Wresting Team Gone Wild Ch. 13

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A new coach with rather unorthodox methods is appointed to bring the University’s wresting team back to the top. Unfortunately for straight hunk Scott, the path to victory involves turning him into the team’s bitch. This story involves a lot of manipulation elements (straight to gay).

The story, names, and places are entirely fictional. All characters featured are above 18. Enjoy.


Wrestling Team Gone Wild

Chapter 13: Wrestling Team Gone Wild

Following the controversial practice which had been dedicated to the mastering of the infamous “hose technique”, the entire team got hard, rubbed themselves and cummed on my ass for the next three training sessions. Alberto’s concerns were not going to stop Coach Ranson from following his training plan.

A couple of guys, including Travis, decided to opt out from implementing the hose technique but overall, pretty much everyone else got accustomed to the idea that a wrestling match may imply cumming on his opponent. Through the singlet of course, no homo.

I, too, got used to being jizzed on by my teammates.

The Head Coach insisted that the other wrestlers needed more practice with their ejaculation while I had already proven that I was able to ejaculate at the perfect timing during a key match. All I needed to learn was to get comfortable with being on the receiver hand. Coach Ranson thought I would be a primary target given my history in the matter. I did not doubt that.

Only at the last practice, I had been authorized to put my singlet on to recreate the actual conditions of the match. By this point, almost everybody in the team could cum on command while I was bare ass, so finally, they had to perfectionate their technique while I was wearing my singlet.

At the end of that final practice, my white singlet was drenched with my teammates’ cum and Travis almost puked when I brought it home. I have to admit, it was quite gross, all that cum drying on the fabric, becoming one with it.

From this day forward and no matter how much time I would spend washing the freaking singlet, I had never been able to squash the odour of cum from my gear. It was like it was part of the lycra fabric and my whole body smelt like cum every time I would wear it (and frankly, for several hours after that).

A ridiculous thought went through my mind once, what if I were to smell like cum forever? Could I still date a girl? Would not she be disgusted?

Although, as Coach Ranson had rightfully pointed out, my opponents being grossed out by my uniform could only work in my favour. “Try to concentrate on a move while you feel like you are fighting with a used condom!” His words, not mine.

He even advised me to pour some more jizz on my singlet. Not my own sperm though, we were not allowed to ejaculate freely during competition time, which was pretty much all the time now, so I was supposed to find other “suppliers”.

I did not go that far. At least, not at that point, I still had my limits. But as for the smell, just like so many other things, I was getting accustomed to it.

Thankfully, no one attempted to do the exercise naked like Damian did the first time and they were all keeping their singlets on, while humping me. As long as I did not feel their dicks right in my ass, I was fine.

It was surreal at first, but I did not want to be like Alberto, stuck in the old ways. I just had to roll with wherever the sport was taking me, especially now that I was at the top of the leading board.

In the rare occasions that I would complain, someone would remind me that this new technique had been implemented only because of me, after my match with Strafer, and I was the one who had turned this noble sport nasty. I hated when they said that, because I knew that they were right.

By the time we were preparing for the final competitions of the semester, I had overcome all of my insecurities. I could not believe how uncomfortable I was with my body at the beginning of the year. Just getting nude in the locker-room was enough to give me anxiety!

And now, I was proud to be featured in the university’s naked calendar!

Early in December, I received a copy of the University’s Wrestling Calendar. I was the cover boy. Sure, it attracted some more jealousy but I could not care less. I deserved that spot!

Featured alone, shot from the back, the cover was a picture of my naked body, looking at the horizon, the sun rising before me. My big fat ass was fully exposed, but I only got compliments for this picture. People loved it, girls and guys alike, and they were right! My ass was muscular, prominent, strong and my wrestler’s body was now very well defined. I was actually proud of me.

Some weird ideas even crossed my mind as I was studying the photograph. I came to understand some of Eli and Damian’s dirty talks about me, I would have fucked that beautiful ass too…

Inside the calendar, the pictures were beautiful. Do not get me wrong, I still thought that Bodrum Escort the shooting had gotten way out of hands but I had to admit that the final edit looked amazing. Francis was very talented.

January was a picture of Damian Feytons, facing the camera. The photograph was cut out right below his pubes, if you looked carefully, you could see the top of his penis but the pose in itself was quite stunning.

All pictures were in black and white and Damian actually looked like a supermodel on this one. His pecs and abs were highlighted as his body was semi wet. No wonders the girls kept on throwing themselves at him.

February featured a group shot including Eli, Tom, Cory and I. Our bodies were all oiled up and we were apparently ready to fight one another. I was not too sure exactly when it was taken, we had tried so many combinations to get the perfect shot in the gym.

On this one, I was a bit bent over in my jockstrap and Eli and Coty were both dominating me. Tom was standing on the side lines. I was not too keen to show this to my family or too happy that the whole university was about to see it, but again, it remained artsy and tasteful.

Robert de Portier had told me that he loved this particular shot very much; it was his new screen saver. “Purely for artistic reasons”, he had said. Sure…

March may have been my personal favourite. It was a portrait of Travis, his face shot in close up. So pure, with a great lighting. If we were still best friends, or just friends, I would have advised him to use this as his profile picture on all social media. He looked like one of these models featured in fragrance commercials.

However, given the state of our relationship, – we were barely saying hello to each other -, I kept my thoughts to myself. He would surely accuse me of being gay again!

April and May featured various groups in the showers, once again, you could see the top of Damian’s dick on one shot, and Amir’s bare hairy ass on the other but it was not too crude, at least, as far as naked calendars go. Again, I had feared the worst after the actual shooting! They could have picked way more revealing pictures.

June was probably the most daring shot. It featured Feytons and I leaning against the bench outside, barely hiding our respective (large) cocks with our hands. This picture had got the most comments and talks around the school. Even with the black and white setting, one could clearly see our dicks and there was no doubt that we were packing big meaty dicks.

Damian was very proud of the shot so I tried to align myself with his attitude. I had learned than being embarrassed would only make things worse. My level of confidence was not reaching Damian’s yet but I had to remind myself that I had been paid way more than him to pose this way…

July featured a single shot of Amir. August was showcasing a fight between Travis and I in our jockstraps, all oiled up. I could barely recognize ourselves; we were definitely no longer innocent teens!

September was a stunning shot of Harry, taken from the back, in the shower. The pearls of water looked like they were moving on the photograph, sliding on his round ass cheeks. Again, I had to applaud Francis’ abilities.

October was a shot of Tom, lying down on a locker-room’s bench with just a small towel falling from his thighs but which was enough to cover his dick, not sufficient to hide his ginger pubes though.

November was a picture were most of us had our singlets on. Ironically, this photograph was more revealing than most of the naked ones, our singlets being practically translucent and so tight than all of our dicks were compressed and fully visible against the fabric.

Finally, for the month December, the eight athletes were joking around semi naked in a somewhat natural scene in the locker room. I knew the behind the scenes of this shot, the atmosphere was very tense in reality, but under the angle Francis had chosen, it was telling a whole new story.

The picture rather gave the impression that the other wrestlers were lightly teasing me. My ass was partly visible as I was in the nude and they were looking at it, smiling. It looked like a good spirited fun after an intense wrestling competition.

Overall, I was relieved there was no really obscene stuff even if I still found some of the shots a bit too revealing. Maybe I should not have worried that much, it was a university calendar, the photographs had to be approved by the school board after all. Still, the past experiences had led me to be very cautious.

Victor still considered that we had totally made the calendar pornographic compared to the merely sexy pictures in speedos they had produced the year before with the water polo team. He joked about that a lot.

It looked like Victor was carrying the calendar everywhere he went! I figured that he was just jealous of the success of the calendar. No edition had ever sold that much copies!

No doubt, I would have felt very Bodrum Escort Bayan differently about those pictures three months prior — just thinking about my reaction when the roster was revealed can give you an idea -, but I had made so much progress since then.

A few days before our next big competition, we were all strictly forbidden to cum whatsoever so the final training sessions of the season involved actually working on the accuracy of our moves. Finally, it was time for Travis to shine again! Well, somewhat. The prior weeks had hurt his confidence and it was showing on the mat, on the contrary, I was more eager and more precise than ever!

As I was taking my distance with Travis, weirdly, Damian and I got a bit closer. We were the most committed to the team and to Coach Ranson’s methods, who was now praising the both of us to the other athletes.

Now that he was included in the spotlight, Damian was nicer to me.

Once he told me:

“Dude, I appreciate what you do for the team, really. Not everyone could take those loads of cum and be ok with that. I mean, you must have received what, something like 5 gallons of jizz in your ass since the beginning of the month! You’re a good guy.”

I guessed that I was a good guy, a team player. I did not care to correct that the cum was mostly on my ass, not inside of it.

After all this time, I had finally found my place within the team. While I was becoming a cum receptacle on the mat, the hazing and mockery had ceased in the locker-rooms. Damian’s new attitude towards me had probably played a major role in that.

At this point, I was a bit confused about my sexuality but as we were forbidden to cum, I could not go watch some straight (or gay?) porn to assess whether girls were still a turn on for me or not. I did decide it was not worth to wreck my brain around it, I had only one goal: performing on the mat!

Both Damian and I scored great results in the two competitions which followed and which were ending the semester.

During both events, we had the confirmation that most of the teams were now ready to go the extra mile to win their matches and most of the athletes were hard as soon as they were entering the mat.

Travis was clearly destabilized but surprisingly at some point, tired of being dominated by his opponents, he presented himself with a hard on as well. He had just watched tons of porn in the locker-room and jumped on the other guy as if he was literally about to fuck him. He did win that match!

The atmosphere in the arenas had changed. The family crowd had been replaced by important groups of guys, some of them wearing strange combination of leathers, some others holding cards or posters with our names, (often my own name!), on them.

Yes, I had my fans!

I am not stupid, I did hear the rumours about wrestling becoming a gay sport, but the bleachers were filled and everyone was talking about the Wolves within the University and potentially, even within the State!

Despite all of the fuzz regarding the hose technique, only three or four guys did end up cumming during their matches and in each instance, it did not influence the results at all. Everybody had been made aware this may happen and we were all pretty much prepared.

When my opponent, a black guy three years older than me but still competing in the 149 lbs class, cummed right along my thigh, I just took advantage of his orgasm to pin him down against the mat and win my match. The guy was shook and I rubbed my stiffed dick on his back with a large smile on my face. The audience was going wild!

As for me, I was hard pretty much 24/7. Not only during the matches, but every single hour of the day… and night!

Doctor Peterson explained to me that it had everything to do with the guys cumming on me during training. According to the doc, absorbing that much proteins was making my testosterones levels go way up. The only problem was: I had to keep it all in me to be at the top of my game when it came to the decisive matches.

In any case, “cum is good for you” was the motto of the Doctor.

Between my singlet reeking cum, the dried-up sperm on my ass (did I mention that I was advised not to clean myself after being jizzed on by my teammates), and the amounts of semen I was strictly maintaining in my balls, I was like a concentrate of testosterones on a stick. At least, that was Coach Ranson said when he used me as an example of the kind of commitment he was looking for from each member of the team.

So that I could keep my focus, the Head Coach was now also supplementing me daily with his home-made energy drinks. Needless to say. I did not lose any of my match and my dick exploded a couple of times on my adversaries during our very last competition! Truly epic.

I had remained unbeaten in my class weight for the entire semester! It had not happened in years, if it could stay that way for the entire season until June, I would make history.

Travis was Escort Bodrum now looking at me as a wild animal. I was wandering in our dorm room fully hard at all times, often wearing just a jockstrap. Honestly, I was still uncomfortable with wearing that outfit in the dorms, but at the same time, it amused me a bit to make Travis feel uncomfortable due to my pretended gayness. I thought he deserved this after the humiliations he had put me through!

It was not like my life was perfect, who would be happy to restrict his diet every single day, not being able to cum until you were on a mat in front of thousands of people, being jizzed on by his teammates several times a week? Not many people… But those were the sacrifices I had accepted to make in order to succeed.

Victor, Travis, and the others, they could talk behind my back, I was becoming a champion and they could not take this away from me.

“Can we talk?”

It was the last day of the semester and Travis and I were packing our stuff in our dorm room. We were going back to our respective families during the break. For the first time in weeks, Travis had said a few words to me, other than “hey” or “bye”.

“You want to talk to me, now? You ain’t scared I’m going to turn you into a fag?”

Ok, this was a low blow but I had built so much resentment against Travis in the last few months, it was hard to remain cordial.

He sighed.

“Whatever, forget it.”

I was already regretting snapping back at him. I truly missed my friend.

“Sorry Trav… What did you want to say?”

“Nothing. Just drop it.”

“Oh, come on Travis. I’m sorry, ok. I don’t want us to keep on fighting.”

He sat on his bed and looked at me intensely for a while.

“Dude, neither do I. I hate this tension between us. I don’t even know why we’re going at each other.”

It was like a huge weight had been instantly lifted off my shoulders and I sat next to him.

“Yeah… I think it’s cause of those rumours, and like, the training is intense and…”

“The training is not intense, bro. This is plainly insane.”

“I know.” I said with a grin.

“I’m serious, Scott. It’s like wrestling is the only thing that matters now.”

“It is though!”

How could he pretend that anything else in the World was more important than a wrestling match? Had he lost his mind?

“No! I mean, it is important. But dude, I think Coach Ranson is not right. The things that are happening at practice now and at the competitions, it’s not ok. It’s going too far.”

“Yes, it’s a lot. But sport at a high level is always like that. See how those gymnast girls are hurting their bodies? It’s just a matter of sacrifices. You just have to be ready to make them!”

“Sacrifices! Scott, this has nothing to do with wrestling anymore! You just go on the mat, you take your position, and the other guys nut on you. That’s not about the sport, that’s just fag shit!”

I stood up and took a step back.

“So, here we are again, you’re going to tell me that I’m a fag! That’s what this is all about!”

“No! Not you! The whole thing. Actually, I don’t give a damn if you’re gay or not. Dude, I think the Coach has brainwashed you, brainwashed all of us!”

“Funny you say that, now! When you were among the Coach’s favourite and buddy-buddy with Damian and Eli, you were more than happy to make me twerk for you in the locker room! Laughing with the other guys! And now that you’re losing your spot in the team, we’re being brainwashed! How fucking convenient.”

He looked at his bare feet.

“I’m sorry Scott. I should not have done that. If you knew how much I regret not putting a stop to this locker-room bullshit before.”

I was a bit disconcerted by this last remark. He really did seem to feel bad.

“What’s your point, Trav?”

“I’m your best friend Scott and I am worried about you.”

“Why? I’ve never been so in shape, so strong, I’m at the top of my game!”

“I’m not talking about the sport, Scott! I’m talking about you! You are no longer acting as yourself. You barely only eat the Coach’s supplements, you no longer go out, date, or even play videos games. You just stay here, fucking hard, in your jockstrap, smelling cum! It’s like all you think about is pleasing the Coach!”

“You’re just saying that…” I replied, although he had made some good points.

“Bro, do you remember when we were discussing the Coach’s methods at the beginning of the year! You were telling me that the Coach was crazy, making you wear your singlet 24/7! Well, you were right, but now, it’s like you do not even realize that this is all wrong anymore!”

“What do you want me to do? Quit the Wolves?”

“Well, yes! You should! You should take a step back and I’m telling you…”

I cut him off, furious.

You have to understand, at this point, I was in so deep, I could not hear what Travis was telling me. I could not let him say such things. He was destroying everything I had built in the past four months! My trust in the Coach could not be based on a lie.

“Damn… So, you really want me to quit! This whole conversation finally makes sense now. Since you have nothing on me on the mat, the only thing that you have found to beat me in the global rankings is to make me quit!”

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