Words On a Page Ch. 03

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Sunday was hell for Nora. The hangover and the devastating reaming that Ricky and Jeff had given her in the car hurt beyond belief. Her vagina was chaffed and red, and the two had so stretched her that she was sure she would never recover. As she stared at the black leather book in front of her, she was sure of one thing. No matter if and how the book had changed her sex life over the past week, one thing had not changed. She still had terrible taste in men. If there were a loser within a thousand miles, she’d find him, that much was certain.

She opened the book and perused the two-page story she had written earlier. It all seemed to be there. Catherine parading naked in front of everybody, the exhibitionism, public sex acts, every bit of it was there, just as she had written it and just as it had happened to her. She convinced herself that it was pure coincidence. Or perhaps a series of self-fulfilling acts that she plays out once she wrote a story. However, in the back of her mind, Nora couldn’t really be sure. Could there be something to the old woman’s tale about the book belonging to Catherine the Great? That it was a creator of the forbidden sexual fantasies of whomever owns the book?

She wasn’t sure, but she shut the book and decided never to write in it again. Or at least until she could figured out if the book had anything to do with what was happening to her. Sunday night, Nora’s dreams were worse than ever. The pounding music of the strip club filled her sleep. Visions, images, and specters flooded her mind as she slept. Huge breasts smothered her, hairy beasts chased her and darkened torturers tore at her body with searing metal tongs. A creature with long tentacles held her and raped her with one of its slimy limbs.

Twice she woke up screaming and, finally when she knew that she dared not go back to bed, she sat by the phone waiting for the start of the workday. At 9 am, her fury from Saturday night had returned as she called Jake’s plumbing. She was going to have them all locked up – Ricky, Jeff and Jake. She shouted at Jake for a minute or so, listened for several more minutes and hung up the phone. The color left her face.

There was no Ricky or Jeff working at Jake’s. Never has been. Jake had heard of some guys in the area posing as plumbers to rip people off, and even hurt one young woman, but about these two men he knew nothing.

Nora sat at the table and shook her head. The book had nothing to do with the events of the past week. There were a couple of perverts running around taking advantage of women because of their big dicks and good looks and that was it. End of story. At least it solved one mystery. The book was a harmless fraud that a street peddler had sold to her.

That evening, Nora laughed at herself for even considering that there was some sort of spell a book could cast to get someone to live out their sexual fantasies. And she was going to prove it. She sat down, uncapped her pen and opened the book to the next blank page. She unbuttoned her blouse and scooped a generous breast out of the new underwire bra she had bought to look good for the two sleazoids, Jeff and Ricky. She began to write. This one would be a doozey, she thought to herself, gently fondling her breast, and tugging on a nipple that soon responded to her touch and her thoughts.

“Catherine the Great is in her palace when a group of rebellious soldiers storm in and hold her hostage. They strip her naked and tie her to the throne. There they begin to torture her before beginning the real fun. First…”

Nora wrote furiously as the scene unfolded in her mind. Insurgent solders torturing and gang-raping Catherine the Great. Being held hostage, Nora depicted Catherine in horrendous duress as the men ravaged her body, sexually leaving no act undone. Urination, bondage, humiliation, mutilation were part of the tale Nora whipped together. As she wrote, her free hand moved from her rock hard nipple and slipped down between her slender legs. She began to masturbate, vigorously working her fingers in and out of her aroused slit as she wrote. Once, she had to stop writing briefly to pay full attention to an orgasm that swept her away. Feverishly, Nora rubbed her swollen and protruding clit as she envisioned Catherine the Great being held for ransom and abused as she awaited rescue.

The tale spun on, finally ending after fourteen crowded pages. Exhausted, Nora closed the book and went upstairs, hoping the devils of last night’s dreams were exorcised or at least appeased by her masturbation. She smiled. She had enjoyed it, masturbating. She enjoyed the sexy new clothes she bought, even if it was for a scumbag. And as she drifted off, Nora decided that she wanted to join the race again, to be her beautiful, sexy self again. Certainly, no more a spinster.

It had been three days since Nora last wrote in the book. That had been her wonderful tale of the torture and rape of Catherine the Great, held hostage by a band of rebels. She was quite pleased with her story and her writing skills, plus the story was so outrageously wicked. Since escort tanıtımları then, there were no dreams, no nightmares and certainly no erotic episodes in her life.

Today, she had called Seth, an old friend at the ad agency she had work at two years ago and asked him out for drinks. He had chased her around countless times. So now, maybe, she felt like getting caught. He was moderately good looking and financially well off, two good pluses in his favor. It was a definite “yes” from Seth and they would meet downtown for drinks tonight.

She really outdid herself that evening. The skirt of the new black business suit she wore came to down below her knees. But it was skin tight and slit up to forever, easily revealing her long, shapely legs and showing off her curved hips and rounded butt. She wore a black lace garterbelt and seamed black stockings. She was sure that would catch Seth’s eye when she casually crossed and uncrossed her legs during drinks.

She decided against wearing a blouse under the jacket and wore only a black lace push up bra. She knew she had great boobs and with that bra, it was cleavage heaven. Her full D cup breasts were pushed high and pressed together, forming a sensual valley in front. Something nice for him to look at, she thought.

Panties or no panties she thought, as she looked at her choices resting in her hand. She could go pantyless? Maybe the black thong, she thought, and she pulled it on. Nope, it created a funny bulge in the back of the tight fitting skirt. Or how about the black, sheer g-string, and she dangled it up in the air? No, she decided and pulled on a pair of black, satin crotchless panties that were absolutely sheer. If Seth got that far tonight, those would certainly reward him, Nora thought, and headed out the door.

She jumped in her car and city traffic was pleasantly light, rush hour already done. She stopped for a traffic light and a blur filled the right side of her car. A black male, toothless in the front of his mouth, was in the seat next to her, a huge automatic pistol pointed at her head.

“Drive, bitch!” he yelled, his words hissing from the toothless gap.

She did as she was told. Speeding right, then left, left again and on and on through a maze of warehouses, burned-out buildings, and abandoned houses, she drove. She did as she was ordered. She was being carjacked and she knew it.

“Please…” she begged, but he screamed back and pressed the gun against her right breast.

“Thut up, bitch!” he yelled, “or I’ll thoot yo thits off!”

She shut up as told and drove. She went as fast as she could, hoping that a police car, or someone, anyone would see them.

But nothing. The area was a deserted with no cars in sight.

“Turn, turn here!” the carjacker yelled and she followed the direction of the pointed gun into a huge, abandoned warehouse. As soon as she stopped the car, two more black men drug her from the car and pinned her arms behind her back. Instantly, duct tape was around her wrists and over her mouth. As she struggled, one man hit her hard on the side of the head with his hand.

“Move again, bitch, and I’ll kill you. You understand?” the man said.

Nora nodded, terrified at what she saw. A crowd of faces surrounded her, black faces, hard faces.

“I don’t want to kill you, you don’t want to die,” the obvious leader said. “We’re not killers and we’re not thieves. We’re getting money to fight for our freedom from rich white people like you. We take your car, your money, credit cards and anything else you got. You stay here for a couple of days. We finish doin’ our business and we’re gone. You go home and say nothing. If you’re real nice, you’ll have a good time while you’re here. But if you fuck up, you’re one dead white bitch. Got it?”

Nora nodded slowly, her head sagging in fear. The leader grabber her by her hair and jerked her face up toward his.

“You look at me when I talk, bitch, understand?” the leader said, jerking her head from side to side with the handful of blonde hair. Nora nodded again. “You call me Mister A.” Again, a nod of compliance.

“Now let’s see what we got here,” he said, releasing her hair and lowering his hand to the buttons on her jacket. With her arms pinned behind hers, Nora’s large breasts jutted out in front of her, making her feel even more vulnerable.

“Damn, you got a fine body for a white girl,” Mister A said, steadily unfastening one button and then another on her jacket. The front of her coat fell apart and she seemed to jump out of the opening, her lace cover tits surging forward.

“Nice phat titties,” came a voice in the crowd, followed by a wave of snickers.

Mister A undid the button at the waist of Nora’s tight skirt and roughly tugged it down over her rounded hips and buttocks. The tight fit of the skirt offered resistance and she heard the fabric tear as the skirt fell away.

“My, my, my! We got us a naughty white girl here,” Mister A said, reaching out and slipping his fingers in gaziantep escort tanıtımları the front gap of her crotchless panties. Her body recoiled away as his fingers tried to force their way between her legs.

“Open your legs bitch,” he said and hit her on the side of her head with his fist. “Didn’t you understand what I said. If you’re nice this will be fun.”

Nora nodded again. Still staggering from the blow, Nora tilted slowly and spread her legs apart.

He pushed is fingers back inside her, working them in and out until he seemed satisfied with the result.

Mister A stepped back and a large shining blade sprung open from a knife in his other hand. He reached over and slid the blade up from her trembling stomach to her chest and in one swift motion slit the front of the black lace bra open. Her massive tits spilled out and the crown of men voiced approval.

“Yes, sir, you a fine lookin’ white girl. You ever had any black cock?” Mister A asked, admiring her fleshy tits as they bounced and jiggled under his touch.

Nora shook her head from side to side. Again, the group reacted.

“Fine lookin’ white girl like you and you never been blacked? Well that’s about to change,” he said with a laugh.

Mister A took her by the arm and walked her over to the middle of the warehouse. Several old mattresses when scattered around on the concrete floor. She saw the blade flash and felt the tape around her wrists give way. Mister A shoved her down on the mattress and said, “On your back, bitch!”

Nora lay flat on her back, giving up hope that they was any way to avoid this or that any last minute rescue was at hand. Miser A dropped is trousers and Nora gasped. Larger even than Jeff or Ricky, Mister A’s cock dangled halfway down his thigh, and was midnight black, twice as black as his other skin.

He knelt between her spread thighs and, while he gently stroked himself to bring his erection up, he called out, “Raf, get over her and hold this bitches ankles.”

A muscular black in a grease covered tank top walked over to where she lay, grabbed Nora ankles and walked to her head, doubling her over and lifting her legs up. This left her cunt pointing straight up to the ceiling. Mister A reached forward and grabbed a corner of the silver duct tape on Nora’s mouth and gave a hard tug, ripping the tape free.

“Owwwwww!” she screamed.

“Raff you feel free to get you some of that,” and then Mister A said to Nora, “You can scream if you want. Won’t nobody hear it.” All this while he was stroking his enormous prick, now fully angry and well over fifteen inches in length.

Flat on her back with her ankles pulled up beside her head, Nora looked straight up to see another large cock, that of Raff, descending toward her face as he kneeled by her head. While he held her ankles apart, Raff thrust his erect cock down and into her face, his hot member pressing hard up against her closed mouth. He pushed again and still Nora pressed her lips tightly together. She heard a whistle in the air and her uplifted backside exploded with pain.

She raised her head off of the mattress just enough to see Mister A holding the belt from his trousers. Again, his belt flew and the pain seared her upturned buttocks. She dropped her head back to the mattress and opened her mouth. Raff plunged his cock in. He pumped several times and Nora could feel and smell his scrotum as it bounced against her nose with each thrust. She felt Raff’s grip on her ankles tighten and her legs being pulled higher. She knew what was coming.

Nora felt the massive black monster push against her inner vaginal lips, then enter her and start the long slide in. Deeper and deeper, Mister A’s cock plunged on its first long thrust in. A thrust that Nora thought would never end. She could feel the end of his huge cock plowing deep inside her, pushing soft tender flesh aside and driving ahead. Mister A paused at the end of his entering thrust.

“Yes sir, blonde bitch, you about to be blacked for good. You won’t ever be satisfied with nothin’ else,” Mister A said from his position on his knees between her legs, and he began a series of long slow thrusts driving deep into the innermost of her body.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Nora groaned, her mouth crammed full with Raff’s cock, as he raised and lowered himself onto her face. “Muuuuuuuuummmmmm” she muttered, as Mister A’s long, massive cock seemed to be tearing her apart inside, splitting her tender womb in two. But his steady, methodical plundering of her cunt continued. Soon despite everything she did to avoid it, she felt her body responding to the giant black invader.

“Uuuuuuuuuummmm,” she began to moan, as her aroused body yeilded to the pleasure she was receiving. Unable to thrust back because she was being held up, she twisted her hips from side to side. This forced his enormous prick to vary from its center path and push against the sides of her vaginal walls, a new and wonderful sensation. Mister T obviously saw the effect of this gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları motion on Nora. He wrapped a hand around his stiff shaft, and on every thrust into her, would steer his cock in a different direction. She felt like she was going to explode. The huge head of his prick first pushed against one wall and then other, then up, and then down spreading his powerful thrusts all over the inside of her body. She couldn’t stand it any longer. Her abdomen tightened and her stomach knotted, as she sucked madly at the cock in her mouth, her head bounced wildly up and down on the mattress. Then, her body erupted as she began shaking and twitching.

Just as she was in the deepest throes of her orgasm, Mister A roughly withdrew his cock from inside her. Oh, how she wanted that giant cock in her while she was coming, she thought! But it was gone. Her disappointment instantly changed to terror. While she was twisting and jerking in mid-climax, she felt his cock again. But it was different, it was wrong.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM!” she groaned as Mister A pushed his enormous dick hard against her puckered anus and pushed, smashing past her resisting ring and deep into her ass.

“MMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMM!” she wailed, but only muffled grunts came out as the giant cock destroyed her backside. With the same methodical pumping as before, Mister A reamed her vulnerable backside in long deep plunges. He seemed to be able to fuck endlessly, Nora thought at one point. This was well after Raff had pumped what felt like a gallon of hot cum down her throat. But Mister A was a fucking machine, never tiring, never cumming and never stopping.

“Oh, No!” she thought, as the cock continued it’s assault on her rectum. “I’m going to come again! I’m going to come from being fucked in the ass,” she thought and began to groan aloud. “Oh yes do it! Please fuck my ass. Fuck me with that big black cock!” she yelled.

Her wailing increased as her orgasm grew near. “Fuck me! Yes! Fuck my hot ass!” she screamed, her body beginning to contract again, muscles clenching as the orgasm hit her with another wave of pleasure. Just as she was high on the crest of her ecstasy, Mister A did it again. He quickly jerked his enormous cock out of her steaming rectum and left her high and dry in the midst of her climax. She was literally quivering, as her body overloaded. Then she felt him again, driving deep in to her cunt again.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” she moaned, ready to now finish the blissful downward slide of her orgasm with a giant fat cock stuffed in her aching pussy. But no, Mister A pulled out and plunged in again, but his cock was back into her asshole.

“Oh my God!” she thought, as the man began to methodically plunge first into one hole and then another, alternating the destination of his long deep thrusts. Nora had no sooner come down from her second orgasm, then she started another. Her tormentor plowed hard into one hole, then withdrew, his enormous organ then pounding into one hole then another was as she was split wide apart, only to be emptied again. The speed of his powerful thrusts began to increase, faster and faster. Soon he growled fiercely and was madly pumping his semen into one hole and then another

“YES! YESSSSSSSSS!” Nora screamed and she came again. She felt his liquid fire spurt inside her cunt, then inside her ass and all over her tender flesh. His wide eyes rolled back in his head as his thick juices sprayed everywhere. He tried to aim at either of her two holes. Her asshole was now so dilated and stretched that it appeared as huge a target as her cunt. Soon the pounding ceased and he stood up, looking down on the sweating beauty.

“You so fuckin’ beautiful, you look like a damn Barbie doll. You one hell of a fuck, honey.” Then he turned to the aroused crowd and said, “Okay, boys she all yours,” Mister A said

“Nooooooooo!” she shrieked, but the sound was lost in the frenzy to be next into the beautiful blonde bitch. Nora felt a thick cock drive into her dripping cunt, another plunge into her mouth and the insanity began.

She wasn’t sure how many men she had fucked or how much cum she had swallowed. And the name Mister A had giver her stuck. She was called “Bitch Barbie,” “Slut Barbie,” and “Cunt Barbie.” But to all of the men, she was Barbie. When all of them had taken a turn at her cunt, or ass or mouth, some were ready to begin again. When the last one had finished for the night, they tied her by the wrists to old rusted brackets mounted on the wall. There she hung until they were ready to fuck her again. They would pull her down, rinse her off with icy water from an old hose and toss her back on the mattress. And it all started over again.

Nora soon learned that they were there to disassemble stolen cars and sell the parts, which should have taken no more that the original four days Mister T had claimed. But the men were having so much fun fucking their prisoner, that the four days soon looked more like two weeks.

Her daily ritual soon set in. They made her shave off all of her cunt hair. They would gather around every day as she humiliated herself by first shaving in front of all of them. They laughed as she would pull and tug at her tender cunt lips until all of the blond hair and stubble was shaved away. Nora then had to pee and defecate upon command. Finally, before the daily fucking began, she was forced to masturbate and couldn’t stop until she reached her first orgasm of many for the day.

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