You Again… and Again… and Again

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Big Tits

Fall was finally upon us and there was a slight chill in the air as I got out of my truck and proceeded to the hotel room. My thoughts drifted from how it was nice to finally not be at work for once to how nice it would be to feel your body against mine once again. It hadn’t been that long since I had seen you but for my body it felt like ages. When I got to our room I opened the door and quickly proceeded inside and plopped down on the bed. The room was fairly standard, nothing to write home about, but it was clean and didn’t smell like smoke so I was happy. I kicked off my shoes and laid back on the bed for a bit. I closed my eyes and thought back to the things we had done to each other in the past.

I must have dozed off for a bit because the next thing I knew you were knocking on the door. Quickly, I sprung to my feet and rushed to the door to let you in. It was good to see you again, really good to see you again. We started to talk and sat down on the bed for a bit. It was always fun to catch up with you. We went on and on about life and problems and everything in between. Eventually, we moved to where we were seated against the pillows and the head board. You looked amazing today with your tight jeans and soft cotton top. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t glance down at your cleavage a few times. Okay, more than a few times.

Finally, I suggested that it was getting a little chilly and we should get under the covers. To which you replied that we should also take our clothes off. With that we both slid under the blanket and awkwardly stripped down to nothing. I laid down on my side and you on your back. The covers were up to our heads but underneath I ran my finger tips slowly up and down your arm. We kept talking a bit, well you did, I was mostly admiring.

Eventually my fingers traced their way down to the side of your stomach and over the sides of your hips. Your skin felt so soft against my rough working hands. You finished your thought and then proceeded Bolu Escort to lay on your side, back against me. My cock was fully erect and you pressed your ass against it playfully. I gently kissed your shoulder while my hand ran down your arm and then to your hips to pull you against me again. Out of the corner of my eye I can see down under the sheet. The curves of your hips look so incredibly sexy.

Pulling back slightly, I reach down with my hand place my firm shaft between your legs. You lift your leg slightly and my cock presses against your warm, wet pussy. My free hand runs up your leg and over your hips to your stomach. Then up to your breast. My large hand cups you and gently pinches your delicate nipple. Almost involuntarily my hips thrust forward and I can feel my dick slide against your lips and clit. Again, I gently kiss your shoulder and work my way up your neck and gently peck your ear lobe with my lips. Every bit of me just wants to pull my hips back and thrust deeply inside you.

Instead you roll over on your stomach and look at me coyly. I love when you give me those teasingly great looks. I roll over naked on top of you. My penis lands between your ass checks. You have such a great ass. I begin to firmly massage your lower back but you again look back at me and then down to your ass as you gently lift yourself against me. I can take a hint and I move rearward until i’m mostly over your thighs. I reach down and grab my cock then immediately begin to guide it to your pussy lips. I place the tip between them and then lean forward as I insert the entire length of my shaft into you. I have one hand support my weight on the bed next to you and the other holding onto your shoulder as I slowly remove and insert myself for the first few times. The weight of my body pins you against the bed with each forceful thrust. I move my hand from your shoulder to the back of your neck and continue to pound you even harder.

I don’t want to fill you Bolu Escort Bayan with my cum just yet so I slow my pace but fuck you even harder. Just for good measure I smack your ass as hard as I can which leaves a bit of a red mark. Finally, I come to a complete halt, my solid member still completely inside you. Slowly I start to withdraw until I can see the tip slightly part your lips even wider and then come out completely. I move back a bit more and grab you by the hips and pull you up into a doggystyle position. My legs move so that they are inside yours, forcing you to spread open for me even more. Without warning I give you another firm swat on your ass. I quickly grab my cock again and place it inside your well fucked pussy. The first thrust is slow but the second one slams into your body. I lean over your back and gently kiss between your shoulders. I want to fill your pussy up with my semen so badly. Again I start to pound you. My left hand is on your hip and with my right I reach up and grab a handful of your hair pull your head back. You’re loving every minute of it too. Looking down I can see your lips straining to take my girth.

Without warning I stop and then force you forward and onto your back with one quick forceful push. I climb back on top of you and while looking deeply into your eyes I grab both of your wrists and force them over your head and against the bed. My shaft, covered in our juices, presses against your body. My head slowly lowers and my lips touch yours. I let go of one of your wrists and slide my hand behind your head while our tongues dance in each others mouths. When we finally do come up for air I re-secure your wrist and kiss up the side of your face and to your ears. Then down your delicate neck and to your collar bone. Of course I spend a little more time when I get to your breasts. I gently suck on each nipple and gently bite them with my lips. There is more of you to explore however and I reluctantly let go of your Escort Bolu wrists. You keep your arms where they are though. I grab your sides as I work my way down over your belly and to your hips. Spontaneously, I move my head between your lips and give your clit a kiss followed by a long warm lick. However, then I begin to move down your right leg, kissing your inner thigh, all the way down your calf. Then I switch sides and work in the opposite direction. I love the softness of your inner thigh against my lips.

Finally, I’m back between your legs. Gently, I kiss your pussy lips. My arms wrap around your legs and hold your body on the side just below your rib cage. You can feel my warm breath on your clit in the cold hotel room. My tongue begins to slowly circle your delicate clitoris. I’ve always enjoyed the way you taste. I run my tongue down further and dart it in and out of your wet warm vagina before finding my way back to your clit. Slowly and deliberately I trace out the alphabet on the most sensitive part of your body. When I’m done I give it one last kiss before I pull myself back on top of you.

I look deeply into your eyes and with one hand guide my cock into you. I slide myself in as deep as you will take me. Still looking you in the eyes I begin to slide in and out. I gently push some of your hair out of your face while rather forcefully pounding your vagina. We’ve both been waiting for so long. I slip my arm behind your head and pull my body close to yours. My other hand grapples for your hip before finding it and holding you in place. Our bodies grind against each other. Frantically, I thrust into you again and again. Your body begins to shudder from an orgasm and I give you a few last hard pumps before I feel the warm sticky fluid draining from my shaft into your body. I release my firm grip of your body but remain pressed against you for a while. The feeling of you under me, the warmth of your body, it’s enough to make a man forget about the outside world. I don’t want to leave but after several minutes I force myself back to my knees and gently withdraw my member from between your legs. A small amount of my white fluid follows me out. I lay down next to you and we both take a well deserved nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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