Wrongfully Accused Ch. 07-09

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Part 2: The Next Couple of Months.

Written by Mandingo1234

Edited by kenjisato

Chapter 7

It had been several weeks after their night out on the town. Most of it was spent at Jason’s house. With no job prospects, or a need to earn money; all Jason had to do was try to find ways to fill in the hours of the day. One of the main things he did was buy all the components for his homemade computer, and a server system. The computer would be in the room that would be the study, and the server would be down in the basement. He also upgraded his internet service to a fiber-optic line that gave him the fastest speed imaginable. He needed something that would allow him to track all the accounts and assets that Mrs. Carlile gave him. He could have hired a money manager or an accountant to do all of that, and in the future, he probably would. But with everything that happened to him, trust was something he could not afford. Especially when he had a half billion, in money and assets. He also needed to protect himself from outside attacks from modern-day hackers. Luckily, since he had a degree in software engineering, he knew how to protect himself, and he had kept up with modern security protocols while he was in prison.

Setting everything up, was a bit of a cathartic experience for Jason, he was doing something that he used to love before his life was turned to shit. And the satisfaction of turning on one’s new computer was an exhilarating experience.

As for Lila, her time at Jason’s place had been rather monotonous. All she did was sit around and watch stuff in the living room, and answer phone calls and emails from various reporters, and law firms. They would on occasion go out, like the time Jason went back to Dominic to make a few more suits and a special-order leather jacket. As usual, Dominic did a great job tailoring Jason’s jacket to fit him perfectly. Lila did try to make them dinner, but she was a subpar cook. After making two meals, Jason took it upon himself to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Begrudgingly to Lila, Jason was a good cook, and she enjoyed every meal he cooked for them. Then one day, an unexpected visitor came to see them.

Lila went to the door because Jason was down in the basement working on his home server. Upon opening it, a short Latin man dressed in a sharp-looking zoot suit and flanked by two large, scary-looking men.

“Hello, young lady; by chance, is this the Solace residence?” the short man asked, with a thick Mexican accent.

“Yes it is, and may I ask who you are?’ Lila asked, while trying to steady her nerves. These men were sending out the danger vibe.

“Please forgive me. We mean you no harm. I am here on the behalf of a friend of his. My name is Luis Sinaloa. It is a pleasure to meet you,” Luis said, with a bow.

“Let them in Lila,” Jason spoke from behind with an air of authority.

Doing what she was told, she escorted Luis and his men into the house. Jason led them towards the basement and directed them to the poker table. Lila took a spot in the corner, away from the big, scary men, and Luis’ two guards took a spot by the bar.

“Mr. Solace, it is a pleasure to meet you,” Luis said, as he stuck out his hand, to which Jason accepted. “I must say it is something to meet El Quetzal in person. My brother has told me a lot about you.”

“And how is Lobo doing?” Jason asked, when he took his seat

“He is doing well, all things considered. He does say he misses his chess partner. No one can seem to match your skill level.”

“Oh well, tell Lobo that I would like to see him, but at the present moment, I would like to keep my distance from that place.”

“He figured you would say that. Anyway, he wanted me to bring you something. A gift for your recent release.” Luis said, to which one of his men came forth and placed a box between them. It was a bottle of Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio, one of the most expensive tequilas on the market. “I figured we share a toast for your release,” Luis said, as another man brought two shot glasses in front of them.

Luis poured them each a drink, and they both raised their glass, “Salud,” and they both drank up.

“You know you are a tough man to find,” Luis said, as he poured himself another shot, “Imagine my surprise that you live here now. Care to explain how this all came to be.”

“I guess god finally took pity on me,” Jason said, as he poured himself another shot.

“I guess so, from rags to riches in a few short weeks,” Luis joked, and they both toasted again.

“You still haven’t told me how you found me here,” Jason spoke to Luis, as he poured him another glass.

“Information my friend. Today we live in a world where everything is an open book. All you have to do is know how to read it,” Luis said, as he took another shot. “You know I heard you had a little run-in with one of our men a few weeks ago. That was how we caught onto your scent.”

“Yeah so, you want payback” Jason retorted, and upon hearing this Lila tensed up, afraid for her life.

“No no, far from it. I also came İstanbul Escort here to apologize for that. You see, Jesus is a bit of a hot head, always strutting like a damn peacock, I want him gone, but he’s family.”

“Nephew?” Jason asked.

“Worse, cousin-in-law. My cousin married a woman with a kid already. And now she wants him working for us. I’ll tell you one thing, the kid is more trouble than he’s worth. We call him La Boca, ‘The Mouth’, because he was all bark and no bite. But when I heard what happened to him, we almost sent someone to deal with you. Luckily, one of our former associates saw the whole thing.” Then Luis took one more shot and leaned in. “You know, I heard stories about you, stories on how nobody should mess with you. I thought my brother was crazy or embellishing his tale. But when I heard what you did at that restaurant, I knew the stories had to be true. Jesus was a pushover, but the two men he was with, Hector, and Chucho, were some of our top soldados.”

“They didn’t seem that tough. Maybe you’re losing your edge,” Jason quipped, after taking one more shot.

“Maybe, but as I said, I should be thanking you, if that situation had gotten out of hand, that would have pulled some serious heat on us. And to put your little friend at ease,” Luis said, pointing to Lila who was practically trembling, “we, the Sinaloa family, would not seek revenge against you, or any of your compatriots; you have my word.”

“Good to know,” Jason said, but Lila was still trembling.

“Well, I must take my leave, but before we go, I have one more gift to give.”

Luis signaled one of his men to go bring something down. It took a moment, but the pitter-patter of paws could be heard running down the stairs, then a big black dog came forth, and stopped in the middle of the room wagging its tail.

“Lobo told me that you used to work as a dog trainer for a few years while you were locked up. I figured that a dog might help you with your transition. Her name is Shae, short for Shadow, for her midnight-black fur. She is a mixed breed of Belgian malinois and German shepherd. I know a guy that breeds and trains dogs for the police and military. She was supposed to go to the police department, but she has a problem with following commands. We even had a hard time getting her in the car, before we got here. Maybe you can do something about it,” Luis informed him.

Jason took one look at the dog, and with an authoritative voice, he said, “Zitten, Verblijf.”

Shea then immediately sat down and didn’t move from that position.

“How did you do that?” Luiz asked, in astonishment.

“You said she was trained by a guy who trains them for the military. Military dog trainers usually try to use one language to give out stick commands. So they used Dutch.”

“Really, why Dutch, though?” This time, it was Lila who asked.

“Because about one percent of the world’s population speak Dutch. Better to use commands that not many people know how to speak,” Jason explained, while looking at Lila.

“Well, I’m glad I got you the dog. It’s a perfect fit,” Luiz said, as he downed one more shot of tequila.

Jason helped escort Luiz and his guards back up the stairs, and to the front door.

“It was a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Solace. We probably won’t see each other again, but as with life, you never know,” Luiz said, before extending his hand.

Jason did the same thing, but when their hands parted a small piece of paper was found in Luiz’s hand.

“What is this?” Luiz asked.

“Something that might help your group in the future,” Jason emulously explained. Luiz opened it and read what was inside. His eyes went wide. “Given what you said about the world being an open book, and that you have the means to read it. If you find what’s on that paper, it would be worth a lot to the right people,” Jason explained.

“Are you the right person?” Luiz vaguely asked.

“Me, no, but to a certain family that runs things south of the border, might. Who knows they might be very generous to the party that found what is on that piece of paper.”

“I see what you mean. Thanks for the tip,” Luiz said, as he pocketed the paper, and got into his SUV.

As Luiz left, Jason went back inside, only to find Lila standing there tapping her foot, while Shae sat right beside her wagging her tail.

“Would you care to explain what that was about?” Lila asked furiously, still trying to shake her nerves.

“Just a guy, paying his respects, and congratulating me on my release,” Jason said, in a taunting manner.

“That seemed to be more than just a guy. Look, I know you have your secrets, but since we still have until June until you get rid of me. I would like to be in the know. Like for example, will those guys be back? what was in the note? and like are we in danger?”

“No. A name. And, no,” Jason spat out.


“The answers to your questions. No. A name. And, no,” Jason said, while bending down to pat Shae on the head. To which, she nuzzled her face into his hand, quickly accepting Jason as her new owner and Anadolu Yakası Escort master. Jason was always good with dogs; even as a kid. That was why he joined the inmate dog training program, where inmates train dogs to be support animals. It only lasted a few years, but it was an escape for Jason, while he was in that hell-hole.

“That doesn’t answer my question, are we in danger?’

“No, we are not, and as far as I know, we won’t be, not from them. As for the note, that is my business with them, and not you. But, to put your pretty little mind at ease, it’s not illegal,” Jason said, as the telltale signs of a headache came in.

With that, Jason went back to the basement, back to working on his server.

Lila just stood there, fuming, at the way Jason was acting. Some days were good, and some were bad; that day for her, fell in the latter category.

“I’m telling you, V, that’s what happened,” Lila said, as she informed Ronnie what had happened not an hour ago, over a video call.

“Wow, Lu. Still, to think they just showed up out of nowhere. And Jason said that they are not a threat?” Ronnie asked, while in her private office at work. While Ronnie did most of her work at the office, she did find the excuse to see Jason. Ever since that night, her wet dreams had been more vivid, and came in greater frequency, as well.

“Wait, Lu, who was the guy that met up with Jason? What was his name?” Ronnie asked.

“Luiz. Luiz Sinaloa,” Lila said.

Ronnie stiffened in her seat, at the mention of that name. It was as if a bolt of lightning struck directly at her. Lila saw this and got scared. “Ronnie, who is Luiz Sinaloa.”

“Lu, are you sure that’s his name? Luiz Sinaloa?” Ronnie asked, this time with a determined look in her eyes.

“Yes, Ronnie, who is he?”

“Lu, don’t freak out, but Luiz Sinaloa is one of the heads of the Sinaloa Cartel, he runs their operations this side of the border. Lu, you just met an honest-to-god Kingpin.”

“WHAT, ARE YOU SERIOUS!” Lila yelled at the phone, terror flooding her veins. “Am I in danger, are we in danger?” Lila asked her friend, hoping she would have the answers.

“I don’t think so, Lu. Like you said, before he left he said that he and his family will not do any harm towards Jason, or any of his friends, which includes you. He gave Jason his word, which means you should be safe. What is more surprising, is that Jason had managed to curry favor with the Sinaloas,” Ronnie said, as she contemplated this discovery. The Sinaloa was a dangerous family to deal with, and even though they were slowly moving out of the drug trade, they were still formidable. The only reason why Ronnie knew so much about them, was that some of her firm’s clients had had dealings with them on a few rare occasions.

“Ronnie, what do I do? How come Jason knows those people, and why would they share a drink with him?” Lila asked, while trying to not lose her nerve.

“I don’t know, Lu, maybe he met them while in prison. Has he told you anything about his time there?” Ronnie asked.

“No, he is being tight-lipped about it,” Lila informed.

“Yeah, if only there was a way to find out what happened there,” Ronnie said, then she saw a black tail wagging at the corner of the screen. “Lu, what is that behind you?” Ronnie asked.

“Oh, besides giving Jason a very expensive bottle of tequila, which I know, since I looked it up; they also gave him this dog,” Lila said, as she put Shae in front of the camera.

“Oh, she is adorable, what’s her name?” Ronnie asked.

From there, they discussed anything and everything about Shae. All the while, Lila was trying to figure out a way to get information about Jason, and his time in prison. Then, she remembered something that they had said about Jason’s first day out of prison. From there, Lila knew where she could get that information.

*** Parking lot ***

After Lila hung up with Ronnie, she told Jason that she was going to the pet store to buy Shae some living essentials, like food, a bowl, chew toys, etc. While it was true, that she was going to the pet store, Lila was also going back to the restaurant that they went to on that first day. There, sitting in her car, Lila was getting up the nerve to go inside. Taking a deep breath, Lila got out of her car, with resolve in her stomach, readying herself for what was to come.

Strolling in, she looked at the cash register to see if the guy was working there. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there. Lila was about to go ask to see if the guy was still working there, but she remembered that she didn’t even know his name. Stumped and with no idea how to proceed. Lila was about to give up and leave. Then, just as she was about to leave, Lila spotted the man wiping down tables.

“Excuse me, do you have a moment?” Lila asked, as she tapped the man’s shoulder.

Standing up, and was about to tell Lila off. Until he looked Lila in the face and immediately recognized her.

“Ma’am, what are you doing here?” he asked, while shyly looking around, seeing if Jason was there.

“I Kartal Escort was wondering if we could talk for a moment?” Lila asked, still a little hesitant about the man.

“Sure, my break starts in five minutes. Meet me by the corner booth,” the cashier said. He didn’t want to talk to her. ‘Do your time, clock out, and stay out of trouble.’ Those were the words he lived by, once he got out of prison. But knowing that Lila was with Jason, made him pause, and agreed to her simple request.

Lila didn’t have to wait long, when the cashier came from behind the register, he made a beeline towards the table.

“Hello, I didn’t catch your name last time. My name is Lila,” she said.

“Joaquin, but people call me Quin. So do you want to tell me why you are here?”

“Well Quin, I was wondering if you could tell me what you know about Jason.”

“Why do you want to know things about him from me? You are his girl right, you should know.”

Lila fumed at that assumption about being Jason’s woman, “No, I’m not. I just work for him, but I need to know everything about him. Or else, how am I going to know where the treats are coming from or if I am in danger? Someone today stopped by and had a chat with him. His name was Luiz Sinaloas.”

“El Jefe,” Quin said, in surprise.

“So you do know him. He did mention an incident on Jason’s release, about one of his men stirring trouble. I assume it was that guy and his two cronies that harassed us,” Lila said.

“Yes, Jesus was the one who came. I’m sorry for that, he came in to harass me, since we used to run together. But I guess you and your friend caught his eye, instead. When he sees something pretty, he doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

“Yeah, well, thanks for stopping that, if you hadn’t, who knows what he and his two goons could have done?”

“No, you misunderstand. I didn’t stop them because of what they were going to do, but because of what El Quetzal might do,” Quin said.

“Who?” Lila asked.

“El Quetzal, or ‘The Dragon’ as some people have called your boss. Others call him ‘The Beast’, but to my group, we call him El Quetzal.”

“Why, what’s so scary about him?” Lila asked, dying to know the answer, and whether or not, she should stay with him.

“Okay, look, in prison it is like the law of the jungle and shit; you know, survival of the fittest. In prison, people would have to do it, to survive.”

“Okay, but I’m still not getting it,” Lila said.

“In prison, there are gangs, groups of people that stick together, either by race, or gang affiliation. In Polunsky, there are three–the Brotherhood, the Aryan Supremacist, and the Sinaloa. Everyone either works for them, or pays them tribute. Cross anybody from them, and you get shivved.”

“Okay, but why does that have to do with Jason, or ‘The Dragon’ as you called him,” Lila asked, tired of the roundabout explanation.

“You see, Jason as you called him, he didn’t work, or paid tribute to anyone, he was independent. And he had the respect of all the Keys.”

“Keys?” Lila asked.

“The leaders of the gang, you know, the ones that have the keys to the kingdom. These guys are the shock collars, the ones that make the big discussions about what goes on in prison. And your boss had favor with all of them,” Quin explained.

“Okay; how, how could he command so much respect?

“Fear, among other things. Look, okay, I don’t know what happened, but many years ago, the Keys had been sending men after him, and every single one failed. No one could stop him. That was how he got the name The Dragon because he destroyed everyone that came in his path. Eventually, the Keys and your boss came together like at some formal meeting. They sat down and discussed how to move things forward. The Keys wanted to run their business; your boss just wanted to be left alone. So your boss came up with a solution. He thought of a way for everyone to profit, by breaking down which gang should do what, and how to split the profits. He said that since they were in jail, that didn’t mean that they needed to act like animals. By the end of the meeting, everyone knew what to do. The Aryans used their trucker contacts to smuggle in any goods, the Brotherhood handled the phones for information, and the Sinaloas handled the drugs. It was a system where if they worked together, then they all could make money. As for your boss, he just wanted to be left alone. That was his payment.”

“He came up with all of that, but why are you afraid of him? I saw the way you looked at him that day. If he organized the gangs, shouldn’t you all get along?” Lila asked, still trying to wrap her brain with all the information that Quin had given her.

“As I said, it is the law of the jungle, at any moment things could change. You see, while your boss had favor with the Keys, that didn’t mean he was untouchable. Some people tried to make a run at him, to see if they could take him down. Like my old pal, Juan, thought he could do. Me and a few of our crew got busted transporting drugs and were sentenced to seven years in that prison. I wanted to do my time, but Juan had ambitions. He wanted to climb the ladder and be one of the lieutenants. But he was hating how Lobo was treating him like he was a kid, which we were at the time. Juan wanted to make a splash, but he couldn’t go after the other gangs, that would be an all-out war.

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