Xeres Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Part 1: Dancing for Gold

It’s not easy living the life of a tradesworker in Ul’Dah…but I can’t say it’s difficult either. Even when times are tough, there’s always work to be done. People need to feel good, especially in times of suffering, and that’s where I come in. My name is Xeres Highwind. And these are my chronicles…stories of my jobs, of my life, and all of the fun I have in between. Take a peek…and if you’re interested in more, come on by the Mineral Concern. Maybe I’ll give you a special rate~

Dancing for a Discerning Customer

It was late in the eve at the Concern. My shift dancing on stage was just coming to a close when he walked in. I can tell a customer just by the look…and this one definitely had it. He was a midlander, tall for one…tall and strong. I could see the outline of his muscles under his tunic, and could see his desire as he looked at me dancing. It was enough to get me excited. I winked at him as he took a seat, bringing my dancing closer to him.

“Welcome to the Concern, stranger,” I said with a sly grin.

“Why, hello there yourself. I’m certainly enjoying the show you’re putting on.”

At that, I knew just what he wanted. Men at the Concern, they only want a few things. This man wanted me to dance…and I knew just the type of show he wanted. With a little more coaxing, I led him to my room off of the Concern, elaborately decorated with every contraption known to help enhance the bedroom: whipping posts, dancing poles, floggers, satin ties. None of this, however, is what the Midlander wanted.

I motioned him to the chair, “Have a seat, and tell me what dreams I can fulfill tonight~”

“You seem to be awfully well prepared to please…I would love a more intimate display of your performance from this evening, first.”

Moaning, I goaded him further, “And just how intimate would you like it?”

“I want your top off, and maybe a lap dance to help take care of the problem I seem to have,” he said motioning to the tent that had formed in his pants.

He took a seat in the chair across from the bed, and I began to dance slowly for him, revealing more and more of my body as his eyes trailed over my flesh. With a flourish, I undid my top, letting my breasts spill out as I bent in half. I could hear his breathing growing deeper and more rushed as I fell into the splits and looked behind me.

Sure enough, there he was, his cock alive and ready in his hand. “My, my…I see you’re rather big,” I complimented. “I think I’m really going to enjoy teasing it.”

He leaned back then, allowing me to see the full length of his member, twitching with anticipation of my next move. “Mmm…let’s see what you can do, then.”

I slowly sauntered towards him, accentuating the movement of my hips, and making sure that my breasts bounced with every step. Slowly, I began to move my hips from side to side, lowering myself in a slow dance, and raising my arms to fan my hair out behind me. As I watched him lick his lips with desire painted on his face, I moved closer to him, placing my hands on either side of the chair and placing my legs on either side of his, continuing my dance.

Slowly I lowered myself over him, keeping a safe, teasing distance over his throbbing cock. His intake of breath was sharp and full of need, “Naughty girl…” was all that he managed to gasp.

“I think you like me this way,” I responded, bringing my clothed pussy closer and closer to his rigid manhood, all the while pressing my bared chest ever closer to his face. Almost excruciatingly so, I began to tease the tip of his hardness with a rocking motion. “How’s this, handsome?”

“Just like that…so nice….”

I brought my lips to his ears, teasing the edges with my breath and a flick of my tongue, “I’m glad that you’re enjoying how close we are…how we’re almost…” and I lowered myself further for emphasis, “making love and you barely know me. Isn’t it…thrilling?” With that, I pressed myself closer to his cock, making sure that he knew just how close we really were.

“Very much so…I’m starting to get close…finish me with your mou—ah!” His words were cut off as I touched a particularly sensitive spot.

Now I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t have to be told twice. In a flash, I was on my knees, freeing his bulge from his pants, and wrapping my hands around his length and balls. With one hand firmly rolling his balls, I took him into my mouth, rolling my tongue along the underside of his length, flicking the most sensitive spots until he moaned softly in thanks.

“Ohh…I’m so close…” he gasped, writhing a bit under my steady sucking. I took his entire cock in my mouth, from base to tip, making loud slurping sounds as I slowly slid my lips and tongue down to the tip. Rolling my tongue around the head, I could feel his resistance failing, and he came hard, spilling Bolu Escort his seed down my throat. Happily, I opened my mouth to show it to him, before swallowing it so that he could see I enjoyed it as well. “Mmmm…another happy customer~”

He chuckled then, and redid his breeches, “I am impressed. You certainly have skill in what you do.”

“I certainly hope you cum back again,” I replied while redoing my top. “Can I consider you a regular?”

He blushed slightly, and then began to grin, “Certainly. Perhaps I would like to take on more…advanced services in the future.”

With that, I kissed him on the cheek and let him depart. With a first meeting such as that, I’m sure he’ll be back.

Second Time’s The Charm

It was early afternoon this time. I suppose that’s as good a time as any, in my line of work. I smiled to myself as I approached the door to the Inn…I knew he’d come calling…they always do.

I made sure to look my best that day: short black skirt that showed just enough ass, thigh high boots with eight inch heels to make my legs look even more slender, and a practically sheer black blouse…just a hint of the pink of my nipples showing through. Heck, I almost took my breath away when I saw this outfit. Confident, I climbed the stairs to his room, knocking softly on the door, and waiting.

I could hear him moving inside the room, could tell that he was already anticipating what would come. This would be fun.

He opened the door and smiled down on me, “Hello there, I’m glad you came.”

Flattery gets you everywhere in this game, but in his case, I didn’t need it. There was something about him that made me want a second meeting almost as much as he did. “How could I refuse a request from my favorite client?” I said, leaning on the door frame, “Can I cum in?”

I could see the color rise in his cheeks from the insinuation of my statement, “Of course, please,” he said, before motioning me inside. I could see him check the corridor before closing the door behind me, “I’m sorry for the short notice, but I’ve really wanted to see you again.” Eagerness was written all over his face as he stepped in front of me and grinned.

I stretched in front of him, making sure he got a good look at all of me before dropping my purse to the floor and stepping forward, making sure that my best assets were making an appearance, “So…what kind of fun did you have in mind tonight, Hmm~?”

He reached out his hand to my face, caressing my cheek. I leaned into the caress, smelling his scent as his fingers moved toward my hair, entwining there. “I have a few things in mind. Let’s just say I’m going to pay you well to stay with me until sunrise.” He brought out a money pouch and jingled it in front of me, letting the coins clank together with the promise of what was to come.

I smiled and took the purse from his hands, taking my time while bending over to place it in my bag and remove my tall boots. I could feel his eyes watching my every move, drinking it in like a man lost in the desert. “I think this will be acceptable for a full night of service,” I commented, before returning my gaze to his form.

He sat on the edge of the bed, eyes still examining my every feature as a small bulge made it’s way to the crotch of his pants. I smirked as he talked, “I’m glad we’re in agreement. Why don’t you show me some more of yourself first?”

I stripped for him as he talked, standing to face him, showing him the length of me and slowly unbuttoning the few clasps that held the thin pieces of fabric across my chest. I could see his eyes dialate and his pulse quicken as he watched me and spoke, “So…what does a full night of service entail, exactly?” He smirked and licked his lips continuing to watch my swaying form as I removed the blouse and tossed it toward him.

“It means I am yours, until the sun rises.” I slowly ran my hands up my torso, pausing to cup my breasts and massage them in small circles, teasingly. I could feel myself going into the zone, the one where I do this more for my own pleasure than his own, and grasped my nipples firmly in my fingers, pulling on them, and moaning softly. I could tell that he enjoyed the show, as the bulge became a tent and he patted the fullest part of his lap. “Have a seat,” he said, and I happily obliged him, sauntering over and slowly lowering my ass over his erection as I straddled his thighs and ran my fingers over his chest. “Hmm,” I said thoughtfully, “I’m afraid this shirt is going to have to go…”

Eager to please, he was out of his shirt in a flash, tossing it onto a chair across the room before winding his arms around me, clutching my naked flesh to his. “Let me taste those lips of yours,” he said, as he licked his own lips hungrily.

I smiled and kissed him deeply, opening my mouth to let him explore that part of Bolu Escort Bayan me. While he was penetrating my mouth with his tongue, I began to grind my hips and tease him more, pushing him back onto the bed and placing his hands over his head. With that, his probing grew deeper, flicking his tongue against my own and bucking his hips upward toward my own sex, his cock throbbing hotly toward my dripping cunt.

“Someone’s happy to see me,” I commented playfully, “Maybe you should let him out so he can breathe.” With that, I trailed my nails down his chest, kneeling at the foot of the bed to be eye to eye with his constrained member. I tugged on the laces to his breeches, pulling the pants down and off of him before turning my attention back to his cock, “Well well, hello there. Haven’t met you yet. I’m Xeres~.”

With that, I kissed the head of his cock, and could feel it pulse against my closed lips, which I happily opened to accommodate him. His fingers entwined in my hair, and I could hear him moan as I slurped my way up his shaft, twirling my tongue around the sensitive head, looking up at him through long lashes. Up and down I continued to move, stroking his cock with my tongue, my lips, and adding my hands to the base of his shaft to add to the sensations.

He threw back his head and gasped, “Careful there…don’t want to finish me too early…” Ignoring him, I continued to work him with increased fervor, trying to take him as many times as I possibly could.

He grabbed my chin and pulled me closer to his face, waggling his finger at me. “Now now, it’s only fair that I play with you for a little bit…stand up against that wall for me.” He pointed at the wall opposite the big window, the light coming through the slats in narrow beams. I gave his cock a tender kiss before rising to my feet and, swaying my hips, walked slowly to the wall, leaning back on it, and spreading my legs for him.

He walked up to me, commandingly, before taking my waist with his hands, pulling me to him, and whispering breathily, “I want to know what makes you so irresistible.” His tongue trailed along the edge of my ear, then down my neck, making my knees shake slightly, “And what might that be?” I asked.

“I intend to find out,” he said, marking my neck softly with small bites and licks, sending shivers down my spine. “Could it possibly be these?” he said, taking my breasts into his hands and cupping them gently. I smirked at him, and in turn, he grasped my nipples between his fingers and rolled them and pinched them until a moan escaped my throat. Encouraged, he lowered his head and lightly outlined the nipples with his tongue, leaving a trail of moisture that cooled and left my nipples standing at attention.

“Ooooh,” I cooed, “Maybe. They certainly gain a lot of attention. I like that.”

He increased his attentions, nibbling on my nipples while a mix of pleasure and pain shot through me. “Oooh yes, that feels amazing. You’re good with that you know.”

He stood back up to look me in the eyes, “Those are wonderful, but perhaps it is something more…” He took my hand into his, bringing it to my mouth to suck on my fingers, his tongue teasing the sensitive nerve endings at the tips. “Perhaps…something lower?”

I chuckled and shrugged coyly, as he dropped to his knees in front of me, kissing the skin that peeked out from under my skirt, and trailing his kisses upward under it.

“See anything you like down there?” I asked, my breath coming in ragged bursts due to the anticipation of having his face so close.

He moved his head closer to the thin material of the thong that covered my dripping cunt, running his fingers deftly over the material that covered my slit. “I might have, but it appears I have some resistance,” he said, looking up at me intently.

“Well then, perhaps you should take care of that,” I replied, helping him decide what to do by grabbing his hair into my hand and tugging lightly.

He slowly moved his mouth over my pussy then, trailing his lips and tongue over the thin material. He flicked his tongue over the material, finding the area most sensitive and focusing there, causing my breath to run ragged, “Ooooh, I think you found it…” With that, I pulled his head closer to me, grinding my hips as his tongue explored. He slipped the material to the side with a quick movement of his fingers, and stared at my flesh that was exposed there. With a slight moan, he latched over my clit, licking and sucking the pearl there with increased vigor. With my encouragement, his tongue trailed down my slit to my opening, and there, his tongue penetrated me. I could feel my hips bucking against his face as he fucked me with his tongue, moist, shallow thrusts that only served to make me wetter. He soon pulled away, my juices running down his chin, to look up at me. “I think I found Escort Bolu out why you’re so irresistible,” he told me, a smirk playing across his face.

“Oh? Do tell?” I said coyly, nibbling on my finger and then licking it, “What makes me so…irresistible, do you think?”

“It’s not the individual things,” he said, rising. “But rather…” and then he placed his hand on my cheek, letting the warmth from his body flow into mine, “It’s the whole you.”

“Well then,” I replied, “You’ve got me all to yourself tonight.”

With that, he put his hands on my ass, cupping the cheeks and lifting me off of my feet. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he carried me over to the edge of the bed. Violently, he disentangled myself from him and threw me down, “That I do, and we’re going to start taking advantage of it.”

I laid there, spread out, and lifted my hands above my head, showing no resistance, “I am sure we will both enjoy this.”

With that, he took his hard cock in his hand, rubbing the tip of the shaft up and down my soaking wet slit. “Mmm…ready for me?”

“Since the moment I knocked on the door…I’ve been waiting and waiting. Don’t hold back.”

That was all of the encouragement he needed. With those words, he rammed his iron stiff rod into my pussy, spreading my walls and causing me to gasp in pleasure. He stood there a moment, not moving, enjoying the sensation. He was bigger than I had thought…”So big…bigger than I had hoped,” I told him. He began thrusting harder and faster at that, making my tits bounce up and down with each pounding. “I’m going to make my cock the only cock you’ll ever want,” he said through heavy breaths.

“Keep going like this and I’m sure it will be,” I said, leaning up to kiss him. He returned my kiss and then picked my ass up off of the bed, gripping it tightly as he bounced me up and down on his long, hard shaft. I could feel myself losing control, moaning deeply as his thrusts sent shivers through me, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. Right when I thought I would hit my peak, he suddenly turned around and fell down on the bed, with me still on top of him. “Your turn,” he said with a sly grin.

With a smirk I began to go to work, grinding my pelvis in slow circles, rubbing the length of his erection along the sensitive interior walls of my throbbing pussy. “Why didn’t you call me sooner for this?” I asked. “I wonder that myself,” he replied.

I placed my hand on his chest, using it to steady me as I began to bob up and down on his cock. I could see his eyes roll back in his head, so I reached behind me and grabbed his balls, giving them a quick squeeze. With that, he pulled me off of him and turned me so that I was face down on the bed. “I want you on all fours,” he growled, “I’m going to make you my whore.”

I slowly crawled up to my hands and knees, raising my ass into the air and spreading my legs slightly so he could see the swollen, dripping lips of my cunt. “Mmmm…” he began to moan, “Beg for it like the little whore you are.” He began to tease me with the tip of his cock, moving it slowly up and down, only threatening to enter me at any time.

“Oh…” I moaned, “I need that big cock of yours. Nothing will ever satisfy me again except for yours.” I didn’t care if he knew it was just pretense. If he did, he didn’t make it known. He ate my words up as he lubricated his cock with the dripping juices from my pussy before finally ramming his hard shaft deep inside my snatch.

Over and over again, he pounded away, and I could feel the muscles in my body tensing. Close to the edge, I grabbed the sheets for support, and buried my head into one of the pillows, moaning so loud that I’m sure the Twelve could hear me. He slapped my ass hard, leaving a red handprint like a calling card, “Fuck, I’m so close…where do you want it?”

I called to him over my shoulder, “Cum all over me…all over my back. Cover it in your hot seed, now!” I could feel my pussy muscles tighten around his shaft, begging him for release then and there.

With a final thrust, he pulled out, stroking his member until it exploded on me, hot seed falling like raindrops over my lower back and ass, running down my crack, down my thighs, and making little droplets on the sheet. “Oooh, so much,” I noticed, “You’ve really been pent up.”

He fell back on the bed next to me with a grunt, sighing contentedly, “So good…”

I rolled onto my side, not caring about the cooling semen on my back, “Done already?” I inquired playfully. I slid down to where his cock was waiting, licking my juices and his mingled seed off of the shaft with soft, quick licks of my tongue. He twitched under me, and I smiled, licking it again.

“I don’t think you’re going to get too much more out of me,” he confessed.

I smirked back at him before rolling off of the bed and heading to the washroom, “Well, then, I suggest you rest. You need to be ready to go again when I get back.” With that I turned and walked from the room, giving him time to gather himself.

When I returned…well…a lady doesn’t have to tell everything, now does she?

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