You and I

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“That’s it. That’s the last candle. He’s going to love this, I’ll make it a night he won’t forget,” I murmur to myself with a coy smile as I await you. The room is filled with candles, 200 by my count, making the room just a bit warm. The cool breeze coming in from the open window offsets the warmth from the candles. I sent you out about an hour ago for some wine and a few other things at the store in town. I knew that it would give me plenty of time to set this up. Town is a good drive away from this semi-remote cabin in the mountains and the light snow makes the drive a bit longer. I close the door to the bedroom so that you won’t see what awaits you when you return. I hear your car approaching the cabin and wait near the front door for your entrance.

As soon as you walk through the door, I greet you with a kiss, removing the wine from your hand and taking it to the kitchen. You follow me, set the other bag on the counter and watch as I take the wine glasses from the cabinet, open the wine and fill the glasses. I hand you a glass and give you another kiss, with a bit more passion than the first. I smile at you as we break apart and then turn to finish what I was doing. I remove the strawberries from the bag, rinse them and place them on a plate. I pick one up and take a bite, letting some of the juices run down my chin. I slowly wipe them away and smile at you. I grab another and move towards you with a sly look. Your lips part, you know I want you to have a taste. I place the strawberry in your mouth and as you take a bite I run my hand down your torso and over the front of your pants. Hmmmm… a little twitching there I notice with a smile. I move my hand back up to the button of your jeans and smile at you as I begin removing your pants. You give me a look of mock surprise as I put down the remnants of the strawberry so that I can more easily remove your clothes. I stare into your eyes while I remove your clothes and methodically run my fingers over your skin. I casually brush over your cock smiling as I feel it react to my touch.

With your clothes completely removed, you reach out to return the favor. I playfully smack your hand and shake my head, “No.” Keeping bursa escort eye contact with you, I slowly remove my clothes. By now, you know that you should keep your eyes looking at mine. I lean in and kiss you passionately. This time I can not stop your arms from pulling me close and I give in letting my tongue dance in your mouth while I run my fingers through your hair. Eventually I pull away and gently disengage myself from your embrace. I grab my wine glass and the plate of strawberries and start for the back door, smiling over my shoulder at you.

You follow me out to the snow-covered deck and then into the hot tub. As soon as you are in the hot tub I move to you and kiss your neck. I kiss all around your neck to the other side and then bite. Your soft moan spurs me on and I continue biting your neck and then move to bite your ear. I bite your ear until you can no longer stand it and take control. You pull me close and kiss me passionately. I try to pull away and look into your eyes, but after a quick glimpse of the hunger within them you pull me close again, biting and kissing my neck. I moan softly as you drive me wild with desire. You pull me onto your lap and I gasp as I feel you enter me. I wrap my legs around your waist as you start to slide in and out of me. I let go of your neck and float in the water as you pull me close and then push me away. The snow hits my face as I moan loudly in ecstasy. I pull myself to you again as you increase in intensity. I bite your neck and ears. “Fuck me, Baby, make me cum,” I whisper in your ear. As you move quickly in and out of me, my muscles contracting around your cock as I start to cum. I scream so loudly my voice echoes through the trees.

My eyes are still closed as I hear you laugh, “Did you enjoy that?” you ask as you continue to slowly slide in and out of me. I raise my head from the water and pull myself close to you. I bite your neck then smile at you in response. In a swift movement, before you can react I disengage my body from yours and begin to exit the hot tub. You try to reach for me, “Where are you going? We aren’t done here.” I move out of your grasp and out of the tub.

“No, we bursa escort aren’t. Follow me.” I continue back into the house and to the bedroom with you closely behind. As soon as you enter the room I grab two sets of handcuffs from the dresser and get one on your left wrist. You laugh and I watch the reflection of the candles flickering in your eyes as I grab your other arm and attach the other set of cuffs. “Get on the bed,” I direct with no smile.

You do as I say and I cuff your arms to the bed. You watch my moves closely as I return to the dresser for some other tools; I use a piece of cloth to blindfold you. You feel me move to the foot of the bed, I grab your leg and tie a piece of satin rope to it and then to the bed. When I am done, you are laying spread eagle on the bed and blind. I can see you trying to follow the sound of my movements and smile. I move away from the bed and back near the dresser. I’m enjoying seeing you squirm slightly against your bindings. I return to the bed and kiss your stomach making you squirm more. Laughing gently I move my hand over your chest. Your body rises from the bed and against the bindings as the wax hits. You moan loudly as the surprise of the warm wax goes away. I rub my fingers through the wax and move it down your stomach, gingerly blowing on it to cool it down. I place the candle on the night table and begin kissing down your chest and stomach. I run my fingers down your still wet legs. Your cock is still as hard as ever and I blow on it giggling softly as it reacts. I move my hand back to your head and trace my finger down the side of your face, over your lips and then kiss you deeply. You groan in surprise as I rake my nails down your chest causing faint red lines and a smile passes over your lips. Your arms strain against their restraints and I know you want to reach out for me. “Do you want more?” I inquire knowing the answer.

You growl, “You know I do.”

“Of course and you shall get it,” I respond as I move again towards the foot of the bed. I start to lightly kiss and bite my way up your leg while running my nails with a little force up the other. My nails and mouth meet at your bursa eskort inner thigh and I bite each leg in turn close enough so that my hair brushes over your cock. I can feel the heat of your cock throbbing next to my cheek. I kiss around your cock, only letting it feel my hair. I love teasing you and seeing you strain. Your body is begging me to continue and to give you relief. Your body tenses as I quickly move my mouth over your cock and my lips move down the shaft. I apply pressure to the underside of the shaft with my tongue as I move back up. I suck on the tip and then deftly flick my tongue over it and down the shaft. My passion takes over as I hear you moaning and you beg me for more. I move my mouth agilely over your cock and bring you ever closer to a rapturous orgasm. I hold back though never quite letting you orgasm. You beg for release, your body tense and struggling even more against your restraints.

I move away from your cock and hear you whimper in frustration. I release your feet from their bindings and then move to the side table and take the key. I kiss you passionately as I remove your handcuffs. You grab me as soon as you are freed and flip me onto my back voraciously kissing my breasts and sucking them into your mouth. You urgently shove my legs apart and thrust your fingers inside me. You move your thumb to my clit and expertly manipulate me towards another orgasm. You shift to position yourself between my legs. You resume your manipulation of my clit with your tongue causing my voice to raise the closer to orgasm I come. I hold onto your head as I scream and cum, you greedily lap up my elixir and I convulse as the orgasm takes over my entire body. You kiss my pussy lips a few times before coming up and kissing me.

I regain my composure and take control again pushing you off of me and onto your back. I kiss you once again and then move to straddle you with my back to you. I impale myself onto your throbbing cock and begin moving up and down as you move with me. Your hips move in contrast to mine going up as I come down, grinding into each other, attempting to become one. You plunge in and out of me, our moans creating a symphony of ecstasy. I writhe in euphoric state as I feel you begin to cum inside me and I scream as I also cum. I feel your arms from behind me and your lips on my back as you reposition me so that I am lying beside you. You kiss my neck and whisper in my ear causing me to smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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