Woodland X

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We have just spent a very pleasant afternoon in a secluded, 30 acre private woodland that was very fortunate to buy almost 20 years ago. Over the years, along with some very good friends, we have taken on various building projects (that are all now very well hidden) in the steadily maturing trees on the site and this has included constructing a lovely home built log cabin, complete with a wood fired outdoor hot tub sitting alongside.

The benefits of all this seclusion is that the etiquette of wearing “normal clothes” can easily be forgotten whilst working or relaxing on site; which is just the thing when one wishes to feel at one with nature…

It is not uncommon therefore to see on occasions a lovely outdoorsy girl strolling past a woodland clearing say in the early evening, perhaps conventionally dressed in a warm fleece jacket on the top half but then only wearing a pair of muddy welly boots on the bottom half! Completely exposed from the waist down and very handy if a quick al fresco fuck in the woods is urgently sought; to relieve the steady arousal and sexual tension that always seems to build as the sun starts to set.

Such a liberal dress code is also very useful when it’s time for a little furtive and very discrete fondling in the growing darkness of the woodland, perhaps while standing in a tightly packed group of equally semi naked onlookers, all busy exploring with their hands around their neighbours bareness while quietly appreciating similar al fresco fucking of other exhibitionist couples nearby. In such a tight squeeze of bodies wandering hands can easily remain quite anonymous and it can be uncertain which body they actually belong to, especially as dusk falls. This can lead to all sorts of liberties being taken amongst the tangle of stiffening cocks, hardening nipples and dampening pussies.

How might a girl have cause to be found, strolling around semi naked, in this woodland location in the first place?

I should have mentioned at the outset that the place that we affectionately call “Woodland X” has evolved over the years from something of a nature lovers paradise into a naturist lovers paradise. A select group of friends and like minded acquaintances have now come to regard these woods as our very own clothing optional, adult playground. Akin to the most liberal nudist beaches and sand dunes of the south of France, our private woodland setting can host all manner of similar erotic play. However where we have a distinct advantage is that this is achieved whilst always maintaining a safe, discrete, controlled and very secure environment; which is something that public amenity spaces cannot always guarantee.

Gatherings happen on an ad hoc basis and are often loosely based around the theme of meeting up for a hot tub party. For this type of party of course full nudity is the norm (you are going to get wet after all) and so the fun simply proceeds onwards from there!

You can imagine many adventures have been sought and created in this erotically charged setting (as well as many that you simply could not imagine!) By way of example here are a few personal favourites:

1: Watching a girl in the dark room of the cabin:-

One of the small rooms in the Cabin is kept so dark that it takes a good 10 minutes for your eyes to become properly accustomed to the extremely low lighting, fortunately I had been in the room long enough to be already accustomed to this inky darkness and so could just make out the shapes of a new group arriving into the room to join us.

Groping along from the doorway, they did not have as yet any of the night vision that I enjoyed and so they imagined that the room must be totally and utterly dark. One girl stood in the dark with her legs very lewdly splayed apart (because she thought she was totally invisible at this point, there was no need to remain demure or ladylike) and she thrust her hips forward so she could then ‘accidentally’ gain attention by rubbing and bumping her (no doubt very wet and excited) crotch up against the anonymous person in front of her in the crowded little room. I was also very interested to observe that while this was all going on she was still innocently and demurely holding hands with her own partner standing to her right hand side.

They had crept slowly in together, feeling their way in the darkness side by side and so tightly did they hold onto each other they appeared to be almost protecting one another from the unseen and unknown space all around them.

While she was busy hip thrusting, bumping and bursa eskort rubbing ahead of them, he was also keeping busy with his own free right hand: casually feeling another couple who he had already rather clumsily bumped into on the way in. He noticed immediately that this mystery couple just happened to be already fucking on a bench alongside his right hip. His free hand was able to grope and feel the writhing couple totally unnoticed by his own partner and losing no time he proceeded to explore…

Soon enough he found both the slickened base and balls of a very stiff cock and also the sopping wet pussy of the anonymous girl who was enthusiastically impaling herself on it; quietly sliding up and down on the thick long shaft in the darkness.

After a few minutes the splayed legs girl managed to attract the attention of a strong athletic man standing just ahead of her. Realising that his left thigh had been accidentally bumped into by what felt to be a very wet and prominent venus mons, he countered her accidental forward hip thrusts by turning to face her and allowing his rapidly stiffening cock to also ‘accidentally’ bump back towards her.

While there was no actual penetration between these ‘strangers in the night’ they still ended up quietly humping each other externally; a very lewd sight, he crouched slightly with both knees bent to lower his cock to the right level and she, almost on tip toes, had her knees widely splayed to raise herself up to meet the tip of his stiffened rod, he proceeded to slide and probe his slippery shaft up and down and all over her well moistened clit and very swollen pussy lips.

Meanwhile her own partner, still holding hands with her, did not stand idly by under the cover of darkness; Yes he was still able to maintain his rather stoic and loyal stance holding hands by her side, but he now realised that he was able to use his spare right hand to occasionally help slip the hard shaft out of the bench girl’s pussy beside him and thoroughly enjoy himself by giving the mysterious hot shaft a few long slippery hand strokes before popping it back into the waiting girls warmth again.

A little later, he further found that by deftly bending at the waist he was actually able to give the mystery man’s shaft a few gentle and cautious licks with his tongue on the bulging head; finding no objection he quickly became more and more emboldened in the dark and soon enough was greedily taking it into his mouth completely for a longer suck. The cock’s owner, already accustomed to the dim lighting, could readily see that the unknown person sucking his cock was a man, but then he simply chose to ignore the fact and just lay back to enjoy the sensation.

The way it was being initially considered for sucking led me to believe it was probably the first time that our hand holding hero had actually sucked another man’s cock. It looked like he enjoyed it as well, if the very stiff dick he was sporting himself was anything to go by… Safe in the closeted darkness he could feel free to experiment with this all new erotic sensation, knowing that he could not be seen or that his actions would not be judged by anyone around him. The only person to know exactly what was going on (except for me of course!) was the guy being sucked, who was now suddenly experiencing a nice gentle rub and cock washing by an unknown but very willing mouth. He had no idea who his mystery cocksucker was, and may even have imagined it to be a female’s mouth; unless of course he detected that the nervous, cautious, approach to the act was a strong clue that it was in fact another man experimenting with his bi curious side.

Would he even care if it was another man that was sucking him for the very first time? If it was feeling good in the dark he too could sense he was fully protected by the all enveloping cloak of anonymity; he too was free to let go of all inhibitions and just sit back in the darkness and continue to enjoy the overwhelmingly erotic situation.

Soon enough and to prevent raising too much awareness from the others, the newly sucked cock, fully stretched now to something even beyond normal hardness through the erotic surprise it had just received, was guided back into the waiting, gaping, grasping pussy hole of the bench lady to continue their steady, yet purposeful ride towards a mutual Climax. Several more times during this pleasure ride the bench cock was pulled out, juices savoured, licked and polished by mouth, before being sucked again to a renewed vigorous stiffness and bursa escort bayan carefully returned back into the patiently waiting slippery pussy. Only the main players and I knew of their little game and all around everyone else was left oblivious to it in the silent darkness.

2: A handy man helps out:-

The Cabin often needs some small repairs and ongoing maintenance work and one hot summer’s day I climbed a ladder to fix some roof guttering just above the decking of the wooden veranda. I was being ably assisted by a 21 year old German work hand who was helping out and improving his English during his long summer break from his University in Hamburg.

As it was hot we were not wearing much, just some loose cotton shorts and our toe capped work boots. I was up the ladder while my assistant was steadying the rungs from below while standing on the veranda balcony.

After a short time working to fix a row of guttering brackets, I had to lean out to reach the furthest one in the line. My very fit German assistant leaned in to help steady me and suddenly to my surprise he had his face pressed in alongside my hip to give me support with his shoulder. I could feel his heavy breathing through the thin material of my shorts and soon afterwards he repositioned his hand holds again only this time his face was now directly pressed into the side of my groin. He held me as steady as he could as I worked on the screw fixings but I wondered if he would soon notice that with all his heavy breathing, my cock was just beginning to stir near his face.

Suddenly this was now turning into a very tricky situation; I could not adjust my shorts as my hands were fully occupied holding the various roofing tools. I desperately needed to try to focus on something else, something non-erotic. Glancing down however from my lofty view point I could see that his own shorts had also now begun to take on a very tent like appearance and likewise he too could not move his hands as he was already using both of them to steady me and the ladder.

It appeared that the sight and feel of my gradually stiffening cock pressing alongside his face and cheek was having a similar effect on him and what was, moments before, a tricky situation now changed completely to become a highly erotic one. Both of us were busy focussed on the real, sensible, job in hand, but both our cocks were following a completely different, much more hidden agenda!

On the pretence of having to stretch around a little further to fix the guttering I was now able to squash my thickening cock right into the hot and horny German’s face. In due course he responded by pushing back against it and even went as far as sliding his cheek up and down its length a little, whilst announcing in broken English that he needed to get me into a better supporting hold.

Another glance down confirmed he was now fully erect and he even showed signs that some of his pre-come was now oozing out, making a dark spot on the front of his red cotton shorts. No one else was expected to be on site during the day to disturb us at our work and both of us where now in a very high state of what was quite an opportunistic form of arousal.

I again shifted my weight, this time back toward the ladder a little which now allowed my very supportive friend the opportunity to shift his hold yet again, this time even managing to slide his lips and mouth across my shorts and directly to where my cock head was straining against the thin cotton. I could feel his lips and tongue gently kissing and caressing there and I again almost involuntarily started to push my cock slightly into his face. Our movements slowly got more organised, ever more synchronised and gradually a gentle rhythm built up, until I could feel through the flimsy material that on occasions he was actually taking my now straining cockhead right into his mouth.

Neither of us was talking now. The material of my shorts was getting quite wet with his saliva and my own pre come and with that he suddenly took the bold step to reach up (I was now back to being fully supported once more by the rungs of the ladder) and quickly pull my shorts away so he could at last take me in his mouth properly, with willing mouth on bare flesh and unhindered by the restrictive material for the first time.

The feeling was terrific as I slid my now released and naked cockhead deep into his warm wet mouth. I knew I would not be able to last long after all the erotic tension of the ‘innocent’ build up to this point görükle escort and a few urgent thrusts from me combined with some very eager sucking from my assistant soon had me exploding my thick load of cream onto his waiting tongue and right down his throat.

What a place to come! Half way up a ladder and still holding onto all the roofing tools with both hands! I then felt his enthusiastic mouth gently wrap around my cock once more to milk it dry and swallow down all of my salty come. Afterwards he swirled his tongue around to wash and clean up everywhere before quietly pulling my shorts back into their normal place.

A few moments later, after I regained my breath, I announced I had just about finished the roofing work and proceeded down the ladder again. We met each other with big grins on our faces, but still acted as if everything was normal and nothing unusual had just taken place. We even calmly looked around for our next maintenance job to tackle. However on glancing sideways, I noticed that his cock was still semi erect, still showing as a decent bulge in his shorts.

I quickly suggested that there was a loose board under the cabin floor joists that might be worth checking. It was his turn to take up the tools, only this job would require him to lie on his back and slide in under the cabin floor, which is raised up a few feet on stilts. With his upper body in under the cabin and only his lower half visible to me, I was then able to return the favour and spent a very enjoyable repair session acting as his eager and very helpful “assistant”…

3: A pair of bookends:-

The 4 foot deep outdoor Hot Tub can fit perhaps 8-10 people sitting or kneeling in a tight circle. The feeling of smooth skin touching and sliding over other smooth skin in the warm, often moonlit, water is fantastic and it is not long before exploring hands are wandering all over neighbouring bodies under the surface of the water; even while polite and innocent conversation is carrying on above the surface!

Hidden from view, the games in the depths below can be very sensual and often only the slight biting of a lip, slight shortening of breath or reddening of a face can belie the fact that someone is getting very close to coming right there and then on the spot! A few times where a red face has had to be explained away, it has simply been blamed on the excessive heat of the water!

One notable sight I remember very well was when I happened to be sharing the Tub with 2 ladies who also happened to be girlfriends of one another. One of the girls suddenly lost her hair band over the side of the Tub while she had been fixing up her hair in the water. She immediately bent over the outer rim of the tub to search for the band in the darkness and her friend followed in the search by also bending over to help her. This suddenly presented me with a fantastic double rear view of their terrific naked butts and temptingly inviting pussy lips, swollen and reddened from the warm bath water. They made a terrific set of “matching bookends” and when they started to lean and stretch to look under various rocks in their quite genuine search for the wayward hair band, their legs inadvertently splayed widely to counterbalance their upper body movements and this in turn made their pussies stretch and gape around madly also.

What a sight!

Underwater, as you can imagine my cock was quickly growing as stiff as a submarines periscope! and so with my best honourable intentions to help look for the lost hair band, I was able to move in behind them to offer my own assistance in the search. Leaning over each girl in turn on the pretence of looking over their shoulders, I was able to deftly and quietly slip my stiff cock home, sliding smoothly in and right up to the hilt with very little fuss and without even a word being said.

Each girl simply pushed back hard as she received this unexpectedly rude, but very welcome assistance. Of course quite a few ‘turns’ were needed back and forth to make absolutely sure the hair band was not lost forever. Unfortunately such was the excitement of this very opportunist double coupling, I couldn’t hold out for long before depositing my first load of creamy spunk deep into the lovely girl on my left hand side.

Not to be out done and after a short rest (and even some actual genuine searching…) the girl on my right persuaded me to search further on her side. More vigorous ‘searching’ ensued on her side of the tub and soon enough it resulted in another very satisfying jolting deposit of my creamy sperm.

When I eventually lay back in the water to catch my breath, my two lovely bookends were both still presenting their upturned rear ends to me, only now both had copious globs of my cum slowly leaking out of their well pounded pussies.

What an even better sight!!

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