Work in the Real World

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Sitting at my desk, I looked out the window, rain was coming down. I was feeling good. It was one of those lazy days. The rain outside stopped a lot of the work. Here I was twenty-one years old, sitting behind my own desk, feet up, just relaxing. An assistant engineer…doesn’t that sound good. It had been a long and hard struggle to get to where I was today. Inside I was really laughing to myself. I sat back with my hands folded behind my head, and tried to remember the day I came to this office looking for a job.

I was just 16 years old. I wanted to be an engineer. I would do anything just to be around engineers. I remember the day I came to this building. I took the elevator to the 5th floor. When I got out of the elevator and walked to the main doors. I opened it and walked in. I stopped, looking all around, and gazed at the view before me. There were cubicles all over the place…right side…left side, and a path right down the middle. It was quiet, except for nice music playing in the background, I did not know which way to go so I just went down the middle. At the end of the isle was a desk; and at that desk was a red head. She was beautiful. She had the body of venus-de-milo, at least from the waist up, for that is all I could see, and a face you could not look away from. She had on a blouse with the top cut just above the nipples of her breasts. It seemed to push them up even further. She wore no jewelry around her neck so her cleavage was clear and prominent. A lump formed in the back of my throat, and I continued to stare.

“Can I help you young man?” She asked.

“I have an appointment with Mr. Jones. “My name is Jim Lane.”

“Well just a minute Mr. Lane, I’ll see if Mr. Jones is ready for you.”

She turned to the phone-intercom, but I could not take my eyes off her. She was a fabulous looking woman. I only wish I could see below the desk. While I was standing there waiting, another older women walked by. She had a pile of papers in her hand and she was heading for the office. “Is Bob busy? ,” She asked the redhead.

“I’m trying to get him now. He has an appointment with Mr. Lane.”

The lady turned and stared at me. She started at the top of my head, down to my feet, and then back up again. She turned to the secretary and said, ” I take him in with me.” She looked directly into my eyes and raised her hand and crooked her finger at me and said, ” come with me Mr. Lane.” I followed her like a little lamb. As we entered the room, I stopped inside the door. She proceeded toward the desk and stopped at the side. Mr. Jones was sitting there reading some papers. He looked up, first at me and then at the woman. “This is Mr. Lane,” she said, “he has an appointment with you. I don’t have anything important so I’ll let you get on with Mr. Lane.” She walked to the door, stopping in front of me, and whispered.” I’ll see you later.”

“Well what can we do for you Mr. Lane? I talked to your uncle two nights ago and he told me you want to be an engineer.”

“Yes Sir! I want to be an engineer more than anything in the world ,” I said.

“Your uncle is a good friend of mine and I know he wants you to do a good job here. So we will put you to work.” Is there anything special you want to do?” he asked

“No Sir! I’ll do anything you want. I want to learn everything.”

“Well Mr. Lane you will have the run of the office. You will be stocking shelves, running errands, learning to use the machines and even getting lunches. Is that ok with you, do you think you can handle that?”

“Yes Sir! What ever you say is ok with me. I appreciate the opportunity. Where do I go now?”

” My secretary out front will set you up with a place and we will keep in contact. If here is anything you need you let me know”?

I got up, thanked him, and headed for the door and that gorgeous red head. As I approached the desk, she was just answering the intercom. She turned to me and said, ” Well Mr. Lane it seem you are hired and I’m to set you up with what ever you need.”

“The name is Jim, but my friends call me Jimmy.”

“Well Jimmy, welcome to the company. Now lets see if we can find you a place to sit.” When she got up and came around the desk I just sucked in my breath. She wore a leather skirt that came to mid-calf and was so tight across her ass I thought it was going to split. She took me to a large storeroom. Over in the corner was a small desk. It had the usual stuff on top, even a telephone. “How about this,” she said. “I’ll get you some stuff to read about the office. In the meantime just relax and walk around and get use to the place. If there is anything I can do for you, you will let me know.” She smiled. I was tempted to tell her what I really wanted from her but thought I better keep quiet for now. All the hormones in my body were going into over drive every time I looked at this girl. After she returned to her desk, I started looking around the place. Behind each of the cubicles was either a man or a woman. All the men were engineers; most of the women were either engineers or secretaries. All were between the ages of 25 to 35 and dressed extremely well. Most of the women were foxes and were not shy about showing Anadolu Yakası Escort their stuff. Great looking tits that begged to pop out of low cut blouses. Hot short skirts that hugged tight asses. Most of them had the legs to match. I did notice that one of the ladies was a little on the petite size and was not as gorgeous as the rest. Her tits were huge and her clothes were looser and her skirt longer. She had long blond hair and her skin was light with freckles. She did have a nice smile with round eyes and a wide mouth. I couldn’t help but wonder how she fit into this bevy of thin, beautiful women.

I found out later that the woman that took me into Mr. Jones’s office was Mss Simms the Chief Engineer and direct assistant to Mr. Jones. She was older then the rest of the girls in the office. She was probably in her early 40’s or late 30’s. She did not lack any of the attributes of the younger ladies of the office by no means. She stood 5′ 7″ and weighed about 130 lbs with about 5 lbs of that belonging to her tits. Her hips were wide and her waist was not as narrow as a younger woman, but the shape was very appealing. She had that manor of authority and the rest of the office treated her with respect. As she entered Mr. Jones’s office, she walked to the side of the desk and sat down. Mr. Jones finally looked up and smiled. He got up and stood in front of her leaning against the desk. “How long have you been with us Joan?” He asked.

“About 6 months Sir,” she answered.

” And do you think that one day you will be sitting at this desk?”

“I hope to very much.”

“You know I have been watching you and you seem to be having quite a time with some of the associates here. I’m talking about the male ones. Is that the way you think you get ahead in this business?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I mean do you think you will get this desk by fucking all the young men in this office?”

Mss Simms turned a pale shade of red and stared down at her folded hand in her lap.

“You know I have always believed that to get ahead in this business is to give a little head in the right place. Am I making myself clear?”

Mss Simms looked up at him and then down to the bulge in pants. He was only a foot from her and that bulge was right in front of her face. She never looked up but reached over and began to loosen his belt and then draw down the zipper. His erection was pressing hard against his briefs. She took hold of his pants and slowly slid them down letting them fall to his ankles. Then she hooked her fingers inside his briefs and rolled them down. His cock sprang forth and rested against his belly. It was huge, about 8 inches long and extremely hard with blue veins running along the side. She could not tell if he was cut or not because the head was fully exposed. She reached for his cock and took it into both hands and felt to heat coming from it. She could see small drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip. She pulled the cock toward her and with the tip of her tongue cleaned the head of cum. Then she proceeded to lick up and down the sides of his cock from tip to his hairy balls. She stroked it up and down as she licked. She heard moans coming from above and knew he was enjoying her work. She then took just the head in her mouth and ran her tongue around the crown. She sucked in her cheeks drawing as much pressure as she could and worked her mouth up and down taking as much as she could down her throat. He grabbed her on either side of her head with both hands and began to pump his cock into her mouth with a force. She gagged and tried to control the motion but he was savage in his pumping as if he tried to push his prick through the back of her neck. She increased the pressure of her hand and stroked his cock faster and harder hoping to bring him to completion and relieving her torture. Somehow it worked and he exploded in her mouth with a cry, aaaahhhhhh! She swallowed as much as she could but the force was such that some of his cum seeped out her lips and ran down her chin. His cock popped out of her mouth as he let go of her hair and grabbed the desk for support. She looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he had an expression of total satisfaction. She had drained him and she knew it. Now she waited for the results of her work.

“Oh my God, that was tremendous. I think if you continue in this fashion you are bound to get ahead in this firm.” Without another word Mss Simms got up and left the office, wiping the cum from her chin as she went. She returned to her own office and sat down. The disgust she felt for the way he treated her made her boil inside. Is this what she had to endure to get to the top in this business. Is this what women have to do to rise to the executive level. She wondered how long she could take this belittlement and if it was worth the effort.

I was working in the storeroom when one of the secretaries, Judy, came in and asked me to help her find some plans. She said they were old ones and were probably stored high up on the shelves. I got the ladder and set it up and started to climb. She stopped me and said she better go up and look, as I did not know what she was looking Bostancı Escort for. I held the ladder still and she climbed up. Standing at the bottom I could see up her skirt even though it was tight. As she rummaged through the files on the shelf her legs spread wider and wider. My dick got harder and harder as I looked up into the crotch of this lovely lass’s white panties. The ladder shook and she grabbed hold and looked down. “Are you holding the ladder?” She screamed. “Or are you looking up my skirt?”

“Both!” I answered. “What do you expect me to do, I’m only human.”

“Well have a good look, but hold the ladder I don’t want to fall.”

When she came down she asked me, ” did you enjoy the view?”

I said, ” It made my tongue hard along with another things.”

“Why you nasty boy.” she laughed, “maybe we can take care of that later after work.”

She walked away swinging her ass and looking back smiling. I wondered how I was going to handle this lady after work. After all I was only 16 and not very experienced. I did not want her to think I was a dud.

As I was cleaning up to leave, I heard a strange noise coming from the storage closet near the back of the office. I walked toward the area listening. When I got near the sound I put my ear to the door. There was a moaning sound. I peeked through the keyhole and there was a female head, rocking back and forth. She also had a big dick in her mouth and was working it back and forth. It was that lady I wondered how she fit into this office. I guess this was the reason she was here. The moaning was coming from one of the junior engineers that she was the secretary for. Now I know why he kept her! From what I could see, he had his pants down and she was grabbing the cheeks of his ass and pumping his cock in her mouth. And her mouth was big enough to take it all in. Slurp…slurp..grunt…grunt…Oh! Yes! The lady knew her stuff. She knew he was about to cum. She reached out behind his ass and found his hole. Slowly she probed with a finger and then pushed it in. To the first knuckle and then all the way. His ass clinched tightly around her finger. His moans became louder. She began to wiggle her finger, reaching for his prostate. She never made it as a blast of his cum hit the back of her throat. His cry was loud enough for the whole office to hear but no one paid any attention. She gulped down as much of his cum as she could, but some always seems to seep out of the lips and down the chin. “Remind me to talk to you about a raise,” he gasped.

This place was getting better with each passing day.

As I was leaving, going down the elevator, Judy asked me if I needed a ride home. I told her great if it didn’t take her out of her way. As we were driving she asked if I had a girlfriend. I told her no that I had to concentrate on becoming an engineer first. She said she had to stop by her place first if I didn’t mind. When we got to her place she invited me up. She said she had a date for dinner and had to change clothes. As I sat waiting for her to dress, she called out to come into the bedroom. As I entered she was holding up a dress in front of her and asked if I thought it was sexy. It was yellow with spaghetti straps; a low cut neckline and came to an inch below her crotch. I told her if she wore that she would get in lots of trouble. She asked what did I mean. I told her it was so hot she would have a dozen guys jumping on her. She lowered the dress and stood there in her bra and panties looking at me. I gulped and stared. She asked if she looked as good now as she did on the ladder. I said my tongue was twice as hard. She wiggled her little finger at me to come closer and said, “Lets see how that tongue works.” She led me to the bed and laid out on her back with her legs spread as far as she could. I crawled up between her legs and slowly pulled her panties down. It was the most beautiful cunt I have ever seen. I stared at it and moved my face closer to smell her sexual odor. I took my fingers and spread the lips and laid my tongue against the velvety inner flesh.

“Oh, Yes,” she cried

Her sweet pungent odor was driving me crazy. I licked as hard and as fast as I could. I licked down to her ass hole then up to her clit. Back and forth, back and forth until she screamed in ecstasy.

“Oh, you are so good. Make me cum. Please make me cum.”

I wrapped her legs around my neck and pushed my face deeper into her cunt. She smelled so good, and tasted good too, I couldn’t stop if I wanted too.

“I need your cock,” she pleaded. “Please put it in me.”

Reluctantly, I pulled my face away and crawled up between her legs. My dick was as hard as a rock as I slipped into her dripping cunt. She was so wet, I just pushed and it was in. She was big for such a young girl. I squeezed her legs together trying to make a tight fit. I pumped slowly at first and then faster. She screamed, “I’m coming, don’t stop.” I’m cooooooommmming.” I could feel her cunt tighten on my cock and it made me come too. I continued to pump till I was dry and she was like a dishrag lying there totally exhausted.

“Oh Jimmy!, I haven’t had a cum like that from any of my boyfriends. Ümraniye Escort Where did you learn how to do that at your age?” She asked.

” Oh, I read a lot.” I got up and dressed. “I sure do thank you for the ride. I think I can find my way home from here. See you tomorrow at work.” Their was no response, I guess she is tired. I let myself out and headed for home.

At work the next day was just another day. No one looked at me and no one said a word. As I passed by Judy’s desk she looked and said hi and smiled, then continued with some work on her desk. The office was just a beautiful site. Lots of tits, legs and ass moving all over the place and if the rest of the guys in the place were like me they all walked around with their tongues hanging out and their dicks hard in their pants. Weeks went by and I was really getting into the work. Many of the junior engineers help me learn the in and outs of the business. Even the secretaries where glad to give me a hand when I needed one. No pun intended!. The weeks turned into months. I worked hard. Graduated from school and started working full time as an assistant to one of the engineers. Things were working out fine. Even Judy would give me rides home every once in a while when she didn’t have a date. Of course we always had to stop by her place first. But all this time I never did get into the pants of Mr. Jones’s secretary. I guess I was just not high enough on the ladder for that redhead. I still drool every time she walks past me.

One day as I entered the office it was strangely quiet. My boss was not in so I went to Judy and asked what’s going on. She looked at me sadly and said Mr. Jones had a heart attack and died.

Wow! He was not that old I thought. I wonder what is going to happen now. Most of the people in the office were gone a good part of the day to the funeral services. I asked Judy who was going to take over the office now that Jones was gone. She raised her shoulders and said Mss Simms I guess. She is the senior engineer.

Things gradually got back to normal and one day Mss Simms called a staff meeting. All the junior engineers were in attendance and I was invited also. She told us that there would be no change in the policies of this office and that she will expect everyone to continue to work as hard for her as they did for Mr. Jones. She left no doubt that she was in charge whether they liked it or not. A few weeks went by and one day I was called into Mss Simms’s office. I wondered if I had done something wrong. When I knocked at her door she told me to come in. I closed the door and walked to the side of her desk and stood there. “Sit down,” She said. I sat. She got up and walked over in front of me and leaned against the desk.

“How long have you been with us Jimmy?” She asked.

“About 6 months Mam,” I answered.

” And do you think that one day you will be sitting at this desk?”

“I hope to very much.”

“You know I have been watching you and you seem to be having quite a time with some of the secretaries here. Is that the way you think you get ahead in this business?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I mean do you think you will get this desk by fucking all the young women in this office?”

I turned a pale shade of red and stared down at my lap.

“You know I have always believed that to get ahead in this business is to give a little head in the right place. Am I making myself clear? And that place is right here.” She then pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties, sat back up on the desk, spread her legs wide and said, “do you thing you can handle this?”

I moved in between her legs, kneeling on the floor at the edge of the desk. Her cunt was a mass of black hair. Thick and full. It covered her pussy so much I could not see her slit or even her lips. I pushed my hands through the forest until I found the lips of her cunt. I spread them and drew in the sweet odor of her sex. The flesh on the inside of her vergina was as wet and as red as any of the young chicks in the office. I sucked the hole and spread the lips around my own. My tongue made little circles around her hole and then slowly and gently pushed inside her.

“Oh! You do that very good,” She said. “That feels very nice. You are not going to stop are you?”

As an answer I forced my tongue in deeper and harder and sucked with all the pressure I could muster. “You are sucking out my entire insides” she screamed. “It is wonderful…more….more …please.” Her juices were beginning to accumulate and run down the sides of my mouth. I could not swallow them and suck her insides at the same time. I reached up and pushed her back so her ass was coming up off the desk. My tongue left her hole and slid down to that little pucker hole and I began to ream it …round and round with an occasional push into it. Mss Simms gasped a big breath and moaned loudly. I would have thought the whole office was at the door listening. “iiiiiieeeeeee…I’m commming!” was her cry, and she fell back on her elbows on the desk. “Oh my God,” She moaned. “I have never had that before. It was wonderful. Help me up before I collapse.” I picked her up and put her in the chair I was sitting at. She sat there with her eyes closed and her breathing was still fast and hard. I dried my mouth with my shirtsleeve and waited for her to speak. “Oh my God, that was tremendous. I think if you continue in this fashion you are bound to get ahead in this firm.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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