Working For Mr. Goodsmith Ch. 03

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“Ashlyn! You’re just the woman I wanted to see, please come in.”

The slender girl paused for a moment in the entry-way into the penthouse apartment, the sheer size and luxury of the place stunning her. Mr. Goodsmith certainly had money, he could certainly impress.

He was just as impressed himself by her low-cut black dress, hanging off both shoulders and dangling like an afterthought from the tip of her breasts. Ahlyn’s blond hair was primped into a bushel of tight curls and wrapped up on top of her head like a 1940’s pinup girl. The dress ended abruptly an inch below the soft curve of her bottom and her slim, taught calves were accented by the three-inch black leather high heals that caused her to stand taller and to straighten her back, emphasizing her already emphasized breasts without trying.

“Why don’t you make yourself a drink? I’m still tending to dinner. Duck Burgundy.”

She had already made herself a few drinks at her apartment to ease her nerves. Her first day working for Mr. Goodsmith was like nothing she had experienced before and she had been nervous about having a private dinner with her boss that very night. It seemed that she had worried herself over nothing, however; Mr. Goodsmith looked like he had already had a few drinks himself, he was relaxed and jovial and had dropped the formality of Ashlyn’s last name as soon as he saw her.

She went over to the bar inset in the wall and made herself a gin and ginger ale. He watched her skirt rise slightly as she leaned over the low bar, the crease under her buttocks sliding into view for a split second.

“Mr. Goodsmith, I wanted to thank you for inviting me over for dinner,” Ashlyn said after she sipped her drink. She had made it strong. “This whole thing, this job…its not what I expected at all.” She walked back towards him, in the adjoining kitchen.

“Is it still a position you’re comfortable with?”

“Yes. Very.”

“Then there will be plenty of time to thank me later.”

“Plenty of time to find out what other positions I’m comfortable with, as well.”

She stood in front of him, her breath slipping through her red lips in a sultry promise. Ahlyn set her drink on the counter and took Mr. Goodsmith’s silk tie in her hands, pulling him towards her. She lifted herself up and sat on the counter, gasping as the cold of the marble touched her thighs, her skirt hiking up, exposing lacy black panties. She wrapped her bare legs around him and their mouths meshed in a powerful, lustful kiss.

His hands ran over her shoulders, dropping the straps of the dress into the crooks of her elbows, revealing the top of her bosom and the edge of her bra. Ashlyn hooked her legs together, high heels clicking against each other, and they pressed their bodies into one another. She could feel his penis hardening, straining against the fabric of his pants and her panties. She slid a hand down and stroked his cock, moaning as she did so. His tongue slid into her wet mouth and their bodies moved rhythmically.

He kissed her neck, and her shoulders, and the top of her heaving tits and pulled the dress and the bra down and bursa escort bayan kissed her hard, pink nipples. He sucked on them and flicked them with his tongue as she ran her fingers through his hair and wrapped her legs tighter around him. He laid her down on the counter and slid the dress under her ass and off, letting it drop to the hardwood floor. Her bra was still on but pulled down, her panties already wet and her high heels pointing to the ceiling.

He trailed his tongue down between the cleavage of her tits, across her flat, quivering stomach, and traced the edge of her panties with it, enjoying how her breathing quickened and the way her back arched. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and licked the inside of her thighs. Ashlyn closed her eyes and moaned softly. He kissed her wet pussy through the thin panties and her knees tightened.

Using one hand to brace her ass, he pulled her panties to one side and relished in the sight of her shaven, glistening vagina. He blew cold air over it and Ashlyn’s whole body went rigid with excitement and she squeaked out “Ah! Yes!”

He wrapped his mouth over her pussy and slowly dragged his tongue up and down, her sweet taste and tiny squeals of ecstasy fueling his passion. He circled her clit with the tip of his tongue, her legs and hands pulling his head closer to her.

She closed her eyes and focused on the raw sexual energy eminating from between her legs. She came, whimpering, staring up into the reflective ceiling of the kitchen, watching her tits bounce as her boss ate her out better than she had ever been eaten out before.

Even after her legs went limp, Mr. Goodsmith was still gently licking the soft folds of her pussy, each touch sending shivers up her spine. She had to pull his head up and away from her, it was too much at once. Her heavy breathing rocked her tits back and forth until she sat up.

“Your turn.”

Ashlyn slid off the counter and went to him, unclasping her bra and letting it fall as she did so. Her nipples were hard and she pressed her tits against him as she kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. She took off his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt when he said, “I can always get a new one”. She looked up with a smile and with both hands ripped the shirt apart sending buttons scattering around the kitchen. She kissed his chest, bit it, flicked her tongue over his left nipple and slid down to her knees on the floor in front of him. She undid his black leather belt and pulled it from the loops. She snapped it against the counter with a loud pop. “We’ll save this for later”. She unbuttoned his pants and let them fall around his ankles. She smiled as she saw his thick cock pressed tight against his underwear, aching to be let free. She grabbed her left tit with her right hand and slid her left hand into her panties, pouting a little and teasing his cock, barely touching it with her puckered lips. She teased him and played with her clit for a moment then took hold of his underwear and pulled them off of him.

His dick bounced up and gently slapped her cheek, causing her to gasp then smile. gorukle escort “You’re so hard for me. This is all mine right now.”

She took his erect penis in her hand and guided it towards her mouth. She rubbed it against her lips and across her cheek, blowing hot air on it. She slapped it playfully against her tongue and could feel a thin trail of pre-cum from his tip. She lifted it and kissed along the underside of the shaft to his balls and gently lapped at them with her tongue. He moaned and slid his fingers into the tight curls of her hair. She slid her tongue up along the shaft and just as it reached the head she slid the whole thing deep into her mouth toward the back of her throat. Mr. Goodsmith moaned louder and tightened his grip on her hair. This was the second time today he was surprised with the force and power her full lips wrapped themselves around his penis.

She bobbed her head up and down on his cock and used her hands to cup his balls and play with herself. She moaned into his dick and the vibrations of her voice tingled his thick shaft. He held her hair and guided her mouth back and forth along the length of his cock and her bright blue eyes looked up at him with lust.

She suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth and spat between her tits, wrapping them around his shaft, letting him fuck them. Her breasts were so full that his cock was lost between them, only his head poked out the top, which she licked and suckled on when she could. He rocked back and forth, his dick sliding smoothly between her boobs.

“Your dick looks so big between my tits.” She slid it back into her mouth and sucked on it quickly, pulled it out with a trail of cum and saliva and slapped it against her nipples. “Do you want to fuck me?”

He put his hands under her arms and lifter her up off the floor. He turned her around and had her put her hands on the counter. He grabbed the belt and cracked it against itself with a loud smack.

“Miss LaRouche, I warned you not to use dirty words around me or you’d be punished.”

She put her head down and stuck her tight ass out as far as she could. He stood behind her to one side and placed one hand on top of her ass to steady her. She looked back and smiled. “I know you want to fuck me, Mr. Goodsmith.”

He smacked her ass with the belt. She squealed with a mixture of delight and pain, her long legs tightening and her stilleto heels of her shoes lifting off the ground for a second.

“That’s one,” he said, “You get one more for being naughty.”

“Fuck that, I want more.”

He smiled and pulled her panties off her ass, letting them hang just above her knees. He steadied her ass again and cracked it with the belt once more. She gasped and stuck her ass out farther, her tits pressed against the counter, the second time today that she found herself in this position. He smacked it again, red lines starting to against the pale skin of her buttocks.

“Does it hurt?”


“Do you want me to stop?”

“Fuck no!”

“I have an idea, maybe some ice will help.” He took an ice cube from out of bursa merkez escort bayan the freezer and ran it slowly over her butt cheeks, tracing the lines left by the belt with it. Ashlyn gasped at the cold sensation but it felt so good to her. His hand slid down between her legs and she felt the icy cold spread over her wet pussy.

“Feel better?”

All she could do was whimper as he slowly slid the ice cube past her pussy lips and slipped it inside of her. The cold was intense but she didn’t have long to dwell on it; he stood and smacked her across her ass with the belt again. The contrasting sensations of cold from the ice and heat from the sting of the belt arched along her spine and she nearly collapsed in ecstasy. She cried out instead, “oh! Oh!” He spanked her again, this time with his hand, cupping her luscious cheeks with his palm, leaving a red handprint across her ass. She could feel the ice melting inside of her and felt the cold water trickling down her thighs.

Mr. Goodsmith decided not to wait any longer and grabbed hold of Ahslyn’s full ass. She pointed it up at him and he could see her pussy lips from behind. He pressed his penis against her wet cunt and slid it in with little resistance.

“Oh God! Its so big!”

His dick filled her tight little pussy, so tight in fact that he was surprised by the grip she had on his member. He slid it slowly in and out of her dripping vagina, her cheeks spread as he pumped behind her. His rhythm began to pick up. Ashlyn arched her back as far as she could, pushing against him and he grabbed her tits from behind. She steadied herself against the counter and felt her climax building again. He smacked her ass once more with his hand and it sent her over the edge, screaming and bucking against him in orgasm. They moved together as one, his cock sliding deeper and deeper into her electrified cunt, her orgasm reaching new heights.

“I’m close” he said and she immediately pulled him out of her, turned around and jumped up on the counter and slid him back inside her pussy. Facing her, he stared at her full, pouting lips in a ring of ecstasy and her large, supple tits bouncing up and down and against each other, her tight stomach and her smooth, hot snatch wrapped around his cock. He felt his dick throbbing inside of her. Just before climax, he pulled his dick out and she dropped to her knees on the floor, saying “Cum for me! Cum all over me!” She pressed her tits together and opened her mouth, her red tongue waiting for him. He came, two huge loads of semen splashing against her cheek and mouth, dripping down onto her tits. She wrapped her lips around his penis and sucked him off, feeling his hot load hitting the back of her throat, swallowing as he pumped his seed into her mouth. He grabbed her hair and pushed himself farther into her than any man had been before. She choked and pulled his cock out of her mouth and licked it up and down, cleaning off his sperm and her pussy juices, playing with her tender clit the whole time, pulling on her nipples and rubbing his load over her tits, smiling with satisfied lust. She slapped his dick against her tongue again and laughed.

The kitchen timer went off just then, startling them both back into reality.

“I hope you saved some room for dinner,” Mr. Goodsmith said with a smirk.

“Dinner sounds nice,” Ashyln said as she got up off the floor. “But its dessert I’m interested in now…”

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