and manipulated it.

Liza burst into a fit of giggles. “Jimmy, stop that!”

“It’s true isn’t it, Liza?”

She smiled and nodded, “I certainly had guys coming back and begging me for seconds.” she chortled.

“I bet you did.” I reached up and took her hand in mine and for a few moments we just stared into each other. She made no attempt to pull her hand back so I slowly tugged it beneath the waist band of my shorts. Nor did she look at me in shock when I guided her hand onto my hard cock. In fact she instinctively closed her small hand around Escort Didim it and squeezed it gently, testing its firmness.

Liza leaned over and kissed me on the lips, “You got a very nice cock, Jimmy.”

I tried to kiss her again but she moved her lips from my reach.

“Take your shorts off, honey.” she whispered

I instantly complied and I pulled them off and she took them from me and neatly folded them and placed them to the side. Then she stood and smiled down at me and slowly slipped her tank top off. My mouth dropped at the very sight of her tits. They appeared so creamy and white beneath the moon light, her nipples protruding like two large pink cherries. I’ve never in my life seen nips that delicious looking.

She smiled and I watched her hands reach down and unsnap her shorts and she unzipped them and let them fall about her ankles and stepped out of them. Her pussy was completely shaven and her mound still had that perfect little V shaped to it with a nice clef right down the center of it. In all the years of her being married to my Dad he’s never been able to hammer that pussy out of shape.

“Ahh MAN!! You look so fucking beautiful, Liza!”

She smiled and turned around and straddled my chest and got down on her hands and knees so her pussy was within inches of my face. Hot damn I could smell it too and it smelled sweet as fuck! I knew exactly what she wanted so I grabbed her hips and pulled her to my face and jammed my tongue into the folds of her wet pussy.

“Oh Jimmy!” she breathed and she started churning her hips. And then suddenly her warm sweet mouth was on my dick and she began gobbling it ravenously!!

“Oh fuck!” I gasped. She pushed her hips back, forcing her snatch back against my mouth. She was dripping and seeping. Her juices drizzled down my chin and my neck. I feasted upon her honey and drank of her nectar.

Liza moaned with approval as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft. Her fucking throat felt like a tight piece of silk around my dick and I must say I savored the feeling of it stretching to accommodate my girth.

“Oh my…FUCK!” I groaned. I’ve never experienced such oral pleasure as this before. Most of the girls in college were still new to the game. But not Mom, she was a pro at sucking dick!

Liza pulled her mouth from my cock and craned her head and looked back at me. My precum oozing from her pouting lips. “I want you to cum in my mouth, Jimmy.” She breathed and she started going down on me again!

I arched my back, “OH GAWD!” I was so close. I couldn’t believe what a gift Liza was giving me. None of the girls back at college would let me shoot my load in their mouths. Maybe on their tits and faces but never in their mouths! The very thought of cumming in Liza’s mouth sent me over the edge and I came! She took me to the hilt and held my dick in her tight throat ever so willingly to accept my hot load. Heck I could even feel the muscles in her throat swallowing and milking me for all I was worth!!

“OH FUCK!” I cried frantically shaking my head in delirious rapture. She didn’t stop until I was done. Then she took her sweet mouth from me and looks back over her shoulder at me, “I just bet those little sluts back at college could never please you like mommy can?” She smiled and licked her lips and then stood up. I could only stare up at her in breathless satisfaction and complete awe.

Liza bent down and picked up her shorts and she rummaged through the pockets until she produced a key. Then she unlocked the little dog collar from around her neck. Then she out her foot on my chest and looked down at me, “I want you to wait right here, Jimmy, okay?”

I nodded.

“Good boy.” she said and winked and then turned around and embraced, Oakley. She kissed the old tree and licked it bark like she would a lover’s tongue. Then she walked down the hill to meet Red.

The big man and his buddies turned as Liza approached, naked as the day she was born. She grabbed Red by the collar of his shirt and she leaned in and kissed him full on the mouth.

I laughed to myself. Liza knew I was watching and it gave me great satisfaction to know that fuck head was tasting my cum in his mouth.

She whispers something in his ear and he starts smiling and nodding. Then he takes her hand and they begin walking toward the work office. Red’s buddies start to follow too. Oh shit Liza was gonna do them all!

I patted Oakley and smiled, “You can relax boy, Mom’s got this, shit.”

I awoke around two in the morning to the sound of a truck cranking up. I looked down the hill to see mom leaning into the driver’s side window. She was kissing Red. I could also see Red’s buddies as they piled into the bed of the truck and they looked absolutely exhausted. I think mom did more than just suck their cocks. Damn my dick was starting to get hard again just thinking about it!

Mom staggered up the hill in my direction she had her hand placed against her midsection and she was walking like she was in pain and her blonde hair was a mess! Damn they must have fucked her brains out! But do you know what Liza still looked sexy as fuck!

She sat down beside me, pulled her knees up and buried her face in her hands and began to cry. “Oh Jimmy they treated me like a whore!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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