Working at a Hucow Farm Ch. 05

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Long before Melissa came to work at the farm. Long before she gave birth to Amber amid her breeding. Long before Jodie became the personal pet of Mr. Langley. Long before the twins were mistakenly bred together. Long before Amber followed in her mother’s footsteps and joined her at the farm. Another woman had her own story to tell.


I turned off the vacuum cleaner and looked around the room. Right, next was the coffee table magazines. I restacked them so each pile was perfectly squared away.

There was so much left to do before the guests arrived. Everything was so out of order!

I grabbed a cloth and began to polish the table.

‘It’ll be alright. The house looks fine.’

I looked up to see Hiroshi entering the living room.

‘You know how I am. I want the house to look immaculate.’

‘Need me to do anything?’

‘Just make sure dinner isn’t burning.’

He disappeared from the room, leaving me to further clean. Though it was soon interrupted again.

The front door opened and our two children hurried inside.

‘Hey! Shoes!’

‘Sorry, mum.’

Our daughter took the time to take hers off carefully, but our son kicked them aside and sprinted up the stairs. I shook my head and placed them neatly by the door. I called up the stairs after him.

‘We’re having company over tonight for your father’s birthday.’


Hours later, I got into bed beside Hiroshi. I was exhausted after tonight. Hiroshi smiled at me.

‘Thank you for tonight, sweetheart.’

‘I wanted to put on a good night for you, dear.’

I leant over and gave him a peck before lying back.

‘We should go somewhere for a holiday.’

He looked surprised.

‘Oh yeah? Where did you have in mind?’

‘I don’t know. Anywhere. I feel like a change.’

He placed his hand on mine.

‘Well, I’ll have to see if we can afford it. Maybe we could go at the end of the year.’

I rolled over.

‘I felt like going away now.’

‘We just can’t, Hitomi. I’ll look at our finances, but no promises.’

He ran his hand over my hip as he shuffled closer. The firm feeling of his hard cock soon pressed against my ass.

‘The kids are in bed. We should have some privacy…’

I patted his hand.

‘I’m sorry, dear. I’m just exhausted tonight. We’ve got some big company-wide meeting tomorrow too.’

‘All the more reason to unwind now.’

He kissed the back of my neck for a bit before giving up at my lack of reaction.

I felt awful to disappoint him, but I just wasn’t in the mood. When we first started dating, we had some wild, screaming-orgasm sex that I still remembered vividly, but lately I had been wanting more than a quiet fuck that didn’t wake the kids. If we went on a holiday, just the two of us, I could only imagine how great the sex would be in a beach front bungalow, somewhere in the tropics. Maybe even just fucking on a secluded beach somewhere. Out in the open and everything.

I drifted off the sleep with images of white beaches in my mind.


I arrived at work the next day in my neat business attire. A slim pencil skirt with a jacket over my stark white blouse. It was amazing how casually some of my co-workers dressed.

We made our way to the conference room and crammed inside. It was tight with so many people here. What was the boss planning?

He stood up the front with a woman I’d never seen beside him. Once enough people were inside, he began to speak.

‘Welcome, everyone. I’m sure you’re all wondering why you’re here today. Don’t worry, this won’t be a long meeting. You’ll all be back to work soon enough.’

He motioned to the woman beside him.

‘We were reached out to by Ms. Locke’s company for some assistance in a study. Since our company employs quite a few employees, we had a good sample size for her. Now, this isn’t going to be difficult or invasive. Nothing of the sort. All tests will be done privately and you will all receive a bonus for participating.’

I wondered what this test could be. The promise of a bonus sounded nice. How much? Could it fund our holiday?

‘Now, all of you head back to your desks for now. Ms Locke will set up this conference room for the test and we will call you individually. Alright, I’ll see you all later. Let’s get a good day’s work in.’

As we filled back out of the room, he called over the crowd.

‘I look forward to seeing the results of this test.’


It was almost the afternoon by the time I was called into the conference room.

I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. The blinds were all closed. Ms Locke stood at the head of the conference table. She motioned to a chair beside her for me to take.

I sat down and she turned the projector on.

‘Now hold still. We just need you to wear this during the test.’

I jumped at the sight of a large metal hat in her hands. Many cables extended from the top of it.

‘What’s that?’

‘Don’t worry, Mrs. Shishido. This is just going to measure your brainwaves while we conduct the test. We’re looking for samsun seks hikayeleri brain pattern responses to stimulus.

I let her place it over my head. It was heavy. She strapped it under my chin. Should I move my head at all with it on? Would that disrupt the readings? I chose to sit exceptionally still just in case. This was starting to feel unnerving. Just what kind of test was this?

Ms Locke typed on the laptop connected to the headwear before picking up the projector remote.

‘Okay. We’re ready. Please just observe what’s on the screen. You don’t have to do anything.’

She pressed a button and my jaw almost dropped open.

What flashed across the screen were what looked like scenes of pornographic movies. They flashed by fast, barely enough time for me to make out what was happening in each scene. All I could make out were bare breasts and buttocks in each scene.

Before I could protest, Ms Locke shut the projector off.

‘Thank you, that will be enough. That must have been a surprise, I bet.’

‘Wh- Of course! What kind of test involves showing material like that?!’

I went to pull the headwear off, but remembered the strap under my chin. As I fumbled with it, Ms Locke intervened.

‘Hold on, Mrs. Shishido. Let me. You might break it.’

I sighed and waited for her to undo it, but instead she tapped on the laptop’s keys.

‘Were you going to remove it?’

‘Yes. Sorry. I just had to make sure the program was finished first.’

She began to untie the strap, though it was a lot slower than when she put it on. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought that she was trying to leave it on me longer.

Finally, she removed it and I was able to run my fingers through my hair to fix it.

‘Thank you, Mrs. Shishido. That will be all for now. You’re free to return to work. I hope we can get a lot of good data from your contribution.’

I stood up.

‘I don’t know if I want to contribute to this anymore. What are you testing for?’

‘Don’t worry, Mrs Shishido, you should be having that reaction. We’re showing visuals that exhibit outrage or shock for our study. I apologise to have to put you through that, but it very much helps my company.’

I looked between her and the laptop. I didn’t trust her, or even understand what the test could be used in, but it didn’t matter. I would soon have my bonus and possibly a Caribbean holiday as a result of it.

I stepped out of the room and headed back to my desk.


To my surprise, as I was packing up to head home, I was called back to the conference room.

My boss, Mr Cross, and Ms Locke both sat waiting for me. He motioned for me to have a seat.

‘Thank you for coming back, Hitomi. We appreciate it with how late it is.’

I sat across from them, unsure of what was to come. Had I done something wrong during my test? Would I have to redo it? No. I already sat through it once. It was this woman who messed up my results.

‘We were just going over your results. Ms Locke would like to speak to you.’

Ms Locke leant forward, beaming.

‘Thank you for coming back. You had some great results in the test. Only a few working here are what I would call perfect for our offer.’

‘What offer?’

She turned the laptop around to face me. On it were a bunch of lines on a graph. If they were supposed to mean anything to me, I was at a loss.

‘I can’t remember if I said we were researching reactions to shocking stimulus to you. Either way, it doesn’t matter. We weren’t researching that. The test you sat has a 95% success rate in discovering submissive women with exhibitionist tendencies.’

My mouth fell open at her words. That wasn’t correct at all! How dare she imply that about me. Especially with my boss sitting right there.

I sputtered to correct her, but she kept talking.

‘We are looking for candidates that match these traits, as we think they will be a perfect fit.’

‘-But I’m not!’

‘It’s understandable that you’d be embarrassed about this, but no one here is judging you. Mr. Cross was briefed about our aim before he agreed to arrange today.’

Mr Cross placed a hand on the table between us.

‘You don’t have to worry at all, Hitomi. If you wish to pursue this offer, I can get everything in order for you and promise a very nice bonus for your family.’

‘Wha- No! I don’t care what your offer is. No!’

I stood up. Ms Locke pushed a card across the table to me.

‘Please take that at least. We feel that our line of work would be perfect for a woman like you, so please consider it.’

I ignored the card and stormed out of the conference room. I was furious. How could they imply that about me?! Exhibitionist tendencies?! Submissive?! Like I was some kind of dirty pervert!

To my disgust, that card sat on my desk again the next day. I didn’t want someone to see me discarding such an incriminating thing into the bin. What if they looked at it? I stuffed it into my bag to hide it. I’d throw it away later.

To my surprise, I saw one sitting on Margie’s desk as I wandered the office.


It completely slipped my mind by the end of the day. It was only a couple of days later when I was fishing through my bag that I found it.

I sat on the living room couch, staring at it. After a while I came to the conclusion that I should at least have a better understanding of what I should be offended about. Surely there must have been an innocent element to it that they thought would suit me. Yeah, that could be it. Maybe they wanted me to manage the finances of this place. What was it?

The card listed a dairy farm. Was it a cow dairy farm or one of those weird human ones that had started popping up?

There was a website listed at the bottom.

Curiosity brought me to my feet and I headed to the study. I typed it into the computer and was brought to a fancy looking website. My eyes grew wider the more I read. It was a human dairy farm as I had suspected. This seemed to be a recruitment website. My hopes for the job offering being for an office job there faded with each line.

It detailed the joys of being milked and bred like livestock. It boasted about its state of the art milking machines, and most shockingly, it showed a picture of a naked woman on all fours with astronomically large breasts hanging beneath her. ‘One of our many happy hucows’ it said. She had a large pregnant belly displayed so shamelessly.

Finally, a section at the bottom addressed my curiosity from days ago. A section was penned by someone claiming to be a doctor of psychology. They explained how recent research has shown that submissive women find satisfaction in this life as they are predisposed to it. That many such women have been eager to sign up and give their life to being bred by their owner.

I sat back. My heart was racing. How dare they give me a card like this! I wasn’t some freak like these women!

I closed the site and ripped up the card. This disgusting filth had no place in my home. I shut the computer off and stood up. The image of that naked woman on all fours lingered in my mind. She was milked from those hideously large breasts? How was a place like that allowed to exist?


I placed the tea cups on the coffee table and handed one to Mrs. Townsend. She was one of our neighbours. A woman in her late 50s who kept an immaculate front garden.

‘Thank you, Hitomi dear.’

I sat down and poured myself a cup of tea.

‘Would you believe that I had a weird psychological test at work the other day?’

‘Oh? What was it for?’

‘As far as I can tell, nothing important. Just my boss letting college students run strange tests. Probably for their subjects.’

‘The world is a lot stranger than when I was a younger. I worry for your kids growing up among this.’

‘I hope that I can set my children straight.’

‘The Browns up the way just had a new baby. In fact, I think I saw your husband speaking with them. Were you two thinking of having another?’

‘Oh! No, no. We’re done with having kids.’

‘Oh, but you’re such a beautiful woman, dear, and your children have taken after you so much.’

‘I’m too old to be thinking about having another baby.’

‘Sweetheart, compared to my age, you’re so young and fertile.’

I blinked. Did I just hear that?


‘I said, you’re so young. You can still keep up with children.’

She continued on about when she was raising her son many years ago. My heart still felt like it was beating fast from before. I must have misheard her, but I swore she said I was fertile. I had a sudden moment of clarity. They bred women at those dairy farms. Is that why I was picked? They wanted a fertile woman? No, there were plenty of young women at work, and Ms Locke said only a few of us had shown potential.

I brought the cup to my lips to cover my face. Whatever was I thinking?

Though as I tried to focus on the conversation, I couldn’t keep the thought from the back of my mind that they had picked me with intentions to impregnate me.


I sat on the busy subway on the way to work. I couldn’t wait to get to the office and grab a coffee.

Loud laughter caught my attention. I turned to see some high school students joking amongst themselves. Two boys and a girl. The girl’s school skirt barely covered any of her legs. I had rolled mine up like her back when I was in school. I had liked the attention it brought. It looked to be the same with this girl, as the two boys smiled at her with an air of hidden desperation. Could she see that? I knew what it looked like now, but I probably wasn’t aware in my youth. They both wanted to get into her pants.

Maybe one day she’d settle down with one of them, get an office job, have kids, and then wonder where the excitement of wearing a short skirt disappeared to.

I had been pretty wild in my youth. There were some things that I had done that I prayed my children would never learn. In fact, I hoped that my daughter wouldn’t do anything close to them when she got older.

The girl stooped to pick up her bag as the train drew to their stop. I watched the curve of her thigh grow more and more pronounced as she bent until I caught a glimpse of the soft curve of her ass. She must have felt the cool air and immediately straightened up with her bag in hand.

I smiled. I knew that feeling too. The rush of being so close to completely exposed while wearing a short skirt. The wish that the guy you fancied was watching at that moment. I missed having a body that could pull that off. More so, having a body that could pull off some of the thin bikinis I used to wear to the lake. It had always been such a rush to be almost naked in one of those. So little to the imagination of my onlookers.

I buried my head back in my book to re-focus. Those days were long behind me.


‘Hitomi… wow…’

I stood in our bedroom wearing the lingerie I had bought years ago. The thin lace over my breasts let my dark, spotted areola peak through. The lacy leotard led down to the crotch-less straps that left my pussy exposed before him. I had shaved it just for this. The smooth lips pressed between the straps made me feel like I was a young girl again.

‘Come here.’

I led Hiroshi to the bed with me. I felt so dirty wearing this.

He kissed me and I got a whiff of the alcohol he had been drinking. Had he gotten so drunk that he wouldn’t be able to appreciate what I was wearing?

I laid back on the bed and he got on top of me. His cock sprung from his pants, rock hard. At least I could still get him hard at the sight of me. I ripped a condom open and passed it to him.

I gasped as he thrust inside me. It had been so long since we had last done it. I raised my ankles to let him thrust deep into me, but his drunken rhythm wasn’t enough.

‘Hold on.’

I pushed him out of me and rolled over onto all fours. He would be able to reach deep inside me from this position. He slid back inside and began to fuck me once more. I watched the bedspread beneath my hands as I rocked from his thrusts. My breasts worked their way loose from the lingerie and hung unsupported.

An image wormed its way into my mind. The woman on the dairy farm’s website. On all fours with huge breasts. Was this what it was like for her. Being fucked from behind like this? Degraded and treated like a piece of meat? Fucked whenever they deemed necessary?

To my surprise, I felt an orgasm roll over me. I moaned out as my pussy spasmed around his cock. I laid my head down on the bedspread, arching my ass up for him as the lingering pleasure coursed through me. He came at some point and slid out, but I didn’t notice. I hadn’t had a good orgasm like that in years. I just wanted to savour it.


For the first time in forever, I was horny at work.

I sat at my desk, trying to focus. The thought of what it would be like to be one of the women at the dairy farm had stayed strong in my mind since that night with Hiroshi. Even more so, the memory of comparing myself while on all fours being fucked.

I stood up and headed for the bathroom. I needed to calm myself down in private.

I stepped into a cubicle and sat down on the toilet. I took a deep breath and tried to shake it from my head. I had plenty of work to get done today. Like the report that was due on…

My mind wandered back to those perverted images. I pulled out my phone and searched for the dairy farm’s website. Once more I was met with a picture of a woman with huge breasts. How did she have a pair that big? What was it like having ones like those?

I clicked through to other parts of the website and managed to find some more images. Though, what I wanted right now was information. Something more to tantalise my mind. If I could have such a powerful orgasm the other night from this stuff, then was there anything else that could excite me?

I pulled my skirt up and ran my fingers over my panties. I was wet.

With a racing heart, I pulled my panties and pantyhose down my thighs. With my pussy free, I let my fingers return, relishing at the bare touch. At work. I was touching myself at work! I quickened my pace, rubbing over my hardening clit. This was incredible!

I dropped my phone and scrunched my eyes, holding back the moans. My pussy quivered beneath the assault of my fingers. I came.

I caught my breath, suddenly aware of where I was. Had someone come in while I was doing that? I couldn’t tell. I quickly pulled my pantyhose back up and fixed my skirt.

I hurried back to work and pushed it all from my mind as the shame of what I did weighed down on me.


I found myself hornier than usual over the following week. Whatever had gotten into me just wasn’t leaving.

I found myself looking at that picture of the pregnant woman on all fours on the website more and more. Both times I had been pregnant I had felt ugly. So bloated and fat. Yet this woman looked beautiful like that. There was something free and natural about her like this. No worry about finding a maternity dress that didn’t make her look like a blimp. No worry about her husband finding her attractive. Regardless of how she looked, they’d breed her again. Her belly would grow out from her nude body, unobstructed. Life growing inside her after such a rough and primal act was done to her.

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