Working through Lunch

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Double Joi

“Are you sure?” I say, looking into big eyes. Not just any eyes. They belong to the hottest women in our office.

“We only have half an hour; I want you to fuck me.” You reply with Passion and lust shooting out of your eyes.

“That’s all I need to know.” We head to the store cupboard. I reply. I grab a handful of your hair and
Pull the long hair back. The snarling beast inside each of us is Set free.

You grab my hair on the back of my head, pulling me back. “Fucking kiss me you bastard”. You press your lips on mine; shove your tongue inside my mouth, darting around mine. I smell your scent, so intoxicating; it makes my hard cock twitch in my shorts.

We start working on each other’s Clothes. You rip my shirt off, I unbutton your blouse; tear your bra down from your breasts. I Cup my hands around your beautiful firm breasts, twisting your hard nipples.

You have a nipple ring. God I want you. You buried your face in my neck; I growl as you bite down hard then start licking and kissing your way down to my chest. You can’t resist biting hard on my nipple, before licking and kissing your way down my chest and stomach.

You go down on your knees; struggle to work the buckle of my belt free then lower the zipper. You yank my trousers and boxers down to my knees, my hard cock springing free.

A wet drop is already welling up from the tip; I feel your amazing tongue lapping it up.

I growl out with pleasure and roughly grasp your head, taking handfuls of hair in my fingers.

“Uuhhh, yes. Suck me!”

You wrap your hand around my shaft and squeeze rhythmically. Running your tongue up my cock, softly, then again, more firmly.

I gaze into your innocent blue eyes looking up Bodrum Escort at me. A knowing, sultry, smile curves your lips as you take my cock in your mouth in one wet stroke.

“Oh God… So fucking good” I moan, my head falling back to rest against the wall.

I feel you taking my shaft into your mouth, over and over, sucking and licking and swirling. A soft humming moan escapes your throat.

My hand still in your hair, I push your head forward, feel your nose press on my stomach, your tongue lapping away at my balls. I hold your head tightly and start fucking your mouth.

Pulling out till my head is on your lips, and then drive your face back across the length of my shaft until my balls slap your chin. Tears well up in your eyes as your throat spasms on my cock every deep thrust. Streams of saliva are covering my cock, running down your chin and down my balls.

“Fuck, we have to hurry.” I pull out of your mouth, a relieving look on your face.

“Fucker,” you say as I grab your arm, pulling you up on your feet.

“You got that right.” I spin you against the wall, sliding my hands under your silky black skirt. I pull your black panties down, lifting your skirt up, before pressing you against the wall.

Gripping your hips I lift you up while you wrap your legs around my waist. Our tongues are playing a chasing game, twirling around each other mid-air between our mouths.

You drop your hand in search of my shaft.

“C’mon” you groan, your hand gripping my cock, pressing it on your slit. I drop you down, my cock sliding in you all the way up to my balls.

“Oooooh yeah, that’s good Phil”, you say, closing your eyes. You drape your arms over my shoulders as Bodrum Escort Bayan I begin to pump my cock in and out of your wet pussy.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder, dammit!” I start fucking you furiously; slamming your body against the wall. Your pussy is pulsating on my throbbing cock. You start moaning and screaming.

“Shut up, H. Take this cock like the innocent little slut you are and be quiet.” You nod and bite your lips trying not to scream, your nails dig into my back. Your heels pressing into my ass as I pound you against the wall.

Pulling you off the wall then slamming you back up against it, over and over as I pump my cock even faster than before.

Your head in my neck, muffling the moans that escape your breath, trying desperately to obey my order. My hands are on your ass cheeks, spreading them, holding your body against the wall, fucking you harder up against it. Pinning you against the wall, your whole body starts trembling as you draw nearer and nearer to your orgasm.

“Oh…yeah….fuck me…just like that,” you moan in my ear, biting hard on my earlobe.

I feel your cunt grip my cock, pulsing around it, knowing you are close to your peak. It’s spurring me on to fuck you with all I’ve got, sweat dripping down my forehead. Your mouth pressed hard in my neck, preventing you from screaming loud as your orgasm shatters through your core. Your body tenses as waves of pleasure wash over you.

I want to fuck you more, pulling my wet cock from your pussy; I pull your ass cheeks apart again, dip my fingers deep in your pussy and rub it over your quivering asshole.

“What are you doing” you say still panting.

“I’m going to fuck your ass H” I reply.

“Oh Escort Bodrum my god – I’ve only done it once before with my husband and his dick is much thinner than yours” you reply with an air of panic in your voice.

I tell you relax and firmly push my thumb in your asshole. I feel your ring start to relax and I start thumb fucking your ass with one hand and stroking my cock as hard as it’s ever been lubricated by your pussy juices and cum.

I ease the tip of my cock into your hole and firmly push. You resist for a split second then relax and my cock starts to slowly enter your tight hole. I keep pushing until most of my cock is inside you. I give you a few seconds and pull out slowly before hammering my cock in hard.

You scream with painful pleasure as I pound your tight ass hole. I feel your hand go between your legs and grab my balls – squeezing them hard.

“Fuck this is amazing” I say as I feel my cum rising.

“I’m cumming” I say as I continue to push – you look back into my eyes – innocence lost – full of lust.

“Cum on my face you bastard” you say to me.

I slip my dick from your ass, spin you round, and push you to your knees – just in time to open your mouth and receive my load all over your face – in your eyes and hair.

As my squirting stopped, you grab my cock and milk the last of the cum from the tip and then, looking me in the eyes, slip my still hard cock in your mouth and clean our cum from it.

Catching our breath, we lay against the wall together, kissing. You pull your lips from mine and smile

“I’d love for you to fuck me like that every lunch.” you say.

We help each other to straighten out our clothes and hair, before sneaking out one by one. In the lift you pinch my arm.

“My knickers!” You sqeal. I look down at your skirt as you lift it, your juices drip down your leg. We both realise your wet panties are still lying on the floor in the cupboard.

“Nice, a souvenir for someone.” I say with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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